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  1. Newsmaker Interviews

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    Patrick Toole, treasurer for the Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade and Corbett


    Patrick Toole, treasurer for the Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade talks to Corbett about challenging city council over the proposed bylaws concerning membership in the parade committee to allow more opportunity for women.

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  2. Paranormal Science

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    4-12-15 Paranormal Science


    Features Psychic Medium Erin Swaverly about her work as a medium and investigating with the KIPA Crew, a paranormal team in Kutztown, PA

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  3. Maximize Your Health

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    Maximize Your Health


    Saturday April 18, 2015

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  4. Live with Laurie and Lynn

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    The Laurie & Lynn Show


    Saturday April 18, 2015

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  5. Pets and Specialty Vets

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    Pets & Specialty Vets


    Saturday April 4, 2015

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    Audio & Video Topics

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    1. WILK Webster and Nancy Twizzler Autism Awareness Challenge 4/17/15

      Webster and Nancy's Twizzler Autism Awareness Challenge!

      dogs eat found at 0:14

    2. WILK Friday Beer Buzz 4/17/15

      Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout and we even throw in a Webster and Nancy Twizzler Challenge on 'the Buzz'!

      dogs eat found at 5:49

    3. WILK Friday Beer Buzz 4/10/15

      Brian Boak, Boaks Brewing Company brings Flamethrower, Wooden Beanie, and Abbey Brown to 'the Buzz!'

      light beer found at 4:34

    4. WILK Coffee Talk 4/6/15

      Now you can get Electric City Roasting Company coffees at Wegmans, Scranton and Wilkes-Barre locations!

      frank sinatra found at 0:12