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Attorney Pat Clark and Corbett, Friends of Lackawanna and Dunmore landfill expansion

Mar 27, 2015|

Attorney Pat Clark talks to Corbett about the Friends of Lackawanna and the Dunmore zoning board meeting on Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I attorney pat Clark is a core member of the friends of black wanna and hopefully. Attorney pat Clark will be able to shed some light on this confusion. Are you as confused as we are back Clark. As these I think threaten me up. We are confused. And yes I can think things aren't as that's straight line is open and I think anyone would put like that it. Tell us what happened last night with the issue of Peters say B I'd never seen anything like it as reported in the paper today. It took two different issues going on yes shape so I think due to our premise that. The group's perspective always looking for his affair open transparent process and a chance to do this fairly. That's that's really all we're looking for in this caught it as an opportunity. I do that. I think you have to take a look at who might be conflicted in any conflict of interest that are there and and that's something that are turned and looked into. And we simply wanted to into the clarity around if we were not gonna get that's fair chance we wanted to do one or that issue discussed. And it appears is if you who did not get the answers that I believe you're entitled to. A simple question asked of a member of the zoning board or use this same Peterson Arabia. Who's listed on these documents. All the companies. Where Peters say B shares. Office holding duties with T co owner of the landfill and then Pearce center here refused to answer the question. Expected so that's an effect and we could be zoning hearing sound so last week we have one of the conflict of interest up for the first week. Paul the zoning board and and members indicated that they did not have any conflicts of interest. Some we we can think that would necessarily case a little more researchers presented what we found in the Indian in the week signed between two hearings. Present that evidence in the and then it would still present it and and you do it yet you would say it's fair to say it would there was no clear answer given. How do you find out. Who the real Peter say B is. But that's actually duty to disclose that so that any public official it's it's actually and then to do week we presented evidence to say it's too what do wants. On the men's club legal interpretation or even mattered at its citizens to junior or senior or die an individual who they are not. You know looking to attack anyone individually you know the truth. Yeah this is a very complicate or not. And if in fact that either the Pinochet be junior who was on the zoning board. Or or his father for example would be that Peters say BS who shares official duties with with Lewis the Naples. Would you argue that there is a conflict. By virtue of those relationships father and son or or son and an apples. I believe the law and I don't want to speak card carrying I think a lot states that it's if the vote would have any it would lead to any conflicts. Position is if you're involved. A little with the X amount of business is from an individual or you're related to the individual. And then if it's difficult to today and an individual that you know own political. It's difficult to say that there wouldn't be an inherent conflict in that in that decision making process. And most people most people who see this and most of us are not attorneys. Most people see it as a conflict. I think that's the fair the fair fair person reading. Yeah and then and that's that's what. As you stress. This is all but it's about fairness it's about honesty. It's about the truth and and ultimately it's about a decision if that's going to be made that that possibly could adversely affected. A lot of people or in the minds of these supporters of the landfill the decision that could benefit. Some people and that's the point of contention and and that's why this system is designed to offer. A fair and equitable. Discussion of of the facts and when you shut down and when you're witnesses are are not even gonna respond to subpoenas. Some people will say that's that's not acceptable even in done more especially anymore. I would agree CIA and the more guys I grew up no more. Listen no more one to go more high school I loved the girl become more and we're trying to do is is trying to shake that image you know I think unfortunately the coach does have a name independent being insular and it impacted by these complex we're trying to get that we want things to be open transparent and fair. On that port that's why it's a fight worth fighting last night was the best example. Of the worst examples last night. Did did nothing to dispel those stereotypes about. And it got to do it's got a good thing you know expression and let them to get a better yelling and it's got to get worst reported that a lot of these cases and easy to compare you to talk to some people that were at the zoning hearing a week to pursue weak one with nine and then. We felt as a group that we were treated are much more early last week that last night on the we were and we want. Without the possibility here Boras much more receptive to hearing testimony hearing our thoughts on the issue. And what not shut down and like it was in week one so we we filled or making strides we we can day by day with this with the support of upper limits on our side. What a constant conflicts of interest and even said one I saw. Then the attorney who was was arguing on on we have the solicitor. For for the zoning board. You should be questioned about potential conflicts with the money should be potential if in fact you're in any capacity as a public servant. And they're appointed officials but there's still public officials and I think the fees are fair questions I also think that that. What ever was that happened last night that made you think you got a better dear old that you were treated more fairly. That's good that's that's movement forward but the big issues. The failure of the two experts to respond to subpoenas and the failure of zoning board member turned to clear up what shoes. Easily could've cleared up what probably. Other members of the zoning board put it cleared up as well to silent curtain came down. I think that there's the perception that they just said the initial reaction is that that's incorrect accomplice to. And my eighth mightily and the answer would be why not eliminate that all perceptions or any doubts as do it up on the distort just do cleaning up front so let's just talk about that get a result. And didn't think if the shadow of doubt over this decision that it is monumental for the area. Why not just everyday eliminate any possible confusion down across the board. And she my argument is especially for people who respect Don more people who love the more people were from none more people like myself. Who live in the adjacent. Part of town called Scranton. We want to see. We want to see progress we want to see the the old way is that whole armed rather than help. Put aside we want to see the help rather than hurt we wanna see. Then the next generation move forward in ways that perhaps the last generation wasn't able to didn't. And to do that the status quo all has to be challenged. And that the rules are designed for everybody the law is designed for everybody and that's why I think what what your door and what the people. We're looking for truth our door and is is more commendable it's it's it's absolute necessity of the future of Don Moore and the adjacent surrounding communities. It and it and that he'll want what's interesting if you look at the dynamic of this this issue that's been going on now for six or seven months says. Gotta sort of let a couple of individuals are concerned that grew into their friends and their family and now word that you know 150000. People are fighting that's what does. One of assists a data our mom our husband or wife for an individual that as a million other things going on and like this does not anyone's fault kind. Job permission but still we can not stop thinking about it ever. Going up against a corporation and the group has got more money than you know. Levers fists and we're doing everything we can with every experiment and we can't let I think object if we took a step back. We don't know what the problem is we we've got and that's the issue raised not just to add more troops this year but to a regional issue. The comment in the help and the support that we're getting now is that they -- future of the concentric circles around the area just keeps going out NO NL and we think that's important could be issued is that important. It is and I think that you get your yeah the impact is is Pennsylvania impact the impact. Is it is is the national impact because. You're not alone in these kinds of fights the fact that that did this. Here's a microcosm. And a very powerful microcosm. With with a deep deep history of politics and power and then money. Makes this so I think unique the history of of done more itself the history of northeastern Pennsylvania. The the stories of all all our ancestors who came here from somewhere else all pull our. Of all the book moving forward slowly but surely and the environment. Has been adversely impacted all over the past 150 years. Four very related reasons and it's it's time for that to change its time for four for the the positives outweigh the negatives. And I think that that can happen. I should just before I've looked at northeastern Pennsylvania very very closely over the the the decades that then I've been in the news business here. I've never seen anything like. Friends of lack of one and I've never seen any activist any group. Do what you have done and continue to do and that's just a flat flat. And that's upsetting. To a number of people. Who don't want to see. That challenge posed to the status quo that in many cases took generations. To establish that deep rooted power. Typically we appreciate that and often compliment when he asked a question that I can I do you think that's the difference. It is different than we've seen in the past what are we doing that's unique. You're you're. That's that's a really good question. I believe and and then I don't I don't want. And I believe that age has something to do with this. Most of your core membership if I'm not mistaken are in their late thirties early forties with a happy actor and okay it's it's it's a different. Generation and most of your core membership. And and I'm not including are not excluding these the other people because I believe your drawing support from across. A wide range of of social economic. Track actors. Most of your core membership I would say how about the benefit of the other decent education would you say most of your membership per college educated. I also believe that that. Because of your age because of your education. You've been able. To see. And determine for your selves. What has worked and what has not worked in this community you know and love so well I think that has a big bearing on our. I also believe that that times are slow to change. But when you can put some numbers together. When you comport young attorneys like yourself and some others in your core group as well as the attorneys who were actually doing the their hands on legal work for you. Like attorney Jordan jagr and others. I think did you you have almost the perfect storm for change and and I think that that the agents of change people who. Who study community development I actually have a degree in community development. Trump liked the sixties the seventies out of Penn State and when I got that degree it was. Enough to study community development of strategies. Involved in in what it takes two to take a power structure and then succeeded. So I think all these factors at play play apart and and and and I also think that there is. There is something pure. About people who might not how. The hard core advocates see. Experience that that that may be some professional organizers when I think the buying large as you describe your your core membership and your supporters. You're you're people who live there who worked there who are raising children there and want a future therefore yourself and for future generations pearl together. I think that your a formidable foe for good. Thank you stayed at the trickier from Patrick has. But the studio we did have a where we're not just stolen you know. The wall but well we had a we had to play and we we meet them when we started this quest to we mentioned Terry general grumbled. We would not. Do you think they make personal pact to not go after anyone individually we will keep things above board be transparent insight for this story west. Salute we decided as a group that we're not gonna go out this is not and that old school politics we're gonna find this openly. In front of people and then let the cards to this or they may have we're gonna do this earlier what's. I forgot one probably the most important factor. In this. I have yet to meet anybody involved with your group. Who lacks the courage. Of your convictions it takes guts. To face off against power. And that it takes the courage of a principled stand up to. Motivate to drive you do that I think that you have that and I think that. That is as commendable as it gets it shapes the definition of integrity and honor and I'm a great believer in that pat Clark. Thanks so much for your time keep us posted. Thank you will they appreciate that.