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Lynn Shiner co authored the book..."Stabbed in the Heart" with Nancy Chavez

Jun 22, 2015|

Lynn Shiner joined WILK's Sue Henry with a preview of her presentation she will give this Friday at the Victims Resource Center Luncheon.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are welcoming to our show. Belinda shiner she is the author of the book stabbed in the heart she is also the director. The office of victim services with the Pennsylvania commission on crime and delinquency. She will be in it wilkes-barre on Friday as the victims resource center. And has its meeting and notes the work that it's done in the past forty years which is set quite an achievement so it's our pleasure. To welcome me into our show this morning the morning when. I feel extra having. It is our distinct pleasure to have you and that I think clinic in a time like this it but we also will probably take the opportunity. To ask about. I'm your feelings when you watch some of the things that have happened in the news recently. And most certainly in this terrible mass murder. In South Carolina so we will do that the first of all can you tell your story to our audience. Sure. Couldn't see 1994. Hour. My ex husband a couple of birds could have his pick up I hate children Jennifer and and maybe they get filled. And I am I keep him overnight it's part of the custody agreement. And that's the plan was that I had them he had been head feet and I was picked up this morning. And then belly could morning getting they've pushed back to death by their father. And then he got good night and then I'd be kidding me it was fine. And down at that time we also he displayed on the clothing they knocked. I read the words you can never came for the glory. And we found out later by beating pages without that he had written at fifth and study that got into it but I'm betting it harder for a break here. Then mail the Catholic Catholic and my head blocking the left side of the cat but they've killed Kennedy. What instead of what couple poor Lynne and I know on this was 21 years ago but this is this something that. People have a difficult time. Even hearing. How your experience in the aftermath of that was to. And take what had happened and help other people and there are a lot of individuals as you know from working. With victims of crime may become isolated. And and just tried to withdraw from society where as you've taken this. And you have created a path to help other people. Pray Evian that this happened early apparent fight worst nightmare come true. Telling you think about it you have I have many options and I both in the fall a bit and did nothing for. I'm very tight as an option and I have to pay yet it was an option for maybe eight to ten years. And then the other one was just get from getting age. It is something that would help other victims that I didn't want to get they'd like to be in pain LA Ville was tired. Pet. 5%. This kind to them. You also did some things you'd you'd change some are legislation named in the name of your children. Right. Governor ridge and that it jet and baseball. Don't want that guy is. Well let me back up my ex husband had been talking of radio disc jockey. And he had been a bad fit in charge of the docking at around ten. But no one had ever told me that he had been arrested for stock at. So I walked into the Pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence. I believe in January if that's. And Cape Town 1995. And they asked like why didn't behind now comment custodial parent why would anybody tell me that I have my husband have been arrested. And that's pretty much the pond if it did with the ball. Think you could register and TV. Have access that information. About yes the other custodial parent have understood and didn't know that they had been arrested for certain crimes and then he would have a right. You have expedited hearings could possibly change custody back. Now that's seems to be something that it mixes since when did it take till long time to get lawmakers to make that change. No I think it's actually inherited and look at this piece of legislation that's ever want bill. I thought they would like come April to November and that's that's good legislation. And most certainly is and then congratulations man I'm sure. In the aftermath of what happens to you that that kind of common sense change has helped so many other people have you heard from people. Who'd lose a blue and you know what if it wasn't for you I would never know. You know everything is confidential. But I was that age academy teaching class. And a grandmother was in the craft when he came up he laid there and said that the tax break bill. If I hadn't registered at the Jenin and with the general David program. I'm careful of what would've happened in my grandchildren. Wasn't typical for you Lynn to make. There at the transition from from going to this terrible plane in your life. To patent going to the role of advocate because it is and I said earlier sometimes people just don't withdraw and they and they don't. They don't want to have contact with other people and then sometimes. They just to have a terribly lonely existence because of their grief was it difficult for you to step forward and repeat there live. The account she gave us at the beginning in the inner you. I gave us to tell my story it would have play and ensued and then to add Mickey on their behalf by sharing the story over an hour. Good golly how heartfelt story if it didn't matter whether I did will be here later. But when I get it when he played there it always brings back a lot of memories. Trip every BP but I think about the positive things can come out of bed and just by sharing my story with someone else. So I I didn't really think the positive and come out of bed. A little bit about you're out role as the director of the office of victim services so with the at Pennsylvania commission on and crime and delinquency what do you do in that. Roll. Pain I have I open the two important programs that help I'm sick and the first one of the victims compensation. At this school program. And dad has been around the world in 1976. And every state has one of the program. The open court created. Especially if they thought the financial life that it doesn't think her as they thought of the crime. And in the past year we have paid about thirteen million dollars on behalf of 9000 convicted of the crime. OK hello work it's. Your fifth month crying. It can be compensated for out of pocket expenses and said. Thank you hold voice that he may well have they thought the crime and that the Pope that covers eventful. Okay medical council could. Question we location all physical therapy I won't call them if you're unable to work at it until the time. It paid off the learning. And prevent individuals who got a kick income. Taxes Social Security pension primarily elderly. The Pope then can real first money. Don't let. Continental doing a robbery burglary and horrible case of homicide itself has paid for paid a lot of variables that. There's a cap of 35000. Dollars and then there's some other expenses that have capped well. And then the end of program that I you proceed with the people technical program. But with pet I oversee about 45 million dollars. And that's money provide grants and training and technical fault that it inherited vacant seat across Pennsylvania. It's primary focus this tour but victory at the time but that money is basically used to stabilize. I'm the victim's life in the aftermath of Chama an example of what Kobe shoot that score would be capable of vengeful. I'm shelter for domestic violence they've done ensure long term help blame a company into the hospital for a break it down. A couple of good core. Individuals that they can help victims put it back even though it seventeen days they can talk about the impact. The crime paddle them and had a if ever there. And it's getting people ready for the criminalist did not have it there but usually it's totally. News to someone. And they also help for the final compensation claim that helped put the fight until that. And done average and the opens across Pennsylvania there for about 350. Now convicted of the crime and. You know in the state our size limit that number seems to be. Pretty high. And I don't think it's high enough. I don't have the actual numbers but that I know that we could be serving more than they've been the kinds. Intel isn't that I wanted to talk to a little bit about. Your reaction to the events in South Carolina no word these nine individuals who were murdered last week. When a lot of us who watch. A situation like this we honestly do not know what to think because we haven't had. That experience ourselves when you watching this as as somebody who has experienced this firsthand and then somebody who helps. Victims so what was your initial reaction and in what can you tell people. About it says I am happy what what. I get I guess can and cannot be done in situations like this and also the element. Lynn we'll have some of them those affected speaking out so soon. An offering forgiveness. You know it. Cork my heart just about all the family. But it started the forgiveness. You know like every single victim Jeremy very unique. And I'll work for wine and might not work at the other. And I just can't catch at all and that's what they feel very hard and ready to forgive someone and then after Troy. Come for me personally I have a pretty careful it could end at twelve he is could be able to get the play that happened today. But again everybody journey as you say you need to get. It's. Like they can't ask. Yeah it's in just a it's a moment where people have to come to terms. When they come to terms and I was I was very taken aback. By that very graceful moment and there you know that things happen at their own speed and and and so on and so forth. In in terms of this says the system. So what's a what's. What are some of the things that these individuals will most likely goes through in the coming months. It's an incredible great. We're going to hate this state is physically fit and feeling the anger and a lot. And it's hard I think because you know I have a good circle of support around you and a lot of the work happen. Have begun public then. That's circle of support now is still available through offices like yours correct. Absolutely and basically true programs at the local web level like the victory for the better in them. I think OK tell me. And that's the event you come to this Friday. Two news beat dad did do you have a topic that you might still want to share yes sir you still working on that. Well I'll be talking to them. About about land tragedy. And can pending what you know the worst imaginable and then being able to take a tragedy and turn it into something I've been a and then all the kids seeking. About the importance of Coke and play it safe country could have an impact that it made me and I'll find gave them an offer the community. And then also becoming a book signing. Greg co authored a book called that's been the heart evacuate children truly brilliant mother. I've I've practiced Friday and. Talk a little bit about your decision to write a book which again is a very public expression of something that sometimes people try to keep private but it's. So what what did you and he'd gather or what kind of strength did you gain from telling the story. You know I kept coming just talk about the person my co authored the book lists her name me on the application event. And her daughter vanity Trimble were murdered and and he had been hired a hit and killed his wife her life and try to money. That they could find that Blair witch pay movie production. And then having about seven aching because they can't and I ended up working in the same place became friends because. Let's face it nobody want to be a member of our club that we couldn't just connect with one another island company like this happened. And before we discovered it that would first be huge and I'm feeling good how people that's the word. She should be fine old 48 hours junkie and between this tweet watch a lot of patience and how they can hold. I did the stories about crime. And helpful we will play good every time we've watched comedy shows a week or we read the book. It would only be painful thing that they haven't picked crime the police investigation. And then the trial and then immediately after watching the show or reading the book the vote foundation health won their home what can happen visible now. That's clearly why we chose to write the book it's like a bit. We don't focus on the kind of fall good goal which really fit this. Showed people they let him leave would probably happen in the immediate aftermath of a crime. But they've come a long journey that we wanted to show people what it looked like it try and get people coming into play there. It's. If people are understanding the Greek practical advice on how to cope and help others for bond and it's really stressed the importance we have different chapters about the importance of community and camp friend. The media that community and everything the F evolve and play. An event like that occurred. And we let the book together because we thought. And if we were convinced that our journey who have really different primarily because Kennedy thought I had committed very high. And then Randy Bernard parish and being. Affected their life. It says without the chance for crawl. Really thought it would be an I think I expected to jump back and forth on how different are scared yeah I actually felt that the creme come up. Have men we appreciate. Your parents today and the words the offer and went our note to our Friday when you're here. At the woodlands on behalf of the victims resource center your book is available at RE GD blessings dot com. With 100%. Of the profits going to support a victim service agency is Michigan is so very noble deed. So we thank you for appearing today and we hope that say you have. Com a great experience when you're here on Friday. They have a sure thing.