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6-26-16 Paranormal Science

Jul 1, 2016|

Features Psychic Medium Kathy Brown and Father Billy Clark to discuss their work together solving paranormal and spiritual issues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aero normal size and stuff. Okay. I. Okay. It's a beautiful Sunday evening here in northeast PA. I'm more Keisel and you're my good friends. I'm Kelly mass graves. Joseph hockey and Mac daddy Mac very. And we thank you for tuning in and joining us tonight so this has been an incredible weekend here and other with the weather's been great you guys all had the pleasure of going out to the northeast fairer Friday night and meeting a lot of people out there are now did that go through in value in what could go a muscle. Crown there are now only a special thanks also tub thump shorts. He he held that we were rush immensely with the the traffic in another couple other issues but. We got a deal the last few really did you do the cons both foreign minister so what do you do very well. Nice and I understand to one of our former clients had to come out to. This about you guys and everything is still well without. Yeah everything went overwhelm and die got a throw big handouts or Joseph was standing captivated the crowd and everybody can listen attentively to Jonestown we tell you they have they were crowd catcher. But the people there are a client of GPA. They were very satisfied happy with the result so to help that the PP it provided them and they wanted to get that at all. And you know they approached Joseph and stand and also Kelly there's a fair and not just let them although we did Ossetia haven't talked on the porch around time too strong diamonds like twins for parents and half are on or whatever so we don't we kind of crucial stage with. On the we we don't agree count the crowd on interactive and user and that's. Let's great as you guys know we always follow up with our clients usually we check in two weeks after. We do resolution and then maybe a month later this has been some time since we've talked to them and and we usually have a little bit of homework for people to do but it sounds like things are going really well for themselves. We've we appreciate them coming out and sing hello and giving us some feedback on that felt a few backs great to make a Molly thanks Kamal by guy wasn't aware of the case but it was awesome to see that one that the PP it didn't. Worked on fossil fuels are there very very happy with. Bomb also Rupert I wanted to and then there's out. Little things that the ice caused her house looking into com. We'll do an age hum. Well we'll get to a cruise vessels reroute and try to do AKA paranormal crew was nice hopefully maybe market across the PP Amy who we get things going. Armed but well I wanna do is I want to give if you shot onto the poo please add some. Tripoli that helped is also much it's a joined Samantha Robbins Sonoma catalog in the shot out they appreciate that they worked they worked their their votes are trying to help loosened up. Did you go to the guns and M back with the valley I'm 24 hour so those are good work. Great so why any information on that will be posted in the future at. The East Coast or con website quite a slim we can maybe do on FaceBook on nonfarm science yeah apple absolutely. Put a shout out win that's ready to go for social talk he's he's moving forward to text what kind of a question would be would be Lauren and mark joining us. And that would be great though we also would be great not to not to put up front Austria hope Lawrence is now it's an older it's. Well one other thing that I just wanna mention that you could come out and does see the paranormal science crew at these summer ballistic a mystical fair. And that's going to be in clarks summit PA. In. I think it's. Called pocket parkas on depot street that is going to be food vendors there. Psychic medium stare occurred read readers' Angel card readers reiki healers. Young living essential or no information. Massage reflexology and in just so much more we're going to be there and people c'mon down in and talk to us and and see what. You know this stuff is all about if your interest in or have any kind of interest much the best part about this event is it's going to. Benefit the women's resource center of Flacco on account plus size and they're looking for vendors which if anybody wants to be a vendor refute you if you were you fit this venue. You can don't go onto on FaceBook I guess maybe he's just way too. Got his creations they're the host of this event got us creations on Facebook's like honest goddess GO DD ESS. Creations. And there're business some of clarks summit and to move the admission to this if you just want to come in and so it would everything is about there is only three dollars. So this it's it's almost reinvent for people saw as very cheap 5% goes to benefit the women's resource center so it's a really good fund raiser yeah so we're looking forward to that. And I guess I should mention that. This is going to be July 23 is from 10 AM to 6 PM again it's in clarks summit. That they call the pocket park enough pocket park upon deep post street. It's very landmarks brother as you're aware of I'm not familiar with it. Downtown area possibly honestly am not sure where that is myself I don't vote don't get done on a later show I mean yes. Yeah father website you have everything on the directions and all that army's map quest yep. Yes feud if you just. That could steeple street I don't believe it's that long if if I'm correct zone. Look for the park on depot street I will be. You'll find it. So anyway you know we've we got to. Really to. Interesting how silly guess tonight and I remember we are excited to. To help them on I've been going awaiting to do this for quite awhile. And you we've talked about this before it's it's often quite hard for. Some clients to get you know clergy from any face to come out and can help them out sometimes when they start talking about politics. And you know we rely primarily on Nagasaki mediums we work with the come out and help us help but food and even ourselves. You know sometimes a little hard time getting clergy come out. We bent a little bit lucky when we've had them come out after words I need to do so mom. Class blessings and closings of the home sort of like a nice finishing touch on the New York that are or mediums do. But. These two I have sort of join forces to go out and and help people. And I think. Was so fortunate enough to get them both together tonight to call in the end and we have psychic medium Kathy Brown in father. Billy clerk colon and they're both from new York and Kathy in father Billy no thank you for joining us on the show. And multiple gunshot wounds so that you this is kind of exciting for me because so like Jerry Rice and who is sometimes it's really tough to get some clergy onboard and you know father Billy if if you don't like me asking I'll start with you. You know when it comes to. A lot of clergy why do you think that is that a lot of people are little hesitant to come out to help clients. When when it comes to. You know paranormal reports are haunting reports. Well I can realistically you found them too many other people but I can't tell you in general. I think a lot of people around this kind of get content in between part. There's those that recognize that there's been demonic going on and that's definitely one somebody's ordained as needed. And there's those that. Kind of understand it goes clerk. But there's a whole group in between Hillary has sometimes. I'm both things happening at the same time so. Sometimes people. I'm both camps of those that are religious and spiritual can get an overhead over their heads especially if they don't have the training or they're black faith or confidence to go out and do the work that they're being announced that he can. And you know. I think just from historically from what I've found and it really seems to be a great makes. I use some album art in two you know working on this kind of stuff and in some are just like people were. You know just from your your your average citizens you know some people are to this and some are not so. You know I guess is not everybody's bag but I Kathy I want to welcome. Two was switched do you hear any and just got to give people a little bit of an idea of of how we met we we actually had met in person at a mutual friend's party. And are used just gonna say hesitant we approached me and wanted to offer some some information. And the deal was on the Asia a criminal case I was working on an and I got to tell you did you absolutely blew me away with your knowledge of the background and and I don't wanna get into the case but. I just like to say you know he he did a fantastic job you blew me away having never met me I'll just walking up and saying you know for my opens some information but. Content can give us a little bit of your background your psychic medium. And you can do work on paranormal cases so look let's go back to the beginning were you born with some level of ability or did come later in life for you. Well actually. Wolf thank you sorry having the planet since quite a play action men in the senate can you much. The actual and actually it in Hollywood and it you know I knew that they need to try and says. They weren't going and he used to be able he's very at an earlier and better each and math. My stick to crank who. So let me just say how. Terms in you know it. And be invisible friend in note that track everybody happening right but can eat you know he let bench. And and so they grew up which I'm actually about eleven or twelve you know I had these abilities but and I think that might got in the way you know election that we already clicking insurance. You know I think I can help you write a terrible. I can tell from last week for awhile washed out there I don't know picture relapse but you know. There anyway I think green could hamper and will be notre recall who would compete and that thing can tell us and the and that he coached the actually very different I have to ask them about Thai security bell or in her own thing and experience and a wink. And it's fifteen Russian backed. Showed. I do it yeah I mean it it definitely elections are pro let. Termed it doesn't really doing potentially change pocket or action have to wait for reaction. Firm because we have to then do I should try this speech and Lou and then when they have been countered that thought in my case against. Hello. But it could come back wimp out tattered pictures but now and then to break that 10%. So permits so wonderful journey determined to be about how people. And you know to be a little ways that you and I have met and found what so grateful that you are open because. No light can be that trust and this group of people who now pay a flat yeah. I am attempting to tell you look at. So you. Kathy I'm question on the show when we knew he says just kind of came back Q&A flowing way which I assume his mother when you mean the best cyclical lonely way if you would. It does now is it because you this because you saw it out again or did you just one day you woke up and then spear was there to greet you. Around her own. I'm neighbor went should wait. I don't know but it was that I shouted out selection and that trot who else. Again. It will definitely can't wait and you know god and me should be. For about foreign and gunning to meet Ted should do to help stay in the work again and announce so it's very catchy tune. I'm and so people who didn't need to help them so when I went to the weight should. I have no idea. That Atlanta could change once again that stage. So what time you do when they learned and the person who can't go way. He and room. Basically the only wind I can describe it in there will be copart movie ghost. That he could just. Why. Can I mean late king we're talking to me to cash tender speaking French. You know. In and then there was big echo and it was very loud now replaced wow okay. We'll be doing there actually an OK and action so that was the date that everything changed you know from me and there were anxious. Surely. And I wouldn't miss her and I are very scared that Lincoln didn't know what was going on. Come to challenge unaware that for a little while and then I match from people. But Dutch firm would extend and understand it and how we are wrong should help will understand. Though how. Loan me and I hit it it happened like that end and expenditure may clash will be able threatened to do what I do it felt. But I can't really didn't realize that's what my cats until it actually came to me. Now well our but unfortunately we were up against the break ready so we're gonna ask you guys to hang on. And are gonna take a quick commercial break when we come back of color bill I wanna kinda get into your. Your background a little bit and in what got you into. Wanting to build pursue this particular path of helping people so. Stick with this will be right back you're listening to paranormal science on W like okay. Eight Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during your back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering or you don't need an exercised regularly chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remembered chiropractic school. 569 your street Kingston he had checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. How are thrown into a murder gained. People been telling me to go to market appreciation incumbents threatened this you should make it they're my age I don't know why should do then they'll be Tug in this spirit traced to face soon enough there. I hear there's going to be some people and they're talking about how to look for a little foot. I justice was only for paranormal stuff nationally shown truth 010 hush up finishing and maybe you have mentioned race. Few 124 to. That should camber a key East Coast Kirkland. Tough do you soon. Welcome back you're listening to paranormal science on WYOK. And tonight we're speaking with psychic medium Kathy brown. And father Billy Clark both of who worked on. On things and spiritual issues and we thank you both for joining us. I think it. So fathered a good way to go back to you and get a little bit of your background and and I'm curious who can you do owe a lot of a different kind of work. Know from deliverance. Two. But spiritual counseling what we're trying to do interest into were directed to some line of work. Well early on I had a choice it's huge two directions to go I still had to be. God was leading me to be. Ordained an online about the stock succession and so for me billionaires traditional group with its widget Roman Catholic which she needed typically be assigned to the diocese and I have your own parish for a vote holy Catholic. Which would have more autonomy I can go into each and go wherever it leads me to so I prayed about it. Okay which way to go and he's dead or holy ghost greater amount of Canada official confessed that. So it's a little almost feel like any almost like from. A missionary if you well. I'm kinda except a lot more autonomy if it's more I get a lot of house fussing we're gonna teach a lot. And also the majority of information that we share. There is through these state non of them a life experience so there's here's a couple big shock as Korea number one I'm married. As you can be an annual holy Catholic and number two in my lifetime so bullish stigmata and so that's where I got to thank god my ministry it's much much different and it's very specified benefits also quite enjoyable to. Now when you cystic apology mean natural like it is like from my sister just knew or who would be in the hands from perception are. I'm not sure at this period oh east since appearances I think it's fair to districts that he had he had the private enterprise social actually went through those five and then also had found what marks on the back and the crown of thorns to. Early and then I didn't know how long was a process. And I was so bring your process that started back and 06 and actually put out a book about it to concoct workbook shifting in the life. And their main purpose you have to go through those. Where specifically for prayers that were asked to share of the defined decreased. The house blessing work he's delivered in Texas is somewhere in the healing work to do all. Helped to lead people back to prayer meet him back to god and hopefully encourage their relationship with god could. Clausen does your wife Yucca Mountain help you. Noble we actually do a lot of pressure just can't get a blessing and a very different and on the show I don't know I still here we still have very about a lot of things together. So what what got you interested in and helping people with them. Different spiritual issues I'll say and in politics. Well. Clinic goes way back my frankly I grew up and a wonderful family and we had AM. And older sister Kathy you is born with Down syndrome. But of course and surpassing the 82. And it was for them us. And he shoots he would've loved this issue to me to get going you would have had a great time rounder but down she'll helps you know these states put them. Just a little bit differently so she had a big shaping up my life but this and a hard time with him after she died in the took me awhile and it wasn't so man that wants my life and she gave me if it's occurred to do for deliverance from the senate for myself. And soon they said the prayer before and I he shook on the bed for about five minutes straight. And I could see the face Serbian holy that was bothering me. And soon as I finish can I said the prayer boom that went and I myself my canned sound decisions announced. So it would tremendous. Personal moving forming that because kind of let me on an incursion boy if this is happening to me I can imagine how many other people have been few tips. So what exactly when you see some assisted him holy what and why is that what we're going through something com. Time in your life I don't like personal you don't but I don't know. I'm find him personally named it the way I look at this place is that if I go through this slave nobody knows my name but who knows all this stuff and masturbation that god that's me this year great so I'm fine it's going to. Absolutely agree this is a dress rehearsal you know what. You know she does so. I think it was because it was period of vulnerability forming. I think was on main street to get ordained in the health plan at the time and didn't know once but may have a lot of people atomic they always knew it was gonna happen to me that's. Apparently it took a longer than getting here I chased everything else but god for awhile. And the good guys got a little while to catch me and somebody didn't think we have got a big mouth as you can tell and hopefully we'll have been using it for the rest of my life for him. So it's Kathy how did the two view ought to come to join together in camp at new out of work some cases. But I'm 36. About her other anxious and potentially a universe brought you together. Yeah and how well you know interest that try to you met them. I had. If not more than anything they would try to Delhi when you when you first and then and then venture proprietary. And because they wouldn't Catholic school when it when I was growing up the end of moving backwards and then look at how TriBeCa and can you know the government would tell you know its impact felt. It was in the end mechanical that it more than what are we await the bench and aren't. Thing nor played TV I don't show. Didn't have lunch with its extreme tinged with priests or nuns Eric and people like senator say that travel. I would man and I think it transferred from even though with them the cable and my friendly and her diamond in the war my different people option. And this fellow out of the corner and held their candidate women trust putted very well perhaps. For the paint ball and think I like absolute power to act immediately. So it appear factory farming. And you know I don't try to billions and scratch and now it's it's more at the manipulation. You know bad. So I think Procter and the child and many you know leaping cheerful. Traditional culture to. Because. Manipulation and richer and the child and being afraid out. Well it wouldn't mean that sure this speech and show. I'm. Well the first round and then he walked away and military police and then went what are the priest there and then my boost the okay and they don't my immediate reaction sheets and then they'd ever began and they told me you know when he trailed well. But at least in the same manual walking to go to dinner after she is trying to wrench. She's a really nice she really should cultural. And then look at triangulate. You know it just. Pre and I don't think itself candy can not deal with that and help. Regional jet and you know getting shown him try. There at least a year. And then we met again and another bench in the national credibility is similar to warmed up to a little bit more anxious. Until then another event warmed up true little bit more action so this truly became friends. And she showed me that. You know and I appreciate that picture. Of him and that I could get cultured man and I can't understand. More about what went in and eat it she you know and how I could do it cash. And good and I discourage so much accountability. About my get more now make it more. Or attacked me and he should do we might get finished so much more out there action. So. Police started in the open cemetery where. And shipped to a charity work ou mean I'm helping them. Go help people who don't know who manipulated to turn route to go Harlem to collect kind of don't account for about facts. Contract. Term and that's kind of how old. They know how we met and how I can learn more or try to hand. And then how I learned more from I've choked. And that's how we've got their relationship but sheer would the first thing for me cash and not be too excited though Intel computer and slung action. And and yeah so who do we become really good friends and actually had a belly of the bunch. Cool like Amy and shouldn't get thatched. We tore shell. Route. Would that be chasing him you know what an age and you are evil children at the end and such fear but tension. That's how we do it could be. Won't work and I'm try and they end term you know partners and in and what we do attitude sounds. At least one thing. Enter you know helping matters. Understand god and more are becoming more and transaction. And her lunch basically felt the need. What does it you're you're. Historical experiences of the meeting you fear. It is a great example of what we talk about on the show all the time Italian sort of a different setting that when people start experiencing a haunting. Instantly link based on their experiences from television or movies jump to the conclusion that they have something really bad there. Without really taking a look at it first and not to say that some people don't put. If you don't hear your past really does influence. Your present so it did so we are just tell everybody you are investigators keep a very open objective mind can look at it you'll pick it apart. And just don't jump to conclusions based on what you think you know. Planes as you're absolutely right about that and the and I think we salute to learn. You know but it turned meanwhile. So your on your site because census must be taken in because one of the first questions that I've been waiting to ask you guys because I. We're looking off the website Doug no father no you do you'll deliverance exorcism and and had gone and done cleansing that's cemeteries. I guess which I mean if I don't know if you don't mind you put you on the spot a little bit number one because I know when when a lot of people or. Engaged in a lot of prayer that does that actually. Makes them more sensitive and opens them up somewhat but you know did you have any easier senses yourself in going into cemeteries. Can you sense if there or you're wandering souls still there and you know how old. How is how does a working with the media my guess enhance your experience going in the cemeteries to help people. So excellent question. For very well the damn thing I enjoy about it the most citizens. You're spot on. When you said prayer can help this. Do you tightening gets your sensitivity and in fact one and in the Bible where it talks about some of these. Demons can only be cashed out your prayer and fasting. The reason behind that is when you praying when you fast. That's changing the veil so that you can actually hear the often hear the holy spirit daughter. So that you can try and get the name of that unholy that's causing the problem. So you can actually you can hear much more clearly when you're praying and you should pass pretty much when whenever god does it you don't just go out and pastor trying to in the mail that's never a good idea that's. And general. Comment I'm driving by a place I get a heads up people would not pull over so concentrated in the long time. So announced at a point races this place needs help and let's go firms pull off so. Come in its. I guess you feel good to attend to your question how it's more like feeling and knowing it's almost like god it's me in the campaign post mail and says okay what colors to things. So that's how he's as mean that is what's nice about. You'd think somebody with complimentary gift. Partner in this work likely Kathy when we go in I don't see the ghost like she does an unknown at this very needs help. So then we walked in that area and next thing you know she's seen a whole bunch of people there that need help crossing. So my job as there's do prayer. And I actually I say the prayer for you guys so they you know and you can you get any time you want. And they gave goes like this. Click up closely derives from the dead. Christ on a phone used what deficit for rise from the dead and Chrysler shine upon you wake up close sleeper rise from the dead and Chrysler shine upon you. Thank you promise they may have the courage to take him being torn head home team now for the heir children Manuel laughed so simple prayer. But that's probably the most fascinating thing about the work that I do such a little bit and you know a lot of that god can do in that one prayer. What happens is that same Angel that was there for them. So when the first past comes back down again and put up their hands and wait for that person can reach up and take the hand and head home to god. So wrong answer for Reagan had great question I think I think that's covered anything part of the. No I actually was pretty good and I didn't do well I think it's a two part question here bombed the number one why would. These spirit be at the cemetery and then then that's always been I'm wondering portion of month end and secondly Tom what you refer to. Some as far as fasting and I'm. Then prayer from didn't that would be. Almost like. I just think he. Is speaking in tongue like where would you draw for the whole spears sort of speak Italian right correct. So which even the name Americans do like this rely on stuff essentially a bomb to of course to expedite these you know what what Catholics do as far as fasting and then prayer. Mom and you know what they've Americus is a white man says it's hallucination when naturally it's the spirit guy coming to an answer to learn from so is it is that the same series where you're saying. It can be I think being more important thing is down discerning and I'm one of the things we do is. And that's one of the things I love to go work with somebody who has cancer counselor they can see hear feel. Helmets helping helping them to sharpen against and they ask. I'm gone for assistance on how to do it so just because we see something doesn't mean that we know exactly what we're seeing so praying about what we're seeing. Sure I'm like don't listen first John contest the spirits do you love Jesus now you can ask that read up about this they can't say yes. I don't there's something else going on herself. Had a big hit up for anybody usually gifts and talents to be able to come. And understand who it is that they're working let's let's get stated. Thank you mentioned belts and then being in the greater. There's a lot of places if you live free crowd to see the number goes around them where they're around very are everywhere. Senators are just the place now a lot of math and the congregate sometimes because it's a place where they last saw their loved ones. But you know if you think about when we go over her friend's house most of us can gather around the kitchen and hang out. Well afterward I had such a different restore social would still like to hang around and there's some that are aware of and get everybody get together and has one group and help protect them. But down the big thing is actually help him to go back as quickly as you can because if they don't. There's a good chance that they'll fall prey to manipulation by the and only as well and then be used for home things are used for problems could slip. Even if they had even an army passed and then came down back on free will. All of that's different that's down if they've already passing down back refer to that is the spirit. But I ghost is one whose body died and then yet to go back to my suspicions and ask yeah sees something from getting an asset class income tax on. OK excellent points. And so there's a lot that you mentioned spirit guide to we all have them there so I'm there's people that are aware of the assistance that they have and the people that are potent than we've got way more help than what we're aware of both put their. The spirit guide hand as well attended holy angels that are here how open should be set up and have to do even more than we get more help more assistance morning Joseph and I'm more holy spirit on the street. I agree Ashley can I tell you what so we will take all the help we can get and we are we appreciate all. Well guys we're gonna have to take another short commercial breaks are gonna ask you don't hold out and you're listening the paranormal science on WI OK we'll be right back. Euros for Elmer here. The negotiator most don't know what to do. Come to the East Coast third Khan on September 20 torched couldn't print is still encourage curtain. The site teaching goes from Irish can help and tell you how this endorsed Christie goes to pack and there goes to sleep. Seems to me you're up on my brilliant play your homes it was like ordinary graveyard shift. Talk to show. Branding can. This controversy. Has some listeners. Spontaneously. Like that may occur. Welcome back you're listening to paranormal signed sun WYOK. I didn't before us are much more for Rihanna going numb. I want to bring up a lot of those laws are rationing he's a personal sponsoring a big no for them it's up twenty dollars for a ticket and you get twenty bingo tickets are tough. Com Tony games in and it's going to be July 31 the Waterford township fire all you. And the start time. Remember that. Karen I characters 10 AM or not I'm one of those ones check our own internal FaceBook page I had just in my mind from what my apologist but odds are you're being prepared to restaurants sale. And Don do you go to our face your FaceBook page you know to East Coast Caricom dot com. And there's it's available little surprises it's bigger bingo. Found this very first thing known what stuff all the Kama. Letters is going to be. Marlins purses forms L radio and runway there could cut back. In one camp site there is a wanna zero somewhere in there yes this is another great cause this. The health trust which is apple CNN and really bad native obsessed customer just yet her mom's working really hard to try to cover these costs and and every little bit helps so. You know c'mon don't get to see the paranormal signs crew there as well Linden and maybe win a little bit and I canned goods like pearl. All right well love tonight we're talking with father Billy Clark insulated medium Kathy Brown. And I capping a throw you on the spot this time out before the break we were talking about doing closings and does cemeteries. So have you had to deal the pleasure of Cummings father Bob elites who have no one of these clintons. An arrogant capital here's my question Korea humble and you guys can work together where you're doing some. It will cause some psychic work energy work or or or are you purge yourself for. Does does your father do the prayers and your just observing that and had two hits and when I guess my question is. While he's doing the prayer works in you because psychic we see the food to souls are leaving. Yes found split the anti socially. But you know I'm ocean kept trying to access we can explain their thinking or interpret the graduate. Couldn't really do work. If you know they've created to try to improve in twelve. Feet right here. Oh my gosh they've been in the game of Ireland and China Chile who helped him. It's well practical it'll get over it and kicking and being joke and so that they can go go. Sometimes. Believe and he goes to what I have conversations. And so I'm empowered patient with me all. They want confession alone and need you know to pass and they want to tell this story though. Well I don't really age and I can hear him hanging. On AM talking. Cheered the ghost that want to go and so taboo and then running the no fun talking to kind of fairly well in attacking and then and then and a multitasking at the same time so. We're working together trying to get them to go oh I don't think I'd. I think a very good who aren't good for. Isn't it a geometric actually well. Back. And we we managed to work that played very well option and then when there's times where we go to try and some things about train and it's something black. Sometimes the French senate hanging in the exceed groups of code center and you know truly tried that Turkey should then. I can't believe I am trying to take over on the so that I can concentrate. And getting into any holy ain't so bad so that we can get them homered for saint have to talk show. But one of those things where there is pattern that's a little easier on me that I can concentrate and what I'm doing. We need them to help Senegal. And then what I'm senior when I'm hearing began and generally having. Thank you conversation that want the fellow and they and trying to cheer me and sanitary at the same time. Don't. I'm sort exactly are you seeing cousin that's promotional markdowns and and then you said the what you're seeing and hearing what do you Selig can can can you explain norsk. Sure and early. Well I policy and they go to Alaska home. And confirm they won't either Hanley shield plant 150 can break and try it maybe it is easier what they kept away from. I don't feel that full on action. I don't go Charlie didn't sound. Learned. Then that would be coming to a common and it will be an Angel and term Nolan or take them okay that's. He and a lot of times. In the chest area that he had lunch and then you just had like colors include you to either ranked yellow blue colors. And you can't have a meaning train them and lose. Some thought I mean what can meaning in front rented flat tire and fuel in terms. The lake community where people in uniform like firemen and police captured. Something like that. I'm Ruth Blake Melo can mean in my very you know until corruption and let me know and sometimes when a country and they don't know. I'm glad she went couldn't predict that they actually moving that can still hear all are or action that penetrate it go so. And the interaction me each and then not condone it should kind of therapy and then world. You know OK okay well let's put some think she. And from harming into the command makes them more comfortable trick out slow and don't go more towards struggling in Charlotte and make them understand that. Extra time to go in the cap waiting for them and then ammunition and that they're gonna impeach. You know a little bit shallow. How come I can't think should they re seeing the contract. You know I think it and it can blend stretching the traps at. I don't get to appeal of that country and they can I can hear. I don't see it in Japan to chill factor and sometimes. I'm that takes a little bit longer. Old and sometimes people don't feel worthy enough to go back then we capped. Concern election and she you know let them know of and it's okay. And then the attorney Darren show. And I can't think your question. Can you do just what questions do you see the stresses of the angels. Can't tell them that more true much the patient being so they she more than shall not let them than. I don't usually get match. I'm glad I know it's like to change how. I'm thinking industrial action and see the blatant triumph and become an inspiration to others and then. Function tent pitched just slate of strategy finish and then I don't care they're very apparent. Privilege of seeing the things. You know and Nadia. Now Pope announced comments for you than than pray that someone in the lane and we'll let my timing just. A lot of I mean before the just look at it didn't get what you want my grand I don't know part of your question yeah. All German questions for. And so daughter Millie the wanna ask you when you go now anywhere have you run into any. The values are native American as an example of who may not be a Christian. Who. You know also say several hundred years ago. The notion trying to do prayers for they might just say Jesus who what god I don't care about that in just sort of disregard you. Or do are they still comfortable coming Q for help I don't know if you even born into lesson there. Did you get a big kick out of it. One in the near the parts about being ordained can do in this work is the holy spirit has you appeared to them and it's easiest for them to understand you. So very native American MA appears achieved them. Four. Somebody from men and different religion health care are they want. Fans there is that just the other day and found out front to go straight to our house there is woman. And her husband. He was paid. Orthodox Jew he was talking and all he used just rocking and praying and rocking and praying and placing new entries that have tried to get on the go try to get into the only won't go. And that's an okay Martin did a prayer and and I have sent you got to place the Wailing Wall rain problem. And when he passed the past when he touches and paint take mom do. And sure enough he looks sudden stops as Percy the Wailing Wall only goes to touch the long ago some. So they're submitted. It's really situationally dependent and sometimes it is happening in American and for example cap and I did too worked on Cherry Valley. And there isn't big native American contingency all throughout their before any of us came there. And they had a struggle they cannot find knows they can have protective battles again and again. But the interesting thing was that I went to a place goes way up on the hills. And if it was a huge huge cemetery for the mid American had a. About three football fields so it was just humongous and there's a lot of those that were there. Well many of them followed me home and didn't go there and so they didn't wanna go until we helped protect all the other ghosts. But you know there's an interesting thing. If you guys go home. You can ask god to send you to where all the other ghosts are instead of having need to go to every other place reasonably native American ghosts. You can go on but you go now and take him at Angel and god can help you help them. You know sales and all he tried. Oranges no idea no idea. Yeah I usually don't get specific comment for me it goes much faster and much quicker tells. Oftentimes it's done just that that hole again pointers to help on the go. I don't get to detail oriented that in just enough to kind of give me. What neither of them went specifically prior. There are no one of the things that don't you also do or X or systems have the two of you worked on in cases where. And there have been no what you believe is an authentic possession of a person. That is you know beyond just like a simple attachment. I don't know what happened. I don't know decorum. Those are. The more difficult. And this year right you don't see anything like see on television it is challenging. And what you're actually attempting to do is to have the person reclaim their faith. Again I think a large part of at least this is what we've fine and our work is they they have to be active participants as well they have to move on if they have to. We we try to adjust their lifestyle if need be to do that didn't feel some people do hidden some people don't but. Problem. You know is it's like you said it was nothing like on TV and we're going to have you ever felt in danger while you're doing network. Knowing your body goes to your natural stuff like CEO of the unholy or China should feel afraid you're trying to get it stopped praying sat down. For me it to have strangest thing I actually have to go to confession once a week. So bad. Whatever I can fasting and only can you against me in the work. So it's way to help me to stay clear nobody here got better. Sat down basically they they just turned billion contaminated just I can't believe that we never experienced. And they want ads take over that person for two purposes. Number one to hurt that person. Directly and also Turk got indirectly by hurting when he lives they want to have a person. He's so easily controlled lookup person when not only take her own life but try and take others with them when they don't. Neeson and his team does murder suicide everything in the news. Well absolutely but I. How do you get does that demonic spirit to come out of that person. I that's sort of prayer and fasting helps because need some of them are older and following a long long time ago and you actually have to call them up my name. Found some of mean common experience in call around town by experience things Chinese student depression status who've signed posters here. Kathy mentioned where there's there's actually spears on worthiness to. But you can now and it's a lot of prayer and asking gone back and forth can never communicate directly lithium holy it's only your god so I actually do prayer today. Sat down I don't hear them only at all I don't interact with my don't talk with my just do the only side and then god takes care of arrests. Now and you see don't hear him now if she is vocal through your your subject if you will on did you hear that part of the. I know could you do pretty beginning that you don't think most times you when you're and I actually I'm they've been deliverance Kerkorian's center asking for you guys can use of that tool. Should you ever had anything that follows you home. More or something malicious and if you wake up listen I'm sure you guys have seen this in the work you do yes somebody who has had three scratches on them. For around wakes up at 3 AM. All things since then that can only try and even opposition to the holy trinity. But I'm doing here in the theater need to prayer and it's as simple per deliverance from this is the first. Heavenly father we ask any and holy angels in honor near or around and we have to they've known how fast and silenced. We decommission them behind me and encapsulate them through the power additional blood of the lamb. Jesus Christ and bring them up here presence immediately lowered to do it is easy fit. How many estonians who plays a lonely space within your children Richard loving your life. Clearly angels cut any kind of burning behind in whole thing that we may be greater fear. Thank you from the top of the list of all these traders and Jesus came to came on. Thank you have entered camp well father bill's agenda for retirement yes Kathy and Miller were at a time so well we want to thank you both for joining us on the show. Tonight and father Billy you have a website called the fourth healing dot com can Kathy. Tell yours is purple and butterflies dot com so check those out thank you both so much as a country. Thanks and honor and thank you very much adolescent what are you thinking you have a good night and everything to get.