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Andy Shecktor Interview at the Republican National Convention

Jul 20, 2016|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks to Andy Shecktor, a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018 about his experience the night before at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did Andy Schechter who was on the convention floor last night and I got their little of Atlanta about quarter and ninth I apparently missed all the excitement what happened. Well what you it was issue ultimately than actually you probably were what you were game. At one point in an convention there was a whole group of reporters at practice but every camera in the conventions and it was on on Pennsylvania's size. There was a big movement going on. That we which was very sad boot and it as far as I was concerned not been monitoring this under a new something's gonna happen. I didn't expect what what what's going to happen but I knew something with the bat with an announcement with recording and in coming you know. Trying to infiltrate groups that we're trying to disrupt the convention. But apparently they're still small a small cadre of Republicans who don't believe in it that the term radical Islamic Muslim radical Islamic terrorist. Is this specific term. And that the Muslim community as a whole despite their differences of opinion as as far as religion goes. Our wonderful group of people there's really nothing that we can say bad about them as always are not in that terrorist dynamic particularly Christian history. If you go back to go back with decreases look at the read the Bible there's a scary thing is a viable. But these people who insist that you know. I think it the main thing is that their candidate didn't win their ups with Donald Trump for other reasons in the you're taking upon themselves to appease them the Muslim community and says sounding board and there there was a bit there is that representing. A group called Muslims for trop. And they were planning on disrupting. The event because he showed up and exactly exactly and it was going to be like that rather not go and what they were going to eleven affected the and they were gonna turn their backs and walk out on the star. Yeah that the endeavor for several different groups and I was the only one involved in my guided by the biggest group. And a hat having a little bit of Durham kind of help to keep them out of the ball basically I kind of say you know this is the deal at sixteen reporters on speed dial national reporters. In the thinking happens then that that's that disrupts this convention there they're gonna. Have access to those files and and into the UU you'll find where you're you're you're going after that don't have any insurgents they were just discouraged from doing anything or did they turn around Lee. The for a while there they were going back and forth as to what they're gonna do and and and finally and I met and I kept kind of look at them and and my my part but my partner and in PA NBA and travelers. We're looking at the men and finally they just beside I guess to leave and then that's it is to walk out and in a then look for another dated to disrupt something I don't know if if you're comfortable be mentioning your former employer but intelligence is not. He's not unknown to you let's look at that that's correct them I'm still officially. And security. But yes I'm I'm I'm Whitney was hit with a particular group that you know federal group that that that does that sort of thing. Com. So you sort of had a hand in heading off last night in one way. For pretty much I don't think the I think it would have gone and they were ready to do what I mean they've started a couple times they had a few false starts. And it was gonna happen or I doubt about it and nobody else seemed to care and and with the news media aptly nobody knew not even yourself. Nobody knew that this was going down and began apparently I was there it's a little later than you thought add and I thought was. I was there Heidi we've seen and if you watch what should be as you'll suddenly see all the camp they knew something with and I didn't know what and the roll around Pennsylvania and that was one of the key. Key players in the and insulated as the camera disappeared and every owner and and people disappeared took like court. A youngsters batters were to have something going on like that. I gonna switch gears and talk about it's not it didn't mention at dead this convention or anything you were about to announce. That you're taking a shot at a higher office. Yes I actually have decider went from came on board we've got the populist movement and that this kind of anti party movement. And said you know I've been in politics many years upbeat someone else's side kick it's time to go and some up and an. And great opportunity and hasn't when he eighteen went via Bob Casey comes up news in the US senate. That's I have announced that officially. Well not officially official and unofficial official I don't wanna make an out to disrupt the the process presidential election obviously. The party it will be looking at me after two of the support my local county. For the most part and you can support me against out of official officially I definitely running I filed paperwork with American Idol website up. That an up and running for. Running for rocky CC says he's very frustrating senator. And now I wrote a column last week in the standard speaker radius of one its running this week effort to with a missing a matter which one I it's about a reference to while. To Casey still trying to portray himself as a centrist. And having moved to the hard laughed several years ago when he continues to move to the hardline. Absolutely and what the but the good thing it's Hebrew and art leopard does have nothing so it really innocuous. Cut. It but I have. You run a bit differently than most most candidates and might might might run for delegate I wasn't I feared. Come the convention be great I can get some support and find some. You know help with with it talked it colleagues. Like I end up getting their commitment for about 50000 dollars to campaign. Which is pretty cool it's a start it's a good start my first 50000 dollars panic but it's it it it's to support a huge. Blitz creek so to speak. Because young yet yep big names like Hillary Clinton and Bob Casey's like that pretty much its deepest pockets actors. So you gotta you gotta get him where it hurts to get him fast and hard in Vietnam coming coming never another I'm running to the well known common. Hopefully by the time that restarts or Hillary Clinton will be a confined to his Leon Trotsky put it that dustbin of history. Absolutely and hope that you get Donald Trump's support and get an endorsement. And being green very close to his campaign working very hard for in Pennsylvania. Good luck and each actor who's a delegate for the eleventh congressional one of delegates for the eleventh congressional district any US senate candidate in 2008 deep that.