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Jan 14, 2017|

Saturday January 14, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Lori and Lynn. Does don't you weekend. Lottery you win. Until you lie okay. Good morning good morning how are you I am fine how are you doing. You might go a hundred and gloom do mean day she did you how I am nothing. Did you notice how. It's spends so gloomy here even Mike the went peeks of sun like what is it I don't know it's it's the way it is that this kind of yeah. Not find him. How like. Lincoln era. But it is what it is and now looks and week did you. You had your voice around SA did I still have one boy yeah. Around until this weekend when she when he would he will be leaving. To start his new job as did Jones day. In all you've got the name yet I we I think I was able to eat at last night I was at Julia monies I'm kick off party can't. I was talking to my good my dear friend who I absolutely love attorney Jerry Karen he's one of the nicest men in the world. And he said my congratulations on shine. And he says he's what you do know that the law firm is my the most. Incredible law firms in that gal but I think he said world. I mean seriously in the end admits to Tuesday in the country it's he changed him. Yeah it's international so that's why you know we can say that but he did and I never heard of and a new app that I should do but. I you know sometimes you hear of law firms I didn't but he said that is a major coup for shock. Now Sean of course is going to law school but he is taking that two year gap from so he. We'll be working right across from the his office staff our office is right across from the capital. In DC so he's very excited about going. Starts on the seventeenth. And a few days before his 23 birthday this memoir Luther king day that day before can hunt. Harry so so excited and of course Thomas. And he is going INA several. Week. Once again trip to Europe. For work. And for I think two weeks. Again on her side yes or worsen the Afghan highway every day that they bottomed. The Istanbul airports yes the day after he was supposed to fly into that they're going so yes it scares me. To death. But I thought can I do nothing you know he just nice send off. I tell text me when you leave text me when he gets there about melanoma any does he usually is very compliant itself. I have to give them much. But so yeah it's been good and son's been around so. And asks for work. Forget what then you're not. Responsible. For anybody kind of you know no had no kids it and then weird kids need your child's there for awhile it's. Little more fun when things are good I love them and he's a good boy so he's been he's been okay. A recent Jewish and asked Kathy cabin because they've been hanging out there and mess I meant to tell you we forgot that last week. Yes yes I'm so are famous bartender nasty yes prejudice delegates at that anyone has. Looking for somewhere to go on a Wednesday night and you remember being at the stogies with this brand to bestow key. She by tens ads Kathy Gavin is far and the bar side. Starts in earnest and so go see here it's great we have a lot of fun and we're trying to do that we're trying to establish him a weekly thing man. Her as many of us can go that day week we won't go so that's what we're hoping to dial test could. We have a lot of fun we wouldn't Gil Martin's Katie Michael and not a camp Patrick age. Internationally. And here. The words of wisdom curls of was half and then of course Meyer and China and yours truly and Len Evans now we had good times. Didn't wait they did was funny. I probably shouldn't say this because he probably. Doesn't need to hear this but I'm not a good margins said to me you should take Patrick out and put in my and a a road show he has time he's a one man show is so funny. And it's a damn thing. You and you know do you see that's I yeah if he gets icy the other side I do feel very. And so yeah I think we'll pass the stream of consciousness and what they commented I say and I. Can't just has. He just comes out with things says I ate there are times I have to honestly say I've never heard them before. I don't learn a lot you've heard everything yeah and then only when it comes from somewhere you know I'm up here is simple how. No one ever heard that before it could you've written how many books on him all the fun. Did happen one and a half and I have the second one and I hit all match against sounds yeah. And they're not really things we can repeat on the air you know about it all the yeah. You know I should start doing now with my you know not a laughs because I entered the gym cat now isms and that's early he had you know I from being an even my grandmother will say things send nonsense like my Graham who say Bubba. So yeah that's. Because there's so fast that I say even a perp essentially it's keeping people close and alive and you say he has always say. Those things it makes you feel. Closer to them. Funny I was just thinking that I was at Sanderson State Street salon. The other day I will be at two day Shia and and I was talking to one of the manicurist and see. Said something in me when I was leaving for this she used so. A word that my my grandmother. Used. And I have I had I thought all this time but it was a word that my grandmother made up. And I didn't really takes that it's not playing she may have been short Pennington who what is the weather is always saying you know it was our it was something that she is and I don't remember what it was. It's something I can't think of one OS but whatever it was when I heard her say it is is really set my best because like I said. All not a wager your dad to solve my grandmother used to say that I hurry and I thank you so it's a polished thing okay. I got a pen and certainly after close in Ireland when you said that he. We felt like how. Gaffe from anyway because I set I was at Julie monies from so I'm kick off and it was. Very nicely attended very nicely and was up posh we'll let's talk about what is running for. I'm not gonna county judge okay and so this was their kick off and she already has been appointed. Till this seat in Chester run this year so I'm. Death was her kick off percent to ten year term yes yeah okay. So she obviously loves being in John yes and I want to continue you know this thing about Julia and I always said this. Prior for any number one what I love about her. Is number I she's a woman's son comes good. Number two she's out and about an everywhere it had been on so many boards I'm talking for years and years and not just. I have to show up at every event because I'm running for political office. I'll have like some people do in in general aura I have to be here and got to get involved because. She's been doing this and living this for a long long time and I love that about her and then. You know her father has such history and hair mother is so wonderful I am. They're both wonderful people and they've raised a great diner and so it's just the fact that she decided to do this and get involved and taken and it is a big thing and she's her fish got the perfect temperament she's Smart she's kind. Digs deep says she's just a wonderful person sounds since I think that's a good to. I'm wasn't there something else relative to women running for office. That we were talking about last night with Katie dummy and a 100% sure this thing is then the exact name but I think she said it was progressive women you have a lot better as the title and then. Of women who iron. Reaching out to each other for I guess are trying to meet and a monthly basis anyone who feels so inclined to show up and participate. And get in looking for ways that women can be more involved in. In politics. And not to just running from now that I behind New Orleans or is supporting each other and doing with what they have to dope because. It's. It needs to be done to death it's it should have been done in the last election and it's not so we have to we have to help each other get to that point. Yeah so I don't know who you contact since she says there was someone in a fun way to find out what kind that is and the temperament accent but I think it's a great. Idea and I think. I am you know when you get together in and you can feel free to say things in Q what Katie Gil Martin said was there are a lot of young college women there which is a good. And you said immediately that's great thanks again so yeah and and she also said that we're not. A lot of the same people who get involved in a lot of other things because a lot of those people don't necessarily want to be involved in politics takes. No Barack Obama in his speech that it is farewell speech he said genome kids don't complain about a rod and get out there and run for public office right. And it's hard because of how you're torn down and and beaten up. Mostly women more than anybody from them so I'm and then you get the baggage of your husband that may be like other people have Bork. Whoever your involvement they're gonna pull that out so it's. It's it makes people shy away from stepping out there intelligent and putting yourself in the arena that fray it's hard. Kenton used to feel like that's. You know I really more women didn't doing it I don't know what I meant to thinking going back now maybe it's time even if it even with Nixon. With. See George H. W. Bush even and that time. You didn't have any of what's been going on recently well let it does do social media now that's what it is you know that's true with advanced so that's a whole new range. But I just think they eat they eat the need to tear everybody down although I can probably go back with Hubert Humphrey. And Mondale and think about how they destroyed him because he had had some kind of mental. Something or other forget what it was Mondale poke checked and they'd destroy him because he has had some experience I don't remember what it was. But it's that was kind of the beginning of all of this stuff where people who run for office everything is fair game. No matter what you've done or where you've ban people are actually. Hired to go out and dig I don't know that. Now that's a and you say from doing it why now. That's what I say too and I think a lot of people who would be fabulous. Are not doing it because for your theory about this and that's why they always say if you are thinking here you young person do everything I tell my kids who were all the time. Do everything right to watch what you put and put stupid things on social media don't do it. Don't put anything in writing anyway can always comes back to Heidi which is why don't right okay so I always knew I come up with a reason for. That really is wise and so the I don't like is you you don't do it and don't do stupid things yet that you can and get especially now because credit things on camera still. The that's it you've got a camera as well as you've got written stuff so personnel. It seems he's got to be careful but but that being said some of the stuff is ridiculous because it's just human behavior and and it's cold out and turned against you and we do need more people toe to black stepfather and and run PS with Sophia. Of course is so we just did Alex. Just do it if you really feel like you wanna do what are you want some help go to these places even though. League of Women Voters have I think it's in November they have ready to run that you can go and participate. On a Saturday for that knows. Things that get you when Boston and and the Selma that there are some of these people out there who really loved that behind the scenes stuff they'll help you come out. That's or. I love this I pick up the phone and I'm thinking I wanna do something I called four or five different people who I have that I know we're gonna give me then that does that the straight. How one may ask them and yes no maybe not may be yes or no and I go there. And I ask my friends who I know I can trust in Hawaii have faith in and and who I know care about me and I say can you help me win as one of them you know Joe White ever do anything without asking you. No I'm really don't know. There's a handful of women in my life and they're all women I do some male friends who I go to but I I always do if it's a big decision I. I go in the other one monies are dear Rosie Broderick out hills cop car has done in my Betty Deb Peterson people who I know. I can get the information I'm gonna need from not a Gil Martin's and we didn't women who are gonna tell you. Find those people hold on tight to them and let them help feel as bad throw by people off right yeah I agree. It helps deter us from him. So anyway we are going to take a quick break here listening this morning to go Arian Lin show will be right back. Dear Hillary inland. Good morning good morning. How are you were wonderful today think Ewing knew and good and what's your name my head. Now. My name is will the real. Right and left. Kathy and the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fund raising PR and special events business of we have Donnelly laughing in the other room 'cause I'm gonna say will the real. Lowry Kevin please stand up remember that show them what is set to tell a group carried them was of what I'm in the minor my I don't know something I'm anyway that was a great show I don't know I loved it. Those people were good lies yeah I know what cooks are Connor shakers are Baker's now that the guys I'm on the phone network. They have people. Who try to treat of the judges some of the Fed and the chefs and and these people on and made. Come on and some of them are real cook some of them are kinds and they have to decide which is wet and it's amazing. The people who really are just an an and they give acres in bakers the same way about it. Too much influenced him now I don't think I did see eye to eye on Saturdays is is it. Much the Food Network I yelled shark attack comes on just graduate student saw my name is Linda Evans. And I and the president of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and I'm also the author of the book. Called power of the purse fare free finances for baby boomer women. At that I available on Amazon.com thank you very much I'm also the host to the podcast of the same name power of the purse. Available on I ten and then land. Okay so we're gonna start with this wonderful. Article I picked up the other day. Because given. For women who are here today and I'm gonna ask. Cost to bring in a document called an over for this one because I think this is just too much fun. You know so it's called inside the F bomb breakfast club. A space for Seattle's bad ass female founders stuff. That I said this is great I just I think this is so funny but but all the funny in a society it's a very legit and valid organization. The F bomb breakfast clubs first meeting. And the level office co working space it was before dawn on the first Friday from January. A steady trickle of women climb the stairs to a co working space. In pioneer square. In the window next to the door small sign reads an F bomb here. Inside the women take off their bulky winter jackets and sit in a wide circle of chairs and sofas. Chatting over coffee and snacks and the swearing doesn't begin. Until a group's founder Megan McNally starts things off with an emphatic. I just wanna say I can't say that Maria yes. Oh my god this is the first meeting of the F bomb breakfast club but the women here are as comfortable as old friends. They managed teams of scientific researchers say they are PR agents for tech firms they own event planning businesses. They consult for nonprofits. But above all there founders are aspiring entrepreneurs. In a field dominated by men. The club was dreamed up by McNally during Seattle startup week. When she was looking to connect with other female founders and entrepreneurs. Theft I'm tired faster captions there's plenty of happy hours an awkward networking events already on the landscape think Sally said. She wanted to create a different kind of events within environments and encourage is genuine conversation. Community and yes even dropping an F bomb when necessary. I literally just want to create space for bad as women to come together. Should be able to cuss and come board and support each other I think the peer support peace is absolutely incredible. To hear each other's ideas to be validated. To have other women in the circles say hey I faced the same challenge here's a couple of the ways that I got over it she said. But Delhi herself never intended to become an entrepreneur or she earned her law degree. A few years ago taking night classes while continuing her career and nonprofit work. And she heard an interview list bank's founder Sara Blakely and I think one of the youngest female billionaires. And the United States. And was appalled to hear about Blakely struggled getting her idea patented. And they interview Blakely were counted that she couldn't find a single female patent attorney in her states. And none of the male attorneys who went who could grasp her idea. McNally was ready to leave an action. The idea that that these amazing ideas out there that are never brought to market that's what really inspired me. I wanted to change the game for these women make daily said she found her law firm. She's doing and legal. Last fall and the specializing in business law for startups. As a female entrepreneur or a lawyer who works with female founders. McNally has had a front row seat to the big and small obstacles that female entrepreneurs face. She recounted instances when judges or other lawyers called her honey. I said she looked cute in a courtroom and how many of her male peers and understood why she was upset about comments like these. It becomes a barrier constantly being Patrick eyes minimized. Scrutinize. Overlooked and underestimated McNally said. And now are the more tangible obstacles. In the US women let's start ups receive only about 7% of a venture capital funding. In line with studies have shown only a small fraction. So VC backed start ups are led by women and then their studies that show us exactly why. Most investors are male. Excuse my English you have come well. I'm came from the chose did. Most investors are male and men tend to fund men. Well those are little pebbles those are pretty huge boulders when you have a business idea that you're trying to bring to scale she said. For those obstacles won't disappear overnight the F bomb breakfast club. It's a form for women to find ways to overcome them and encourage each other through the challenges of entrepreneurship. They meet the first Friday of each month at 7 AM. Local offices of pioneer square could. So for more information on that you might go to the doorway and project that's DO YEE and and the east. Is that not funny. I think that's a summer break and I learned yet what I'm thinking apps and the F bomb found peace event. That's really what we envisions the non bulk. To be a place where women could come together all of whom own a business are different levels thinking I may be starting a business. And saying I've been there. This is what I have been through four here's a connection that I think you should make it go and see this person. And really can talk about the challenges that we come up where they may not be necessarily related to being women in business or just business issues. But a lot of women feel intimidated to be in a room with a lot of men because they just you know I wanna raise your hands and nobody wants to hear them. So when you're in an environment with other women the idea was that you have freedom and safety to share what you wanna say. He didn't happen like that. An anonymous group type. I don't know so that I think was the intense moment but this one takes it to another level. Yeah with being able to really speak and say what you want to say Hoch I don't know your thoughts are on this but I just thought it was great. Thank whatever state that woman is an end where no female Washington attorney and continue to believe upstate yeah I thought it was my first. Yeah well I mean the thing that's goofy bad as I this was this year I can't believe senate in this day and age there still are. We know women patent attorneys in an area. Kinda like CNN oh yeah I mean that's a huge plays for startups that's all they do from home in my speech to patent law firm. How many 'cause I I actually just. Any kind of easy for him when he comes and I'm back here could cook when Minnesota I don't know if women had maybe they just don't it's just now. I don't know. Interest in Aurora or do I think just general culture and might look. Your dad your own goalie or cousins and a group of guys will go out when you're ten years old an old story on the golf cart and you were there and kind of by osmosis the conversations that happen by your other golfing as a force some. The guys hang out drink and some Beers and a soda. It's just part of the culture that doesn't occur as much with girls. Let's say for example we all go out with nieces and nephews or whenever we take let's just stay with the girls we take nieces to go get her nails done for our hair done. So the differences is that we are not chatting about business we're not chatting about math perhaps chatting about science and that's the difference in culture and that's just passed a change. It is changing them but I think. You know girls wanna talk about different conversations and what we teach girls is amazing. But I also think that we're missing something I'm missing an opportunity to teach girls. About science and math. Business but things that we just you know. How many years ago just didn't think was part of our conversation our culture and the truth is it is our business it is our culture we just don't. Take it for norm that's awesome yeah well even with that stem from. This stuff and steaming and you know if those are things that women are. I don't know if you sign a paper recently where they had those girls I'm young girls from Lakeland. Joining chemistry I'm and being involved in and want to just do that I mean that's. They're winning with the medical good yeah I was and I mean it's just a lot of fun and refreshment. Yeah Danielle that is our number yeah absolutely just read food article about. I'm woman do it was an education the United States and she married a guy and moved to Denmark and her article essentially was saying that she suddenly realized that. What we do in the United States is. From the moment we had a baby we talked to them about ABC we talked to them about colors we want them to have these amazing verbal and communication skills we teach them to read immediately reading is so important. And then mark. The same parents of this of same age children are talking about numbers the way that we talk about reading. And so she said that she quickly realized that the three year old when writing in their mother's arms in the elevator the mother sank. I can't put on the fifth floor and we're going to the first learn how many slurs we have to travel to get that sort of fine minus one equals and she said only got in Denmark science and math. Is the equivalent to what we do in North America for reading and that's why they are successful in science and math and. America's like 54 cent are whatever the number remained in generating so again it's just I think the culture of what we think is important and when we start to teach him how we teach him. And that it's not one thing is we can ugly game and you know it's not a case of that is just that's. We can't eliminate it from the conversation funds and what we indicates. Another thing I wanted to talk about I want to follow up was last week we had a conversation about. An article that always comes out or some information that comes out every January from the federal government have found. How Long Will the Social Security site last night we get a new number every year. And so. I forget even though I'm bothered some don't even bother to keep it in my brain that it was something like 2034. Or something is supposed to be gone. And then we also talked about Medicare and how important it was easy for somebody in Washington are some people to address that issue. And one of the biggest problems with Medicare is the fact says it's a medical costs and drugs and prescription is. It's something that kills most people. This was an interesting article written by. A guy who is come probably though is the voice of the financial planning worlds everywhere. His name is Bob Veres. And he wrote this article and said no leverage equals higher costs. We hear all the time the medical costs are too high and the United States and that Medicare is going to go bankrupt in the future. The president elect recently told us in a press conference a drug companies are getting away with murder. So how high our drug prices and are those prices contributing in all to the high medical costs in the United States. The public citizen research report looked at the prices and older citizens pay for the medication. Under Medicare part. Which now covers thirty must 39 million people you'd be surprised to know that when the plan was passed by congress. Medicare was specifically not allowed to interfere with the negotiations. Between drug manufacturers and half and pharmacies. The researchers compare the total expenditure per capita on pharmaceuticals across the 33. Large nations around the world and found that not only did the US spend the most just over a thousand dollars a year. Yeah for US consumer. But Canada who socialized medical system is hot is widely derided it. And political debates came in second at 750. Dollars per person. A separate analysis found that Americans pay much higher prices for patented drugs than any country in the world I nearly two to one ratio. In fact Medicare part. Dude is the fact that the veterans ability to negotiate negotiate prices with its own purchasing power. We've got to change the big time. We have but. Hey we're taking quick break we'll be right back with doctor Nick Collins and Novak. Here are lowering inland. Hello everybody welcome back you're listening to our human shell Amare can the owner Larry can and it crisis which is a fundraising appearance special event business. And my name is whenever inside and the presidency. Over northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear freeze finances for baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. And I guess today it's. Doctor colds and over who is the head coupons. Kennedy ran three and the grand Goobuntu. The veterinary referral and emergency center in spring she until I clarks summit Pennsylvania. Isn't provide an animal and yeah. Yes it is isn't that animal and I don't know what it is now in say but is trailing stop this is always the title of respect won't change isn't yours thank you so much. So it's remained there with us today always a pleasure I love to see you ladies and Jimmie talk about something that's very important in your life. I'm sure there's lots of stuff going on about kind of import. As well known in the film room addition I guess so yeah I just yeah I have a new baby daughter yeah. Excitement coughing fit the C okay. You miss passed and signed her middle name is Emilia Honda yeah pilot to ten minutes from. He named after some Leonard just I'm just London you know I just let the name and Emilia is. Just kind of an homage to aviation my love of aviation pain down my flesh yeah. It's trying to keep the name scenic hunt has certainly is share intimate look at the name I would put up and it's a tough three names and doesn't sixteen I go man. Break. Thought I quit if the so she is now what three weeks old just just a couple days pass through resold to normal wonderful yeah and she's beautiful we saw our thing here. It's great to lose so irate what else would you like to talk about besides the little test for. I got a little announcement making it to the end of the look silly now the thing I was gonna say was it's interesting because early in the shows listening to kind of talking about the culture and women in business and suggested the end of last year the hospital. Engaged I guess is the only term I can come up with a skin. It's promoting paid parental leave for staff members at the hospitalized just one of those things and it made me think about that because. Not many businesses in. Literally it was just kind of you know this is something that should be so normal and our country today. And it's parental it's not maternal itself paternal it is if you have a baby takes some time often knows we're gonna support in doing that. I'm quite honestly I think and employees are going off having babies it's an indication that there had be. You know so let's keep them happy not to support the Amundsen found true it's true it's little things like that I think make a big difference. But other none in the imaginary world not too much going on. What's going knows I think this might be an important topic to discuss right now but so many people are still of the opinion. That if they. As long as they have sent their animal let's games usually the dogs I'm talking about. If they have the dog somewhere outside in a shed. That's all they need to worry about as far as that animal being OK in really really sub. Well humane conditions precedent that's yeah. Like Guinness dog house change you know it would ease without I don't understand that I don't understand why people think that's all they have to do. And had that they animals fine. I don't Janet and I don't know why they why are bringing in and he met goes on how fast can sister station so what did what should people do in situations like that when. Certainly that's when we always have these conversations about those. For aggressions of animals and our lives and you know these utilitarian vs they've gone from being in the barn yard to now living in our beds with us tonight again. But when it comes down to just basic. Care. You know when temperatures are below. Freezing when they get you know in my opinion sort of like under forty you have to consider what it would be like to exist in those conditions so they need. Shelter but that children can't just be covered it's got to be something that provides us some semblance of heat so even if you don't give them external he'd support. You know you have to have something where. That's shelters robust enough. To keep them and give them more it's it's got to have some kind of bedding in their sponsor for the it's gonna have water that doesn't freeze they have to have access to a fresh water concert somebody do that. Well you know if you refuse to bring an animal inside the house and I should hope you have a barn or something to keep them and you've got that create a structure. You know courses aren't just thrown out in the field with no support right. Today so dogs and cats and those animals are no different. It's you know there's always postings from the weather turns folic we are always posting things saying guys bring the animals endorse give them some storms sort of shelter. You know no likenesses you go out and said nothing with just a small even Oregon. And tell me how comfortable you are if you can't exist and that's and they can't either so it's not. It's not appropriate to think that you can house a mouthwash. Generally that's the bottom of did the pads underneath their feet you can tell dogs just either don't like the heat or that. Cold I mean it's okay they you can see by the way they jump around it's not good for those little. Things remain well they don't have you know we have gloves and she right inside zone they absolutely don't. How many people don't realize that the frostbite and things of that nature can affect them just as quickly as it can cost some. I'm I think people are they going to bring up front around they're going to be anything there right. And the other thing is acclamation a you can. I haven't you know locator dogs. Living inside. And then there's chocolate mountains and I've read and they expect that in and I agree on whether they're gonna last for two hours or running around. You know it's the same thing for us if you're not acclimated so weather's nice duhawks. I also find it I thought I saw somewhere. Probably an Amazon. From the that they make. Metal thud in the metal and ceramic or some kind of ambles. That you control water and that won't freeze. Most of them are electrical shift at some form of money in okay I don't know of many that are from. Strong enough battery powered through and that kind of cold weather then we'll work. And quite honestly never want to rely and a battery operated anything now when it comes to the survival are terrible life. Yeah I mean certainly you know Barnes with horses and and livestock and stuff have water supplies that are heated in that regard to keep things flowing for. I just have to tell you to the position on Sunday morning you know on the CBS Sunday morning. Yeah and there was so the forty year old and I love Steve Hartman does all these great feel good show on things for them. And there was a forty year old bull horn harness racing. Course. And this and Carmen Jeanine kinda guy who took care about PM and Horace has derived because this guy he said he loves amend. They both feed off each other forty years and a cough. Borealis that I am I can tell you stories which are long gone into today but I can tell you stories that. Even when I was in medical school there are certain proponent number of people that would try and tell you don't. Animals don't remember they don't know people they don't have dreams they don't. Didn't I can tell you stories and I am no doubt. The animals know exactly who their friendly human family members are and the incredible remarkable. Miraculously. Medical turnarounds that will occur simply because they're human show up I mean there are things the human animal bond. It's for both of us it's for the animals and it's for us and there are things that I've seen that you'll never convince me otherwise rosy and beautiful pet therapy in going into the hospice units and two hospitals and children's and bringing it would be you know rabbits and cats and dogs and didn't take make people feel. Better it was an object as you'll see blood pressure dropped when he you'll see. You know cholesterol levels drop I mean silly things like you'll see people who suffer from seizures. You go less frequent between you know effective seizures and so forth I mean there's a lot of objective data cancer and easy to. You remember those phone commercial that usually comes on comes unwise or yeah us for that that young man the man. Had a COLT and he took care of the the ultimate cold then went to become one of the Budweiser. Oh there goes my but there's still I'm still ideals yes. And she you know like just some good science and you know it's a big honor blah blah blah and then he was a parade a couple of years later. And the horse broke from everything else and ran after him because he remembered him. And then I I believe and that many analysts amazing you can tell I'm new drinks here's Sarah. I think they commercial until made up but it's also not made up by now that I actually got it right absolutely are imitating life feminine yeah that's me. Come so it still and a second to cynical and go. Didn't want to let everyone know that some. But an air furlough emergency center is gonna have the little low events it's actually it was offered to us. From some clients pantry Cooper's restaurant so on. January Friday January 27 starting at 5 PM they're gonna have to. A sort of dinner event selling some small kegs of beer just a grave sort of outing. And all the proceeds from that evening are gonna go towards the airy sees Angel fund which is a fund. So that provides medical surgical whatever took care might be needed to the hospital for. Families that we need that for their past. That's a great. Wave for us just to get together as a community and you know put some lovely injections into the funds that we use for the Angel fund for path how much is it. Some I don't think there's actually any sort of coverage as anything that you do with somebody evening is gonna go towards into a fund would have been yeah great Maya don't absolutely absolutely yes. And so that's January 27 starting five I may try and occurs first yeah they are wonderful people tell us observers in Scranton yet is dressed up. Cast your ring to come join us to have some fun and I can cause test too that's an Angel fund I didn't call you remember a friend of mine. And an issue and did she was helped greatly from food because if that's so I firsthand now. From my friend and from meat trying esteem telling her. I'm what happens and how works how can it help turn what's her dogs so that absolutely thanks. To very good thing. So what's going on the hospitals are these com. No I'm Iranian doctors send me there are some doctors actually we have. Now. It's always that story about people moving back to this area her family if she and her husband independently. It's mad married in California but they're both from this area why. I'm so they're both there ought to see moving back fairly young child and it's good for them to be coming back consumer excited to have them join us she's done. Over a decade experienced emergency doctor and so she's going to be. You know valued assets from systems through Griffin after she's a sweetheart we're really excited. A lot of sense though I I go by I told Janet you come just a cuddle sometimes well yeah I'm glad I am yeah. We go by hugely so I just think anxious to. They guide we have met it. Well we're happy to be there for me you know where no one business they'll say we hope you never have to have is a comedy he's nowhere near match and that's exactly revealing. It's terrific. OK well. If anyone needing new or to get to the hospital did give their address and a phone number Che shirts 318 Northern Boulevard and south Abington Township. And our phone numbers I 705877777. And our website is BR ECPA. Dot com as well as our FaceBook and Twitter accounts pretty similar in some ten. Right so have a great weekend everybody I'm some people have a nice long one so enjoy that a nice long weekend. So enjoy. Choi back and we will tell you. Next week thanks for listening to have a great weekend be safe and be sure be nice if I fly.