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John Neurohr, co-chair of Why Courts Matter PA coalition, and Corbett: Trump's nomination of Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Feb 13, 2017|

John Neurohr, co-chair of Why Courts Matter PA coalition, talks to Corbett about Trump's nomination of Gorsuch to Supreme Court

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John I know roar is being co chair of the wide porch matter Pennsylvania coalition he was a part of the press conference today. He was a part of this advocates say bet. Highlights what we need to know all Bob good kick come all the nominee or the bad they can come. From that nominate John good to talk to you thanks for McGraw. It's great to be with 58 so much crap I mean. Really what our annual idea that you think you did a phenomenal job and and explain exactly what we were trying to accomplish there. I mean we had great press turnout for this. You know I think Kiki I think he'll do you understand it well in fact earlier I showed today you were talking a little bit of about this but it's a very different already now content to break a rule. And this sort of mid media narrative that. Come morning front you know from one gate to another under something else would try to administration. Over the food. I'll be you know we brought together a whole bunch of our partner groups. Don't care about and number of different. Areas of policy from in Burundi and I meant to women's health two and gone out prevention and and civil rights. And when we brought together experts think I'm good and you can't talk about judge court pitches. His background. He is in its history as the giant a judge on the tenth Circuit Court appeal. Com and honestly the fact that he is an outside. Of the mainstream. Judge and you know it. It's difficult to get. Mom. You know. Good yeah there's Kaka is reporters and then outlets to cover that right now because there's so much else going on. I mean this is obviously a story that will come natural goal on four different for a few weeks a few months. To play it out but it is really important for us right now in the short term to make it very clear. Whereas President Obama. Nominated. Aviary centrists. Mainstream nominee in judge Merrick Garland back it last spring. And I'm nomination was. Blocked and blocked and blocked from my mind. I get the Republicans in the senate. It's still pretty confident on the opposite here in nominating a judge who is very clearly out of the mainstream and I think there's there's a real problem with that. If you take a look at the issues themselves if you take a look at the issue is whether it be. Gun violence whether it be women's reproductive rights and help whether it be equality across the board whether it be discrimination and prejudice all these issues were central to the campaign. And many many people we talked about those issues. Four month after month after month I've addressed those issues were decades. And for whatever reason those issues did not really home. To the power. Of the people in terms of the vote even though Hillary Clinton got three million more votes and Donald Trump. He pulled it off with restyled states and about 77000. Votes these issues remain. Powerful important crucial issues took a quality a live report to the deaths of people in our nation and that's why. Pleased to see the gathering get together I was pleased to see the representatives. From everywhere from Planned Parenthood deceased mark Pennsylvania to why courts matter and others. What did you sense in terms of coalition power is there a more unified front is there are more focused front what did you see today. Yeah I think I dictated the truth is that right now there is tremendous energy. In he is yeah we wish folks would constituents. Deal that cuts took a Pennsylvania that's true across America. I think boot. Question right now and it is. Powell do we. I'm coalesce around some. Of the more important issues to collect around right now we concentrate got energy. And enthusiasm and direct. Acted in the most productive ways possible. John and I want John I don't mean to you and John Domenico job but I have to take a break here can you hang on and don't rule will take your word traffic weather and and we can talk a little bit more. Hi John new Rorer drug co chair of why sports matter Pennsylvania. What cores matter Pennsylvania John thanks for the short for a week. And try out these. I'm still here I didn't know. OK now not his usual and I'm looking I'm I'm I'm all over the place I got mired in the ground I'm a bit employer. Of these kinds of issues advocacy based issues worked for many many years decades. I was in Washington for the women's march I felt the power I was there is an invited guests the male supporter to a march that was organized by women driven by our women carried out by a women's. Cannot start to see it two in Scranton we're starting to see organization that had not ever existed there's a brand new organization. In Scranton called the progressive women for NE PA as in northeastern Pennsylvania has a right now more than 200. Progressive women coming together. As a bloc as a voting bloc as a power bloc they're going to be monitoring legislation they're gonna put back together. You're gonna recruit women candidates and train women candidates can endorse women candidates so we've got that momentum here. The we've seen in Philly and Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. What are all of these issues that are the main focal points all the coalition like we're talking about. I think it it's actually it's actually even more simple than that keep I think that we ultimate decider. On all of the different kinds of issues where there is a lot of activist energy right now. I heard all the issues and have been Supreme Court at the bottom line so. You have a situation like you alluded to when she's unique but did that but I think what's really court press to get a cost. I ain't right now and I think that we are intent is different. Then any other completely. Straight the president can go only 46% of the vote if you vote then his. Couple of Clinton yeah. Obviously it's president United States. The point here is that after you have you have to face the Supreme Court seat after what happened last year a judge Merrick Garland I don't. I think if you don't compound an opportunity. An opportunity what to nominate somebody like Eric Owens or just nominee Eric Garland. I didn't do it at a consensus nominee somebody who has always had bipartisan support. And you know I think brings to bring folks together and instead what he did as you killed. All the issues of the campaign to help people yeah it didn't take it literally all he'll keep he was very little puppet kind of judge this team is gonna nominee for the Supreme Court. And the fact of the matter is that this state judge who is so far outside the mainstream and all of these issues that. Regardless of the fact that Republicans have controlled the senate and frankly they could get rid of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominee single nuclear they might do. I'm a bit that it's important for groups like us and our partners to fight right now we have to show fight because it's important for us. Sport for other corporate everybody for all Americans to see past that the fight is worse yet. OK I'm. I'm I'm all for that I mean you're you're speaking my language now but here's the problem I see. I see some wishy washy Democrats who are not. Being as. Conclusive. In in no where they're gonna go on how they're gonna fight as I would like them today. Was the general consensus of the gathering today. That that the coalition wants. Our senators to vote against it judge horse which. I think it's important for us to give up our senators regardless of their party. Until you for them to make their own decisions on the merits right. But what are wrong we see our role as. It is to make it clear that it is our opinion and we're fighting our partners are waiting all had. It all day every day on these very important issues. As we look at his record it is our opinion that he is so far outside the mainstream on all these issues. We encourage our senators to do their their their own research. I think there'll conclusion. Well what we are making the point yet we feel as though it take under the same conclusion is that we have come to and we believe they will. But yeah this is not the not the kind of nominee that they should be supporting. And we have. Other other coalition is just like ours in states across the country that are doing the same thing right now because they are a lot of them in this state. Bet you'd describe. They had senators who. Are Democrats who are wishy washy right now and build sitting nonpartisan. Campaign this is about the issues for us. I'm just so happens that. It's the Democrat that we need to convince. To be strong to stand strong against the nominee like judge carpet course pitched told people I'd. Did eight who had a letter audio Columbia Harvard Bob I'm certainly well respected the an and Smart. She didn't really have been so far out of the mainstream that is not the kind of candidate that frankly America. For more Americans voted. It's full are really cleaned and did Donald Trump and I'm A agent sent this nominee it centers how many is the kind of common needs. That un American to serve and and we don't believe that's judge. Well I'm I'm made it very clear I think there were not way beyond even push comedy show. I think it's very clear the Democrats absolutely have to take a stand. And that means vote no against judge corsets. I don't see god as any great compromise the vote yes for this guy because it's really the next door of the seat on the Supreme Court that matters they don't matter and I. I don't think that anybody in the Democratic Party. Sure there. In anyway shape reform cast and kind of tacit approval. For what judge Neil gore should stands for in his past what he's done what damage she can do in the future so I amateur real clear to people I talked to. I would say no. It's not acceptable to vote yes one judge horse which until Bob Casey and Pat Toomey I expect no vote for both album and Pat Toomey he's like does Don consistently. Bobby Casey he has to realize that there are expectations out here and frankly and I don't wanna drag me into this one. But she does a couple issues that he needs to be. Confronted a bop bop OK she's made it very clear that he wants to overturn roe vs white. That's not acceptable either. So your coalition as a power you've got brains you've got numbers and there are a lot of people dependent on you when you're leadership and that's why I wanted to tell you a little bit about. The way I see it took. I I think it's important I don't I don't like what some elect represented might tell you. The protesters who were out there at the women's market. Does folks Saturday or today it was thought to this press conference at the people that are rallying every Tuesday at thirteen different opposite. Not getting paid they energy and enthusiasm. I and that activism is a real. I think our elected officials all need to recognize that it is completely legitimate. And and got that could be a blessing or curse for them no question. Well I tell you what the time has come I'm somebody who believes in taking it to the streets. I'll be 66 years old and how is a Washington DC for my first mega protest. When I was eighteen so let's get this together let's keep the moment don't let anybody in anyway shape or form be mistaken. There is a power of the people. That is moving forward and you're part of that your organization is part of it and we'll look forward to hearing from not only you know but from all your colleagues who were in Philly today that great seat of liberty because the liberty and justice for all. That's words that John knew grow our. Thank you so much for having having me on TV really appreciated and will be in touch because. That says they've been so long fight this there's this little game it's a marathon not a sprint so much more to come. I'm always ready Y one more round no matter what it is John. We can't say I'm okay. You know I want you to hell I don't wanna forget. I mean it takes more information out some of the stuff that we're going to be doing around the state boat can give it up a web site which is why courts matter PA dot org. Well our national law courts do not earth and that's why we have to take them as seriously as we do thank you again John new Rohr told share. Bob why courts matter Pennsylvania thank you John. And.