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Governor Wolf and Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne: budget and consolidating agencies

Feb 14, 2017|

Governor Wolf and Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne at the Charlie T. Adams Senior Citizens center in downtown WILKES-BARRE to talk about budget proposals and consolidating agencies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's really nice to to be here. One attitude to come to see a little bit also to talk a little bit about. What I try to do him in Harrisburg and let me start with with the budget. I gave my budget address last Tuesday. If you watched it. Okay let me just say let me just say if you watch that budget address. You need to get a life. Because there are a lot of things on television but anyway so. Here's what well thank you for watching I really really mean it but here's what I was trying to do. In the past. When. We do budgets and in Harrisburg. We've basically says you have one of two choices. You can either paying more or you can page shameless and get us. And if you pay more in academia which we're gonna keep getting the same thing I'm trying to change. I'm Sam let's let's do with what we have and we're facing a big budget deficit. And let's let's take dead and and fix that. And addresses in a real knotted spoken Mears and with gimmicks. Let's do this the right way. And do more with. And so I'm doing something that's different than we've done in the past you know when in the past when when we've had a budget deficit which we have a three billion dollar deficit we've either raise taxes. Avery or we've we've actually reduced the services were provided. Or there's a third way I'm not sure where there's a third way to fills with your revenues there's a third way that sometimes we support him as it was bipartisan. And it was spoken mayors. And all of you know. That that you can place in the big fast and loose with your with your own budgets if you have a savings account. In the state had a savings account twenty years ago. And it would dip into that periodically. In its rainy day fund or a savings account of the treasury would defended that. But. Now we don't have those those savings accounts. The when I was secretary of revenue. About ten years ago. We have a rainy day fund and I think what phils had a billion and half dollars billion and half dollars and you know with the rainy day fund has it right now. Billion and 245. Thousand dollars. Yeah you sort of missing millionaire beat hello it was it was slow it was one point five billion it's really looked would have 45 if there's nothing. Eighty billion dollar budget and you have to have a very calculated to actually see how many years goes. After the decimal before any numbered shows. That's where we are in the treasury deceptive use speech to dip into the treasury a little bit to Jamaica for things you can't do that anymore. So we are at a point where we have to figure out what to do their budget and I'm not gonna do what we've done in the past which is the same way raise your taxes or minutes if you were service. We can't play games so there's a fourth with a new way in canceling. And that new way is we're actually do more with what we have. So I'm increasing funding for seniors and increasing funding for education and increasing funding for. Leo Buick crisis and increasing funding for jobs. And when it comes to as to how we do that there's no better example than what I am doing when it comes to care for seniors. I don't wanna speak for you but I would I would say if you had your choice you would rather stay in your home in your community. As you me rather than be in an institution. That would be my preference and so what we need to do at the state level is make sure we're doing everything to allow you to do it. And secretary Osborne is gonna speak on this for a minute but one of the things we can do. Let's bring together the different agencies in Harrisburg that are working to make that possible. And and actually bring about that consolidation so this consolidation is about creating one point of contact. To allow you to live the lives you wanna leave live. And and make Harrisburg not an opponent not somebody who has these riches. Rules regulations and say to you this is who you are this is what you have to do insist that you have to live your life. We wanna do it and waited actually Republican state you know government. For a change is actually tried to do what I want government it's my government it's yours it's your government. And it needs to do what you wanted to do and I think having just one point of contact is actually make us do a better job. We will let secretary or talk about how we're gonna do a better job. But. This is this is different and this is new. In Pennsylvania in fact I don't think anybody else in the country is doing is taking government and say okay let's actually take a look at this. Let's actually see if we can take where we are what we're spending and just do it better. And I think we can and again I think what we're doing with our seniors there's something that it is you're gonna see the better outcomes. Coming out of this new approaches to running our state because our fans we do have good resources we have really good people in Harrisburg. I wanna take better management. Don't do the same thing you wanna do that is take advantage of those good people were there those institutions who relive it institutional memory. Actually put it to use to make your lives better not to implement rules and regulations that somebody thought up in Harrisburg but to actually make your lives better. And where do that we're gonna have to work together in Harrisburg in ways that we have not worked together before so I'm proud to say is that we are going to. Work harder to make it more possible. For you to live in your homes in your communities. Rather than get institutional care than this in the past people have said it has. So let me turn this over to secretary Teresa Osborne talk more about this I'm excited about who she is. That time period. Led to be here after this undercover. Beaches and and so we'll have more about what we're trying to do so secretary more. Good afternoon and and thank you governor so much for those kind words into you marry for kicking us off this morning. As secretary of aging it really is good for me to be here with all of you today at this Charles T Adams senior center. And as we gather here today in this amazing space right here in downtown looks very. At this noon hour across our 67 counties of our commonwealth. And over 500 senior centers thousands of older pennsylvanians are gathering just like you are today in order to enjoy each other's company enjoyed a meal. And in order to ensure that we can continue those goods services we need to ensure that we have spaces such as this. Where folks can gather in order to engage in health and wellness programs learn new skills receipts tax assistance preparation. Assess assess assessing opportunities for you in order to know what the landscape is of the services that supports that are available to you. Including navigating through the complex Medicare programs through the price programs that you make good health decisions and health choices everyday. Coming here to a senior said he wants to have the opportunity to be engaged in the community to participate in volunteer efforts and help make your community stronger. It by all means enjoy and nutritious meal. And I am ever so sensitive that that we all stand between you in that meal. But accessing local senior community centers continues to be a focal point of this administration. As senior centers across the commonwealth serve as a gateway. Gateway to connect older adults to the vital community services that help them stay healthy in independent. As the governor just mentioned just last week you we all hurt I was one person who did this and everywhere governor. I am in the in the air as an accident actually did that. But as we heard the governor last week share to all pennsylvanians each one of us all twelve point nine million of us who were proud to call Pennsylvania home. He made us aware this proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year as he just described. And prove that proposal governor wolf outlined in articulated quite well his continued commitment. A commitment that he and I share and we know you all share with and it. To every older Pennsylvania all two point nine million of those folks age sixteen over in our commonwealth. And their families. Fourth through the blueprint that the governor outlined. Our work our work at the Pennsylvania department Beijing to be that visible and effective advocate for older pennsylvanians. Will continue. It will continue and pulled it incredibly new ways for the court aging services programs that we provide under the older Americans act will continue. Along with other incredible initiatives that have begun over the course of the past two years. Initiatives with others state agencies to ensure together that every Pennsylvania regardless of age or stage of life. Can agent ways with the dignity and respect they deserve. We need to ensure that those services are available and are accessible. And with these core services. They do include senior community centers. They also include ensuring that those other initiatives that the governor has started and of course these past two years are enhanced. And are indeed successful. Initiatives such as the blueprint for hunger free EPA which demonstrates the book administration's commitment. To help older pennsylvanians eat better stay healthy. Live in H well. In addition to the meals provided in senior centers settings like here today. And like the one that you will all enjoy a few moments access to programs such as snap. The supplement nutrition assistance program formerly called food stamps and the summer in full time favorite the farmer's market nutrition program. Those programs that enrich the diets of our seniors are providing access to nutrient rich meals that they white might otherwise be lacking. Access to such critical programs are evident of this governors and my desire to ensure that every decision we made is in that it. Is embedded in the reality that Pennsylvania seniors expect. In deserves to see that real action steps are taken to ensure that they have access to healthy foods and health care coverage. To ensure they have a safe place together in remain engaged in their community. And to ensure they have the opportunity to age in place. With the respect and dignity that they deserve to be free from all types of abuse neglect and exploitation. Nothing short nothing short of taking these actions steps are necessary to fulfill this commitment is excess is acceptable. It's the work entrusted to me. It's the work entrusted to all of my sister agencies it's the work that's entrusted to all of Pennsylvania's health and human service agencies agencies. And the commonwealth aging network. Every single day. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you. As we move forward. And old and new ways. To ensure that every dollar entrusted to our care is spent well and wisely. And for my particular islands that the needs wants desires and dreams of older pennsylvanians are achieved. Because we can only do this work engaged in this work together to join me and thinking governor wolf. And thinking Mary. Together maybe we work to ensure that our seniors are search protected enabled and Howard engaged everyday thank you so much. Let me religious. We have such a distinguished group of people standing here I think we all wanted to go out and and just mingle and talk with you that's okay. But I I really appreciate Mir for his editor of the account when it. Thank you to you for for being here thank you for hostess. This has been a really nice nice occasion in a jury with this I would like to come out and just talk with all of you. Or thank you very much.