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Gary Duncan "Ancient Order of Hibernians" 4th Annual Food Drive

Mar 10, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is Gary Duncan. Because it's a food drive scheduled tomorrow hi Gary how are you. Well right here against the blue over the top of the hour are going to be quick first it. I do decide you know I think everybody's credit for sunshine tomorrow it'll be cold. We're so he has a great job. It's everything cleaned up a huge rabbits and a charter and courteous boot drive. It's for your overall and about rap. Beer and and food pantries that show was really robbed our stock. Iran not bear and they get straight at Christmas and before that but it'll pop. And the right before the parade but obviously jerk I courteous truck. Free stuff. By the cathedral. Before members of the gates or I birdie as they have they OH actual site first before gentlemen. Each side of the streets along the parade route which they will be collecting canned goods not perishables adult types of things wrap. Stop it and where they are hybrids it takes care treat the food pantries rabbit takes care of the bread basket and part. Trade package that would strip as food pantry and shape also requires people make. Monetary donation trapped. Dickinson at the Secret Service is keep food kitchen directly to Saint Francis also. Eric contribution would go to Cyprus its assault in that sense we're really think sport different groups of people. The real Iraq just trying to. People in the belly of people for a little while longer to know your ability. Oh Gary that's why I'm quite do we do have another minute or so if you. Might might question is you know just how bear are the are the shelves getting in and what might be that the best kind of food to bring. Well I can't see any canned goods dropped that people can bring it it's just toward freer Orton. Perishables. Spaghetti or write some types of things robbed at that we can chops and score. Because things are critical economic and make a lot but. It and we don't put a lot Barack we're not asking that its water at the public it's listening to us. Can bring without you it's just a couple of can't vote yet soaps and types of things anything vegetable. Anything like rob. And once again where you guys going to be standing. We are going to be walking the great group because people are different people like they're different. Place is acutely so there we have vet big like they're safe locations. That before. Members of the Richard. Each side of the road sort of it what pal I don't think it's not lack a lot but those guys will be up both sides welding all sides of black allotted to come back. Coach Bruce. Outside just frozen as you never want large. Both sides of Annapolis. They're gonna go the entire parade route data will be built locking up people had to do was just yet but they're canned goods or as I sit not compare apples anything like. Take Gary thanks for joining us and good luck tomorrow. Thank you so much you are welcome.