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James May Community Relations Coordinator PennDOT District 4

Mar 14, 2017|

Blizzard 2017 information from James May Community Relations Coordinator PennDOT District 4 with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I look at pictures of our traffic cameras to camera and not a single car. On any camera across the region. You know what that I think that in some ways that is fantastic. Beat creatives use such such an opportunity. To get this thing taking care of. They don't. And help Britain's and he said it is still coming down at two or three inches per election you can spend my and then estimate the snowplow goes faster drive away. It's coming out to adjust per Broward mathematically that means it's thirty minutes later you haven't insists no where will be open at the plant just cleared so. People there until the storms stopped in the jobless nose stops. And the wind starts blowing up recruit is going to be out there are around the clock we we split everybody up and it ended twelve our show ask. And that every vehicle we have it now every driver we have is speaking. Will be out but look coming down a disarray it is you'll continue to plow but would it be just won't be clear. Okay now. Is there up I mean. And I hate to even ask the question like this where it might be fruitless to even how would points I mean. If it if it's gonna blow and it's gonna drift in there's there's nobody out there is is. There a point where insane outrageous knock off for a while there are dissects make a pile up to buy. And I think it. The network Al plowing now is because there really are some people that have to be out you know whether it's people in the medical field or if there is an emergency that takes place actually there are situations in which some people just have to be somewhere. And so we are. Will work out plowing that road that is easy to keep them plowed candidate to go through later. The ball. Yeah I did and so wait it does feel like it's a little bit. That's because this illegal by the places that we're we're going back in and doing. That you know we come back a few hours later the same spot and others we have five or six centers there actually to its advantage that we have with this storm right now. And and one of the things that one of the differences with a storm like this as opposed to some of the other ones that were mostly what we're doing is our plowing and not putting down salt and does it say about the time of the the trucks going back to the shad. Because they don't have to go back there and restock up on the solidly anti sketch. Apple wants this no doubt that we would do that now we can resolve down and it would melt a little bit and that would just get covered over again it that would really be a wait so. We are able to save time and resources and at some time. And that aspect with this type of storm but it's just coming down really really fast right now. RA number James Rhodes officially. Closed in the state at this point and know the governor and kind of left the door open yesterday to take this up a notch and we haven't heard anything from the governor's office. We tried to contact them this morning when general response. But yeah excited about it. Before I called it went down here is just to make sure that we don't have any roads closed. And even because of the accident or crashed into things that are happening. I'm Aaron Hill and I heard he murdered. I was talking earlier about there was the some doctors truck that was stuck there what they creativity and oak street. I hadn't gotten that we play. Byte where we're not seeing any major like got a major crash and 81 that's closing down yeah on Saturday like that. We have a situation where there's a lot of it almost a lot of cargo block ramps and they're trying to get up the ramp and they can't get up and sometimes they back up what does not safe. And you're seeing that type of thing and people just can't get through a little. But no situation where we come out we say you know right now of this understated completely closed because a major accident I think the driving so slow. I'm even on the camera what we're seeing is when they do. Get into some sort of crash there are no other vehicles around them and a lot of these started this sort of sliding off the road into the shoulder or order in the incident and and not really having a huge impact on the road to sell. There are no need to shut the roads I'm just curious because I know in 07 their their became a big problem that. The roads weren't shy and people are still get non man and a lot of people are stuck but ask for now you're just not see that volume up there are so do you think that. And give any indication the state might take this up the next you know with the governor is expected to say anything today about this. I don't know I and I think that what's different with this one though is that it takes a lot of times he's been there. It's an ice type of storm I think that's more what those seven lies that you had more of the ice situation. That the very different start from our end but also the impact it has on traffic lately there's just no vehicles. That of the 22 elevator interstate cameras. And I snapped the picture before and not a single car in any one of those techniques. Cameras are right now. Did that tell you that it still does not that many people now. Mom and and that's a good thing. While good so. In anything open and Kate. It there is there any reason for anybody to go anywhere unless there a firefighter or police officer or a nurse or in the National Guard. I would be very little lead and to do that. I think bird like you know one of our employees and actually they had been. And that's worker and USA and they you know one of the things that we are trying to watch and now we are monitoring is that if there is some sort of emergency where somebody got to get to the hospital. I'm Lee are monitoring need to radios right now and we will try to divert resources to XP stepped up something like that. I think it closed at and so the schools are closed I'm content now we are on any he's essential. Employees only excuse today Edmonton needless to say that he's all about plow drivers and mechanics and stuff but. I'm obsessed personnel will close as far as our nonessential personnel also. I've pretty much everything across northeastern Pennsylvania is close and so. If you don't have a really literally go reasonably well on the road to stay on today. Man and we Noah James Gergen pummeled with this thing had Jim can to Uri apparently said that Wilkes-Barre Scranton is actually getting hit the hardest. You know that's it it's good to be number one as a net. That's what it is no wonder watching some of the national. Our coverage of that now starting to talk about Scranton Pennsylvania in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. And not just talking about how much we are getting hit here yeah we're beginning to make some national news here with the best. And and bite you referenced that before him before I came on that you are packed with these storms if they don't end up living up to it is divided into the prediction and the expectations. That sort I think if anything it has surpassed saying what they predicted. The I was here through the night and listening to. Today do what was coming and the reports we are getting more toward the status of going to be on the high end of what the predictions nor or this is going to possibly even surpassed. What they predicted so that if you heard just waking up in your thinking all of you have these storms are never quite as bad as what that forecast claims are going to be here they dark by the soreness and so stay home. It's still a great advice and we know that that the snow is expected to continue through today and then of course there is that anticipation. That there might be blowing and drifting of the snow later on today which makes. Mixture of really unpredictable situation does everything can be fun and and then all of a sudden is not find any mark. And that's what I think he gets more into the dangerous type of situation actually we're seeing now is court that are going out and and that outside my window here there are cars that are stalking need to look at our cameras. And and the cars are stocks. But even on the interstate people are going like 2530 miles an hour. And you don't have a lot of that real seriously that type of crash is that worse sinks are they concerned later in the day is that when the roads are cleared and somebody's going along with 5060 miles an hour and they get a spot where the wind has blown all the running and Casey's spotter is no spot. That's when people have to be really really care also. Stops and do the wind picks up don't think that your in the clear at that point in many ways that's what it's gonna be even more dangerous. Now and again no we have heard from. The weather professionals that this is it likely it still is twenty inches of snow possibly two feet and maybe even beyond mats so when you're looking at things like that it's going to be a long haul. And now I know you guys are doing the best the can and I hope that the people continue to make it easy for you. By staying off the roads until. All of this is resolved I think that that is the best practice. That we can advised four for anybody to let your people do their work without any kind of impediments and. Imagine I am sure you seen her James if your car does get stuck up there. And it's on the shoulder and see till till Easter civilians. The pact. On the camera doubt that we're just talking about the of the Subaru that was that went off the road and we could see there in the bank and that we just watched through the night at this note the smoke started covering this thing and it's basically little igloo sitting Merrill on the side of interstate 81 now I'm actually still. Probably about 1:30. In the morning that you and after the storms started but but not now. Sometime last night we report from the eastern county of a motorcycle that was now our county man. Our man. And the all is said yesterday James it's now a person is and it's an eye on everything up and ends up. On let's look back Eric people from BR an idiot I would like me about last night estates a motorcycle kind of odd to put it because you don't know right mine gonna be tomorrow at a motorcycle and that. And Allenby holed about what 30 the morning are coming manager called out and did someone go out check this and a motorcycle driving around down here somewhere. And I guess we had a pot every part of the motorcycle driving in this stuff so. I'd love to think that they're the crazy they're not out there the best of people blah motorcycles and so these out just to stay home. Yeah and that was by the ghost of evil Knievel and it included down and I don't wanna my childhood hero absolutely need too is gonna jump over the twin bridges. I don't know what you gonna do but you know they are but evident I I just I'm sorry I go back last night when I heard that I laughed so hard and then it actually happened so. Have people don't always listen and you haven't had to your knowledge now we know we had won here by 315 you haven't had anybody. Up there with them an empty tractor trailer or anything else that the nation hammering. And you know that it is just cost the ten went the tractor trailers look. It's still up there empty headed the governors are released it's data MP tractor trailers. It should not be on the roads in the boxes and and TPC some type of vehicles. But you know to only when you don't look at the camera a little bit ago yeah that you'll see that the rest area is just a lot of trucks that are pulled off the side of the road. And now they're just sitting so I think even the truckers are talking among themselves and didn't of their realizing OK it's. They are going around and going somewhere you know far to the western taking a different route they have to get somewhere or they're just pulling over and saying this is just not want it to be even going now even track like that so little little overseeing a few. But it very few and far between. If people wanna watch your fancy cameras that give them the reference point of where deceive them. 511 PGA dot com and northern great you can actually see the camera those ones and I'm rapids thinks you can do click on you could see almost chemistry yourself. The other night saying and I use this my son was coming home from college. I didn't couple weeks ago and now I'm I used it that you can go track with a snowplow has banned in any kind especially an interstate. That you could figure out where it's going and my son was pulled over typical TV and added that you know he would normally home. I think that Iran stride they embody just stay there for about twenty minutes what the pop truck capacity. And I get behind it rather than in front of it and he did and is so that's a great way that you can't I use that resource if you do it like there's an emergency that you have to go out. It and check on that first and that may be helped seal but. Unless there's an absolute absolute emergency I think don't even consider it that time. Yeah because you don't want to end up like that Subaru of. That I you know until I know that that you know little of the job here to conduct that is that we take a lot of grief on stuff I'd do the best people to keep our. Our drivers now in your top and for that I may need guys are they're working. Put it everyone of them about a twelve hour shift toward recommend twelve hour and they go home and commit for twelve hours. Even getting him in kind going home these guys perhaps to get elected to get into their snowplow talks stand out as well and in a storm like this you know. It's just that to assume that these guys are safe either so there Dylan the work that they can soak. Just keep them in your Dobson and that you thought and prayers and then don't we certainly wishing the best for them as well there's or do. You're absolutely right and and they do a lot of work and I'm sure over the next couple of days it's going to be pretty. Tough for them because of the conditions of the Sturm all right James Mann looked at the clock NIC we talked for an hour and a half. So it's time to go but thanks a lot for checking in with us we'll talk to later today thanks so.