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WILK News Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tom Marino, 10th District Congressional candidate, talks to Corbett.

Tom Marino, 10th District Congressional candidate, talks to Corbett.

Apr 28, 2010|

Tom Marino, 10th District Congressional candidate, talks to Corbett and answers questions about his (Marino's) relationship with Louis DeNaples.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the showtime house of field -- -- your personal loan money. Information -- on the newspaper. I don't know how are you in there to do well and I've chosen this. This -- and show that way because let alone I don't have a problem and it. And I used to that don't want -- Not know. I knew Jose for a -- and so -- made this decision made I think -- I think people should know. About the Euro finding answers over candidates. Right so so your reported as having a family income of 281000. Dollars last year most of that earned as a lawyer. And that's what you and that's what you've. -- the twenty years. I thought it was interest saying that in this story reference was made to act case in Florida. A guy by the name Sean Healy who was charged in a 55. Counts. Federal indictment that included charges of wire and mail fraud and money laundering I mean this guy was. Quite a character according to the federal prosecutors. How the field that it feels strange to suddenly find yourself. After all those years as a United States attorney as a prosecutor. How real would be a federal courtroom looked at a federal prosecutors and your defense lawyer. It was. Very unique situation it was it's usually -- look I am not at the chance to tyranny and no disrespect intended. It's just couldn't after that period of time as a prosecutor it's. Do student have better don't have -- -- -- to be able to -- somebody so he like during political -- I was involved in vacationers -- Work delta shares -- in. They're closing it as to whether the change you go to trial and my recommendation was sort of to plead guilty. And in particular simply incidents. I would not go to. -- to order go to trial I would not be able. And another interesting piece of information in that story written by Boris crowned you -- Is that you're working and on behalf of a law firm in the early morning Pennsylvania can stop -- Foster and field to Cumberland county law firm. And -- could stop lists is actually representing former alike want -- county commissioner Robert Cordero. -- federal prosecutors have charged in a forty count corruption. Case so how did not come about how did not happen until -- to stop polish. Won't deal for quite awhile and everyone's allowed attorney will call me you and ask my age. A look -- -- didn't. As to whether client should plead guilty whether they should go to trial. From the my experience in the federal system and also as a district attorney. So as has the 101000 dollars in income you received for work done in that case. You made it clear in the story that you never worked on the court Darrell -- -- -- And that was that was -- you're not you're not doing any legal work right now right. Well I -- all a little bit on the storage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and some. I can elsewhere in just Supreme Court each question oil you know built to very. -- so as has read the other big amount of money is listed in this story 249999. Dollars and 96 cents right down to the panning. As house counsel for the Naples management and Oliphant. A business called by Don more businessman. Lewiston Naples now Lewis the Naples seems to follow you around the campaign trail even when he's not in the room how is that. Well apparently. Somebody wants to new just took that name up there for a reason -- I don't know maybe so papers. Do you think there's another reason. You know or do you. No sure I do I think that Louis the Naples as as a businessman and as someone who has figured prominently in this community. By virtue of the friendship that you acknowledge you how with the Naples. I think that that's very very relevant to people who wanna know who you are and how you view is gonna push. Oh yeah and I'm not do not to and -- the craziest sort of -- -- different -- I don't often. Ponder how to characterize. His criminal past. How would you characterize Louis to Naples criminal past is he is he someone who has been convicted of a crime -- -- proper terminology and referring them. As far as awarding talking about now. There was a federal patient back I believe the stem from the flaw that and that was the only time I believe he was he was in federal court I believe once federal court. And then and what what's the proper way to characterize. The the adjudication of that carries. As -- regarding him. Where are you people are guilty you're. -- -- is sort of punishment so whatever was particularly anything. That's that's. Okay so it's. Says that he is an admitted criminal. Hello -- police and -- -- crumble I believe they're also clearly a violation of their the -- social movies. Paid the price floor I think he's that makes sense -- relief elation after that. Short but -- in in pleading yet in pleading guilty isn't that an admission that you're a criminal isn't out of the mission. Of committing a crime consciously. It's -- -- -- to -- trying I don't. I've been my eighteen toward your revenue and anybody stand up to admit that there -- a criminal. If you industry. But for an essential social. One -- -- circle a little -- He's Serb village. Okay so it would not be inaccurate to say that lowest in Naples is an admitted criminal -- I don't know but it wouldn't it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that correct. It in the arm agreed to. Okay now when you want the United States attorney for the middle district in Pennsylvania. Did lose ripples column TU as a personal referenced when he was applying for his. Slots casino gambling out permit license. He didn't come to you. Okay so how did that transpire. How did you wind up as a personal reference Fort Lewis the Naples on an application. We will also a ball boy and it's -- you know working for -- -- here missile I would do it. And I sort of feel server and stated to many other people -- They use the excuse when he was a reference. Okay so. Actually ask you if -- Naples could use you as a personal reference. I don't remember ever get this gentleman's name it was an attorney that was helping put together. The whole licensing deal. Okay and ended did you feel that it was necessary to speak personally with Lewiston the bulls about you acting as a reference. Did did you have to tell any of your supervisors. That you were acting as a reference. And and did you. What was their reaction. It was a -- ordinary. So are you saying that it's not extraordinary. For a United States attorney. To act as a personal reference wanna gambling application. For an admitted in federal -- -- Boy you're putting it you're putting them the most negative -- -- You know as far as the major references -- words. Overthrew Serb I would make four. They're anybody else her birds. What could use my -- whether they're going to college or even Joe Robert your promotion you know this person did so -- person friends. -- -- Do you trust this person yes. -- did you have many things of conscience that that might not be. Ethical. No pure torture do. It. It and serve it. It was a certain sort with the vetting process. So once Lewiston red bulls appeared before the gaming board and and was questioned about his. Relationships. With with different people. And I don't know what you're liberty to discuss here because when you were the United States attorney I I don't know if if your office was. Looking into Billy the -- the reputed mafia boss from northeastern Pennsylvania the timer not but don't live has maintained installing -- from what I understand that he. At any age social relationship. With -- the Naples she did did you know about were you aware that are do you know that to be true or false. I wasn't aware that I and I don't know we're in but I actually didn't do anything considering. The actually. Okay now when. When you're on the campaign trail and somebody says well you know the story you know you're the United States attorney. The same US attorney's office for the middle district that successfully. Prosecuted Billy delay and -- -- -- rated him. Alitalia is maintaining that fewest friends with a guy that you're friends with. How does that make you look as a candidate does that affect your credibility adversely. Oh well I don't think so I actually. Historical are unclear and this person -- a friend that person is different this person you know -- -- -- -- or friends of someone that. We don't know who the other person there's little or what do it. My credibility my credibility speaks for itself. Yeah did you ever talk to enables about this claim that the -- meg. Yeah. Jewelry political. I'm -- them. Once I think gonna talk to them twice once on the telephone. And I've never met -- to Naples and as well as the campaign itself do you think that the it's winding up -- winding down. The -- It -- -- -- -- reading this story is getting close to the program. Well and it we're still have freeware out here I mean I'm not particularly different for granite into working -- -- What's your polling show. That's a question and I thought I should ask I thought most -- you guys would do in Poland. It'll play a couple of a dark due to pull you. If there is no real true or unfairly don't know you. Posed the question should just out 1214 hours superior. Working and they're encourage you be my message to people. Who letting them know whoever whoever you don't. Most people I talked to believe that you'll win this nomination. Do you think that that's the case. Well I don't -- change anything I appreciate -- That vote of confidence but guru who have stories to will be even Louis of the teen took before a major predictions. I just. Will continue to work hard for people who have recently. And her over the British. Okay I. I have to take a break hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to you again before the eighteenth the primary end thanks for calling and good to talk to you Tom Marino.