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Lesa Gelb, judicial candidate Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne County

Apr 15, 2011|

judicial candidate Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne County talks to Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You look somebody in the -- and say you can trust me. We should tell welcome to the show question not. That's a very difficult question and part I agree they have -- and I'm with you I agree with -- and I believe in the system. And I don't have been met and at Viacom might not believe there and I believe I'll be a -- to the -- us. How do you persuade people. They can trust you because of somebody who still wants to trust and people -- Corbett. Don't what is wrong with you you've been around for so long you should be jaded -- should be completely cynical. I single cause of why give up I help the system -- how to persuade people. Trust you. I have 25 years that I've been in and out of the corporate I have 25 years of community service. And people who know me know that so I'm not a Johnny heard Johnny come lately. Okay. I'm not EMI community services is that what -- So I don't have to -- -- that I don't have to tell people. Then. I am you know you can -- me today because they can look back over my career. And no. Know who I am because they can now what I've done this. I agree with you because I know who you are I know what you've done. -- a lot of a lot of the persuasion a lot of the challenge I believe. Lies in persuading people who don't know who you. Com that's that's obviously the biggest challenge of all the absolutely. You know because you know quite a bit gets seated then. I'm on. That the memorial library expansion community. Mom now. Did you know that support can maintain they need they need people working on that committee. -- and I believe in my very in my very native more than ever. But I mean that's a small committee but it's a growing committee but. Okay not in that little library well do you know that. But I have to trust that there are enough people -- my very world to tell them you know who qualified people would help find people. And my message gets out and get a wider wider audience. How do you decide it. You're gonna trust in the course of running a campaign. Followed at all that's also a hard question. Com and that it pirated and I haven't. Bang my head against the law more than a few times to spend that then I would be being truthful reveals. I just thank Yankee moving forward 'cause then keep you look forward to be on a city with a positive message. -- because they think they're at least six people. In that courthouse that are going to be change agents. So we wanna put six people there who are gonna happen who -- going to be positive messengers. So mom. And I have a good team people around me. Putting my my hand and then my account and. So I wasn't gonna mention him out all over. I was a lot imagine because the candidate -- -- ago. And but I mean even now my damn even my campaign manager here and I'm even all of those people on. You know food and collapse fire and and then all the people who are you're helping the outcome -- the people on closely -- dumb they get. Stayed there working tirelessly -- tirelessly. Six seats we're talking and I believe they're there were a one time more seventeen candidates I think there's sixteen that was somebody schmuck and then I miss one. I'm not an -- yes so there's sixteen candidates right now. For six seats for the six seats will set the tone for the next decade we're talking ten year terms. Collectively sixty years of public service if everybody. Finish is up and goes for retention this'll be a whole new glow. That's the new generation. Apple -- but you know interestingly in 1991. When we have an election we thought that was going to be. Forever. And that those want four people are elected and that came. Disintegrated. And Saddam so you know. We had two people they came men. And Nam one I camera last election in 2000 and agree we had a change and that change change pain in the so. You know we have big baby steps I think. And get get these against -- -- get get through the collection and then down. And make sure we put six people and hear them on to a good jobs. Do you believe that. County judge. A judge Jerome on the on the loser county bench. How is your responsibility. To be a public watchdog. With regard to the other judges and how they do their jobs because we know. What has happened in the past the loser Kelly we know all of this there was a criminal enterprise. In operation. And if the other judges didn't know they didn't know but but how can you help us. Know that we've got somebody on our side who will not only. For justice with integrity always which is your model but who will also. Keep an eye on the other judges. Well one thing that they have now that they didn't have planned. Other former judge Cunningham was around what they have that they have regular meetings. Com and you can't keep your eye on other judges when you don't have regular meeting Kirk. They had that whole system. I'm vodka meeting. Every week every two week -- but most had evaporated or just gone. So. So that's important. And I would never never. If I'm the other judge. I'm that lucky -- I would insist that -- of those meetings happened the other thing that I think we should continue to that we should do is. -- generation he was different apartments. Because. For example. You know we would meet with the if we met with the if the -- has met with the district attorney's office that the judge is valid at a public -- -- -- -- I can't get met with the recorder I mean we're back having a good monetary. If we give that if they had reading through these different offices. Maybe they would've known what was going on I can tell you I will be vigilant. And that in any and every. Group I have ever been on I am the person that will speak out that is dead cat -- I am. I'm not sure we need to hear that's all we need to -- look for somebody. We're willing to rock the -- somebody who is willing to stand up and say even if this urgent need down the line in my professional career. Right is right or wrong is wrong and enough is enough. Now I am the person who well say what I think. And -- I'm I'm I'm -- the night I know I know how to do it diplomatically I will play that but I am vigilant I will tell you that. Well we need vigilance or not you believe we need diplomacy but I also think we need some boat rockers as well. Does your campaign. Can count her and you'll encounter. Any obstacles. That a male candidate might not encounter is a more difficult for you to campaign. As a woman then that might be for a man in Lucerne county. I would say. -- dumb. You know I have. Why and I don't want it. You know I don't. Men. And can't you a little. Cold and serve them well why don't I never want to bring I'm not a glass ceiling kinda gal can -- not that person. You know I mean he. You know I I believe that voters are gonna vote the best candidate and then I won't work hard to obtain their track. And I think they'll see that I will work hard for them at a will keep playing field he -- even in -- courtroom. And thumb. That gender well not it should be an issue. And I actually what I actually hear a lot of is that. From people event based think gender. News is -- a bonus for my genders and don't help. Why is. Because -- I hear from -- I hear from some people that they feel like they can trust female candidate. So the campaign -- though is shocked at your doorstep do you walk out every morning and you take those steps. What's happening now before I have to take a break in the campaign -- we look forward to in the next couple weeks. Well where grassroots kind of campaign. So when I get up in the morning I didn't go to my offense didn't. And I do take care of my client them and I go and I. I take my message. To the church practice and to lump. But the race then then they'd taken the fire bombed and I take it every one who cared about their community. And I tell them about myself and about a massive military believe -- a hopeful positive message. And if you want someone who work hard. And who -- trying to make a difference and we'll be respectful view. And will always. -- elevated the fat and Hannity analytical thinking is the courthouse. And that's -- -- -- the fact that I have this. Says I'm married persons or is this. Just -- with integrity always Lisa gal running for a -- are gonna judge. Thanks for taking time to talk with -- us thank you for having okay Lisa gal who's back. Maligned once to clarify some aspect of the in -- -- -- to -- good to hear from you again. All such short notice. Well it could be back again I I knew I wanted to clarify that because. And think for quite I'd never use my gender okay different data. I think when we got gender. Aided by you know I I don't complain I never happens okay. But yeah gender and gender discrimination sometime in cattle. I think it -- that that help what I would say in this campaign and and I'll give it did for the best for example I can give you. 36 -- And there -- four. Judicial candidates that that are women that 25%. And what I keep hearing over and over again is that one of those things well we -- -- they're going to be one seed development month because a woman one people that's a woman. Yeah I keep saying mom might have to keep central and remind my math -- that that it. Point 5% that would be out of sick. Health and -- of people look at me sometimes like I have to access it through and you know. -- 5%. Now while -- help. I just meant that if I hope that clarified that that's really that that kind of thing that's a little more final. And I have very -- very prevalent. -- I believe gender are always matters I believe the VP severe any quality. Women who face think continue to face. There's one reason why women's studies have to be fought for. In prestigious colleges and universities around a -- and then it's still. An uphill battle and probably the best example I can give you. Isn't which just finished up Saint Patrick's Day. And every candidate you could think of showed up I want -- another friendly sons in Saint Patrick's Day dinners to campaign for. Judge jobs and county commissioner job center and district magistrate jobs and I. Thank you didn't go to one of those dinners -- That tape edited and why is that reason I'm not built appropriately. Okay you see exactly where -- go to -- -- thank you were talking about depriving. Women of equal opportunity. Where man. And the -- the upper hand because a blatant. Insidious and invidious discrimination that I've talked with women who want candidates. And they would never open their mouth because. A legitimate fear of retribution existed until I understand this but what I am trying to sell the policing is. When you need it champions. That's what I'm trying to convey. So. This is it being a champion that they that there is that there is -- an -- discrimination. She's fund is an -- discrimination. That smokers that exclude women are continued discrimination. You're asking -- Mauer. Actually ended -- yeah absolutely and it's and the reason is if you are deprived of the equal opportunity. Too -- for political lossless or do business -- equal footing on equal ground. It sure smacks of discrimination. To married and then I'm no lawyer you're you're you're a qualified attorney. You are likely familiar with the Rotary Club decision went all the way to the United States Supreme Court cannot and look for a woman lawyer to sure one of these friendly sons organizations. For decades. Unsuccessfully I might -- Problem. Mind you know that I'm not just civil rights for the lawyer primarily in my helpful if it's. But I'm not I mean I don't disagree ideally you understand that. But this is not mean this period of forty of course is a common form of gender discrimination. But. But they've got -- chairman of the meet running a campaign. Good discrimination that I am saving is more but all too it's not you know it's not in my case. That's what I'm saying is and I think that advances. I think -- definitely -- look at I think I'm a role model I think I've been a positive role model. And I think that's what you've been you know that's what we need firing on plan. Absolutely and an older women as well because the fight continues abortion rights are under attack all over America straight to -- I heard these. President of the national organization of women just last night saying that there's -- fear. Mostly among women in the United States that all these states should decisions that are. That are tightening -- all abortion. Opportunities that are there are restricting abortion. That likely. Some of them are unconstitutional but mostly women in the United States are afraid. To challenge those state laws. Plus fear that if it goes to the United States Supreme Court. Abortion rights for women might dean completely destroyed so the fear on -- on all or grand scale like that exists. The fear of why don't wanna count me in a local scale I believe among women who are. Standing up for who and what they are an equal opportunity and and and fighting discrimination it's not easy I don't Shanda. And and it's -- top spot for a woman candidate debate and. But I can't I mean I can't I can't address because they get you know to that. Because create is a good candidate any topic could I want us to hustled and that's okay. But. But I did you know I I think I -- -- -- people -- sometimes -- you know -- you know -- bang my head against the wall but. Think overall you know I've you know I've got RA. And I don't that's why would you if you when you ask me the question before it's so hard. And it is there it is our question but it's a question that needs to be answered. And it needs to be asked time and time again. Without those questions being asked in the unanswered. Women are gonna continue to sit in the back seat or wait in the car while they don't mangoes into the friendly sons there well -- Well I'll tell you what. I'm waiting for a woman judge somewhere in northeastern Pennsylvania who is a judge to show up at that dinner and when she is smarter. Your raise holy hell you want initial loss equal opportunity. And the rights for everybody particularly well. Well someday maybe somebody well hopefully some day. You will. Well. Well we need to get out about going this week don't thank you Lisa -- everything else now about that gave the OK we'll talk again.