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8-24 Cong. Barletta talks about town hall meetings

Aug 24, 2011|

11th District Congressman Lou Barletta discusses the controversy surrounding the recent absence of town hall meetings with WILK's Webster & Nancy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are there reporting unemployed junger -- that's good morning sliding so what you've been listening this morning. Little -- -- between my old try other than mouth and bacon I caught a little bit of -- of the discussion I think itself. And it's fair to clear up off. What some people are are around. Trying to portrayal is with the that I have been hiding. I've been in office eight months now. I could just read off some of the things that I have done publicly in the eight months I've been in office look at fort town hall meetings. I've had one -- a town hall meeting. IPad nine roundtable. Meetings with the first sector is -- different industries. I've had a meeting with so what's her group a pharmacist short pants to hearing is. Saw one on education I -- the chairman of education and -- -- universally. I had to be. Hearing and scrambled on transportation and infrastructure. I had one game awareness seminar. I just met Monday who -- senior -- with the senior citizens are at a meeting with the labor union council. I agree that the protesters outside the looks they're chamber breakfast but I spoke out. Then schedule a meeting with them which I had on Monday I'll met with the union leaders as well on Monday it I had to -- education. Board meetings with the -- clear answer as soon as boys this week. So you know I think it ate lunch would be are -- -- being fair to say that I have been hiding. From anybody as your last town hall meetings. -- -- -- was the one where the police had to take off but one daughter -- people out of the -- county. Maybe a couple months ago. Yeah okay you don't know what tastes like I don't I'm gonna debate on this but -- -- do anymore. I for 100 no and -- little country on what I would want to do is Tucker senior citizens for example on Monday. I'll do this moveon.org this group of protesters who have been basically talking made up showed off that they are at the senior center. They again as they do in a town hall meetings He jumped up and started to disrupt familiar. They said why don't you have a town hall meeting on jobs you know weren't employed we want you know we want Abercrombie a judge entered. We don't they don't wait for a town hall meeting let's talk right now I'm here you're here. Okay so why don't you have a town hall meeting Gonzalez -- let me just strike tradition. She didn't want to look good I wanna tell me what has questions or about jobs -- like questioned whether. Would He want it was politically motivated her what the troops here. Out of town hall meeting about jobs He should know was about jobs so explain -- -- that I have been an -- a -- on the unemployment rate has been over 9%. For 25 of the last twenty -- and -- So surely they kept blaming me for what has happened and I asked them well they went to a city. Out of town hall meeting about jobs -- -- -- senator patients. They don't see senator to me that they don't see any of our state senators or state representative it's -- actually -- fitting -- anybody else okay. Now let's get to why want to have in town hall meeting on to. -- this good but we're going to have any town hall meetings that you but I am not going to reform together. For people who are. My sincere about talking about jobs they just won a politically motivated. Immediate word escaped police sort of a local police and looked at almost -- -- and interest by. You do realize and you sound a lot like congressman Kanjorski selling online is even how we say that's the cameras you. That's amount amount amount at all there's a there's a big difference here so I'm an office they won't -- district you're aware. -- how I have been out of the community talking to constituents. But because you know so so where where is that this same as saying listen I'm gonna go into a hole and -- -- out -- talking every -- people protest and I. Sure okay and you don't want and I would suggest that people who were stocking new began because they're unemployed and wanted to argue -- jobs who spend their time better looking for a job number one and number two the president has a jobs plan that will find out just a scant two weeks what is so let a little -- her. If true that's a little different today since we you know what we're how we're out there in the public obviously tell us today than it was a year ago today because because now -- of the capitol police want us to make sure that. So law enforcement that members of congress for one of former out in the public that law enforcement knows where we are. Upbeat because of what what has transpired. That's what they want to. The first -- there like I continue our salute from Rockwell I'm gonna continue to go -- and make sure that I'm listening to the people I need to listen to this group. Thank you want we have a meeting where. I don't have a meeting with that group I want to have a meeting with the people I don't care about that one on air for -- group I don't even know who that group or might or might not talking -- I'd tell you don't have the town hall meeting like they always used to do and I complained when Kanjorski came on told me about -- with cameras it's a part of the job you meet with the people. Why open meeting with the people at fort town hall meeting today in monsters and compare that with -- -- call any other elected official but please do so because there's. So this has been. Regardless of the single C one other person. Compare what I have done an eight months with anyone else and and then say they're not that -- it's fair what you're saying -- orders for everybody. Think it is fair I think it is fair and I think it. Let me ask is about you -- The cholesterol eating. Better and the other elected official -- I would like I would love to have Tom Marino have a town hall meeting I would love for senator Bob Casey to have a town hall meeting I would call for all of them to be you're the one you made a big deal out of the fact that Paul Kanjorski was not having face to face -- she said it was a slap in the Mexican. When I that's port town hall meeting only stopped it stopped well into the that I don't think -- -- -- three months until I had my roundtable meetings I had. I just read a -- -- what I have been -- -- -- -- I know I am in risky could read me a list of all these things that He said that He went to do -- it's different than a town hall meetings they say I don't know why you haven't been able to -- unemployment and number below 5% and eight months. It is not about blame it's about let's let's come up with some ideas let's talk about what we're gonna do to solve problems are not talking about blame so that's why I don't wanna know what are we doing to access. Okay and the people -- that were. -- country marijuana neither are they talking about those people his I don't care about those people but I want them I think you need to Sony with everybody. -- bull -- might not speaking. And it's not had a long meeting if you're not having a town hall meeting then it's not open to everybody they don't know when it's -- indeed when they can make arrangements so they can take the time off to go and talk about it. And all. And are you doing this the same for every other -- I -- -- I do and I Pawlenty and return them. They're very different set of rules permit oil -- a scenario as everyone else -- -- much how long have these other elected official been in office and I haven't heard -- war. On your radio show from you or anyone else saying that there are not holding that there are hiding. Not a question that Sony would move more letters a -- of this group there's very liberal group move -- -- -- work who has been stalking me. Are pushing this issue and members of the media are helping -- Okay I'm not helping them because I don't even know who they are well not your question I -- -- I'm telling you right now that I would question anybody has not having -- count how many don't -- question tonight you may -- you'll put yourself in the -- by talking about how He wasn't may face to -- you mentioned it many times in your debate in your ads when you came -- with us -- specifically said He should be meeting face to -- so you're going to be called out on it because it sounds hypocritical. That -- -- for an eight month that's why aren't good enough it's not good did you stop. Oh -- it up and I spoke up another year perhaps my current. It's very important right now I think everybody needs to be out there right now we've had a debt ceiling issue that was huge step almost caused -- in some people say it's still has caused. A lot of harm there's a lot of things jobs the debt ceiling issue those are huge issues and I think that those are things you should be out talk -- people -- as the other like to defend it. Talk about that's Fincher brought it up I I voted. On on bills so what's all our debt problem that would solve our budget problem that would solve our credit ratings. Well issue that we had it went to the senate and the and and folks didn't even vote on -- why why is why it's that I haven't. That I didn't do whatever I needed to see the focus was the focus because that. Why is He the only one at that position is coming up. I I just explain you why you're seem to be getting up -- Don and it's because you on current Kanjorski about the same issue so it's hypocritical and you know that that gives a special place. That's bigger spread our whole list of public. Eventually an iPad does not seem like I've been ducking anybody had been eight months I I want to their. To the newspapers so that they can ask me questions editorial board meetings I'm calling you. Where what where might ducking any but I am one of the most notable people but -- that simpler than later. A British -- next town Hamid. Let me -- -- and -- -- -- let's go back to a clique get get rich but I know that came up and I've just changed the way we. We have to go about we do we still have law enforcement know what we're doing Art Howe -- trips since I've been electric. I don't appreciate my my home address being put out over the airwaves -- You know I have a family I have I have loved ones as well and I'm gonna continue to point out we -- people. But other Democrats I think I need to like talking to industry leaders I've been down working harder Washington up -- -- discriminate. But when when you having you next town hall meeting. Held -- well up -- up sitting here because you what we've said that they -- talking about me you know. Congressman I think you're gonna go ahead and schedule a town hall I could just trying to do you like and I think. You've got -- I think you guys should come and see what happens to have what one people -- first fight with each other go look different feel to. -- video out the last one I -- -- -- if you think that that is really productive and. You can't get out if you pick a date at a had a timing context security and then and the police like you say you have studio can add up a town hall meeting. Why would like -- it -- so that you disagree with your eyes look what happened I Klesko -- meeting I didn't like that's five minutes into believing and strong woman stood up and said what are you gonna shut up. And then -- -- nearly startups. And then did you have her removed. That's my question that's what I wanna ask you when someone is it library. I didn't have I didn't -- I haven't heard anybody removed please. No I don't know that I play. -- really sell the house -- -- -- England some of disrupting the meeting it's up to the police to make that call somebody out there. Right and they -- and appointed they're gonna point out our motherland out of the meeting who will go about them very little that's -- It was actually not productive anymore because people all starts despite. I think if you have enough time like you said if you enough timing you organize one now you've come up with a date you call the police she get this set up have a town hall meetings. Okay I'll -- I'll I'll I'll -- continue to go up I'm gonna continue to meet with people are asking is this same temperature holding a make sure you all other federal officials. Unemployment -- there. Are those people and legislature in Harrisburg that that obviously can turn to finger should be to -- and making sure that pennsylvanians who always shows Fisher and interpret that discriminate. Because I've become a target actually. I would do that aren't I do that part of that I think that's fair how protestor what do protesters who you give credit to an end and a radio show gave credit to. What are you know that. That they have not -- -- -- -- war and other elected official but ready. What are we gonna post status state. Understand but it can you please tell -- -- I gave credit to anybody I don't even know who you're talking about. -- under under currently using a credit you I don't even know who we were talking about so I just wanna say I don't understand why you re all are under frustrate you -- what do I nice and I want I said I will do that. Okay scarring that's stirred -- certainly it's okay understand thanks for calling okay -- -- reasons --