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10-9-11 Psychic Medium Kim Russo

Oct 14, 2011|

WILK's Paranormal Science features nationally known psychic/medium Kim Russo of TV's Paranormal State, Psychic Kids and Celebrity Ghost Stories

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think. This program may contain material that is controversial to some listeners spontaneously. Enlightenment may occur. Beyond the usual. -- experience. Makes played good. It's up there were horrible issue -- And while there. -- -- -- Sorry. Good evening and thanks for joining us with another edition of paranormal sites under the YOK we're taking. And intellectual look at these super natural world around us. I Mark Kaiser the PA paranormal association along with Nancy came in both. W -- k.'s morning news with Webster in Nancy good evening mark what a pleasure to have a guest with us tonight is no stranger to those interest in the paranormal. Medium Kim herself a familiar face on a number of television shows you may have seen her featured recently on celebrity ghost story I know -- dead. She's also been a part of paranormal state and psychic kits Kim thanks for being with this on WO case paranormal signs this evening. Thanks for having me my pleasure. Let's talk a little bit about how was that she became a medium is it's something that you had a gift for since you were a child. Actually I can remember back to the age approximately nine years old being in a bedroom that I shared with my sister -- In his past that we live in in Queens and actually. They would come nightly and gather around my dad when I say day am talking about spirit. Not knowing who they -- than -- -- you know -- they on now but they were the same group of people. That would stand and they would cement into positions every night. And they would stand at the foot of my dad and just stare at me. Knowing what they wanted. And every night when I asked myself that we shared the bed next to me if she saw what I thought. She never did. And so I didn't think much about it but growing up -- sometimes just as we put the covers over my head. Because I don't like being -- that I had. You know they became much more pronounced in my late late when He actually after I had my last trial that -- 88 turned on -- like. What have bought -- -- -- This say okay can you raise your children what you had only at children now we're ready to trying to come in and let you do allow lack. I never really figured out who those same people laugh but. Again look in the old. Photo album that my mom had. Thinking because of how they would dressed in long black dresses and a robot have and the men with food. I'm black hat like this old -- refused to Wear. And I would look for familiar face but never could find help. I'm not quite sure if that was the vortex and that house for the agent knew that I can eat them. Or actually who they want but I haven't seen them since since I'm nine those same particular people. -- did they ever try to talk to you while they were in your bedroom vs something you just saw. Now that's that was the funny part they would give me a blank stare. Almost and that they -- angry at me Latin or maybe. Just looking right to have me I would try to get some thought of that expression but. It never worked out that way. I can't imagine how scary that must have banned because I I would think I would be frightened to even go into my room. Well I was but we had a nightly routine when my dad would come in the room and check under my dead and second my closet. You know I I don't Al that He if you worrying me of course but. That is -- the lead the moment He would tell me at the culprit creatine. There was only a light from the street outside my window shining through -- through the bedroom window. As so there was always a little bit light in my room and these spirit looked like. No real life. But it didn't matter you know if I meant to kept my father and then have him come nobody could see them. Right now did you did did this bother you the -- we were able to come to terms with that. It didn't bother me because. You know try ominously for people staring at that content that no -- it. And then to not have my sister see what I thought was a little bit upsetting to -- site. And winning the nineteen and then it stopped. All okay. I'm curious what were your parents' reactions to this. They never. Really discounted it which is 888. It was an average comic told them. My dad have at this who. Opened she's a channel and she's natural born -- And so. They kind of news that this maybe going on but just in a different way. Now they went very very supportive. I imagine -- talking to friends was that something that you just didn't talk about or did you share with us here you know playmates as a child. I never told anyone else I just like sit -- But on certain days they would Alameda school. And I would know their presence. I delayed elements to be protected -- me. So at -- mature wide. I -- -- -- I know that sounds bizarre because we never have exchanged a -- afterthought. Except I did speak to them saying you know. Why you -- that they would never answer me unlike today where you know I have a two way conversation going on. And when you have a two way conversation. Some mediums they get their information in different ways it is it's something we actually can hear them or. On our they'd just talking to you through your you know hadn't -- telepathic. Does it how is -- Well it actually both it is by doing it now I'd like to do. That the telepathic plot actually translates to any whispers that many. So it actually. I actually can now that it is -- outside of my own thought. Because well at first I didn't know how to distinguish -- hit. But now I have to doing it for so many years it -- subtle whispers. Pacman sometimes sometimes full sentences. So there are times I'll catch the last. Word of offenses and and I'll say it and usually the person understands what it means. Now I'll keep going with that and then it once I'm -- and do. A -- thought so each spirit does come across to me a little bit differently. And at segment along Thailand -- He that makes sense because. Most people communicate differently on had so why wouldn't get personality stayed the same in the spirit world. Now you able to see them as well you can see visually see them. I can actually see them if they are in Miami chief and and I actually kind and it almost about a minute. That is standing in my state for about a minute. Rest iconoclast. Letting me yet -- audience. They and then aspect is in my -- they start to materialize in my mind and I and I can see them. And it it it -- have a proper name. And when they have someone in back of them that want to. That -- -- I won't actually see that person until they've -- in those closest to my state. What's interesting is I I saw it on your website as well just let people know you have a web sites in the happy medium dot com. On where you talked about being a skeptic. How do you how do you how does that work in with what it is that you do. Now that's a great question because I'm still -- -- I'm healthy that's when I say that I mean. I don't I'm not skeptic about this work well how work well that's real. I am very cap when I get a psychic reading or media chip reading. Or when someone. Attempt to read me. Because I know. When it -- and tech and I know winning a cold reading what I -- -- -- my body language. But I'm a typical me -- act which we are I and my has finally says you know him. You'd think everybody has an angle it's just can't help. Shade that I was ready in the way that I -- And after awhile though I just now if you if -- a sense -- on and I. He's your a lot of people who are authentic out there. You know unfortunately. They do wanna jump on his meetings should and wagons which is so common right now. And I also have a theory about why there's so many mediums popping up. In this well in this state in age and I do believe a lot of them are authentic -- and yes. Doing doing the -- for the highest good. But. Some people think that you could just collapse they aren't F yes but no questions and people you know they believed you you. Wind up looking like it giving a reading. Alec is just that the big difference in that people I don't. We can kind of talent is yet. Pulling information from client as opposed to giving. I I've often wondered if there's you in another psychic. And I'm sure you -- with other psychics on different you know I don't know of TV shows are the things that maybe you've done. Do you it if if they are indeed psychic are you both seeing in picking up the same things or is it out just totally different because of your individual ways of doing. Well there are sometimes what we feed off each other out which is a common. Practiced with the medium. What if we have both jetting into an energy that's in the room. We can actually now -- China and I have done that I I teach a class a student. Adult students and with the -- would be meeting a subject that I was going and it's an -- of the classes less than. I would be able to elaborate on what it was -- a gap that's very possible and it does not happen. You know I've had a few readings myself and one thing that I've always wondered was. Was the psychic picking up information from me. Or was it coming from an outside source spear family member -- whatever can you differentiate that how do you get the information. You know how to tell the difference between the info coming up for the person has compare to coming in through -- Okay so another words and my reading man's mind is that he's saying. Yet -- away gorgeous the FDD energy attached to that person obviously if you're seeing spirit standing in front of view and you're getting the information. That's coming from the spirit but. Can you feel the difference I guess between the information coming off a person has compared to coming from -- That's about as they dispute and on the right side of me when they come and so I can -- and and and also how disparate and India comes true. Not easy to come through to me because I have criteria. For Mike I Mary. Strict about following my little meaning that if I am picking up on -- they have to move identified themselves. Whose knee and they thought someone connected to as I'm reading. As opposed to -- also. Basically they a lot of information that comes is it into the client. They don't even now that they have to leader -- and they happening any arms. So that helps to confirm that it's authentic information when you have very specific information about that spirit that you can give to the client. Yes and and such as went when they go back and validate with the family. And they did in fact have a a great grandma and me you know with a certain names that they didn't even know about. It does give off much better validation. -- Now what is things I saw that you do is well -- are you able to I guess assess the well being health wise of a person. And if you are. How do you get that information you just able to go like within their body or read their body or does is -- someone else like spirit guide or a loved one who's helping without. I -- never one of their loved ones in my in my opinion and then my experience. It is usually a guy that I have that I believe is a medical person what it did work with medical on -- side. And what I do is starting from the top of the head -- going down to the eat. -- -- -- and it's almost like -- justice and and what I do it could not at the top and anti trickle down the body. My guides -- will stop me at a certain area. And -- now. Based on having me eat you know I will feel what the problem is for a split second as they have in -- You know acid reflux for example. I may feel that for a split second. So that I know how to convey the message. So you actually can feel. What they're feeling. -- I can you know at this conference. Such as when night that a lot of people need problems. And back problems. And I know I don't know when I talked to get a single -- twinge in my lower back. I want now that is of back problems growing problem walk. And and then up -- Basically your intuitively I -- He asked what what I'm hearing is telling me the stories such as. Surgery or. I pulled muscle in the back because there is even severity. One thing -- never discussed with the client is I think coming gas at a some. Something I have set aside what my -- not to. Allow me to walk through that door to death. One reason and one reason only added that I open -- to -- I can actually see if my own up to one. I know many many talented -- medium and psychic who has stopped doing that's where. Because of what they -- tragically coming from -- -- -- Listen to meet -- off limits I can tell you everything out. Not something that you are changed so the information and I know we deliver is only as either vote warning or for the highest and where can get checked. I think it's interesting how you're able to set up up parameters. Folks you're listening to WL case paranormal science we're talking with nationally known. Medium Curacao coming up but we're gonna talk. About something that's near and dear to us your heart -- and that is the empathetic child can do that next coming up until the -- -- there. Four wins acupuncture clinic and integrative therapies located at 202 west tire industry -- -- 367777. We offering unique combination of approaches to physical emotional spiritual issues my noble licensed psychiatrist diplomat of acupuncture are interpretations not only years of experience. Thousands of hours of training and helping them recover from conditions that we thought untreatable and He -- techniques to propel her patients -- on the life path. Four wins acupuncture clinic integrative therapies to go to west tire industry mechanic 8367777. Denise -- of -- -- healing dot com contributing writer for Pennsylvania paranormal magazine and as a lifetime of experience as a -- He master and psychic healer. Denise -- and publishing eyes of the messenger a true life story of natural miss living there as well and as well. -- Fries and a message that this all on Amazon.com. Check out east and they spoken sweater and only -- -- dot -- in the eyes of the messenger. Mark price here for Herman chiropractic can recap. Many people are haunted by back -- weather problems degenerative related to an accident for sports injuries. The professionals at -- care practically rehab have been trained using the latest techniques and technology. 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You -- paranormal sites and archives of the -- are almost rotation. -- -- Nancy came -- and by the way if you'd like to comment on the show or any other show you can reach us on FaceBook just look up paranormal science. And you can like is there or right to a -- email that's paranormal science at the PPA. Dot. Net and we continue our discussion now with nationally known medium Kim Russo was appeared a number of paranormal television programs including celebrity ghost stories. Paranormal -- state and psychic kids. And speaking of buzz psychic kids Kim you are very interested in helping. What is termed the empathetic child first of all He can explain to our listeners so what what is an empathetic child. Well the wired and pathetic comes from the word empathy. And basically when someone -- embassy is part is wide open. And you find that mostly with children because they are innocent and they haven't learned you know unfortunately the corrupt ways of the world than. Having not trust people so that children aren't. A very big target while having an open heart which is a beautiful thing and that's why children. Eight miles. Loving and trusting people on the planet. And pat of course got a but -- -- for the children and children who have won with a heightened sense them and that they. Usually you'll find hand in hand I -- -- with those children. Because. The more your heart is open the morning you can feel compassion but of the people. Not only compassion you can you know energy that's all around is that why would they call I think people sensitive. Because He went to penetrate right into the -- And they can actually. Feel as if Adam motion is they are home. And that's been a confusion comes in with a lot of children. Who. These days aren't shy frightened I'd obviously it was one of those empathetic children. And Hannity around me but He went as -- so when my own. So it wouldn't be unusual for a child to walk into a classroom. We have -- verbally. An argument had just happened between two classmates. In you know I ate for lunch or whatever. And that's empathetic child will pick up on the energy of the argument. -- if you're mentioning that like the Summers were referred for an empathetic child can be like a really comforting. In a nice period in going back to school can be very difficult for them. But because when when you are around a lot of men and he's not in any type of a crowd if you put -- there is. And an empathetic child doesn't understand that they are picking up on the high volume of vanity that's surrounding them. And like the I'm -- -- they were absorbing everybody else's feelings. And they typically people like that well what should be. And I don't want to make a blanket statement but anxiety ridden not knowing why they -- a high level of anxiety. Yeah esteem that they can't get an answer as to why it is that they feel this way and there's nothing physically maybe they can get the answer but you're saying they could be just picking up on some energy that's. A bombarding them every bank rate I think they think it's the -- correct him. They do think it's still around because they don't know that it is outside of themselves. And and you find that very often with children that change their -- once second from the -- at. At the very common tell tell. Sign up an empathetic child you -- with things like you know I hate to -- like bipolar or something but the mood swings are incredible. Which indefinitely and and they've been linked to. Being frightened they're not sleeping well I'm -- if you think about not flippant well and not having the proper read. Of the slope that could affect the -- of the child. State school because you know. Is there empathetic while they were -- way they can definitely empathetic. We could -- if they have a dream or a loved one comes to visit them usually empathetic children very open. If spiritually open so they will pick up on. But the Mac that walking around in an -- and that it will magnetic field and they have to. On everybody's energy. -- doesn't really belong to them. Great group and when we think a psychic kids we might be thinking a kid that can see dead people but we're talking about kids that maybe aren't at that point where -- seen anybody but like you said they're just getting the feeling the energy of what was there before. Correct and they can a lot of intensity is well. They can see shadows the last. They can but they can mostly empathetic children what people in general can mostly. And a feeling of accountability. -- feeling of happiness and whatever it is that's surrounding them. So until they learn how to protect -- own energy field so aura as I'd like well it. And they off their game to whatever can attached to them. Good -- bad but because they universe doesn't discriminate on negative or positive energy. -- it. -- wanted to know what's going on it's really that it isn't it for the parents understand that can help this child. How can they help their child. Well understanding -- I think in the -- crazy one of the things I I don't agree with -- when a school district. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know so that of the things like that that the parents not to jump the gun and the potential -- -- Asian that's number one. Investigative. As He is they fit the criteria of the -- the -- -- sensitive child. And I -- on -- on my blog on my web site. And I I do like to put out articles that -- enlightened parents as to do what so what was such as. Not sleeping at night jumping in the bed with their parents as. They see shadow and it you know. Hearing voices. And -- people around them and in the bedroom. Again. If my parents -- -- -- support -- -- I don't know how I would've handled it ain't supported the beach houses are foremost I'm listening within open. I'm not listening to all the outside people adopted rules one potential to mightily on medication. Because that would only now and and put up and -- on the problem. And basically. The protection. Of the of the aura is very important. They can do when nightly routine -- morning which you know I recommend. Morning noon and night. And and any age -- and you know pretend. Or imagine that -- very imaginative that at a young age that they can pick up a bottle of white light. And they -- inside of that Bravo. And they are energy. Is. In now white light of bubble. And the white light I always like to refrigerate the prodigy. And they feel safe. What any type of religion that you meet oh whether they -- of the town talk about Angel. War the you know. Whatever you like quality. From people like eight you know it -- relative on the other side are watching over you. Everyone has a little bit of -- at least of the Stanley. But to protect and to make them feel protect and let them in -- now why -- is as the you know what I call love whatever it is they can do illustrated storybook. Showed that child advocates and Manny I'd like to. Hang. All kinds of object and the prisons. App will make them feel good anything they -- so they can even open all right you know on the night and yet they can to think He ought. How many different methods they used in child out of that it owned. -- its interest in you you mentioned that the work I do through the PPA we actually recommend to a lot of those things to parents. To help empower their kids I think psychologically it makes them. A -- little bit better going to sleep that night and one thing that we're finding a when we go out on cases there's a lot of parents who are now reporting. That their children seem to be picking up a lot of impressions or seeing shadows or. People in their bedrooms and over the last couple years that's really increased a lot. Do you think that people are just talking about a little bit more -- do you think there's something going on where a lot more children are opening up from an early age. Again I think -- gulf I think that a lot of the media haven't. Shown on TV which is great. Is opening the minds of the public. Speaking about I think this -- always been going on but I also believe. At that now on the other side. The other dimension to our physical dimension. Is becoming an act and and and and the reason about it. We need more of what help. If you look at up the world you know yeah. Yeah. Now that the assailant NFL I think what you see in -- to mention or are actually they can appearance I would dimension. A lot of people are concerned about the year 2012. I don't know it carry it with your abilities are you able to. You know. Seat things that may happen to us as see people as a country as a world. Well my forte is definitely not is not tuning into world even. From time to time. Mike I will give me Oakland and the only reason they do that -- to eat -- on track as Q. What type of teaching. That I am putting out. But not -- it's really not to scare people but there is a definite shift that's happening in consciousness. I don't believe 2012 is the end of the world as we know it. But I do believe that. Every soul who has come into the world that this particular time children included. I'm taking on a great mission. I think we all have -- comment. And the great mission is to be a part of this -- conscious. And each -- -- to being born I believe. It yet old special mention in this fight. Ever and it. And the year 2012 -- on pushing everybody out of that comfort. Is that we shifting toward the data world. -- enlightenment. And no more you know procrastinating that the universe will allow. You will start to see a lot of different things happening such as people getting out of the marriage that they are not happy people leading job that they're not happy with. Friendships that don't serve them any longer. Because -- -- if you're moving toward useful purpose which. Where He will be going application is. We have spent the right foundation to do all of these. It and I like it compared to a pool a backyard pool with a with that does not have the proper PH. You know when you talk about a PH a lot of you know a comment that. It's not really what you want sure that that's what happened that I believe is going on in the world and just the people up -- missiles and they have. Why I believe the earth is doing the same so that's I feel we that we will be having some volcanic. Eruptions -- tidal wave as create and I mean what seeing it anyway. Sure -- -- -- -- from New York before 9/11 were you feeling any thing. Was going to happen. Absolutely absolutely but I tried our very clever. They know me like no one -- and they know how I would react Q. Certain you know I don't want another bad I don't say that I don't wanna be in the -- either. And that they gave me a warning. That there is no way I would've made it out is that they don't get me cryptic warning. And they kept telling me a message and I told several people because I didn't know -- -- wanted to put -- a -- And they kept saying look for the eagle eagle is coming. For the eagle. And looking at and I can -- -- the mind and then Eagles everywhere like big Giant Eagle and the capability well. And I believe it's two all now where the American Eagle airlines where the plane. And also after 9/11 news by the -- -- everywhere with of the American flag draped all I. Now what I have been able to figure that out a way if so it's like that but looking back it definitely connected. But not right I felt like it was it intending. Gas coming out now I didn't get that. And I'm sure that since then you being someone who does a lot of readings probably have met with family members. -- apple especially. And it still coming through. And I will tell you is that the first ER 9/11 after it took place. What I found that I don't know if you've found -- -- but a lot of the old hat hasn't crossed over our. They weren't when validate it wouldn't expect it except Iran can't and a lot of them were shocked they didn't know what happened. And snatched out of their bodies so quickly. But a lot of people did not go over right away and -- met -- Eight at least for the fascia. But now I'm happy to say I don't get a lot of them anymore as time went on. And they -- it there. Made a purpose. Of sacrificing their own -- They they understand that they were part of a shift in consciousness -- hopefully to create a better world. Mean well and this is W -- case paranormal science we're discussing. Mediums in the work that they do with Kim Russo who say. Nationally -- medium you can find out more about her Kim a happy medium dot com. -- when we come back we're gonna talk with -- about the reading she'd done is prep shall be able to take us through I know that can just phone readings were on the phone with her. I just a real quick I'd like to know the process of how that happens and what she sees. And -- duplicate event coming up next here it is -- science on W while the festival. Coast detectives Friday nights at 10 PM on the CW and 1 AM on fox 56 tune into northeast Pennsylvania's -- prime time hit reality ghost hunting show and witnessed their spine tingling encounters with the other side. Season paranormal investigators make their way through the area's most haunted locations presents the most captivating Evans -- found. 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Or seven your appointments -- that's -- 71147. Four wins acupuncture clinic in integrative therapies located at to a two west are you mistreat a mechanic offers a unique combination of approaches to physical emotional and spiritual issues determined Tokyo LC SW specializes in PT SD trauma autism and mental health issues related to substance abuse. Doctor dean and Edmund specializes in drug free relational approaches for -- extreme states of why we treat adults children and families with a drug free humanistic and holistic approach incorporating body mind and spirit for wins acupuncture clinic in integrative therapies to a two -- industry and -- -- 8367777. Right we're back with W I case paranormal sites and and can you were talking points nationally known comedian Jim Russo and just recently was featured with Loretta Lynn. On the bio channel celebrity ghost story is a great shell that was great Kim Kim it was a fascinating what was it like working with Loretta Lynn. You should really pleasure she's very open. Is this work and she has come on abilities which I don't think many people knew to be the week and achieve. I think it's very very intimidated cute Japanese story on the sidelines about how -- twins and how. -- in between the very very accurate and she really does have to get. Well let's talk a little about the -- you do do readings you do on a small group readings you've also Bennett locations where -- a lot of people can show up but you also do individual readings in you do phone ratings as well right. Yes absolutely false readings like. Way meeting -- person and the reason that is is -- at present on the other line of of the following their energy is basically. Tapped out by any statement signed because the other side is not ruled by the same wasn't you know as. Typical while they don't have a don't have time -- don't have. Gravity they can actually be into places that one was very hot concept. But energy is definitely not bound by these -- time. I I can even -- Internet or you know computer reading and reading it it doesn't matter because if they have loved one. Coming through they only have to -- -- might stay. Okay so is it's actually something that's with UN not with that person so to speak like in their location. And everyone has a different style I continued to avoid if you encrypt it with me I can read write popular or some people do prefer to bring change. Of -- of living people like I can really have to help from the other person's. -- -- Imprint of the energy is on -- and. That's amazing and different and that no I think I like about phone readings is that. It takes out the element of Reading body language and a lot of skeptics will say they're just reading the body count I suppose you could to read the verbal impressions come and is well what. It's not like being in front of someone. Where you picking up on that body language this is -- information sometimes very particular to that person that there's no way. A medium would know. You know just by reading body language. Correct correct. And you know is most of the time it is. A legitimate medium you don't -- the feedback. See what's -- doing your amazing we -- just interest in the process like you're on the phone with us. And if there is anything that while we're talking or is it where they're coming to you and your -- you are you able to turn them off. Lot of meetings can and I could not turn off as a child -- As I said the what I thought that was -- dot full force. I have to learn math that He Wear them hue and cry me. Which is going about my daily life and I did I learn how to do that and I'd like to compare it is when you on the phone and children have in the background trying to get rich and you're able to focus on the phone compensation. That's how I'd like if you can't explain how lights in the -- I guess this could really consuming your life if you've had children and -- You're -- of words can't believe me it would take every opportunity. To get a message across to their loved ones absolutely and not only that. If you allow them in your state. On continual basis ink about the energy it raining from -- from what they. Because it takes energy they they absorb are energy when they pay for the medium. So I am focusing on listening to what is saying I need to read my migration to get to whip -- they meet who quality of migration. But make no mistake about it is they both of energy depleted. Have you have you been hearing any voices behind you like kids like you're talking with -- at all. Well let me let me explain I and -- my -- -- from listening in the dimensions are listening in this. Good staying IA. You know. Have enacted that right now. I haven't really been -- But it is the -- that I can turn it but when you turn the dial up -- radio when you wanna change the station if you wanna hear this song. And how I turned it in and check it out. So I ship stationed on that article mentioned -- spiritual dimensions justify. Listening somewhere -- You know. I am hearing names now I don't think the president. And and just I would ask you. Peter is wanted to connected to upright and and possibly. I'm feeling like a brother or president they -- like not an older person. -- and I know a Bryant who was passed. Well not older. Not all the right now -- Well that's why -- said it does not have to be He has. I do see him on that level that it might not I don't see I read about what I said I'm thinking I'm just listening right right I said. On the level of I have been our Brothers and contemporary. Sure yeah okay. That the person is trying to get my intentions but one of view and I and because I have spoken yet and it is on the. Our own right might be confusing to. Well you guys would have to know. If you all said to me what you know lack and we all have a Bryant and the other side usually narrows -- -- Is there -- kind of connections. I think Nancy but He did that you I think it is see you because even if I want you have a -- yet they're leaning more towards Nancy. Yeah I think it makes sense for Nancy more than myself. And adding that name sounds like Cindy. Can't get -- coming in and you know -- Mom. I know -- Cindy. Yes I know -- Cindy. She. I. Again that the right where are you a level. On it will it would be somebody who's close to my age yes. They don't. So that's that -- it's two separate things but would you like it is not the final little metal body want. If -- -- if you'd like to just so people can understand I think it's interesting to -- your house someone is doing. Okay well -- energy that comes across the lot and symbols sounds and yelling. And one of the feeling about picking up is a feeling. Is passing did not have to happen went something like that comes across. It usually means to me that they were able to somehow -- -- What it could have been prevented what sometimes -- even indicate that they have something to do with it. -- -- That's how that comment -- and I would say that that is probably true. Right well again I give it how I get a little bit and I I track that the information. That is. It is is the way it's supposed to be portrayed right. Picking up on me. Friend to have rob back at that you want to get lots to what is like album I'm okay. Meaning again you outraged not a fox. I know -- and I know exactly with a sense and it. And not only I'm okay and then upload them by. -- shouldn't have any guilt that He shouldn't of that and there is booked on an anniversary coming in I like -- of the death. Or that of the marriage is an advocate for the anniversary. And also someone in the Stanley. But they keep things indeed is so don't know which one means black. -- Try to have a baby that had a very very difficult I'm having a child. They have to adopt when they had to do that. That's coming across as well. That that that was -- that somebody is coming through right now. It is that's. You would have to know what it. It's connected directly to you because someone poking at and. I think I know who that would be. -- that and it and it's very. It is it was a theme in the present life like in the in the female life. This isn't high on the same but I don't wanna say but it I think you're picking up very dear friend of my mothers who had repeated. Children that died as she could not carry to term and we're talking a number of babies that would I'm talking like five or six that possibly -- It could be -- him I'm joined now when. Very strong. Well I'm the last name of the woman. Why don't pick up aren't listening. And it. As they said they commented continued validation. But somehow they did it in could be a child they adopted. Yes see that's what I said adopt a -- -- because of the date they do -- October 1 of niche of Eden at least one. And now. But I also feel and I would just tell you used said that she -- adult children I heard number I look at a quite a few children from when. It was -- it was heartbreaking -- situation. Yeah. -- so they wouldn't hesitate to come to India. Because she can get the message to Stanley mama. Just to let you back now and heart issues around asking me to Nancy. They told me -- Sister and around my father Stanley. -- On a hot at that point into the -- Jews and it's talking about it at. Yeah I mean. -- Catholic and and now and then the man upcoming food I ND -- Old elderly during infield. -- Okay get out there is. A few that lived that long yeah. And He noted that I I well. Could be thought dad you know -- taught us something about that latches on about how closely related -- that. That Ryan guy is pretty pushy. I think I do say so myself. We'll make sure his family gets the message but it's a really odd situation how right I just recently. In a strange way ran into someone who we both knew this Bryant. And He happened to be Bryant's best friend and we were people that had not even known each other and it just came up that we both knew the same guy and we had talked. Nicely about him and discussed you know how great of a person He was and it's just really odd that this would come. I'll bet that most likely is that government you want cheap to get the map pack two telling that you had to have made contact. With each other and because they watch and they now and they see. -- that and not actually uncommon night I pick as a probably a very big allegations. That He was present during a conversation with is that I had. Hello -- are the expression on -- Nancy's face you -- pretty accurate there and you know something -- -- people who know that you've been done quite rigorously tested here associated with the forever Family Foundation. And -- can you tell us little bit of that in the the testing you went through. I left absolutely and recently won recently became satisfied with the wind which institute which in my opinion. The testing was. One regret and an in depth. As far as the -- ethnic need to do is. Double blind -- and forever and the foundation did it -- wonderful organizations. At really setting out to combine. Science that act of media ownership. And approved the fifth of the App Store I really testing Athens -- wanna take my what Britain believe that uncle Harry is okay -- -- -- I. But really to let the -- and the testing. And you do do readings so. You know times we've had people on who are mediums. People have asked to staff who were afterwards yes you can get a reading with him. You -- wiggle little bet she's in demand but that Kim the happy medium. Dot com is your website and they can go right through their camp that. Yes absolutely they can go they have but I will say please can -- email for you any type of the reading. We did not take requests from reading the email to they have it would have to call phone number on my web site to welcome reading phone reading what any type of that we. Okay and they can also go to your fan page on FaceBook and just look for psychic medium came MRSA right there and you can like -- you can hear more batter probably. Coming up next on WL case paranormal so it. Apparent scientific -- -- the tool to help you play your activities and our look at six chip right there. Moment I'm Debbie while he's paranormal signed. Pennsylvania paranormal magazine dot com the first paranormal magazine of its kind in northeastern Pennsylvania created by economists that. 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Thank you Nancy this week's parasite tip of the week is for how obvious as well as professional groups based on the theory that a spirit can opener showed a door or even -- an object across a room. -- to be a certain amount of force exerted against the surface area so for all you investigators out there. Whether your -- that are professional won't buy a digital scale -- nice flat surface to direct to spirit to press against you could see. You know if you're getting interaction with the spirit and you can also find out how much pressure can be exerted by his spirit against that plate and that is this week's paranormal science tip of the week. By the PPA. It was such a thrill to have Kim Russo with us tonight what's on deck for next Sunday show -- Nancy October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have with us at two time cancer survivor who claims of help cure herself. Using her own unique intuition in DreamWorks name is Kathleen O'Keefe can of us and she has a book -- called surviving cancer lance we're gonna talk to her about that. Well thank you all for joining us on WL case paranormal -- it's. Stop by our FaceBook then aged just look for paranormal science and let us. You can also email us paranormal science act dot EPA dot net have a great night and we'll talk to you next Sunday united -- straight here -- The wild kids carry on both -- Good thing.