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10-16-11 Cancer Survivor says her dreams told her she had cancer

Oct 31, 2011|

Two time cancer survivor Kathleen Kanavas says she dreamed she had breast cancer twice. She says she is alive today because of those dreams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think. This program may contain material that is controversial to some listeners spontaneously. Enlightenment may occur. Beyond the usual yeah. W experience. Makes played him. It's up -- -- normal shoe like. What are. -- -- -- Sorry. All right it's Sunday night you for listening to paranormal science and W -- case. I'm more key is -- the Pennsylvania paranormal associations. Along with Nancy came in from W oil k.'s morning news with Webster Nancy. Good evening good evening Nancy and I wanna say happy birthday to you Q you know last year was so exciting because it was 101010101011. Those to -- it. -- -- -- -- -- you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it is it is. And I am a breast cancer survivor those who listen to the shown now on four and half years now. And our guest today. Also a cancer survivor. A two time breast cancer survivor her name is Kathleen O'Keefe canvas Kathleen we are so happy that you're here with us today during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you very much for having me. Now I'd like to start by asking. How was it that yet to you personally found out that you have cancer having some signs or symptoms. No no actually I had I had they're anchored in terms. It it it actually started. When I expected to have dream that after I had my annual you know mammogram like we're all told to Dylan. That -- report came back telling negative for any cancer helping me in the grand helped lead test and we just -- in Valencia from my check up. And I started having dreams they told me that I was not healthy. And to go back to the doctors now they didn't tell me to go to doctor -- York. Or health practitioner which is kind of surprising because this is coming from the spirit world. They were telling me to go back to my medical doctors. Now I did and for mammograms for blood pass and four. Physicals later I had a very initial team and I I collar the -- at a dream. In which I I am. I told this spirit guide -- where the angels would if you wanna call them that they showed up in my -- That you know I was really frustrated because my doctors were listening to me they were giving me this thing mammograms over and over -- telling me I was healthy. And to go home so. Can't tackling -- just stepping is that I -- -- I wanna set this up so people understand before you were having these dreams that you say portend that the your health was not well. We use someone who is psychic. A lot of people don't really pay attention a lot to intuition and gut feelings this is something that you practice before that happened. Well I think that we're all into it is but I I get. You know I was I was told that I was like fourth generation psychic that it it didn't run strong in our family. However my mother was raised in a Catholic convent when her mother was attract keyed by artists that -- in Bailey circus that was dropped. Now her father put her in a convent to be made because you know he'd feel that. Being a little girl in traveling with -- with a carnival or circus was the -- -- upbringing. So she basically. -- as psychic in denial she pushed her as a wave weighed down. So you say you were around you you did listen to the feelings he intuition that you would get is -- something that you paid attention to use so it was a very strong feeling that you knew something else was going on. But now it was and it wasn't because she encouraged -- is to push it down too so I it was actually ethnic can -- -- as well. So anytime I would get -- greens or the experience or some would talk to me that it died I would ignore them. So when this happened with the dream world now. It was so important that I went ahead and let those doors open. And what poured out was the spirit world on the other side coming to my aiding keeping me alive I would have been dead to life. Legacy had a pretty strong feeling that of this information. Was important that was coming through because he persisted with going back to the doctor what exactly was it that you're seeing administering. Well let. What I probably my my dreams when I get. Information from that. That they -- normal world does that psychic world or whatever you wanna call it from the other side. I'll be having a regular dream and they keep nobody else has and all the sudden a door or window actually open mind wolf form. Almost like a window on your computer. And they guide -- step to doing my guys they usually in. Pretty down the Wii is a rope. LC handles. And both stepped in and day come follow me. And not to be back through that door. And I'll go into a room where there will be sometimes there's east Stanley members in there and transition more guys. And they will give me information. And in this case that guy walked up to me. And when I said you know my my doctors are listening to me I know that something's wrong you know if something's wrong but what do make it is here on the against. -- doctors and hospitals who are shutting the door -- -- there's nothing wrong with you go home. -- reached out -- handed me this tiny little white -- In -- -- to go back tomorrow to your doctor with out an appointment. Just show up on his doorstep and you verbally and with him. And imagine holding this better and you're you're sort of sense where. You'll win and you want him to perform surgery electorate surgery on that because there is something there. And that's the only way they'll find it. Morning I went back to the doctor with my husband my poor husband you know being pulled along behind me -- rag -- to god this is what you're gonna go back -- -- -- The fact is kidnapped they got back Intel on that they need to do exploratory surgery at a team last night. And you know you hasn't got a really believe in you to do that not saying okay here's the car keys and -- -- get home. So did you know back to the doctors are having these dreams. No what I did was I went back to the doctor and I confronted him as though Iowa are a an attorney. Speaking to a judge. Because that I really believe that if I admit to that doctrine that you know life. I'm having a dream and imagine they handed me if that is taught me to come back instead with you verbally and with -- Because I know something's wrong what I would have gotten with a padded cell with a lot of drugs. I would I don't believe I would have gotten that treatment that I needed to get to live. So like -- that like excited me quiet they didn't know about it and I used. Back I deadlock. Women by the time women have been done it's too late. Mammograms unknown to -- Breast cancer. I know that there's something wrong with me and I want you to go into exploratory surgery and I imagine that was holding that -- and pointing -- at him while I was saying that. Any good Kathy hacking into exploratory surgery and you you know that's. It it's against hospital policy and it's against my policy ethical under anesthesia that -- this isn't something that you just do on a -- And -- doesn't know when my -- says there's something wrong I know my body something is wrong. And basically you know what we'll do an MRI if there's anything -- -- the -- the tumor that's what I'm gonna put in here. And he said okay and I couldn't believe -- I was looking at I'm going to he just say -- hate. That their work. So the MRI is that what then found. The cancer. -- -- -- -- -- If you stick it. Did it showed that there it did not like that usually an MRI will light up the -- he is set to be dimensional. Photography. And it showed what state that again with the -- the tumor. Mine and I told my doctor that I wanted out I know that something's wrong I wanted out so I did and -- -- -- surgery. And I remember RIA. Went under anesthesia in knowing and you don't remember anything it just kind of floating in this no friendly hand. And I heard -- police say. And it was my doctor was he said that close up with god it. And I pulled myself out of the anesthesia that's how anxious silent. And it turned to him and I said what was it. And I mean you could appear -- and drop. And he said can see it's what we thought it was it was justified but the tumor in an and it's out. And I heard the anesthesiologist. Behind my head down. Did she talk. And he came up over the top of my head blocking the light and looked right into my eyes he said oh my god -- the way. And my doctor -- give her more because that started moaning that was wide open and the -- was horrible you know. Now when I finally did wake up which took quite a long time after they gave me my. The doctor came into the recovery of him any pull the curtain goes and then he looked at meaning said. I'm pathology didn't like that they when they cost cut -- two more open I'm gonna have to refer you go to special. And that he hit me like it's an abrupt because when I was in his office and I finally got him to agree. He did -- -- -- said to him shouldn't he have an -- president went where we did the surgery at that it was going to do it and I am. And he said it's snapping their Kathy you're too young for cancer. As it is that out by particularly if -- anything in the -- we have non college -- then -- we don't need one. It's nothing. And now I'm gonna have to -- in protecting surgery because that was. Now you know of that maybe medical people listening now with say you know he had done everything that he followed proper protocol. On yes you were persistent. And there are people out there who may how to how do you know. If you're not just being a hypochondriac. Or someone who's worried. A lot about you know possibly getting a disease. And -- separating that from where you really have that intuition. That something's wrong. What you are having recurring dream -- -- -- means eating get his first. And when you keep having them over and over and over again. Then you need to do something about it because they're not gonna go way and -- trying to give you a massive. And you have been patent if you've been paying in the insurance. You know our you know ever. But that we all have been you have the right to have a battery -- When you know that something's wrong with your body women know when there's something wrong with our bodies because our bodies speak -- with scientists involved. We know we're getting to the minute we're getting ready to minister for the very first time in our lives. We know when you were pregnant. Far before any test pilots were pregnant our body and been speaking to us since the beginning of and when it's telling us that something's wrong. And the medical has just saying no it's not there it just means that the wrong pastor being used. Chances are it there and why is that Nancy would have been everywhere that to happen is if I had been wrong. And it did just spend a vibrant -- -- with a very then maybe the doctors with a black it means that well yet they initiate the hypochondriac. But. You know at least I then had peace of mind and the dreams could stop I'd rather have the doctors -- laugh at me. -- -- continue to live. Then to not be persistent. And because I'm afraid they'll laugh at me and -- I'll tell you from talking with survivors through the years. Since I was first diagnosed how we fell and it's many of us had some on some level. And intuition. Or feeling that something wasn't right. Now not a recurring dream perhaps for most people. On it may come in different shapes and forms maybe you are more psychic so you might get something that's more obvious. But for a lot of people out there -- I think that most of the women and a couple of them that I talked to said that their doctors had also. Mentioned that they had cancer patients. Who had told down that they had some kind of -- feeling that something was not right. I told my doctor had a feeling of what the right. -- and and I didn't have that experience where was and real obvious and I just knew something was wrong I didn't have that. Is so I don't. I don't know for those who were on cancer survivors out there listening to right now who might feel well I never got that feeling at all I thought everything was great. Mean what would you say to them. Well yes. It depends there cancer survivors out there who they're you know they're they're camp that was found with. With regular mammograms check up or maybe they felt it. You know one. One they doctor agreed to do the surgery. My husband said that he he thought he could feel something and I could feel something with my hands. Yet three other doctors could not get anything with their hand have a they couldn't Phillip answer though. You know if if you know they'll they'll talk to -- on a number of different level from the other side if if you can't. You know if you're not getting between the note those -- Buick twinge in your arm there they'll give you between junior -- and you go to. The -- that winking area and gone my got you killed something. Don't do something to help you know. Survive because we all have a purpose on this earth plane and we wouldn't be here. And we don't want something like you know there is to snuff out that -- before it's done what it's supposed to do. We're talking with Kathleen -- fact Canada said she is the author and two time breast cancer survivor and author of surviving cancer -- the psychic aspects of healing. 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And you can find out more about that at old mill village dot org that's old mill village dot org and this museum basically runs off of donations and this is something that's really gonna help keep the don't via the museum going. Figuring -- replace. Are all right now we're continuing our discussion. On. Surviving cancer land it's a book written by Kathleen O'Keefe Canada yes and it's the psyche aspects of healing -- two time. Breast cancer survivor. And as we were discussing in the first segment here Kathleen was so very convinced had a recurring dream. That she was not well that terrorists something wrong in her breast and it did turn out after prodding and pushing her doctor to look even though they had thought. There was nothing there to be concerned about they did find cancer breast cancer Kathleen we were talking just before the break about how people get a number of people that I've talked to other survivors -- myself for breast cancer survivor for for an -- have talked about some of the ways that they may have had an inkling and gut intuition just a feeling that something was wrong. I mean I know a woman who had told me she was pending. I was almost like she was writing. To her daughter about you know what she's done in her life and it was almost like she was talking about her legacy what she hoped to leave behind and she had mentioned two -- doctors so on when she was diagnosed that. In here I am I was writing almost as if I was leaving or going somewhere. And she mentioned -- to a doctor and she told me her doctor was like that's very common he had talked to a number of cancer patients -- said. On some level they felt that something wasn't right now I did not have a recurring dream but I did have a dream that was very. Very. Ominous as to something was wrong and I had woken -- woke up and actually thought I had a terminal illness. And it was a very very vivid dream where woke up in tears. And I had basically dismissed it. And it wasn't too long after that I was diagnosed. So I think they feel on a gut level you mentioned Kathleen about a tinge or. You know feeling so it can come in different ways you may have had a recurring dream is something that was very very like in your face and for other people can be something very subtle. You have signs and symbols in your body will talk to use the differences some people listen and some people don't but I think if nothing else after they listen to this -- radio program. When your body talk you need to listen and I realized it's very difficult when you're up against hospital policy. Our doctors and wanna help that they -- -- in this practice and so sometimes you have to give -- -- -- -- Now let's talk about the fact that they went in they took out this what they thought was not going to be you know anything malignant and they find out it's cancer so what do you diagnosed with staging lions and what I can deal with. I was actually in stage two would that in my -- the time that you know they -- you debate went in immediately like a few days later. And that -- up on ecological surgery did the second surgery to make sure that I had. Clean my -- and -- to -- for months now than it was in -- island and it was -- a very aggressive. Cancer. Sorry if this had gone. Untreated at that time this really could have spread into a whole lot more. Oh my goodness it would have been a disaster. So you have to go through I'm guessing chemotherapy. In my therapy and radiation therapy in a lumpectomy. Let's get into the was it a recurrence or was this an a new breast cancer that came up and when did that happen. It was a new breast cancer and and it was almost the fifty years for the day that I had the dream that we're saying. You're not healthy again go back to your doctor. OK Kathleen I was just gonna ask that very question their if this was something you start having a recurring dreams about beginner or something that -- initiated -- to. Go back to the doctors. -- I had -- Gmail without really -- you know it was. One that you couldn't miss it was in your face and had to be because that would having these symptoms and I was telling the doctors about the and -- than they were putting. Two and two together. And that was telling him you know -- yeah I am ministry of feeling like I'm -- I'm minister made up. Getting the -- from getting all the PMS symptoms but nothing's happening and that's because it's not that they had stopped working. And I went and had a mammogram. And when I had the mammogram. Actually eight died almost like -- into the -- I mean this is the parent I'm -- so. A lot of people listening to this small understanding if they don't I'll explain that I'm able to hear people like dad and I am able the spirit guide. Who are not people that they're that they actually spirit -- on the other side they've quite possibly would never human. And sometimes their guides from someone -- speak to my spirit guides in the not talked to me. And tell me something to help that person on my spirit guide -- -- to the rim as the doctor was reading the mammogram. And said tell him to look here and I remember thinking. Tell me you like nodding yes I'm not yet anything to tell that -- didn't look right over here. And silent I pointed to and my mammogram and I said that the doctor look over here. And he said that's not that -- had the cancer. Over here at the -- that had the cancer that I know but look at the breast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're healthy style home. And I thought you know what I have to have an MRI's to mammograms are working again I've ran downstairs I was in and then in the private entities who ran down. In -- nuclear medicine with the chief of radiologists my doctor and I that I really need an MRI. Any said the doctors stitch is called me he thinks you're having an anxiety attack and I agree there -- -- healthy. Kathy tell -- I understand -- -- being bad in everything because you've been through a lot was with the amount of radiation. And you're -- go home. What did I went home and that night I had a dream that was just impossible to ignore and -- I was asleep when the guys came to me out of my between two to pop up window like on the computer. And I stepped in and I saw my other guys standing around in -- rim and they were dressed like doctors in white shirt white you know white coat. Hat on his -- Claude that they wouldn't unemployed now because they're they're so comfortable. And I look in my element that's just really odd -- there wearing the white coats over there there road. And one of emotions for me that -- come closer points you know. Mammogram she's holding her hand -- the bottom left corner of my name Britain wearing big block black block letters. And she points to it and then as soon as they get close enough to look. All of the guys in the -- turn into circuits around. And that rocking back and forth on these big red shoes is that these big ball the doesn't impact that curly hair and I don't know that you -- round and just really. Yeah I don't like Clemens at all. -- -- Brightening. And I remember saying to myself wake up wake up this is a nightmare. And I woke up and I think you know I think in my hasn't gone back tomorrow and going back you know tomorrow morning. And I'm gonna tell them that I wanted to MRI and luckily like get it. I went back and I went right down -- L two which is lower and you know medicine to down into the nuclear. Area for radiology unit said that the chief of radiology. I want an MRI and within out in the waiting room. Because I told the nurse that said I want an MRI I wanna see the doctor now and I don't have an appointment and not leaving. -- issue that at the press didn't emergency button in the game lion now. And then he said Kathy we can't just give -- an MRI because you want when you need that you know you meet and something you don't have any because you're healthy. And I think you know what I'm not leaving here you're gonna have to call security and drag me attic above my feet kicking and screaming with some of the laid down in your lack. And I am going to -- attempt. -- can't get that New. York so -- get their hands up in the unit that like okay casting whatever results you any year. And he left blocked out the door it took me four and a half months. Get the MRI and I was in age or popular. Welcome that that proved to be I guess the right thing to do to it to be so persistent. So did you go back to that Doctor Who. I did they they were run for the hills but that might had a big meeting with them. And I think you know what the definition of it in India as to the point that could've found its way into the state for. What was her reaction to this. They just set -- look at me when the doctors actually -- it but I that is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different outcome. So you using mammograms over and over again when somebody who was mammogram didn't find cancer in the first place. And that -- and that that have an index didn't work on any more after two years that you didn't. And now at that stage four cancer. Now did you is so that -- this is back in what year was it 2004. Guys are 2005. I'm right here we are six years out stage four cancer. And your survivor. Yes it's almost seven years now yes. And amateur by the. And I just wanna mention again for listeners now because I think it is important to let them know that you she can't talk with your doctor make sure you're doing the treatments that they. Ask or to -- if you if you know the better treatment or wanna get a second opinion that's important as well. -- talking about doing some things that are complementary and a Green he is supposed to be something that is something very helpful as well. I I drink a lot of greens -- I think. I drank a lot of herbal teas because you don't feel really good pressure point to chemotherapy -- they're pretty bad. And I found that a lot of that herbal use settled my permit. Got -- of the hitters that you get on chemotherapy he. -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't wanna take one medication on top of the chemotherapy they gave me though Brandon didn't like that -- to calm me down but I found that it's not the that the herbal he'd work. This is wow and any time you take a medication. A regular you know pharmaceutical medication you have. You know side effects whereas with with the herbal teas and what that. That come blue -- he and and -- vegetable juices juice thing. There were no negative side effect. Were you working with the a holistic practitioner did you do your own research to find out what to taker how did you find out how to do that. It. Did you do anything like visualization you hear about those who go through chemotherapy and they visualize the cancer cells being. -- I did I get a lot of visualizing and I would even have some. Well I would Medicaid every night before I went to sleep and while I was going through my first. Can't I became a reiki master I took all the different levels of breaking. And I started using -- on myself every night before I went to bed and again that opens up the doors to the other rounds because you're inviting. This spirit guide in to help you to be a part of your medical team on his spiritual level. You know what I really find amazing in our area there is a lot of hospitals that are actually having practitioners come in now just to do this this. Treatment ungrateful and you know hospitals are we opening up to the possibility. Of that is what visualization and -- he has complementary. Healing methods as Nancy had mentioned. -- they're doing that in Boston -- it's again a fiber I think it's wonderful. Because the patient -- requesting it and when you get what if somebody just got one or two voices it's not as loud as when you have a whole group. -- what they want and and I believe the hospital listen and since it's -- it's not something that there ingesting it is this figure was not going to. And that's anything that they're dealing and I found that -- reiki. I would actually surrounded myself and healing golden light before I was going to have radiation every time. It would only allowed that which was of the highest in that becomes it during that treatment. And I didn't really get any -- I mean I've been burned the war on as scuba diving boat. This -- -- during radiation it it was not bad at all. -- Kathleen O'Keefe -- can of this is the author surviving canceling and the psychic aspects of healing the book is not out yet you're hoping to I get word -- I guess any day now. As to that where that book you know we'll be working with but there are places that people can find you can you let them know about them. Yes you can go to my website to couldn't accept just about everything about it from my web site and that is www. Surviving cancer land when it. Dot com. And -- that you can go to my Twitter page my FaceBook page. My blog. The different magazines that I write for it over on the right hand side. The radio interview them going and then been with you will be on that site can you can click on to that. And anything else I've done is up there and work and actually getting ready to do a radio interview with doctor Bernie -- In on January so that will be up there as well. Just go to my page and my web page and join me on my FaceBook pages and we can chat and comment back and forth to each other from there. Fabulous it's been so nice talking with you today Kathleen Kathleen has been a real pleasure and you know hopefully people can check out your information on your web page hopefully something in there. Will help someone if they have a gut feeling go out there keep keep pressing your doctors if you don't think they're diagnosis is right in get checked out. It -- market since it's a pleasure talking with you thank you so much for having me on your program. Good luck to you and continued good health okay. Okay thank you Kathleen this is Debbie while case paranormal science you can find us on FaceBook just search paranormal science. Email us paranormal science at. Dot EPA dot net. 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This -- Off you've gone through. -- insert yourself into -- did you have any personal indicators that might of led you to believe before medical diagnosis. That something was wrong. Well I did have on I am always had a very bad feeling that something could happen I mean I I always had of a worry it could have been because I had the benign. By -- -- very back in 1996 I was in diagnosed eleven years later. On so. I had that experience. I was nervous during that experience they went in and took it out they'd have called me and oh don't worry it's you know the nine and kind of put it in the back of mind. Memory bank. And so when I after I had my daughter back in 2003. I just can remember when I was breastfeeding her always being really concerned and the thing was I was concerned about. The rest -- into the -- breast cancer. I kept telling myself for something kept telling me that you know you really need to get a mammogram. And when your breast -- it's tough to do that because you know your. -- milk at the time it's really hard to do that I'm immigrant. On -- I did ask my doctor few times about things that I didn't feel were right not the part where it actually end up happening. On but I would say that in October 2006 I was diagnosed until April of 2007. October 2006 I was watching my son plays soccer. And I had this team that went right across my chest -- right across. And it is similar to those women to ever have breast fed before. Two before your milk -- to get this really tightening and it's a painful feeling. And it was so sharp that it took my breath away. And so I just kind of got up walked around and I sat back down and after that one night I got to the night. -- had that feeling again -- paint. So I called my doctor and I said you know what is that and he said well you know some women after they even a year or so after they stopped breastfeeding makes still will get that. It keeps bothering you let me now. And it didn't bother me again but I often thought was that somebody trying to tell me. Because it really it it was about 82 years almost after his numbers it. It was at some way that I was trying to be told wake up go get checked so -- person you know can beat myself up over the head like why didn't she go to the doctor -- and get a check. On but I will say that. Probably as I was mentioning -- and I found a lump. I found a lump under my -- -- -- that was actually swallowed it was not in my -- the feeling that you know and I had just had. Eight manual physical breast exam by my doctor because I was not yet forty. So I was and I know he told me all in October when you turn forty get a mamet and he did it. In just a regular breast exam about a month and a half before it was diagnosed and didn't find anything I had a very small lot. But anyway the one day that I'm sitting at my computer and I'm on the Internet. And and I feel under my arm and I feel this month cycle and my husband and I said this. And he does think grabbed the lump it's on the side of my rib cage he -- under my arm feels a different one. Which was really odd that he even grabbed under my arm because I'm pointing down here and for some reason he grabbed -- in my army said yeah I feel that -- a -- down here. Well on what's really odd is that it wasn't until a month or so later after I was diagnosed. That I went back on the computer. And I mean I was on the computer before that but I was on the computer looking for cancer books and if you're surviving cancer after and diagnosed. And what I do as a go to Amazon and if anybody's familiar with Amazon. You can put stuff in your cart and save it. And what happens is if you get twenty -- -- with a stop he would free ship excel. Yeah I would throw I would go out there and throw stuff in the cart and then you know and and then the next week it's like he modern found something and put it in and then I'd order whenever. I put a book in my cart in wanna put Republican Mike Hart in Mike Hart pops up a breast cancer beanie baby doll it's in my car and picking. When did this breast cancer be any baby doll -- in my car this is something -- input -- well I couldn't remember. Obviously I must dove because you don't want times I do you have beanie babies and stuff and the kids have them. But I look at the date added to cart. The date that beanie baby doll was added to the cart was that day that I found the lump under my arm and I was sitting at factory -- because it was Easter Sunday. An Easter Sunday was the day that I found that lump under my arm. And I looked at the calendar and I said are you kidding me the days so I must have put that in my car while I was just scanning through. And that happens today that I found the lump under -- Now is that odd that is not that that's it was way coincidence it was it one of those weird coincidence moments but as I mentioned to Kathleen. I have talked to a number of women who are breast cancer survivors over these years. And sell many of them had some kind of up feeling. That's something just wasn't right. In Kathleen I think maybe a little bit more developed than a lot of people's psyche tweaked a little more in tuned. So. There's a lot of other people out there that might get information coming from your body or their spirit guides as Kathleen had mentioned that but probably a lot subtler ways. Bright and that's the thing that I was -- said. Talked to her about was just that for many women out there. You may get something much more subtle and it's something that maybe you should pay attention to like. I really wish that I had listened more to that inner part of me that kept saying. Get a mammogram is a get a mammogram really strong gut feeling when your doctor says knowing your fine but your feeling knowing not there's something wrong. And my problem was that because I had gone through. Trauma earlier with the other one worried about it thinking about it. And then finding out it was nothing my fear was that -- just being paranoid because of what they've got to before and -- -- just gonna put myself through all this emotional turmoil. And in the end it would have been so much better fight just followed what might. Got my heart whatever was was telling me. So I would -- for women out there in and I wanna make the distinction between people and a lot of -- a contract won't know that there hypochondriac. But there are people out there who maybe paranoid about every illness. If this is something unusual. Outside of your normal experience if you're not someone who's always worry that something's wrong. Which in getting this nagging feeling. I would pay attention to it I would definitely pay attention to -- if -- one of these people though who always feels like something's wrong. I think that's something else now or app apple might say I agree with someone -- but it is good to. I talk with your doctor. She had talked about about you know a different. Treatments and sending in samples here there in in getting this other kind of treatment outside of conventional medicine. And that's fine and if that works for her that's great my concern always is for the there's a lot of people out there when they go through this work deathly afraid of in -- conventional treatment which is chemotherapy. Or radiation very. And I really would not want someone to if there's so many -- slam. Companies out there that say they'll do this for you -- do that for you and they take advantage of people. And nothing that Kathleen even did that with her situation but I just think it's important for us to let people know that. You have to be very careful when you go outside of you know the conventional. Medical field I would do something that incorporates. You know the western medicine. With the eastern medicine. And I think Kathleen made a point that she gatekeeper doctors. Apprised of what she was doing she worked with her doctors the whole time and persistently pushed them. Into doing additional tests that she wanted but at the same time they were fully aware of while the other holistic. Options that she was pursuing as well. And in its and the other hand don't also always blindly follow your doctor if you start. Researching and finding other options out there I I am a huge advocate. Of getting a second opinion getting a second opinion on the surgery get a second opinion on the oncology and whether it's radiation or chemotherapy. I don't care they tell you that it's a very typical cancer and you know we know what the standard level of terrorism what is should be. I say get a second opinion all the time. Always Nancy -- of the younger women out there wind is the best time age wise for a woman to start getting checkups. Mammograms and immigrants. I will I would it could be I know that they recommend the age of forty it's very important to let people know though that to four women who have a genetic. Connection. Whether and it and I wanna say this because I was always told mother sister. Well I had in my mother's sister. Who died of breast cancer my mother's maternal aunt who died of breast cancer both in their early forties. My mother's mother had passed from ovarian cancer we did not know what type of cancer was my mother was only -- when her mother died so they never told her. Well those are really strong connections to a genetic breast cancer and breast cancer or -- cancer in your family. Is a red flag and you should talk to your doctor about getting genetic testing in that case. But it doesn't have to just be mother or sister you can have a father who has a gene. And he won't get breast cancer but your chances of getting that Sheen -- the same as if it were your mother. So it's really important that you talked to your doctor and if you are any if you have a young female breast cancer in your feeling or mail. At whatever age they were diagnosed that. You should be getting screened ten years earlier. So if you have a sister mother and anti patted at 39 years old they should start looking at -- 29. Now but five to 10% of breast cancers are genetic the rest are sporadic it's -- you'd spontaneous she just don't know. So it not to panic people but the best thing to do is talk teetered doctor. And that's the best advice I can get. Now we we talked with Kathleen a little bit about visualization. And I'm a big fan of that I'm a big fan of the power of positive thinking. I I know people quality news is think you know I'm sick sick sick in -- field you know something always wrong and I think that's programming the body to. Make itself sick. You know when you are. Constantly. I'm not feeling well I think you know this is my personal opinion but you know it seems to work. For me ten to heal my body better is to. Picture myself well. You know night after night as I'm going to bed just picture myself feeling well and working along with the doctors and this could be as simple as -- cold. Just a picture yourself well you don't wanna you don't think yourself feeling sick it's not gonna help. Keep picturing yourself well and I think that helps accelerate the findings human capacity. Yeah well I do believe you have to be careful with what he sang the words that you say can get planted in your brain and you have little things that you might say like I can't stand -- I can't take this anymore. You know those are things that I think when you tell yourself. You can't stand it. You know maybe you can't stay you know you're not going to be able to stand. So I I agree with you that positive thinking is important I think that and I know that when I went through chemotherapy. I had recorded myself reading. This of visualization. Kind of and it wouldn't say hypnosis committing a wonder but it was it where I was. Reading for about ten minutes about you know the on the chemotherapy drugs going in and killing the cancer cells or will you will be well and every little cell of my body is healthy and we will sell my body as well we'd have in you'd say these things to yourself. And every night I would listen to that when -- down. And and I do think it's on helpful because there's so much that is out of your control when you're going through that. That it does give you some sense of control that yes I can control how I -- I can do and how I can react to it. Right and the mind is a very powerful thing and I think the body response. To the mine very well I agree. So that's. 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