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Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler

Jan 28, 2013|

Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler talks with WILK's Sue Henry about the decision by his town to not enforce any federal changes to gun laws.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1107 W wild day in the last. Thursday in school kill counties Gilbert send. There was -- -- that you people for a -- near and far to talk about an issue. That issue would be a protecting Second Amendment Rights. We in a phone call a last week I spoke to the nicest lady ever in Gilbert's last Friday. And we have the opportunity right now to connect to with cheap mark Kessler of Gilbert's and so chief thanks for calling us we appreciate it. I -- and a lady I talked to was the nicest lady ever so I do is send her my best. And I'm certain that Foster my secretary issues phenomenal. She is a very nice lady and now you guys and got ourselves into. Say the national spotlight to achieve -- is that is that fair to say have you gotten a lot of attention for what happened at this meeting last week. Let's turn this thing absolutely. I think it to have attention then. Anticipated. I just want to do something for my community from my district constituents. Honestly we're taking -- stand. We're not gonna force Cheney. -- Laws and regulations orders and into Second Amendment to conduct Washington -- -- state or local level either. All tangled ball which boundaries should end. -- -- -- the the fire has been ringing nonstop to support and encouragement from all over the country internationally. Let machine it's. Cold regulate pitched. Issues and sometimes she truly hard to get back a lot of people -- kits are always need to know that there is so many. Follow American downstairs that still believe in the country and still blown you know now. That fight the fight. So clay move from what you're seeing on on the federal level chief. I'm assuming you don't. Like get. Well. I'm concerned about. Our freedoms I'm -- concerned about. I'm quite sure -- intriguing moment when they grow up you know my grandchildren. -- that's right now as efficient use. Four gentlemen all week I believe. In contrast to the -- training camp and I don't Russian officials actually. On a daily basis -- I get DC. No decision to get letters and email from them they don't know DOJ. -- just assume. A real page every year and they're just and we'll -- great. And we -- that any president or any administration reform history. And just think -- I'm really concerned so that's why I need to do sometimes even the pollution is something -- -- still need to do something make relation to the extension from what I understand say. Thank you will understand this is where I'm most parents. And I hope. That there -- more people follow. Yeah now Orton some people may -- -- -- chief that says that Washington has a good intentions they're reacting to a situation that they saw on Connecticut they're reacting to a situation. Where we we lost a lot of children. And then the notion is that to that kind of loss of life is not acceptable just due to take the other side of the story -- I'm sure they view as someone in law enforcement and also someone who has children as you just mentioned just couldn't I had have looked at the situation very carefully how would you respond to people who might use that as a as a criticism about what you did. I like to say more global so sure who the -- To Connecticut that mothers and fathers that lost children. I couldn't even imagine what they're going true. -- defend myself and grandfather. My boot order was up done and I'm more than what some. Because the use of this ill persons attacked. This unspeakable crime that this man -- does not mean. That. We as American as you are right we'll watch our founding fathers trough or my father trapped from Vietnam. Grandfather -- not to Germany for a world war two and still retain my right -- And this and that and that that. Rendition crime look at it okay will this all. Gosh trichet will complete this approved for. The -- wherever they can do that. I'm not a doctor. If we can we'll -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- the outcome critical not a mansion at turtle once those poor people -- -- right now can't follow myself. And while I would react beater but I still. We've -- all rights and -- many older. Very men and women across this country gave bird did open check inflation in defending it our freedoms. This is chief mark Kessler of the -- in Pennsylvania who joins us this morning on W -- okay. To talk about a decision which was rendered that last week. By their municipal body that they won't. That they won't enforce any kind of -- infringement on the on the Second Amendment now. Founder and chief of the -- on the field all the time. A two. Have may be a different imagery of the criminals and guns as opposed to what you see because and on television we've seen of course. A lot of weapons which which appeared to be. Frightening to be able to don't know about weapons I don't know if there's a better way to say it. Can you talk in general terms about what it's like to be in law enforcement and generally that the kinds of firearms you see that are used to commit crimes. China and the -- their firearms are they weren't into. On the streets and hang -- there isn't an easy. Tactical rifles. Around these alleged assault weapon -- deal at all. People -- and our strong relationship watched that. The concept car in the crush you got -- And I usually a lot of cheap handguns in my field. I can't even -- -- interest in some sort of my job I have never come across a man what -- semiautomatic rifle. We'll do and I -- a criminal. Semiautomatic rifle and treating -- credit -- and my. Quote should -- them they used cheaper and under the direction. So this this image that is being portrayed of these these weapons -- image should be a false image meant to just instill fear in people. -- yes I do I mean. What happened there is that they're talking and so. That -- thousands of dollars. And and -- made it or not. Rifles that they are talking about third anywhere from you know waltrip and his daughters who all look at 6000 dollars. And I knew that they can spend 4050 yards. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- date via strong you know expect -- and I present at the time the personal and that they used in crimes. And are cheap -- No they're not these tactical rifle. So that the people led to our. In possession of of those kind. A firearms in the and you used the phrase alleged assault weapons of are they are they they they kind of people that did that we should fear. Are they third. And the gang members all of them while I'm trying to I'm sorry say that our area even done my little area. Not my account for shape over in the neighboring town occasion trashed it would gang members are. Then into English truly frightening it all my community is basically. All -- tight leash and they're good good people. The neighboring community Asia has been overwhelmed with getting members flooding into. -- and move the country I stopped the gang member. Are you should cobble -- any NBA and thank anonymous cheeks and anger not a and more are on drugs. I mean that's what's Clinton library. And Moreno didn't show me some people but I checked. I'm engaged in nation getting members from lower country are flocking here because of the cheap housing. And home and eat. They can get -- big fighter drugs cheaper in their area and transport them back to. All area where they can get -- time to value -- referred. And they can secure. -- penguins here. From the other. Our criminal elements in our area. Can take it back to. Various Chicago New York City -- -- but I mean I've come across a lot of traffic would have passed. Try to be -- wouldn't look -- -- only -- actually you limit third out there creating. And yeah be very careful in Oregon South Carolina. So what should entourage beat crucial within he had just sort negative -- -- -- -- -- -- 45. And then in the box you know that -- crowd of people momentum they don't know much companies are not -- categorical. Change. These criminals they don't I don't have it -- -- you know. Until now this argument you make today which I think is a fairly sound argument and let me say it's not the first time ever heard a police officer make this argument. Why isn't this argument chief Kessler being made more across the country why -- sixteen. That what you're saying today which seems to make sense. Which is your personal experience. Which is that what you're most worried about why is that not part of this discussion. It's Steve -- mainstream media trying to push the issue of gun control and almost conscience. Up against it I believe in and that in and gun control that changed my opinion. You know there is some. Don't need to be corrected. You know as far as to try and bridge street clothes. Oh well we already have universal background checked so cross country. Do you hear pennsylvanians to. A private betrayal on long armed only don't repeat that that's only legal for long gone only I still believe that I should be able -- Past way long guns to my family members. Or cultural background checked my sons and daughters. From -- it can -- to me. Try and father truly end to from his father and so on and so forth in that there is some some problems you are correct. As far as that goes two. I don't believe you can you know. You should eight. The law abiding citizen child to -- truly liberation. Backbone check just get a tank compartment could carry concealed I don't believe that. The -- say don't do it. The bad guys will never abide by the law and Kerry -- use guns the matter a lot. The only person that's -- the suffer from the -- and control the law abiding tradition unfortunately. So that this resolution that day YouTube folks -- past is in opposition to any local state or federal regulation of firearms. I -- so who moved. People -- say if that that that's the law of the land chief then you really should be enforcing at how do you answer that argument back. Power grab back the constitution United States still try to keep and bear arms shall not be in traction. And I sat there and -- say. That can't keep and bear arms. High island to explain to -- arms. They focus so much on the farm but or -- could be. What ever you being. The American people who rob -- and citizens being that they wanted to happen to protect themselves protect their family and if need be protect our nation. But -- armed can be sold for good Bagger can you want. -- proud to be a fire could be across both could be what every would be necessary if -- that protect yourself trapped in a country. You know. It's certainly the constitution. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And good sense -- reached eight shall not -- question and I understand what part of that. That. Decent -- eastern Washington don't get. All these rules and regulations I think they're unconstitutional but it only hurts the ball by musician -- -- But we can't miss weaponry you can almost let them -- you know -- all that that's dirt that's up and then it shouldn't be up to the government just say oh you're not allow. It should be up to the people who say well no they don't -- on this one or they've been don't want and don't any ground at all it's called for the people to decide that it's not up to the government -- -- She said mark -- it's been our pleasure. To host to this morning from Bill -- on W I'll OK I thank you for your insight and your input and now you're strong statements I think you make a lot of sense.