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U.S Congressman Lou Barletta

Jan 30, 2013|

United States Congressman Lou Barletta offers his ideas regarding immigration reform to WILK's Sue Henry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- astonishing number 11 joins us this morning hi -- how area. Good morning so I'm doing good thank you. It's nice to veto call us yesterday you released a statement after the presidents. Immigration speech which he gave out in no mom and this opened with there's no question that our immigration system is broken and needs to be repaired but the truth -- The president's immigration plan is nothing new. Similar to the senate plan unveiled on Monday it does not address the underlying causes of illegal immigration in our country would you like to. I -- come up. Sure to you know we always learn what trio with what Detroit -- who. First things first -- and the first -- of six armor our broken immigration policy here and there are places to make sure our borders are secure first. And -- not only our northern and southern border. Top 40% of those -- in the country illegally did not cross state border illegally became one of these are the visa expires and they simply disappear into the system and we have no way of tracking them. This is a national security issue. And that's why I believe that this is vilified. Too. Or up up up I have to -- that includes a pathway to citizenship. At a time when we know that our borders are not secure and that we cannot track people when they can't search for the country and the reason. -- I disagree with that. It because you're -- urging people from all over the world. -- come here illegally. And then they should be given a green light to get shear and the new -- grant they're just temporary. Well legal status. And then eventually become process and I think -- ten to twelve million estimating -- well. By millions just like -- fit in 1986. When they could restrain trade. That's the American people -- the last time we'll get a secure our borders and that cover up. So in your estimation know what is a valid solution. Well. First who wanted to go out. You know the most because I -- believe there's a little misconception here. Is that is that we bring you. The immigrants that come to the United States for the opportunity that state is not what America is all about opportunity. I believe we're hurting the immigrants are here because we're oh making them compete. -- jobs that they need at a time one point two million Americans out of work borne out according to bring in more people to compete with jobs. Illegal immigrants. You need right now we get started and and my -- United States. We need to do assume this is his trip back to the basics of securing our borders and be able to track people. Well you ought to be or make -- that we no wonder he's six fires. That they blocked the country we need to make sure we're doing. Legitimate background checks I know would've -- what's involved in doing a contract. But we also know there are people throughout the world war on America -- if we if we don't do legitimate background checks on those. That are comment I believe our national security will be. Compromised. When you are forced the laws we already out if -- -- there is that these are the basic things we should do first and then start to feel what's. The problem of those that are already here and I'd say they're not only because it makes a lot of sense you want to replace your corporate Olmert is still well all liberal. Though and I think there's more politics behind these all the numbers looking Urquhart also. So it these the tracking that's not being done right now is that -- is that feasible is it doable what if it is why isn't being done. I believe it is arguably the cost Barkley you know -- states so they know who your credit market so we are. I don't believe there's a sincere effort. Uploading in to securing our borders and to being able to people. And and we need to others look at our world today and we have different reps you know we never worry what we grew up threats on our own. A land that we do. All black and as we do very and and so we have good reason the immigration laws that -- -- are probably autos were created to protect American jobs. And protect the American people and that should still be the principles behind what we're doing quite I believe we can't do we want to. And I think that's what we should do first. Two weeks off during this are encouraging people to come here illegally. And take away more jobs -- it makes it harder for people here in the United States sent. That's what I I think we should be talking about pathway to citizenship yet until we are excited that we are secured and our orders. Well I was reading an article this morning -- before he came on the air from London guardian of -- Europe then in this article says the number of border control agents has doubled. In six years in there has been a massing a massive increase in federal spending. On enforcement. How how is this not a ramped up effort to secure the border. Well one thing again my experience from a multi realize our experiences but I personally. Are we a serious problem what fraudulent documentation Erin where 15100 dollars to 3000 dollars you can go to all new identity preferred to Social Security eager -- where you want. They can't walk forced them that we have no idea what we're feeling worst. We have to rest there are a young man and an open the F financial security courts here are the right -- So we don't know who many arms. The other side of -- -- of this story so if we we got settled adjournment debate and these are legitimate question that I believe the American people these absurd. -- for a week or with the policies of our our country you know another I don't know I think is very very important Heritage Foundation did a study. That's even after the tax revenue is realized promoter -- -- country illegally. It will cost point seven trillion dollars over the next ten years and -- possible come from Medicare Social Security unemployment compensation food stamps. And welfare programs because many people are just getting started and I will rely on these programs. You know we're serious about how they are -- in ten years there's anybody -- -- -- what. Fiscal what the first full impact will be and again these are things -- -- people -- -- I think their legitimate. And we shouldn't be rushing. For what I've read this for political purpose -- -- roll out through the house. What you think about the plan that was unveiled by the eight senators. I don't think it again if -- what they're doing is they're dangling this pathway to citizenship or cock in their bats with a focus there's you know what's out way to. Citizenship remember. Then they have all these all -- so like we did in 1986 under. Yeah -- they had doubled last and -- public areas is can. Some of the things that need to be stopped. Background -- okay. I would like this you are being held about oh here's the Department of Homeland Security going to do background -- on twelve million people are gonna be much. Our basic unit to get her back or are just workers are -- Because they also say that you can stay on a temporary. Legal status until all of these things are done you can keep your job. So I don't know if the air is what what about people -- awaiting the companies enter the United States. Here is the back aboard air tobacco why do what exactly does not being as they also claim that you need to learn English first they learned cervix. That's all good so there are still technically a little upbeat Don little was going to be what you've learned civics for. Where and -- -- -- -- borders must be secure first beer summit of the provisions in the senate itself. In the meantime. You're gonna get temporary legal status which could be -- a little -- They're likely -- likely temporary amnesty in thought Humphrey and all of these are things are not enough. The danger always are talking about halfway citizenship before. We all the other problems that. Again in 86 it was three million now we're talking about twelve million. And 510 years down the road we could be dealing with the same problem once Rick and I believe the American people need to be all the -- -- legitimate. Discussion. And look at all sides of the issue and then make policies. 44 countries that will protect the American people. Am so UNC asking how many people you believe. Are. Illegal and working in our country taking American jobs dispersants as they see it all the time. Five to ten people working under the same Social Security number and all different states at the same time. Well -- you -- -- anybody really could could answer accurately how many people are here. Illegally taking jobs what we do know -- surged 22 million Americans who are out of work so. You know again encouraging people are common here and and then we will grant you citizenship eventually it is. Without question going to increase that number of people who are here illegally when when you can still get import country. The true. Are open borders or through all of -- -- that expires. So we're going to be -- even more people every -- to hurt the most by about. He -- -- what was going to be economic or that -- shots -- survive. We'll bring your people compete those jobs and that's -- articulate restriction for an opportunity that want good education for their children. -- -- all the things that America must serves but yet at the same time. Well we're sorry you know you can comment to the country illegally. Going to be -- don't American citizenship but but certainly immigrants that are here well done nothing wrong freight by the rules. And only one opportunity where -- -- You Wisconsin -- -- -- thank you for joining us this morning and W -- can't talk about this issue I'm sure -- come up again in the future. Who can't take care.