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May 14, 2013|

Featuring guests from the independent film, "Please, Talk with Me" are Director, Mara Katria and key witness and victim of the violent haunting the film was based on, Christopher DiCesare.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- It's a okay. -- -- All right happy Mother's Day to all your mothers out there. I'm mark guys from the Pennsylvania paranormal association I'm here with Joseph talked color won't have to mosaic. -- tonight we're going to be talking about some. Plantings I guess you would call them that -- -- add colleges. Universities around the area around the state there's a lot of stories and legends that come out of those and in particular one out of New York -- of this state universities -- intelligent ECO. And we're gonna have. Chris Fitch's a rate who was a student they're back in 1995 with us and a film was made based on his experiences. And market tree as a director. Who made a film. Joseph I know you wouldn't work shown in law enforcement around the -- and a college just you know have you heard of and anything around this area it all gossip is there are evenly I teach at -- also -- one instructors there and even then when I was going their back in no -- 2000. 2001. There was a store armed campus as far as different didn't have a -- -- the time but they're all different stories about how does it all the building is comfortable just tell stuff never actually. Found out who was sure not but I know I he and -- mark we actually investigating -- local. Local polish can we do. Yeah you know colleges are interesting armed this particular case -- in Newark goes a little bit beyond the typical. Like or you will comes out yeah this was actually very well documented at the time. And there were a lot of witnesses to this and it goes beyond the you know story I guess and then kudos to them to physics at the time necessarily this product and aspect is as they -- document was probably a little on the going on the edge if you elect today there's there's -- -- some type of model to go -- back then it was kind of there are winging it for the good job. Yeah video and this was something on these these kids there had the foresight to. Document. Everything's at that went on to college and I actually had an opportunity to be an -- At one of there symposiums they were going around the area. Prior to this film coming out other films called please talk with me. And if he was very interest in the end intentions behind. The film I thought were were great they want to show a very realistic account of what happened. And they actually included -- several key witnesses. To be consultants for the movie. That they did they did I should have an opportunity to wash out any chance watch all the but I washed -- the majority have announced they went to do do -- good job as far as documentation goes nothing else. Yeah they did. You know it's it's interesting when you have -- faculty and I think also report. Activity at locations as well other than one college that we had the opportunity to do that that was. One in particular that a lot of faculty members were having experiences there as well. It's something that. You know you don't get often I guess usually it's the stories that you are behind -- -- because -- the students and Zach this is Susan used as a parent you know we've drawn the stuff you know -- -- after party or something that the Solomon as far as faculty goes you know I mean they're always there there there you know. Some depending on we will have a professor may be -- after -- four hours hoping the -- -- -- -- securities a huge nowhere there's someone calls security was one of the biggest opera also -- -- -- -- -- we open buildings up we see things move we see up. What do different things as we're walking air worthiness of the keys or should be in their self. Yeah you know it's it's interesting as well when you have a security officers who were little bit scared to go a certain areas in different places and they were there and they weren't just yeah. And I mean Keystone College is a place that is. Over the Internet with the uninteresting stories and sightings there Wilkes university in Wilkes-Barre has a lot of interesting stories that come out of there and you know you have to wonder does some of that have an actual you know. Basis to -- Nobody much professional on -- -- -- -- -- -- school he told him much different -- down there and from what I understand as you became a professor there are certain things -- Erica after hours like I said. And I wish some things himself on explain why -- steel doors on -- -- I'm sorry book lights on door is open. You know stuff like that's off. Yeah and we're going to be hearing for -- Nomura -- Christopher shortly. -- little bit of technical difficulty with him calling ensor gonna get that worked out. -- you know something that goes along with. -- -- in universities in stories. From there are our hospitals as well. And I it is quite interesting fascinating to me any notes can probably because of all the other death that occurs there may be I don't know why particular -- which state run hospital but. Com there's a there's a lot of stories from hospitals around the country. As well there's actually -- famous for issue can contribute to the it's actually what things there as an Angel fuel going toward the rooms of a young child I was gravely ill after he's the son. White and Julia Gershon went and the other child actually became. Com more responsive afterwards and I actually end up going home within a week -- so if if you wash YouTube especially having on the security footage itself. And that's on YouTube. It is I'm Charlotte toughness more information -- -- -- on YouTube it's I think it's under the heading empire and angelic visitor it's to a child's best side. Yeah you know there's and another interest in story that came out of Wilkes-Barre who recently I don't know if you saw it in the newspaper was home that was for sale. And they actually had -- listed as possibly haunted home. And I don't know I don't know if that's a good way to. You know I guess who's a who's buying -- you have your you have your skeptics are like I'll go there and nothing happened or how those people that want to. Yeah just actually go into. Excuse me. Actually go into the house just to see if not you'll do actually like that the -- feeling if you will or people who we'll see how that's hot and I'm not going anywhere near that home. Yeah I've I've heard people. Continue particularly by owned buildings such as bed and breakfast just because of that claim that there's upon things going on there. And you know it's it's really growing. And to be quite a fascination these days I think people want to experience something for them themselves and even with. Restaurants. -- that's something that I think they like to have. The association with her locations they like Al hauntingly people who come and take a look I was actually a local rush from the wife and I end up. -- her short Reno talking and since she made from an old train station time transition has agreed to issue behind any session have a boarding house upstairs in the transition. They actually asked does -- they don't want their dream and -- hasn't yet the thrashing kind of unpleasant contact us for investigations like the -- -- in the future look forward to Australia and will be. Definitely happy to help out there. -- there's home that was down and won't -- and we actually had this gentleman on on the radio station last year. Who. Who we investigated his home and it turned out to be an episode on the haunted. And the house went up for sale. Maybe about a year afterwards and people around town actually knew you knew the stories of the activity and whatnot there and that was one of the things that I think led the people. To come in and take a look at this house and legacy may eventually bought and it was you quite historical home but -- also. And you know all these experiences of people had her reported there -- so. I think the biggest thing is people saying you don't quite 400 homes that we should go until Hollywood effects are meant to -- things I've been demonic or something negative. I'm you know that would be. Then there's a -- true on this -- you see you know as you know -- investigations we do. I mean silence and so demonic Arafat is more times than not not until my side as more customers looking for help. Yeah yeah and if there's -- in depending on who you talk to there's a lot of people out there who. Trying to go either way some are really into the demons you know everything's demon. And then you have the people who were early ever you know come across that are some -- some investigative groups don't even believe -- that point. I think there's are huge. The difference between what people originally think they have and then when teams when they're investigating these find out if it's a lot less you know not to say that the anxiety. Did isn't good for them but it turns out to be you know maybe some -- abusive -- person who was an alcoholic dad is still there and an embarrassing -- -- people I was afraid of the unknown when they don't know they're afraid of self. Okay well we have a final we are Krstic as a -- with us on the phone -- there -- this. I am hello hello hello and welcome Chris I just want to -- well let people know again you know you're your -- But no had to experiences you were a student back in 1985. That one is as UN YE universities in. -- seal my -- correct. -- -- -- CO OK and let me just start by asking 01 let me say though though the film that was based on your life experience there was this call please talk with -- -- right now. How does it feel. -- have movie based on your life experiences. -- hook up a public salute it's the amazing thing that I never thought it would happen in fact. It's really. Looking at the worst or most. -- part of my life so appear to ask an important time what would be made a movie. It be that so it is fit this though neither of them. Know if people are finding value. In the events that occurred back then and -- course on earth. What what was your initial. Thoughts are receptive to us to having a film based on this. -- against the side air but for many years -- eight or tried to avoid -- talking about these things. I didn't really understand them but I wanted to and then once the -- goes on you people wanna talk to what enters. The end I didn't wanna be kind of person one out there with a defect. However I would just. Convinced by me the decency and integrity. Of the people creating the film public market -- and -- birds -- good looks and just like -- Carter Ryan is a war movie but it's really about people he wanted to put this on film. Enough focus on the coast so much as to focus on. The college student my friend and I can -- we try to survive an indoor something we can understand the predict. Yeah you know there's so many television shows that are out there right now I don't think people. Really understand by watching the shows that haunting and going through something you Digg users wasn't a very pleasant one. So it is a very personal thing. I mean you agree with that. I assure what if in fact knowing what -- very personal fit relaxed and for a long time we're talking. The two weeks so there was no break commitment you watched the shows on television. You have about 42 minutes. For some -- using some kind of become very using some kind of device to capture maybe it's sound good movements. You know trucks. There was no such break. Feel when the thinking went the wrong word my nephew or called your name or terrorize you you can trust TV set you you can go back analyzer data. They're trying to survive being prepared. Sorry we have market tree on the phone with us now hi Mara. -- -- going -- let -- -- don't do it now -- the director of the film again this call please talk with me. Tom how do you find out about -- experience that the university back in 1985. Only goodness that was a pretty loud bang because I had heard maybe break the -- -- -- rumor about something's happened at Dayton -- know much about it. They crazy crazy thing on an -- today and so lucky until the last three gentleman I had worked on. The voiceover work for a video game extension. With mr. William Edwards what are you give an eight copying until copy. A -- what they're now called the CTV wonder -- -- know could actually get the photo copy of these amazing notes that there's gentlemen John Jeff Arnold are. Coolant a colleague of -- at the time took down then hanky and put those things away in a kind of kids and -- Made a copy and somebody else had made a copy in the very in -- -- mr. L Lewis has somehow options given them to mr. Edwards who showed them to me and then I thought wow this thing Israel. He went and we commented on. It earlier was. The foresight that these students had at the time to document this so well. Chris let me ask you what what was the other reasoning behind. Documenting this was this something that. John Jeff just kinda did who with other aspects of life for it was a certain particular interest of him to make it -- you know -- -- document. Well I wish I could say it was foresight. They would not know the kind you know look back some time that's what we've done and it's been incurred to look at the time. I didn't believe that ghosts can do this that they existed there there was such a thing. And I thought at first there was something wrong internally. And I asked him if you wouldn't mind you're an English major recording write down on what I was seeing and hearing. Try to be treated like actually. OK then you know he he agreed I think because he's worried about me that's someone that -- -- -- night -- so. And him so we'll tell you he didn't write these notes for public consumption Kerviel. Ironically it's you know they're used for just that and I think that's one reason there's such -- an insight into. Our situation and what happened went through because draw so so there's the capital moments. So -- are saying is basically he was document for purses are basic to help you as far as just have a medical or psychological issue that you may be going out mr. Bob I'm going up. And it just and then being -- notes as far as Paramount just. Exactly exactly right and as the evidence against -- now with photographs -- -- It became co director few weeks while. That is actually something we'd probably hold onto a look at. Because this might be important -- actually we brought those notes to -- Thought the priest and -- Cutler can't just to let them see what was happening can be explained -- we -- All right -- Masco Moore and Christopher to hang on now we got to take a short commercial break. You'd like to comments or ask any questions you could. Call us at 1804370098. Or. Text or talk to 99404. Will be back right after these short messages. Mark Kaiser permanent care -- can rehab many people are haunted by back pain. It's degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury and the professionals and Herman -- practically rehab now been trained using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain with locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. For you -- -- -- practical even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic dot com refinement FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right we're back we're talking with the director of market trios. Please talk with meat and key witness Christopher that you as a ray Murray Chris thanks again for joining us on the show. And take you. Tomorrow I want to. Ask. And one thing I know we talked about earlier as well Christopher. Said he had some reservations about doing this in the beginning and I think I would myself to someone came to me and said hey we wanna do. Movie on this very personal thing why who was important you actually including Christopher and John just. On garner. India. As a movie as far as actually being consultants correct. We actually did and I think that's great what did you feel was so important to do that. Welcome the idea no good for working with harm first of all in reaching out to them and making sure it was something that. They knew we would treat with respect in the Hollywood really look at what they actually voluntarily not try to. From facial -- something that the party so pure and and and valuable and yet raw and really traumatic. And to that degree for the audience -- -- Opportunity to keep them again and give them the truth to give them something that was authentic and genuine and hard the human experience because. It's finally make fiction Cowell loved it I -- and she and I -- can make a dramatic beautiful Mbenga. If I can get people -- but make it true and make it real. And I think -- valuable. And I really appreciate the fact that you try to make this as authentic as possible there like this there's a lot of different types of television shows that are out there right now and in Hollywood movies. And most of them are very fear based that this this film shows a very personal account. From a human perspective of what somebody went through and initially healthy they resolve the issue. You have -- -- -- -- yeah I also believe that if you are watching this video armed. It was going to do is I think people should have problems thrown its initial little validity to them that they're not necessarily you know oracle going nuts. Her mental health issue that is actually happens in the end and just how pure include documentation was how special was not letting people feel actually more inclined and you come out their own stores. Now Chris you -- you. If it started having some experiences I guess in your thinking you know is this a psychological issue in him and I can actually. Can say I I had something similar when I was younger and this I've talked about on the show before and if I can mention last week where I heard my name called for several times throughout my life as starting maybe your own age twelve. And has no idea what it was I still don't you know could be psychological and who knows but. Plea deal. You had a lot of more stuff going I I think some things are turning physical -- other people were starting to experience also what as well what was the very first inkling you had. The ocean beyond as far as Germany did you tell your may want this and they've looked like part him telling you -- he can bring a few when you're like -- But that's exactly it. The first time she's mentioned seeing anything. We had a walked in the Roman -- on the he's side of the room -- know what standard room and being disciplined expense you know if somebody looking at me. The tournament you're someone looking at -- -- about. And I defendant is no gender no it is -- what does it look like he described the exact thing I've been seeing and for me that was being. They could go more I knew I knew something was going on -- he really had some frightening frightening -- the possibilities. Chris for listening viewers to just describe that -- a summit announced in the film or another just describe exactly you know what what that look like you guys. Shore sea -- and he apparition. Look there's no worry. A young man might say between billowed from the 1617 men and -- They -- Heidi blue and gold coloration to be holding more now on its torso. Of a leg to -- Velika. A medium blue leather captain material. That the Netflix tilted and that was snapped RBIs were vacant almost white collar. Them elsewhere and spread gate open and not why pay enough to look unnatural. And be -- no leg so there's this thing. Oh we're going through that stereo. For about the fire on down and so but a -- for me. There were no. No legs or body parts visible. And that was just start and we are aren't. Yes so if you know from the work we do we talked to just tons and tons of people who describe seeing all kinds of separations -- goes through every -- call them free use this particular thing you were saying was smitten horrifying your singer disturbing. Yes and it wasn't a matter of seeing something trust the second may be I'm a shadow wars shape. I would look at this this thing for you know 1015 seconds at a time and the courtroom I didn't border and I get -- -- to. What I was -- was impossible to create should record in my paradigm this is impossible. And and more frightening than the actual weight appeared. What these spirit -- leader. What I thought I knew was incorrect. And -- -- but at this moment and these moments from what else what dialogue about not knowing. Now Mara. I just want to ask you a little bit done. Can you give us like until quick summary this this so film is based on just a portion of Cruces experiences in India the students that were with him at the time can you give us just a quick summary with the film is about. Oh no problem and you write your so right -- -- I episode that was definitely 45 minutes speaking victory job. And Helen -- a grain and then what occurred in the Helm. Into retreat on your -- and and they -- 300. Many of the events turn on emotion that occurred the bill. Truly what these people went fairly and harrowing and in pain beyond anybody's ability to power within a couple of hours so. However the story begins to really. Wind these. Google has so POR. Are coming together salute them for the first time in the making friendships and making alliances and Wendy. And he had Copenhagen street is trying to get executive -- and the person based on over on the other line there. Pretty by Kyle -- so well he's start to experience the first thing. The haunting. Feeling something's. Something -- maybe -- amongst people maybe somebody -- gotten our -- advice about. -- loved ones he wondered why. And he goes through these experiences where he starts to. Question the people around and then -- -- been completely joke on him and his friend. Are two totally excluding these things to -- to a point got. He had to look at his experience has -- pop came out so eloquently and -- naturally occurring. And -- -- is occurring what is his responsibility. Especially if it's affecting his friend which is portrayed in the film true. Actual photographs and the great performances by the actors not to mention not correct things clearly escalate with regard to how they eat. Go straight and to Peoria country and it's. Interact and I of course should leave that Chris spaghetti experience it can -- I -- becomes very violent temptation the -- very frightening and our interest is actually ten. Consequently had to make some decisions about how to confront that. And I thank you mr. cadre for helping her to. Truly tell your story and what occurred for UN and how you stopped resolution. Thank you and that I can I can you respond back if you -- a Marin and let you know that this is a spectacular job of recreating. What we went through and harder if you watch it because it's so real to me -- I value because then I know that people understand more about the defense and hopefully benefit promoters and the. Chris that's one thing I want to ask you was that hard to go through during the production of this that or did help with some kind of a release of passive motion. The production of it wasn't hard for me because I was -- -- to go on set forth awhile and see actors portraying these things actually kind of fun. It feel like unique field beyond Jeffrey young -- young -- it was. Actually a nice but what you go home again however. I guess of the computer thinks. When I actually watched the film. And we efforts Syracuse -- you know win and that's the -- New York. It was just absolutely. An emotional roller coaster for me. You know once went to Ed notes under -- and storyline that narrative and all the exchange -- to the basic moments. -- or as a manager you live what I heard trying to promote mind and -- relived. The drama that it's it's almost like if you have to watch. You know divorce on TV -- -- -- your father mother assist while. Senator with the testimony Tamar her crew that. My actual what the -- because they've they've really got a very. Now Chris some you know where -- Hollywood effectively do you send about you know when you -- the pediatrics to as far as music goes -- the and the sound effects that. -- you were there I mean. How close was that to reality as far as sound effects how close was that to reality as far as like causes no music and in your real life but as far as like the you know could be leading up to that. Well I think I concluded that -- and profits -- her crew did a great job -- because. There -- I don't know if you've noticed but almost all the sound effects. We're based off phone. The -- recording of the voice. For the front of the tape recorder will be used to record divorce for the sound -- -- in the -- speaking to almost any sound affect you here. Was actually. -- injured and he'll call attention to war -- found actually heard. So so we're saying is like when they called your name and you got on on. Tape correct there are okay is that the actual recording the people here the actual. And to these forests. Since in the in this film you you actually hear the paper that Jack and I am the better and -- -- -- -- involvement -- for air for second in room B two -- two of February or not -- -- -- tape recording for a long time in the -- twenty years in a box. And it wasn't on or you can check. And you know market -- you should probably actually put back into uniform -- -- -- credit he did or something because what that's that would go on forever. And so I gave over to her. And Skinner talking about onto a dvd and then Phillips screws are now and they they actually used in -- -- to take. -- portions of it that we recorded a net gave 75 hitter. That's interest and no interest and now you're really well known. Student at that time your track star correct a lot of people knew you are the other way they've retreated in the movie lot of girls are attracted to you. Would it all these kids think or to order. Did they not know about what was going on their but those who did what did they think about the experiences that you and your friends are having. It's funny how -- change its sometimes when you're young -- the world's your -- You know I didn't really understand about suffering under fortunate door or for your traveled here caliber you're right I loose now actually right -- I was where they're fiscal newspaper for you know the illustration that was as good government -- in history club that. I would probably have great good return and I had quite a few friends. But and I can I I try not to let them know what was going on. Me and I felt bad because once people start to talk about -- experience and been -- The -- trouble tracks and so that's how we can about these monks to of the -- and I became known mystical sport. And your reaction to -- -- word extreme and buried. From my friends think he stopped me because it seemed that perhaps -- would Babylon which crept towards the suspect -- band. -- a friend -- can say things like well you know. Think argue you know you know who are you in relation to god and -- -- ventures so extreme in that regard recollection that was my friends. I realize -- -- small group of people like Jeff and bad who were able to look at me as a person still. The -- at least through those moments you know it wasn't like Taylor you have. TV show -- TV show. Promote equality come about but there's exposure now to the comforts of for the paranormal spirituality were back then there was nothing but insert -- -- you know a lot of -- -- are good. Here we we didn't company and you -- the world young kids still throwing objects -- any mention how to handle that. A lot of people that we we talked to actually reporter. Completely withdrawing U insult you know they've withdrawn go inside themselves and you know he did you have a great support group I guess at least of the friends. Who were in your inner circle they're experiencing this as well in and helping you through this I think that's great here. Are we got a great idea we take a short break we're talking with mark entry and Christopher did you as a -- from please talk with me. You wanna get in touch with us again if you have any comments or questions off for Chris from our you can text the word talk in your comments 299404. Call us at 1800. 4370098. Or. 830098. Will be back. More than two companies' histories -- family secrets prohibition and mortuary services this massive storage structure as the cause of death screaming through winding -- Guess -- report the senate perfumes remember unchecked can you tell us hustling sounds footsteps and children's laughter. Backtracked from those considered normal. Come see for yourself what whispers on the street can show you. -- -- -- -- Powerful company. Thirty senator street miers the ill 88146349900. -- at Morgan told dot com. Have someone who'll make sure you hear the truth. You're looking for ghosts or spirits of another kind grasp how many serious play. Open seven days a week from 11 AM to 2 AM -- pub and -- features they can drink specials and live entertainment on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights I'm doing the machinery 112 this mean -- -- -- its food good friends it's -- and finally grasp how many -- FaceBook or call 563 times. Information and the rest -- and you really -- since departed still come to visit. -- can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may occur. Okay we're back we're talking with. Marin country a director of please talk with me and key witness Christopher did show as a rate. Do you like to ask any questions you have any comments you can contact us at 1804370098. Or 830098. And don't forget about our animal science the -- can FM FaceBook page. Yep you know we consolidated everything to make it easy for people to go to the PPA dot net. And click on the paranormal science link. They'll tell you -- what phone numbers you can call you can have. An app you can download for your android or for your iPhone that you can tumor in his well so there. Good to check out. -- to Christopher. I'm I'm very curious of what your family thought we knew he said you're gonna get involved in this. Well you know I think that the world is protective of our -- members and the members -- sort of the end you know once some. He goes. Out and the airwaves do you have very different to lose food track that and lose control of carpenter -- opinion you know how -- interpreted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He has very radio shows a great individual. I trusted him to write a book respect the job. With Maher and bill I trusted them with the the movie and did a great job so. -- -- is tough but I made the right choice you know once some well people who internalize and that's spectacular and there I've been lucky -- to have. -- the port side of the understanding -- or character or been lucky enough that they were kind to me and my family has been very pleased. It's been very pleased with the the way in which the moment -- treated come on opposite to me very proud mother and very proud in my family my kids think I'm cool now because he's. A little extreme achieving the left up to them so what they're very public experience more sobering thought it would have been. -- mentioned you appeared on an episode on non scifi called school spirits. Yes that was that was something you know I. I didn't try to avoid all mention of this season Beckett college who has gone -- -- -- her mailbox is not to be -- everybody's -- you know. And so where we were going actually and they. In the glacial toward about the moving different colleges. Which are an -- their own pleasure meeting -- -- one of -- open to complete university. And members official Cole how an almost state approach we have towards and so you have to go until he heard of this -- the story and I thought it was just saying that people like. And then five I can knock it you know and now just an amazing thing and that so really. They've been put upon them on the map whether one or two or not. But that was good because then people couldn't say -- learn more about the content. And then here comes the spokesman which does just that allowed some truth to dig deeper into what happened to these things what they meant. You know Chris some. Let me ask you this I'm sure a lot of -- -- in this. Mara mentioned earlier that you know you were able to confront the -- entity exactly how magical at doing that. Cook -- you kind of -- are most listeners I would understand that's. It's kind of like you're you're here blow coaster theme park like all of her conquer that and then you you got -- -- you -- think about the party going with. For cricket and you know what a good idea I pick it up that we. It's it's almost incredible concept and reality just its former pupil and former president fact that I was being attacked we're talking about you know what's funny moments. And if people want to hurt themselves. And -- go into the port where I didn't do something -- the pit stop flooding from the princess. And basically that he's having my friend because go to -- responsibility and so I I tried to recreate what the priest had done and folks in the -- had booked a room just from the stereo. But that it will make it end here protect my friends and their rooms. Tribe and then you know you're different than he did -- and practical second in my room and would appear I tried to. Talk would have known you know -- your priest talk with me you know just know he's. Stop hurting mixed up pretty much trans people are gonna get hurt gonna die you need to stop them both. It's interesting that the -- -- and Puerto bans go -- -- out -- my friends Chris Norris. Instead look you can do something -- it's it's you know he can't it's expels current and what you do something but the bigger. Pregnant and I separated them. Where there and I tried to speak with it didn't have to -- No sir did that -- -- -- porn -- got about the important thing about it and screaming on it and not just that's. But our reaction was like in the movies where they're like I'm going to -- my dog was just it was so different also prepared and when I spoke to a it was tragic because there are. We don't say it in Illinois that it attracts -- the fact that we didn't know these things and yet when I -- at the time when you have effort to speak with what. Maybe it's the shared this was just overwhelming even though. Easy to write the patent. It spoke to you or was just through -- -- get prepared you know and it can't you know it -- I was wrong I was go solo on the night. And the mistake and I he nor. This so much sadness and pain in the just when it was amazing guy. -- what we call lost -- basically screaming out for help. Brent -- I wanna ask you did you have been. Well actually not we had a really really great experience for general feeling -- When we heard giving our informational tour the first. -- that we weren't. Racing again if you only had a date collection there and you can believe that. It was Freddie 25 year reunions. Or idea I think I'll ask sentence each have their day in the -- -- car over and then. I I know that in -- contender and I agree great experience with that because. Where they ended up staying -- I shouldn't give that away -- happy they were closest port and then that and they try to make me an honorary. Alumni and actual group we're very welcomed then we got some really nice try to get to campus and what could have gotten Helmand. So it's gonna really nice experience with them actually Tracy gang here thanks usually without undue of their contact with that. Chris I got to ask you this. One part in this movie you can you tell your roommate you you're talking about relationships and girls. That you haven't met your wife yet and you know that because you've seen her feet. Have you had I guess premonition dreams or is is that kind of what you're alluding to -- Yeah I think he's he's. The principle of small child and then you know my parents are great -- -- -- supportive grade you Mike. Put -- things suddenly become comfortable pickup term nurtured -- and we were a pot of gold but it is a young child I guess and I wouldn't -- -- just know convention you know they're nowhere. Would call on the phone you know what we get cook at work -- -- know these things stand up. You know because I didn't understand no one else did that I didn't think about something different. So that nothing nothing like having this thing. You know watch snippets slapped him on the around and you know for. For the -- with don't think inexperienced but he can -- so -- -- or you know two or -- sort you know divide they don't think anything can prepare you. -- or not so much so that anything that's on my mind from the movie and I know this is kinda crazy now there but I know your married now did you find the feet. I didn't put that aside and beautiful lady did a beautiful little feet geriatrics so I thought well congratulations on last week but it keep them. All right. Tomorrow where is the best place people can go to find out more about this movie. I'll -- both places going to be the official web site so if this -- called priest how quickly it's PT WM. This film dot com and then there's tons of information and -- -- located at that comes out and people can look at. Dvds can go -- go to function Shaud Wear cowboy attitude that's great but if you're FaceBook. But he can go to FaceBook dot com slash -- and that's another great place. And it's also on the Pennsylvania paranormal association's website the PGA dot net we put it up there for people ago -- click on that and taken to the website -- just mentioned. OK we got to take another quick break it's. Market trio of films called please talk with me she's the director also talking with Christopher ditch as a -- he's a key witness and -- victim. Well -- haunting and -- 53 will be right back. Mark price here for permanent -- -- begin rehab many people are haunted by back pain. It's degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury. The professionals and -- -- practically rehab and -- using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain with locations in Kingston and -- They're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic news.com. -- FaceBook. Are you interested in finding incredible psychic medium. Would you like reading from a media will always uniquely different and someone you can trust to guarantee -- medium and owner of the near magazine. Hasn't aired on ghost hunters like -- story. With the spirit is what she does. She does it in a very unique way Karen is immediately. Writer that's right a medium writer and her readings on average -- up -- two hours long learn more about -- is -- greetings and a near magazine near magazine dot net. Reminder on FaceBook -- can -- and Pedro. Morgan told companies' histories room family secrets prohibition and mortuary services this message -- structure as a cause of death screaming through -- -- Guess a reporter at the senate perfumes remember uncheck and the hotel rooms hustling sounds of footsteps and children's laughter. -- from those considered normal. Come see for yourself what whispers of mystery can show you. -- -- -- -- -- company thirty Centre street miers the ill 8814634. 99004. At Morgan -- dot com. -- All right we're back you're listening to paranormal science on WYOK we're talking with mark Andrea. Director of please talk with me and Christopher deter -- key witness. -- I want to. Again just let everybody know where they can go to find out more information about the movie. Well I'd be so happy I'm one thing that I should mention if they wanna see the -- lives and I know that that has. I'm not too far away from where will -- is and where paranormal Clinton in the PTA. Is going to be an event until and unless they haven't made an increased between. We'll be -- very mr. -- -- will be featured there. -- -- end -- Bethlehem for Paris France 2013. And they can find out about pass at a web site that's. PT WM dot film dot com or FaceBook dot com slash Kris Cox. And as you mentioned before the PGA web site is another great place to go out and happy Mother's Day mom. Right guard Chris disarm or you're gonna wrap up your last few minutes from Russia sold him on the -- wondering. How is it today after you've seen the film after all the years are you still. Quote unquote hunted by this is a concession comes back to you any type dreams just kind of tells you how you how you do the right now. So you know that there's no denying their thumb there's certainly some of residual. The pain. Emotional pain after all these years I still cannot -- BM room at night I myself for fear anything to happen again. But you're making thing about. The Stillman and talk with these things. That people. Enjoy. Cheering them because it might help them and we can debate that -- today moment in Michigan percent of her friends think more of the story. And then they're they're -- car triumphant stood up to the situation and they say you know he's tough situation at home but apparently think so but I get in the film so. It's very very gratifying that I can have a positive impact you know what matters. I told fox home. You know I just wanna take -- -- to to thank both of you I am somebody who really doesn't. Watch other credits on movies are over I don't know I just I don't do that. And who I watched the dvd. This past weekend is very I was interested in who was involved whatnot and down only in the -- than thank you section. My name in and paranormal science was actually mentioned and now I just I take this opportunity. To tell both of you I'm very honored that you would mention me in there and and thank you. So welcome appreciate how do. Are right I mean fortunately you know we are out of time the show goes faster and next week we're going to be talking with local. Legend his stories and Zurich yes -- Mara and Chris thank you so much for coming on tonight increase thank you for sharing your story thanks -- Thank you. Okay -- until next week I'm Markham -- hey you're Joseph Hough from Joseph -- And bring your little bit about those local legends next week hopefully stands they gave great source of that -- and I'll be your next week and hopefully the guys tuned in last Collins. Sounds great until next week earlier -- happy Mother's Day.