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6-9-13 Paranormal Science

Jun 12, 2013|

Features Psychic Medium Michelle Gallagher talking about her lectures on the side effects of paranormal TV and Hollywood horror films

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Society and still. Okay. -- Okay. Good evening and I'm mark price is time here seated to my left with -- Tyson did to my right. Joseph hockey hello nice. -- -- Hey we got -- really really interesting show tonight I'd been waiting for this for weeks now this is something that. I happens. To spark this entire show tonight. -- in the studio with us we have psychic medium Michelle Gallagher we're going to be talking to her and a little bit. And she does lectures on. Do the side effects of Hollywood horror films and paranormal reality. Television if you will Hollywood effects in the Hollywood affect the other the fear factor. And I don't get into. A situation I guess that had happened to. -- the folks at the PBA the Pennsylvania paranormal association and off. We have no receives an email. From a woman named Michelle claiming to be from. A Los Angeles based production company. And Michelle -- morning and a phone call to talk about. A new show they were developing and specifically. We're looking to. To cast -- three of our members. For this particular show so I gave Michel a phone call. And she introduced yourself to me a little bit about the production company. And told me that this was going to be a term and a paranormal style show an investigative style show. Dealing with the army issue an -- areas. The thing that's sort of set me off was. That they wanted to you Joseph talked come here and two of our other members. To copy a part of that show they want to casting -- member of the show and asked me. If these guys would be willing to. Pretends to be -- investigators because the Amish don't do that. And if my immediate reaction was -- there are you serious. And does she she was completely serious. And of course I told her that you know were professional organization there's no way anybody from my group is going to be involved with trying to. Deceive the public again -- pretend to be on the show on TV. If frankly I find it extremely disrespectful to the Amish country. -- I'm Joseph since you were one of the people. They've picked to participate here. What are your thoughts. Pull initial thought was. First session -- -- joking how often genocide and then my -- and I thought about how they see exactly reset how disrespectful couldn't be. To sit there and them and ask -- But I guess -- they chose myself from a couple is because we had a goat cheese at the time precisely who is also angry guys on the inner on the Internet site here I have. That's the goatee beard so I guess we're going to determine knows -- -- we -- tell me knows how the closest thing I am to economic Shahzad was it was negotiated. Com. -- I I just can't I was. Very very taken back by that is -- -- to hold disrespect thing and then not only that where I mean where these thoughts come from where where where was that like this you say we got where she got that from hazard. Well that's you want to deal with the notion they wouldn't they're better exactly happened that -- didn't come right out and say that the the -- just will not participate in something like this I mean we have. Amish mafia out there now there's breaking ommission I mean there's been rumors -- on the Internet on whether those shows are. Even close to being real or not but. How how do you pull off from being -- if you don't know part of that society that's that's itself. I guess I guess around for the you know I'm just so they look they assume that the do the double browsers are going to shock I don't know if they wanted to do I mean hello it's out of control. So what they realized who is that the only people who really know what it's like to live and on society is the -- and obviously they're not watching the show so they can. Pull the wool over on the people who are watching good point good point yeah I mean there's people who who we know all three huge. -- -- or whoever decides to take to show I hope nobody else they're does but. Somebody might know people who know these people are not I'm -- -- with a. Do for the integrity of our group I mean look at as we've already been you know -- on the Animal Planet we we we we -- -- wins radio show I mean. What what they do the integrity of our group how people look at us in response to that means we're even remotely you know -- we informally -- what kind of lost we won but how how people deal with. In this one of the reasons I was so upset money do entire show on paranormal ethics because. A lot of these shows are just get so ludicrous that there really causing issues for persons or groups out -- going out to help people because it's bending their reality to think what they're seeing on TV. It is real and people are getting scared. No Lauren you're the director of the Pennsylvania paranormal association I mean what your thoughts when when -- you know get information like this such as they -- user group to -- in spin. Basically fraud the public. Well you know we all. Have agreed on this before the week we are team and we are the team that we are because we work as a team. And done we may all have different beliefs but we respect each other and where everybody comes from and these type of shows where. You're obviously trying to deceive the public. Time is just it's disrespectful to them and and to break up our team and kind of participate in something like that is actually into a detriment to our team and I think that we all stand. Kind of in the same position with that and none of us would. Take off funds any of these shows that would possibly prior. -- team and our -- -- -- -- Didn't know something else interest and came up literally for six days later I got another email from another production company. Again this one was auto club California area. -- promoting a new show that they're trying to develop and and the other -- I'm not even sure if today. Have a network interest and in that are not to me it sounds like is still under development they're looking to -- -- and maybe shoot. Something to put together to sell but. And there's another one I guess that's coming out it sounds like there is some network interest called ghost town. And other production company who basically. Contacted us. And the premise of the show is they want a pit. Rival paranormal groups against each other and they're looking for people big personalities and people who run into each other at the local drinking establishment. And again it's it's getting so far from. I. Also even sounded rival paranormal group Syria I mean I'd I'd I'd do not processor NASA is -- to director bluntly we have any rivals out of -- I mean that's and so so disrespectful -- and we may disagree with other groups and how they do things and I'm not agree with we do but the fact of the matter of being rifle I mean that's something you do high school your rival football -- hustling doing the right. This is not a rivalry when you're trying to help as many people as she can -- And there's really no time to be team against team capsule. Any other is a show out a little while ago was called up paranormal challenge it was kind of the same thing they were saying what to paranormal groups can come up with the best evidence I think was the premise at the same location. And again it's if it's. Getting so far away from being an authentic Investigative Group when you have stuff like this going on just becomes pure entertainment I could see this selling that's for charities -- listening to you guys wanna go out and see Yahoo! who you know investigate the same area for charity and that's. No serious the most evidence also -- together people there for money here you don't think so as far as charity river may be. I would I would basically maybe except that's -- -- that the diamonds actually pin people -- -- -- is -- Jennifer rivalry and I thought that's ridiculous month. Tag I guess we should be. Feel honored that there were being contacted to resume there's a third production company you guys and our customers who recently. Who I initially spoke to and I -- and it touch base with -- -- on this one because they were looking for something very particular. Again it would they do not want an authentic Investigative Group -- -- -- -- phone call that he had with his production company. Yet is actually emails that were sent to myself and -- of our other female investigators they were looking for. Young female investigators trying to start the show where I guess it was like a contractor going into these houses and they want an all female paranormal team. I and the funny thing was that they had. Actually mentioned Smart that they were looking for people in their late twenties early thirties which pretty much wiped us all out emergency young looking group by guest but. But they were just looking for a group young girls you know it's been put on TV and get some attention and obviously we want straight away from now wanna solve some paranormal angels is that you. She hit Barack Charlie's always referred to it like that take on Charlie's Angels market. And didn't honestly I guess I guess I'm Muslim -- But it's this is something that -- sort of really. And struck a really bad chord in me -- I've been trying to tolerate a lot of the reality television shows that are out there especially with the paranormal. I got interest and in this years and years ago because it shows like sightings. And yeah you know it's just sort of gone downhill it's all just become about entertainment and end. Now I have a lot of concerns of where a lot of these shows are headed today I don't think that's real Hollywood -- host country you know. -- and there. You know. Initially even you don't -- them. -- -- goes -- cannot you know Daschle and investigated sometimes they they did a whole episode without the fact of even finding anything and near the end you know. -- never -- silence -- -- order ever watches his of the something every time. I should like the fact that they when they investigated that and getting into you know want as a and on the panel field that's more times than not. Yeah I mean if you go through our -- found Trace logs on our web site. You will see the majority of those cases don't have evidence on there. We also work with the medium and there's there's a ton of -- metaphysical information that comes out in cases there's a whole lot more than just evidence on a case. There's clients in their concerns and that's one issue that sort of has bothered me for awhile now there's a lot of teams who do. -- is just as a hobby just for their own sense of soft discovery on what they might find out there and they have the same questions I'm sure that I did when I started anyone experienced often learn more about it. Weapons there is. A lot of places that a lot of teams go into. Where they don't have the resources put in place to actually be able to help clients. And that becomes a big concern because we get a lot of those calls -- had this team in here that's human here here's the evidence they gave me no I'm really freaking out I know there's something here -- any help on how we do as well yes you know. You know so. You know if people are looking for resolution as. That the final -- The request of of why they called you. And you don't have those resource a certain place you know I mean that's not a place you want to go into you know people are just looking for confirmation nor have something here or not. You know doesn't bother me but I'm just looking for some evidence perfect go in and and see if you can documents and stuff like. You know where we -- -- a lot of -- follow up calls that. Leno really people in this and all the stuff the television. And teams that are going in they're just presenting evidence and people are actually looking out the stuff stop there -- being scared. And these shows do have consequences. How many times we heard that you know Lohan on the -- came here and they came and spend the Alex -- months and -- I think we got -- -- phone -- back and -- we -- stuff and that's it -- become -- -- on the -- -- while we -- we -- resolve -- -- come -- -- know we're not -- The other out and that's it necessarily with what we do and and and we we just when we get the call and here we have some other team here but Tehran now is how does that happen -- us. Many and that and they're not all all of the teams that are not at. -- resolution seems like ours they're not all bad we do actually get calls from those -- and say listen we know you have the resources can needle went in help these people this is why we got. So they're not all bad we don't wanna put that out there either that you know if you're not a resolution senior -- useless it's not trailed. And but. You need to reach out and get the people who can resolve these issues on your side to help out otherwise CIA -- just presenting evidence and you know pretty much scare people and and they feel alone and you know scared so we don't wanna leave them like that. Yeah there there's a lot of great. Call on technical investigative teams out there that can't you know resolve the activity but. Technically they might do -- better investigations most of the resolution teams. -- -- You know there there's certain places at certain teams should go to and you don't just you know IS and everybody just think of the clients when going into a place because you know they they do get scared and they just do what you consider the tiniest bit of evidence to might be one small voice that you got recorded can have a huge. Impact on these points absolutely especially respect especially when when you don't explain their clients -- you should be peace you know how they sound stuff like that -- Henry on this a woman's voice sounds -- voice sounds demonic. The other factor matters is that it will will explain to them why admiral may sound like that just the -- Monica begin installing and -- Sausalito Monica impersonation is maybe the way the voice recorder -- Or you know how are trying to actually speak stuff like that don't show you just because it sounds in the -- it. Sorry what we got to take a quick break and I'm when he gets backing into it with Michelle Gallagher. She's gonna talk to us about the side effects of all these reality shows in Hollywood horror movies. And VI I I got a lot of questions on what she's been fighting also hang in there we're gonna be right back after these messages. And mark price here for -- chiropractic can read. How many people are haunted by back pain. Is degenerative related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- -- practically rehab and -- using the latest technique. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that. Thank you for your German -- practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com -- fundamental things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little -- there you know how Amish paradise Huskies are just tuning in -- you're listening to your normal science. OK and recently that the EPA had done a request for three of our members to. Sign onto this new show under developments. And pretending to be -- investigators in Amish area is and you know that was turned down flat within the first three seconds so. That's that but we wanna get into. They're very normal ethics in the side effects of paranormal love reality shows in the Hollywood horror shows we are with us tonight so you medium Michelle Gallagher. And she does lecturing him. On all of this stuff and as we were saying before the break there's a big impact on. All of this stuff hi Michelle -- I don't know and I am so happy about commercial Olympian Michelle -- from the Jim Thorpe area. We've been working as a psychic medium her last six years and I guess I should say playing you you're you're paranormal investigator as well yes. And I do consulting with several pattern among groups in the region. That's great and how did you get into. You're lecture series -- you do with. We're doing -- The site affects a -- well. Were and my groups my team was contacted by a show as well and we. You know the member said okay we'll do it and my experience with that particular show. Kinda set the ball rolling for me. But also I live in the town where people are coming from all over. To see things and to feel things and to experience things and it's attracting all kinds of apparently quote unquote paranormal groups. And one of the local businesses was brought to flying to Dubai. So calls -- Brooke group. Took money like the song lion and I'd just put my foot down because if it is it's really ruining the integrity. And the the intention that people like us and my team the blue mountain paranormal team. How if you know to set out there. Yeah and I should mention blue mountain paranormal team there out of the -- heightened Jim Thorpe bury me. Also go out and -- if you Michelle earlier resolution team and they've taken out several cases for us to help us -- and none of the off to their members have come out and helps us on cases as well -- -- And I can see where that would have made a definite negative impact even on the community as far as trusting teens to -- -- They absolutely and it it angered me personally because the people the business owners where personal friends of mine and and so from me how business engine torque and do my work engine power and to have strangers coming in my town. And do something like this and then you know the experience I had on top of it with being on the the TV show that I had. Experience -- and -- you know very much like yourself I had a phone call from a network and I I have none of the other friends in the industry. Who you know want to make a name for themselves and -- always hitting me with ideas like. We need to do this with you mean you do -- and -- knew it. Do we do that's good so it's it's very frustrating you know -- I under the under the still on the loose I haven't asked for donations -- they charge them. While they had set -- -- and a vocal. Place and O'Reilly to name names are but they -- -- friendly with the owner's consent so we need this because you know our equipment -- -- -- we need to because our car broke and we can't get access. The evidence and it was aren't quite an interesting amount of money that you know -- -- -- -- never heard from again sound. My mom really -- me. -- I wanna mention to if anybody has any questions you wanna comment on any of this they've had any experiences similar to the ones we have. You can call in from anywhere 5708830098. Our you don't wanna talk on the air just us in -- text text the -- talking and your message to 994 word 04. Now mom Michelle what is the that basis I guess so well you -- the lecture. Basically how -- the Hollywood phenomenon as you had so politely called it. Has exploded since the year 2006. It went from one show Ripley's believe it or not and 1949 great show to. -- an explosion in 2006. Was tops and in parallel state and then all these other crazy. Shows since then and it's it's it's created quite an intense phenomenon. I get the 911 phone calls I got three this week. You know of people who are now experimenting with things that are doing things are scaring themselves to death. They don't know how to resolve. Any of the communication that are any of the doors -- say that they're opening up and down while I have to say yes I'm really excited for. People to have a different stream of consciousness. And to be open to things that we do but the same time there is a very very -- in a very very dark side to all of this in his very dangerous. So I talked about some of the dangers like attachment like poltergeist like exercise them. And those things are very very real just I was telling you -- before we're on the I had to call -- this week over a case that was local and it was really intense. Great. Trying to close I'm sure thank god never gonna happen to me you're the young if you if you -- play tomorrow likely won't happen tomorrow I think it does -- -- treat me doing things. I'm a Pozen will still turn a negative currency. Absolutely part of my lecture is -- You have no idea who you're talking to or who you're dealing with. Especially if you're playing with things like the ouija board that you got to borders bookstore or -- And race and you're just gathered with a couple friends have a -- Beers and you just wanna contact someone. Normally you're not contacting me and -- ground normally -- getting the attention of some low lying energy that wants to play with -- and that becomes a big big problem because when. The board games over in the beer cans are in the trash you've no idea what's running around in your house. Right young I think you know from. A physics standpoint like attracts like end. That's. Probably what you're talking about here when you when you search a caller consuming some drugs you are bound to attract that type of energy toward you using ouija boards or -- Oscar -- studied you know under designed to let the physics and basically this all is a lot of traction when it comes down to is a lot of tax and you know so and I cover that too like if you're depressed person. And you really wanna contact year. Grandmother because -- so sad that she is gone. You know but you've all these other issues coming you know going forward something might come forward disguise your grandmother but it's gonna stay around for a lot longer time because it sees the holes -- -- aura and it's gonna wanna play with -- Yeah I think a lot of people don't realize this thought is energy and when you're putting an intense out there feed you are creating. A possibility. And we find this a lot on cases and being that you investigate also low end and take requests for help tell me if you're finding this as well we had a lot of people prior to calling teams in. Who will try to duplicate what they're seeing on TV they're going out in getting voice recorders or even you metal detectors and dirt -- basically doing their own. We investigations in her home. And we're finding out number one that if they are doing that consistently enough. You know and reviewing in their home that they tend to kick start activity is activity seems you know. Start up a little bit more than it was and secondly. -- evidence on some of the audio recordings that they're showing us is is absolutely horrible on. Might laugh about that plays come when one case comes -- -- this and this woman was scared out of her mind can think she was gonna die. And she said she was recording all of these voices coming through and I asked her to demonstrate how she was doing this and she was recording using an iPad. -- kitchen table -- kids upstairs the windows open people outside and no control devices no controls whatsoever. And two during the investigation we you know this issue actually put a recorder on contacting me and said here's what I got which was perfect because. We were able to line up about four or five or recorders that -- the same. Contacts at that time and showed her what the actual sounds were making. What sounded like voices on her recorder and she was scared out of her mind basically. Because her for her own lack of knowledge of hello how are properly record stuff are you finding the same thing people are scaring themselves that. Home absolutely and the constant conjuring you know their opening. Devices and leaving things on in the middle of the night and they're asking for things to come to them which they don't want to come to them. And then the other thing that I talked about too is the fear factor there. Like it's creating this. Anxious yes you know this is he noticed her able anxiousness that is also going to be attracting. Other things as well but then there's the -- There's a whole thing where the fifteen minutes of fame people they don't wanna believe. When you deep funk. -- stuff. You know when you -- when you show them where the sounds are coming bomber you tell them exactly with a shadows across the wall how they're being formed because of -- reflection in the Mir and you're really really mad because they wanna be on TP. Yeah we've had people actually get really angry. You know and they'd say things that we think airline. And that's one of the first things so we explain to people as you know what we're here for a one night here here all the time we may get nothing. Doesn't mean that you are not seeing hearing feeling for what ever in my peak nobody. We just may not get it in those six hours that where they are. So a mass of people don't get Nate they think because they see it on TV that they know. You know Lionel and I know what kind of equipment Hughes and I know what to do it then and they don't mean we had. Somebody who can't -- -- and to contact mark is going back and forth LePera and her last email was. You have all of the things that I need to get help you have the dog you have the -- hide it. And you know she's just throwing out these things that she's -- is seen on on the show -- but does she really -- -- used sammon how do you know that you need. The dog and my iPod. You know to help resolve your problems so. Mean that's that's a big part of of the problem with these shows is that people are getting this false sense of all I know what's going on and I know how to fix it and they Chinese accent and Intel and they just made -- worst. But then there's also people that want to blame their problems. I'm stuff that they can't see all there's I'm really missing billing line you know whatever it is their problem within their home. You know and so there's there's a lot of gray area here and -- the pitcher tossed all -- for the Goosen pound stock car path that they -- the -- or else I'm actually. Yeah everything becomes paranormal. Everything gonna get your take on this a lot of people will say when they move into a -- they do report some activity but the also say. That they feel like others -- curse put around because there walked just starts going down hill and one bad thing after another happen assuming your health problems when not what are your thoughts on that. All sometimes people are more haunted than places and likely had cut you know talked about a couple minutes earlier. The law of attraction when one bad things happened in your thoughts become those things like all bad things are happening now my luck is changing. We'll just like you're now changing your luck because now more bats of the plane happened here. It doesn't necessarily mean that there's a -- gracing your house it means you probably didn't hire really good inspector. And you probably missed some things when you they're gonna look so. But I mean but they're you know not to make fun there really are some really heavy heavy cases out there and I know because you've worked on some we've worked. Done some. But there is a prayer that we're covering tonight. And the biggest thing is -- positive thoughts now impossible comes I think that's of people and you realize you when things are going and eventually of course easier -- -- -- -- Q what things are are are big negative with you you always have to try I think upon size and therefore you you try to change the F. The -- PM you know the energy if you will. -- -- Islamic semi going to someone's home and they're experiencing a problem and there actually is evidence there. I try to change their fears right until love. I've had so many cases where. You know it wasn't the boogie man but it was somebody you actually needed help. You know so what I said just be -- I always use this pop culture reference I say I think it really good movie beetlejuice Clinton goes to you know -- a couple -- dead and they had no idea what they're doing but they were trying to get your attention. They've just point your house and so what you do it is you acted as the bridge for somebody like me to come here and speak to get them to the other side he did a really great job. Nothing to be. I wanna ask about a paranormal addiction I guess if you will -- -- some viewers. Who we had a case where. Until the lady. -- really had some emotional issues going on and some psychological stuff she she just had a horrible horrible upbringing and I don't really bad life. Which is absolutely addicted to only show she -- listen for help. And we just found -- libraries full of recorded paranormal shows and I almost wonder if some people. Undermine can get twisted into you know this is the reality that I live in when. Really not that much going on there absolutely I've worked two cases very similar and it becomes like a Seko seized. It becomes you know it went from someone's bipolar mental disorder and depression whenever into. Where full fledged taunted all the time and there's actually nothing going on in the house. You know nothing and they have team after team after team after team coming in they've got priests and mediums and they're paying psychics -- Exorbitant amount of dollars to cleanse the places and there's nothing going on that they want something to go on. But just like any other mental health issue. The fact of the matter is that they actually believe in the southern Oregon so the fact is they believe that's so it's right it's real to them and and that's -- we have to kind of you know -- therapy sure you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's and I -- it's harsh to take their fears and then turn it into something better especially when they have these stories which -- blocks. You know they come blocks and they don't wanna work with humor. Yeah I'm also finding that. Hobbyists. A lot of emerges young kids and again I don't have any issue with people getting involved in this and going out -- just soon. You know -- it's kind of like almost trying to legitimize your faith or understand a little more is as real as her life after death people are curious that's natural. But we find out -- a lot of people learning a lot of investigative. Skills from television shows. And they're they're seeing a very edited version NFL news com. Ghost hunters as an example you see. -- just a very quick review of their evidence you know and that could be a two night investigation that they did which sometimes. A lot of shows will do to an investigation and turn it into one night. Four television fight. He's been there and they're not seen the complete review of the evidence and how they do that. My when you're working to come across anybody -- re say you know they've completed. We'll see you improve on the way they review evidence because it may be the way they've been -- on TV. I'm -- and I've -- across Steen says I have 87 and two so. I'm just. I think that neither that is cool but you shouldn't be learning from TV should lead in turning with others you know more professional groups more seasoned groups such as yourself -- You know I'm thinking maybe somebody has been doing a show more than a year. Say yeah. Hello I'm uneasy analogy you know I watched -- -- concern -- the author for a -- crap recently with us well look at it necessary. I'm I'm in other trauma response sponsoring contract the first time. Yeah I thought tough paranormal investigating the area and always -- right exactly that's a whole other show there. But. -- you know one of the things that. Some guys have torn feelings on is well in in this is between I guess respect and Henry search. And there is a medium that we worked with why we go. Who. Really did not like paranormal teams going into cemeteries graveyards in the light came to investigate. But at the same time would take. Students there herself who were trying to develop psyche -- to try to connect with spirit. Com here as a medium let me ask you this first. Furthermore. Ghosts if you will hang in rounds cemeteries or who I. Get me near -- cemetery. It's in the middle of the day I'm wanna go put flowers in my grandma's game you don't know how I mean I don't want I want you there. Because that is my hair all the -- -- muscles -- plus you know I dealt with this. Thing last year where this man was trying to test liabilities in the conjured demons in front of me. But then he went and buried something in the cemetery in -- as -- along with our loved ones we don't know what's in there. OK and first is to -- first to say that cemetery is our. Haunted I do believe that there are you know protecting entities in there I do believe that there are. And disease and don't wanna be founded. In there it is a graveyard in as a place for them to sleep -- -- and you know part of election again is that they're becoming less and less sacred spaces. You know -- like nothing is sacred anymore. So we have a lot of kids that follow us mean we've gotten emails from -- a lot of high school kids actually doing my research projects on the paranormal. I'm some kids just email because their fans so they're following us they're listening to the show they're checking out the website reading everything now I don't know. If you get a lot of that as well. But I've actually had a talk with my daughter who's thirteen. About ouija boards like it's trunks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Older men as well yeah I just wanted to and going to the lead to go into the so. Terry and my ouija board and it's never ever -- idea. All right we're talking with psychic medium Michelle Gallagher we're gonna continue our conversation we have to take a break right now. Please don't call in with your questions or comments 570830098. Or Texas at 99404. We'll be right back. The mortgage companies' -- -- family secrets prohibition and mortuary services this -- -- structure as the cause of death screaming through winding corridors. Guess -- for the senate perfumes remember -- and the hotel rooms and explained sounds footsteps and children's laughter. Backtracked from those considered -- Come see for yourself what whispers of mystery can show you. -- -- -- -- Oracle company thirty Centre street miers the ill 8814634. 99004. At Morgan -- dot com. You're looking for ghosts or spirits of another kind grasp how many serious play. Open seven days a week from 11 AM to two and -- pub and -- features make -- drink specials and live entertainment on Thursday Friday and Saturday nights I'm doing the -- 112 this main street don't its food good friends and finally grasp how many -- FaceBook or call 563266. Information the rest of you really want since departed still come to visit. -- they can do. There's some listeners the spontaneous. Enlightenment may in turn. Okay we're back. Questions or comments call -- 5708830098. -- free and PA 1804370098. Or you can text us at 99404. We're talking with psychic medium Michelle Gallagher on the side effects of television. Paranormal reality shows and Hollywood effects. And when we left just before break we were talking about cemeteries in. You know we -- I want to jump back to the ouija board for just a minute is there any -- Practical application that that can be used for in a positive way. If you are in a group setting and if you are with a professional that knows house to close the gates at the door whenever. But you wanna call -- it's a semantics at this point. If you're with a brush us off I would say yes go ahead and do it but if you're just a bunch of kids and your running around and it's a Friday night in. You know you're just -- he won -- targeted media friend passed away it's never a good idea. You know that's so one thing that seems to be consistent among all mediums. That that I talked to. They say that. And and I look past a lot of people the same question and they. Also to be consistent on. People need to have the right content they need to know how to cleanse themselves prior to shutting down and they need to know how to. Close the door at the end of the night and that's where the trouble comes and people fail to do better understand that they need to do that. Stuff to come through that they don't want. -- look to be honest what happens when a teenager pays a third a bunch teenagers for the we keyboard the first side than it is really cool they don't understand who is moving this thing it starts to move. But then that the closet door opens the hangars or fly now and then they run out of the house. And the door opens and that's what is left open and stuff so it's gunmen and and then it's never good for about two or three months after an -- we called -- we -- to come and clean up your mess. You know we we actually have a teammate who went through something similar who had. Family member -- friend over. His house over the years and years ago and they were. Attempting to use a ouija boards and it didn't close down dinner tonight and he started having experiences in his house after that. And -- fifty years after that. Sometimes you know time is is a character too and for years after that the -- to be very honest when you call people like us. Because -- -- will figure it out anyway. Now -- knew if you feel that's. Horror films are having a huge impact on people's perceptions when they move into -- never experienced anything paranormal ever before. And all the sudden they start having some weird stuff going on. Absolutely willing to talk to them for it's it. Sometimes is an issue that is sometimes not it. And so I've had people in an experienced things in their old house but then when they move into a new house they're good. You know any means but and yet and a lot of the newer homes on -- -- develop plans seemed to be seemed to be having issues. So this seems to be tasks of the land he. No we had a case last night don't use as an example of more people having their mind and this has to be coming from. Television movies and what you're told growing up you know through your family faith whatever. We had a home that was very very physically active and all the cases we did this is probably. The second most active how's that we've had reported. And though the Finley had a lot of pictures and we're showing us what was going on it was chairs being overturned. Every single cabinet and drawer in the kitchen opened up cereal boxes taken out in lined up serial spilled all over. And is the only leave a room and go upstairs come back down there's -- in the first -- we come back downstairs and you know your cereal boxes all over the place in history a poltergeist. And they are ready to move out of the house. But. Is that more then any other activities. Are there actually seeing stuff there too but they're they're almost more comfortable seeing stuff than finding physical items move to not having a huge impact on the people. Scared out of their minds. But why is that. You don't. My I think I would be scared physical stuff with moving though this is is definitely but everybody jumps a conclusion. We just stuff moving in the house is going to be evil. You know they're they're out I think that. So yeah I think that's a thing I think they think in the Hollywood factor producer removed triage you see movies it's I was a bad thing. I'm not so in this case but that's how it goes on in pursuit of also you know you -- that that's considered -- off more than I'm an issue with me and the mentally here's something and that's -- -- that -- so I think it's I think it depends on the person themselves. And I've mentioned this before. And we get a lot of people reporting seeing black masses they might see our full figure of a person that is just. Black they will say you know as much darker than the room with the lights out. -- and they are often very. Terrified of what they're singing and we get calls saying I think I have something even in my house some -- in her near my kids. And when they explain what's going on and say OK you're seeing a black mask but why. What do you think it's evil well it just looks you know horrifying because he's black right end. Com you know we often go in there and almost every single time it turns out to be you know somebody's grandmother her -- -- the former property owners something like that. And that is either the only way the people were able to see this or that was the only way it was able manifest but. Everybody goes right to -- he holds a demon just because it's a black -- and again you know tell me your thoughts -- -- a lot of I think comes from horror films. Absolutely and you know people are free to leave their TVs on relate to because there -- put my -- through them. So yes there's definitely fear of fear is definitely a factor and everybody is definitely becoming afraid of their own shadow. You know and shadows are definitely a problem too not just the black masses. So I mean again another Hollywood side effect is just this fear culture now that we're creating -- -- her meeting with Ali's intense show us. Let's get to focus on the show until somebody come up as clear and white two and still be. And they have energy coming -- people don't realize is just because it starts -- -- -- start energy counselors because his wife doesn't mean it's good it's so I was always a zero dollars and Pam believe or not we -- to take one more quick commercial break. You're listening to paranormal science on WI LOK and we'll be right back. Are you interested in finding incredible psychic medium. Would you like reading from a medium will always uniquely different and someone you can trust to guarantee -- medium and owner of the near magazine. This appeared on ghost hunters like -- story. With the spirit is what she does. She does it in a very unique way -- is a medium. 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Morgan -- company's history Israel family secrets prohibition and mortuary services this massive storage structure as the cause of death screaming through winding -- -- over for the senate perfumes remember I'm checking in the hotel rooms hustling sounds footsteps and children's laughter. Veteran from those considered normal. Come see for yourself -- whispers on the street can show you -- neutral. Is available for a -- company. Thirty senator street -- -- 8814634099004. At Morgan fool dot com. The. Okay we're back we're talking with psychic medium Michelle Gallagher. Michelle if wanna get in touch with you you do personal readings as well that's certainly what's the best way they can get. I'm an Allen Gallagher dot com or Hennessy some campaigns and their Michelle Gallagher okay that's ML. Gallagher right GA LL a GH ER out of all the Irish blood within me -- -- I want to ask we you're talking a little bit off error about on the Forbes phenomenon. Yeah and as as a paranormal investigator it's extremely. Tough for us to look at pictures from people we get tons and tons of pictures I got this or you know what you think. And I and teller but right now it is impossible for. Also a non -- -- too. Tell you what you have any still picture. The best advice I can give. Is if you using -- you're looking for or herbs used to cameras from two different angles if you get an -- in the same spot both. Pictures it's probably an -- if you use one camera on the -- is probably -- particularly near something like that it's just too hard to tell for us though. Com and you know because we can duplicate them so easy but Michelle askew as a medium. What are your thoughts and orange. I absolutely can I don't count them and as evidence whatsoever. And because of what you just said dust pollen. The water molecules articulates anything. And just the way you know if you if you study you know -- -- harder for your photography like the way pictures are taken how they can occur they're so easy to occur. And you know another -- applications on your iPhone that you could put a -- or or been to a pictures so I just don't buy it. You know it's another interesting. How occurrence that's happening too is people are finding these apps ghost -- itself -- And that he doesn't and I might say you know goes straighter and this is for entertainment purposes. Are you finding people are using those at home. I did a public investigation engine glare at the at one of the locations in your car and yeah I had several people use their phones and I just you know kind of wanted to take them and thrown out the window yeah. Now what what would your biggest advice for new teams coming out of we're watching always television shows. To look into I guess as far as their training development. I wouldn't I would really ask you teens to shadow winds other professional teams in the area or even have you know. A professional who's been doing it for at least ten to twelve years and I know people have been doing it for thirty. And -- just workweek sound. And let's almost absolutely please. Ground themselves into their own face I think when -- -- teens -- Seriously are so susceptible. To all of the things that I talked about in my election which I'm turning into a black. I'm attachment -- -- and poltergeist. Speaking go into a haunted location. Really excited because they're beating all this evidence but they're not clearing their energy here they're not protecting themselves from actually what's there and then they're taking stuff home with them. So ground yourself guys. You know shadow with the team and don't just go by what you're seeing on TV you know major books disagree -- Spokeswoman these things we do as a group we you know -- dual protection aren't buying -- and of course that's -- that's we make sure results Tynan and mrs. Sanford I'm. Haitian people look at all these are reality television shows as soon more entertaining than anything else they get -- don't want look -- as instructional. No definitely not -- not -- -- of -- should read does then that are on air right now and trusting and counting. Not -- -- that I would say are highly trying to fall and that's parallel state. With the heads -- member Brian fuel and then us like a kids -- of coffee. They're the only ones that I find completely -- credible at all. And the rest of them I think you know their ethics are terrible what they're doing -- -- -- on camera and off cameras terrible. But he had just really see it more as entertainment to you shot a champion does follow. All those kids here that I -- He does everything. Helen -- to make here a quick public service announcements yet just let everybody know June 21 is the northeast fair. And that's something paranormal association will be on hand. Time to use -- you'll be getting all lecture if anybody has any questions you can stop but just watch her website www. the PPA dot net. For the exact Simon some details. The Michelle Wie gets about a minute left your wanna ask you real quick comment and there is some. A lot of us psychic medium shows coming out now as well -- me being a psychic medium yourself calm. Thumbs up or thumbs down. And -- and then on you know and just be open stay open and don't believe every single thing you see on TV his TV is their ratings. Absolutely absolutely Michelle thanks so much for coming into the special thank you Michelle. All right guys next week we're gonna talk about some equipment used for paranormal investigating and know when it's purpose is on the field. For Joseph -- Lauren and myself this is paranormal -- see you next week. And I don't.