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Jun 12, 2013|

Sue Henry joins other media members for a sit down with Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame prior to his commencement address at Misericordia University, discusses treatment and care for Alzheimer's patients with Estella Parker Killian of The Alzheimer's A

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to a special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host -- Henry. On this week's special addition you'll hear from journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame. Get details of what the Alzheimer's Association has to offer in our area and learn about a visit by a former president this week to be Wyoming monuments Carl Bernstein became a household name in 1972 when -- colleague Bob Woodward blew the lid off the Watergate scandal. Reporting for the Washington Post Ian Woodward and All the President's Men. Which was turned shall blockbuster movie and the final days Bernstein recently -- a woman in charge about Hillary Clinton. He recently spoke to graduates at mr. -- university in Dallas at their commencement ceremony. Before the speech he met with reporters and talked about his disappointment with modern Washington. And recent events involving the IRS and the Department of Justice obtaining reporter's phone records. We asked Bernstein if the events in Washington now give him a sense of deja Vu from his days as a young reporter and the Watergate scandal. I think it. No comparison could be more. In an apt and inept then to consider what's happening in Washington today with Watergate Watergate was about the triumph of Americans. The press. The judiciary. Congress. Supreme Court. Republicans. Who voted to impeach. Richard Nixon and great conservatives like -- Goldwater. Who recognize that Nixon's was criminal presidency. He was criminal president. -- -- March the White House. With a group of Republicans when Richard Nixon long. Hang on and pole -- in the have to go because he was -- nothing could be farther from. Today's example. Whatever problems of competence. There were problems. Spoken very strongly about what I think you absolute outrage from Obama. Administration's. Policies. Go to the top. -- investigations. In which reporters. Records. Our call London. Which prosecution's. Arsenal to make examples. People who talk to press. It's far different than anything current war. Criminal conspiracy. -- Electoral system. -- Presidency. -- president -- different -- the United States. In the newspaper quarter. Of documents in Washington think tank warm great -- and I want firebomb the place. I wanna get the news. Records out there break the semifinal given them what you do and he went on for thirteen borders. Urging his aides to break him -- its troops we have in Washington today. -- level hyper. Partisanship. Ideological and cultural warfare. There. Are object. The Americans. What we are seeing news. Making. Responsible inquiry. In two -- that really need to be responsibly inquired. About which is to say what happened in the IRS. Making responsible inquiry. Can just ideological. Cauldron. Very difficult. We've Republican Party. From the beginning. Of Obama's presidency. Republican. Leader in the senator. McConnell and others who on the you've. This president's inauguration. And talk about other priority for the next. For years would be destroyed his presidency relevant. In advance -- national interest. That's not to say it Democrats. -- The Democrats of not speaking the president the president has his own problems -- -- house. More to do with the levels of competency. And his. The administration. Inability. To. Resign effectively over the bureaucracy. Boldly. Watergate. And today. No comparison. Certainly win over. Reporters or trying to find out what happened. Mortgages -- pretty good reference point. I'm referring to the spirit. Culture of the political class in Washington we're just discretion. On both sides but. Who's doing all along cultural ideological warfare. More than a quarter century. And made responsible governance impossible. Here we are in the community. Damn near 10% unemployment. And no serious. Policy getting through congress in the states. To deal with the structural. Problems. Of our economy has experienced. By tens of millions. Americans. Who were being squeezed. Working class middle class people. Who have not particularly. The generation of graduating they don't have the benefits of the meritocracy. This increasingly. We. Seem to be moving toward an almost. Used to work almost. -- -- credit. Set of issues. In which. Interest all the wealthy -- the wealthy for the wealthy have been advanced at the expense. -- working question. People. Bernstein was asked about the presence of corruption in government and other institutions today in light of recent scandals involving officials in our area. I think. Part of me. Problem of endemic corruption. In many. Places to. Stems in part. -- Failure and not just of government institutions. Prosecutors. Legislatures. But also ordinary citizens. Who. Have. Also looked for our theological. Solution. And -- Are ideologically. Instead of and sought information. Him. News out what it's all laws and improved. To buttress their preconceived. Presidential. Our ideological beliefs partisan beliefs rather than being opened for the best obtainable version of the truth. I think there too is a big difference for bureau war and we had a much more open minded citizen. -- -- think to -- cultural warfare. The last thirty years -- and has taken an enormous tool. You know in terms of civic commentary. In terms of opportunity to have active. Anti corruption. Policies. And government too often. You -- priorities. Increasing. The state legislatures. And congress the United States which have broken institution. One of the three branches of government. Fundamentally. Broken. The first fraction of mentioned. -- -- -- -- The problems of our time. It also seems to me yeah. It -- search for the truth is higher than ever. And those who seek the truth often marginalized. And -- have you ever thought -- point your career. Where. You felt retaliated upon by what you do your work. The water. Bottles of water. Look at water I think I think. They've always. People who -- interest him in the best obtainable version of truth who want marginal -- those who were determined. To. Undertake a search for the best obtainable burst through. I think that there tension -- dynamic has always been present accidentally. I think we need to be careful about being overly nostalgic about. What the press has -- In this country and we have great reporting lousy report points. Good reporting good news institution's bad news institutions throughout our history. In an apartment contribute to state to put all the rose colored glasses back. About the past. I think we have three different. Cultural and political environment in this country today vivid rabbit. And wrap him in ways that it. Perhaps our members seeing him a monologue conservationist McCarthy your. And and the borrower and rabid nature of as effective or social political and cultural discourse -- know you can't look good journalism. And media apart from larger culture so it's going to be inevitable it's going to be caught -- -- cultural war there. You can tell right now not there. Mystic -- about the system. And very. Strange dynamic. All along the country's world states. Coming out of this terrible worldwide. Recession. Depression. We are uniquely position. To do well. Produced. In a way in other countries cannot. Post -- technology. Services. Stock market news. Burning through stress stratosphere. And yet little or -- use large X. Quote. Trickling down and those who need it. Real film work -- people. Been declining for years here. And -- There's no need to talk about class warfare. Because. We've. All people. And upper classes. Are. Genetically pre disposed. Against. Ordinary working people. But I think that political questions in particular. Utterly fail or question of course people on the economic system right now. In this period of amazing recovery. Or don't do look at structural unemployment. Underemployment. Teenage unemployment lack of employment. Number of people who've given up seeking jobs right look you people earlier in this part of the world but government. And -- full lives. Common anecdotal nonsense about race. And you. Probably know in this hour. It's not quite -- anomaly and not black phenomenally. Hispanic phenomenon. Some Americans from it's been. Probably. Policies. Particularly. In Washington. Also. Growing sense of those who have access through levels. Whoever. Our trustees. Are those who. Man. Financial. And includes. Democrats liberal organization liberal packs conservative tax. Craziness. Permitted under citizenship it. All. Rights. -- Haven't produced -- -- The gay rights who wouldn't. Change the face and her. And quality. Opportunity. For all people have failed utterly. And providing real opportunity. For. The great. The numbers of Americans. -- Call themselves. Working class and middle class. And aspire to be. The beneficiaries of a meritocracy. Not. The victims of hypocrisy. Many news organizations and citizen journalists have taken to delivering information via electronic means such as FaceBook and Twitter. Instantly delivering snippets of information to the public often at the expense of adapt or accuracy what is Bernstein -- of these platform. Think it could be the new information cycle is by its nature destructive. And very often too. Thoughtful. Consumption. Of information as well as often antithetical to thoughtful production. News -- -- Having some time. To think about contacts. Which is essential element of this animal version truth to go to more resources. And build long. Story. It is essential in -- report. Increasingly. Those. -- methodologies. Are. Less. Common network. And particularly. Given the whole volume of the megaphone. Social media. Is amplify it. Through and not just social media also. Larger news organizations -- -- field. -- you to compete. -- via their first moved forward even if it turns out to be a non story. As opposed to a thoughtful. Will reported. Story that is not its. Importance or -- be here. Performs a great service particularly. Use cellphones. Cameras. People were witnessing things in real time. Can be great. It needs to be absorbed. Into a larger. System. Information -- And distribution. And and more responsible. Manor born and news. About the city. There are times when you. Reports for social media core -- produced very quickly the real validity you have a real place there. To watch -- origin was being driven speed and mindless competition. That's Carl Bernstein Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of books with subjects ranging from president Richard Nixon to Pope John Paul the second and Hillary Clinton you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on the intercom communications. Hosted -- -- him ring. If the figure of five million people in America with alzheimer's disease sounds troubling the future looks even harsher. According to the Alzheimer's Association website sixteen million may be diagnosed in the country by mid century as our population ages. Fortunately there have been many advancements. Early diagnosis looks to be a solution leading to better treatment and a different outcome for Manny. The alzheimer's association's greater Pennsylvania chapter is involved not only in helping families and caregivers. But in raising money and providing information about the latest developments in treatment and research. Estella Parker Killian is the association's senior relationship director. You're northeastern Pennsylvania because of our. Population and because apart aging population of the fact that so many of his age in place where not so. Leading the area we are staying in our homes we wanna -- in our homes as long as we can't. People are living longer on the -- nurse the population is hitting 65 is increasing on a daily basis. So it's a really a very interesting area to look at things like alzheimer's and related dementia is. Although we know and we're seeing more and more people who are diagnosed earlier. Including people tragically in their in their fifties or forties or fifties who then have to deal that we still know that premier early alzheimer's is a disease of the aging. And so what we have populations such as we do here in the northeast. It really makes an excellent place to do some studies in and we're we're very happy that some national studies are being done here. Were also very fortunate in the state of Pennsylvania that we have access to. The alzheimer's disease research centers both at the University of Pennsylvania. And at the University of Pittsburgh sell to people in Pennsylvania on one hand are dealing with some situations that may not be in some other places the younger. -- population but we're certainly I have accessed a lot of resources here. And I know that does some of those things that your involved then. -- very cunning and share in northeastern Pennsylvania is not necessarily known for being ahead of the curve for your group seems to be. It exploring. At some options for people who'd. Get bad diagnosis and then those services need to be put in place and I know they used then and trying to get. You know own people to participate in May be some. Events triggering some kind of a coffee shops and and getting together and support group saw these things are really important oh absolutely support groups -- one of the things that we tell people right from the beginning. And we're doing some support groups not only we've been doing caregiver support groups for very long time with people who are taking care -- -- loved ones. Like your partners to -- who has the disease. Can -- usually once twice a month with other people who -- in similar situations but recently within the last two two years we've expanded that so that we are now doing. And it's it's a -- actually -- is a telephone calls with people can call in. The court in early stages who actually the people who are diagnosed and they have a son of so that they can have other people to talk with people who are going through. Very similar experiences and that's that's a very unique. We also are working on in some areas with some groups where where we have it's set up so that the early stage people. Mean in one location and -- their partners need at the same time but and but in a separate group. That's worked out very well. There's a program at the -- -- why when their offering. Programs. Are our program our support group and and some activities while -- -- partner has -- to get involved with an exercise program or something like that so that's pretty innovative and and new to the area as well. How well also seeing more more calls about adult day care. Adult daycare is something that it has been under used and if you look at our numbers you -- -- be really great market for adult -- -- but we tend not to use it. Unless we really a situation where we need to sell. We're seeing more people looking at that is an option especially if they're people who is continuing to working people are working longer so if you did you go to work you cannot leave necessarily lead your loved one home alone. On the day care becomes an optional or in home care or some of these smaller group settings sell their -- a lot we don't -- a lot more flexibility. In our planning -- as as we move forward to deal with just what the numbers to share numbers that are that are moving into this population. As conversations like filled with people who share this diagnosis. Well then people. You people are frightened initially well we encourage people to get a diagnosis and get a good diagnosis. Because sometimes it and they had think they have something. And you know let that just wears on you was like oh my gosh do I have it did because I left my keys somewhere does that mean I have dementia what delayed because I don't know exactly what day it is an hour and a little bit disoriented what does that mean. Get a diagnosis and -- release shall not I -- maybe it means you got a vitamin shortage may be it means you're having an drug interaction or your blood pressure or diabetes are all of those kinds of things so. We -- people -- a -- diagnosis see where you are. Mild cognitive impairment is another thing is being. Diagnosed more frequently and that's not always a precursor to alzheimer's it can be. -- but at least people are alerted to a and they can make lifestyle changes they can begin to. Perhaps prompt messages for themselves used post it notes. Use a -- and notepad with them they can still. Function fairly well on a day to day basis that they may wanna make some changes in May -- -- simplify what they do and they may also look at -- You know where I wanna be five years from now and have a conversation with their families it's so important. So many people say like I don't know what what mom would have wanted or what do we go to day care do we go to adults say and the -- the disease progresses. The more questions people have so while people can talk about it. You say please sit down talk to your family make your plans get your advanced directives in place get your. -- health care directives taking care of and your powers of attorney so that so that legal and financial things can be handled. These are things to think about while you're still able to have those conversations while you still caucus simply solid time. And that I think that you bring up a good point and that's. In instances people dude jumped to conclusions. When their loved ones starts to act in a different manner and I know from personal experience the sometimes you're right it's. Is it pays to look at well is this a drug interaction. The thing that I think people miss and is is so prominent because my friends I -- had this discussion. Is sent some kind of met a urinary tract infection will meet. -- -- -- someone who is older acts. Differently and that is something that if you are in a caregiver position in -- seeing someone all the -- you may think. -- that this person obviously is slipping into dementia -- alzheimer's some of these things it if you just have to be an advocate for the person and ask your medical provider to. Maybe rule some of the stuff. Oh absolutely and at the very beginning. That's very common to a year at a UTI urinary tract infection can take a perfectly normal person and makes them. Very a very unusual behavior of -- if you think about through lets -- does that you can imagine is a very comfortable and unpleasant situation and they can't always tell you exactly what India's. So and it's relatively. Easy to determine you know they do your analysis and they'll do some. The cultures and and and give him some drugs and that straightened it out and and they can make a world of difference here right and even with people who have dementia. You have to watch those kinds of things is not always able to tell you that there in discomfort -- they're in pain nor. That there -- their dentures don't fit -- their issues are too tight and so they're doing things that are very strange or maybe acting out are behaving in an aggressive manner. Analysts figure that out it's a tough situation. And we do have a person we have a family care consultant we have like 800 number. -- it's 18022723900. And we also have our website to people who go to net sales C dot ORG. All of our programs and services are listed there are 800 number is answer 24 hours a day seven days a week by people who are. Clinically trained and masters leveling counseling and can refer. Back to someone I'm local office -- can provide you the information that you need so if you have if you -- a college 3 in the morning. Someone is gonna answer it and gives you good information. Com I think that's one of the things it's a real up plus that we we have to offers an organization and it's something that. We developed over over the last several years in and we see incredible results when people came getting answers and making -- follow up and making. Have someone else who's able to talk with them and talk through things with and it makes it much easier knowing needs to loch this walk alone. And that is the truth I mean there is say there is a lot of power and talking to lose some assuming a conversation the other day with us someone in the medical field about. Come what may be going on with an individual who is in new very early stage should dementia. And they something that I hadn't really considered it very much they said that there is that such a level of fear for that individual. That they they may try to keep very very quiet about what -- experiencing an -- he maybe can help me out on the clarification unless they said. This sometimes. What happens is the people start choose your voices or experience some kind of changes that they don't understand they don't want to tell anybody is set. -- sure because up. The recently within the last press 25 to thirty years we've. We've really seen alzheimer's as as a disease model as opposed to a mental health issue I mean if you are certain types of dementia. Six disease frontal temporal dementia that you will have that there be hallucinations OP voices that you may hear you may start to see things you'll begin to act. As especially something like -- which affects the front part of the brain. He began to lose your inhibitions so you don't know what's appropriate to say you may be blaring out things that you never -- said before you may be. Dressing inappropriately or just doing things they're just not quite right to be very scary I mean if -- realized suddenly that you're doing something in. And you may. Have moments wait a great clarity where you know that this is not right but what I wanna do about it -- I want to share that with. You know -- I wanna tell my spouse so when -- tell my child. July when -- take -- she had to -- they want you can't live alone anymore are you can't drive your car. You can't enjoy the day to day things you have Ford. Seventy or eighty years. It's it's a tough choice it's a tough choice for some people. And that's why we we you know we also recommended that the medical field pet play their part when they're doing their routine screenings and other things. And let's look at what's your cognitive level and it's not. That hard initially to see. What the situation is and then if it's necessary to make a recommendation for further diagnosis. That can happen just in -- in a routine. Checkup as you know and a six month -- annual visit to a doctor can make a lot of difference. And sometimes it'll be you know a friend of the family that notices and or someone from your church and they'll say to them. Precedent. Caregiver you know. You -- not quite the way she used to be and desecrate this thing for a friend to save someone or for a neighbor to say I've noticed this about your husband and -- you went looking into it. And Doug we need to take that in the way it has offered to end and don't move forward with it because sometimes you're so close you can't see. He and that does happen with people before we had -- -- segment here I do want to talk about in the event the you have every year affair to remember. And you bring in great speaker it's a chance for the community. To help fund that the the things he due to support your group I know you do receive a lot of support from the community banking new preview of that event for our listener. Absolutely we're going to have is our tenth annual year. And it will be on June the thirteenth what could be out of Huntsville golf club. We will have barge -- its donated by regional artists they're always generous and wonderful about giving us these fabulous pieces of artwork which we will auction. We'll also have a silent auction with of various things are donated from businesses. And this year hire our group decided it would be very interesting to have someone who had to get a great till about research what's going on what's cutting edge. Silly reach out to our national and we're gonna bring doctor dean Hartley. To wilkes-barre -- of travels throughout the United States is based in Chicago he's widely published and he is one of the individuals who works. Closely -- is. The people who are doing the research. So he is coordinating projects he's seen where people are going he's seen the results and he will be able to really I think it was such a great update on what's going on what's. What's happening right now on the field and what we look forward to sell. Dean highly will be with us will also have on music we'll have cocktail hour and door terms it's it's really quite a lovely weekend. And anybody's interested in attending their welcome to call me they can you see 800 number. Or they can call the office city 229915. Or go on our web site and there's a way to actually go to Lincoln and -- register for the event there. Aaron I'm gonna ask you this quickly because we're running out of time but what kind of test is available to show someone has alzheimer's I thought one had to be deceased with an autopsy of the brain. I was told no test exists while the person is alive I take care of my mom. And we need more care what you say yeah well a onetime autopsy was the only but the only way to really determine that alzheimer's was present and it probably still is but there are tests that are available starting with a mini mental test. That in some cognitive testing that can be done. At this we've taken diagnosed about 98% accuracy. So he's still in order to get a 100% is still looking in an autopsy but there are other tests that are available. Doctor critic the only she mentioned can do it at the alzheimer's research clinic right -- in northeastern Pennsylvania. Or you can go to -- who go to pet there are tests that are available that can really pinpoint what's going on. That's a Stella Parker -- of the Alzheimer's Association greater Pennsylvania chapter. The organizations fund raiser an affair to remember. Will be held on Thursday June 13 from 530 to 730 at Huntsville golf club and shaver town doctor dean Hartley. Director of science initiatives at the Alzheimer's Association will be the guest speaker for the 24/7. Help line regarding questions about alzheimer's call 1802723900. That's 1802723900. You're listening to special day. You're listening to special edition on the intercom communications. Hosted by sue him written. Many people would like to -- the United States president and maybe enjoy a few words in the quick photo. -- get the chance to form a bond with America's chief executive. But a man from plains in Lucerne county has done just that Larry cook an auctioneer associated with cook and cook antiques struck up a friendship with former president Jimmy Carter when he and his wife -- visited plains Georgia several years ago. Since then President Carter has visited loser in counties planes and will return on Tuesday may 28 for a speech at the planning monuments. It will also be Jimmy Carter day in the Borough. Larry cook an avid collector of presidential memorabilia. Is also the author of a new book. Presidential coincidences amazing facts and collectibles the book -- stuck at Barnes & Noble. We recently spoke to cook about his book and this week's visit by president Jimmy Carter -- Talk about Cindy. The book first and then we'll talk about to present Carter coming here. Is just the first book that you've compiled and can you talk about the concept in general because there's a couple of different themes that run through the book and of course the wonderful. Collectibles to and can you talk about -- -- got the idea for the book and how you put it altogether. Sure. The the book is spend. Kind of a brain child of mine for the first several years IE he actually. Became interested in the presidency. I think when I was three years old put my very first memory and life unfortunately is and November 22 1963. Of course that's the day that president Kennedy was assassinated and I was three years old and I don't remember anything the day before that for the day after that but I do remember that day. And done -- I think to -- shaped -- and and then. A few years after that my grandmother bought me a little -- comparison of far away can Kennedy. Coincidences. And I'd love that thing and I and I kept it all through my childhood and I was always intrigued by it and I've started debt collector. And -- some time. Probably before I was ten years old I started to collect things what that that item being the first in my collection and idea. Developed to collections actually had developed a collection. Five unique facts and developed collection of memorabilia. And a buyout 2004. My wife found my restarted my manuscript. Anyway as stated in 2004 and I started to put together. A book thinking someday I I may do this. And groups throughout my French -- over the last several years with President Carter and being involved with the US parks service. I was asked to speak last year. Presents stage and let the Jimmy Carter national historic site and after I spoke several people ask my lifestyle had a book out and she said well he's got one in the works but he's he -- -- had a publisher so she. Certainly you know you gotta get that book done. And this. Past February I would ask again by the US parks service. Just speak again on president states actually President Carter was scheduled to speak and then he had to be out of the country. So they had speak to us speak right now president's state and they told me there's you know few months prior when they ask -- to do that they could listen up folks. Think you do they've gotten a worksheet you'll get pebble done we sure would like to have it speed and -- -- book signing -- afterwards so. That between my life in the US park service that got me motivated to get it finished I did it and we got it published the week before president's state justice for a few months ago vote. For February and we. Gave my speech and did a book -- down there. There was no pressure on you was there. Q why do you like in the US are serviceable -- you get it done. Now when you earlier compiling these senate facts about the -- coincidences and you mentioning that. Interested in the Kennedy Lincoln coincidences and I think that says some people Larry who are older. May have for heard about these coincidences because I know when I was a kid that's all people talked about was that that kind of relationship with. You know common names of people in their administrations. And and other things but so what what what can you reveal about saying you're. Research into this. Well also is little known facts that are very in my book. Were compiled from. Folks that I had gotten. That our our older books books that are from the times. That some of these presidents actually lived even I think -- Like Gary Buchanan named Garfield and in things like that Teddy Roosevelt iBooks. I -- huge collection and I have books from. Time to when they were. President and even sometimes. And some of these people before they were president there were there will portray no I don't because they were prolific senators -- order. Or had done some some other help some other historical. The positions in the government so. -- a lot of these I guess I just pulled out I'd be reading along through one of these books say and and it's you know I would come across a fact and I think while that's really. That's really need and you know and I would I would write it down -- -- one in my favor once say uses an example. Fit fit I've ever seen written anywhere else it's it's it is in my book is is is George W. Bush. Is actually a descendant of two presidents of course is father. And then he is also a descendant of Franklin Pierce and is Barbara Bush's maiden name was was -- And that that's cool in and of itself but he's a descendant of two presidents but. Then when I got thinking about it like I came up with a flick of Senna hadn't seen it written anywhere else that he's a descendant of presidents 41 and then Franklin Pierce's number is that transposed number fourteen. So I just loved Leo neat little things like that. Do you do it you do do. Any -- read about it the president that gave the longest inaugural speech paid for it right. He did he did William Henry Harrison. Well on this inaugural speech in history however. There's been shortest presidential term and history was a rainy day that day and he developed a cold. Which turned into more than likely it was pneumonia and -- and he died a month after. But being inaugurated the can for the presidency in and that's that the whole constitution and demotion because that was the first time that a vice president. Ed. Had taken over the presidency as a result of the death of the president. So in the beginning of the book you have these historical coincidences and there are many and they are really cool uninteresting this is nice but to give to students of both history. And also people who just want to -- no things that make them say you hitting me and I love that left but also. You have in the second part of the book. But collectibles and I see the dead these are from your own collection Larry so what's the first. About collectible that you god in your lifetime and know what are some of the things he you have the -- mosques are proud to. Keeping your collection. Yes did they are everything pictured in the book is from my collection that's probably represents. Roughly 40% of my collection. -- today had many things that I I couldn't help but photographed -- and there are because of of space but we may do revised edition at some point. But done. Well -- my very first collectible I think was was so little thing in my grandmother gave me what the coincidences Saddam has led mentioned earlier and then I just. Branch south from there would pretty much started as a kid -- with campaign buttons -- you know from the time. And down and I was born in 1960s so look -- god you know. Came up through into their late sixties early seventies. Where there were a lot of -- you know campaign so far out buttons bumper stickers that type of thing. They just kind of progressed from there and of course is -- got into adulthood and certainly get does spend a little more money on things didn't end. And and broaden their data collection somewhat and and I still by by a third. Presidential collectibles probably every every week at least. And I have some great people out there that that look for things for me. Some of the things that I'm most proud of of course signed I'm -- Very fond of the items that. I have gotten better related to President Carter. And a few of the items that he's he's given me any -- course -- so that you would do any get to you get from a friend. The one thing that I picture in the book that I is that is. Obviously very unique is Teddy Roosevelt's. Original army record. And and that's that's the only one of -- you know it's the only one fan so I'm very very proud of that have Pope spoke there was. Given to Franklin Roosevelt by AI GA medical pennies there's. -- On the Tabasco sauce company and I have the accompanying letter to that -- I believe structured and in the book as well so. I I'd I love everything in my collection whether it's it's. It's valuable word that there are valuable to me so. Everything if I find out -- top button that I don't have I'm I'm just absolutely thrilled about it. Like the JFK pipe. That is needed that -- somebody somebody's car that I don't know you know I don't really know much about that idea I actually pick that up at a flea markets. And I don't I don't know much about it I have seen and a couple other examples there weren't the exact one but sold their work. If you you don't pipes -- with his likeness on -- For those that don't know was the story of your relationship with former president Jimmy Carter can you talk a little bit about that and his appearance which will be next week at the slamming monument so how did you 21 you need to an end what has happened that has means your relationship -- so close. Well and actually get my wife started this whole -- This whole relationship. Whipped with a Carter's. And 2004. I can't do it mentioned that. You know I was so into the presidents and had been all my life but I had never met. Sitting or former president -- it was -- certainly am realistic do in my lifetime. And so my -- surprise me where baby. Visit to plains Georgia on my birthday in February of 2004. Think this year -- if you went there you could attend church and and get a chance to meet president -- sold. That was a great birthday gift we went there and indeed we we went to the church and now President Carter and we just fell in love with that town -- so that's two very special little town. They're so into the history there and keeping that -- not a nice place to live. And we love that so we continue to go back terror several times and we got to be friends -- waiting game -- Williams who runs a historic -- now but she was Amy Carter's schoolteacher. And they shorten the story just a little bit -- eventually eat we got a call. 01 day after being air force five times and -- To get ideas on how to sell some memorabilia to benefit plains Georgia better -- program which is. Nonprofit. Outboard which president Carter's also sits on president and mrs. Carter sit on. And it's all dedicated to historical preservation of play Georgia. So we went there met with met with president and mrs. Carter gave him some ideas. On how to. Just sell the memorabilia and then my wife and I came up with the idea of channeling it. For them so we did did indeed do that and that's when I was on your show the last time we had the auction here. For them which was a big success and then we just did throughout planning mad that took about a year to plan that. And drop planning now we met with the Carter's several times and developed -- friendship. And then my wife and I just said that we wanted to I was it's gonna cause that we felt strongly about. And we want to work on other projects so we we did indeed do that we've done several other projects and we were with them. And on November and we thought of the idea for a third 2013. Fund raiser. Ask we had a lot of people ask us they have present a part of come back to this area -- enjoyed it's so much when he was here in 2011. So we. That we're within that Thanksgiving time and we brought it up to them. And President Carter -- we'll -- -- received what I can do in these are very busy guy he goes all over the world. And he settled me you know see what what we can fit into our schedule here and I -- well. If you would come up to visit us again tonight I would really like it if you could speak at the Wyoming monument. You'd be the third president to speak there and I think would be a great thing for. The Wyoming -- can't -- -- that so -- he agreed to do that. Okay it's so what if people want to go to that event can they mean is it opened to the public. Yes it is OK it is a good. I had -- will be Tuesday may 28. It'll be is the president Carter's speech false start at 3 o'clock. I would suggest you get there earlier you know much earlier than that we don't know how many people -- you know will be there. And -- the will will actually. Just start speaking about quarter to have three but President Carter are scheduled to speak at 3 o'clock. Is there a topic for this Larry -- really mean it up to him I. Update him -- he asked me what what I would liken to speed gun and I said you know whatever whatever you speak on will be fine. And so I don't know what the topical based. You can. And that it is anything else that will be done with with the visit after the speech. So we have vendee we've we. Did tell him that you know would be a far greater of course so that the speech is free and open the republic of course and then none. My wife and I you know put together a -- agreed immediately after the speech. That people could buy tickets and in many have. -- well meet President Carter -- for a hundred dollars so and will will be doing that the post speech. And then non. During bad video fund raiser dinner we have me I'm not silent auction with some. Carter memorabilia that the people that are at the dinner can can bid on and I thought. Think you probably saw it in the paper and a lot of people did President Carter. Actually I did a painting a very Wyoming monuments. Which she'd done donated four that's silent auctions so we're pretty excited about that. Excellent -- if people want to get into the mean Greek and they still do that through you. They can't they get done they can get a call they can call the office. Bad 2709239. -- serve our business process and ask for Diane. Once again the speech by former president Jimmy Carter is at the Wyoming monument at approximately 3 PM on Tuesday may 28. There will be parking at -- field with shuttle service to the event. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the stories.