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U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Corbett on possible government shutdown

Sep 24, 2013|

U.S. Senator Bob Casey talks to Corbett abou the funding of Obamacare and the government and a possible government shutdown.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

United States senator Bob Casey on line one. You think we're gonna shut it down senator. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I understand it's happening on this because and to. But folks some -- and who want to push system the very last minute and I think some would be. We're Nvidia please publish sound firm for some strange reason that you were more. More sources on this side saying that that dissident way to go but I have to resolve that internal fight them until they do this will grow -- into the last minutes. And the internal fight really is a fight the Republicans are seriously doing battle with each other. And I think that even adds to the to the potential trouble that were present. Do you really you know things your unusual when you have. Very conservative members -- and food. Members who are flow. You shouldn't do disabilities to point to make them on this issue helped me and just pick another. To see your time from. Inherited an economic impact that this everyone knows about community. Shut the government down my -- economy traders sold sixty twos don't grow veterans benefits. Yeah that the military has -- what everyone's. Protection -- You still have been the same time. Consumer confidence taking ahead. Even even they would be oh lead up to this day after day week after week really were -- the multiple weeks now and a discussion about this. This has an effect. -- as well. On the economy and the solution for all the time we're spending debating this. When it comes to get the job he's going to come and get a tax cut -- grandchildren out. Important to get there when it comes to. Coming up with strategies for the middle class. In the in the debate over the long term. You beat the recession in the middle class -- -- hard after the recession. They've just slowly begun to recover and yet some extremists in the congress should just the -- about commentary about health care bill. They're Republicans in the senate that you can really get along with that you can really. I think gay -- respectful discussion with -- -- like that. Yeah they're they're planning to -- -- player Republicans in the senate -- that we can work -- homes -- surround sound. Matters -- and a lot of -- -- on how to make it possible to pass things that. That's in charge him anyway you have today need to test over of the Republican Party in congress. And by the far. For sure no question about it and how they run the show police around the either part of the Republican -- that they you know the ground. The Republican caucus and the senate. Even people who -- the mind and some people who don't ever really been very conservative have and are not driving the train Nugent driving them. Driving the train right now as a small group of very. Ideologically extreme folks in the making the decisions and that's. The country hostage when they threaten -- attempt to have been shut the government down on certain to default on our obligations it's. Amid the business community for example has weighed in heavily. And these issues using words like catastrophic and cataclysmic and you get ahead. Companies it just meant that no you wouldn't be talking multiple words to describe. And true -- those far right fringe Tea Party Republicans. Are basically neighbors a large Tom Marino is one a month. One letter is another one and they're supposedly pro business isn't there some way the pressure can be applied locally to those guys. Well it was hoped it would do -- when they when they get down to around the final. The final and that the truth it would. Into to come back this tactic and just -- -- -- about this another day. -- this and Michael. Americans -- -- Received and then really insulted by and that -- in the -- sound on food stamps. The decision and that's forty billion dollars -- program that helps. Children and help some people are callable at some more interest may get and to me just being a little bit of help after a terrible recession. This play in my forty billion that's it was great just what they're saying they're gonna come up to twenty billion. Even -- -- messages supposed to work. -- -- And to try to get some savings and appropriate way but that's so that's what do what happens when you have a small group of very extreme folks. Thanks to destroy programs that help available today they heard the military -- -- the economy because maybe they want to make to ideological point and they don't seem to care what. I was in the way of that. When the when the census statistics were released recently and the news broke that in Scranton one and three children live in poverty. I talked with people who work. On the street people who work Frontline jobs in in community development and poverty and they actually said they think the numbers are higher. Kids that was so that was. Effects pedal and indeed even if you want a resident -- Scranton like Samuel. And the numbers in the and then staying home or even marine and fire but I never. Eric to the day when that would be headline in our. The paper and then to see you can only exacerbated. -- when he's not focused and jobs and economic development militants just having an ideological. About. You know look at who wants it. Let's do a good piece of legislation meant there was so litigated by the Supreme Court litigated in the sense an election. -- Affordable Care Act which you know which. -- -- seventeen million kids with pre existing conditions who want protected before. You know interest and they're young people and their their parents so politicians. Have been helped enormously with their. And into the prescription drug. -- payments for the given that coverage gap. That they -- really get not a problem that they want to cut food stamps even though in this morning and they make they make the argument that. That the timid people on the the food stamp program that -- and have a Europe's economy and the good news is -- with the economy improving the projection is that fourteen million people leave the program over the next decade. Because the economy getting better. So to destroy have been the best creative tool to control costs in the food stamp program. -- to grow the economy gets feeling when people have more American term there's less likely to have to have turned it. A program like -- health. My concern is that because a shot down has happened in the past because -- this wouldn't be the first time. My worry is that people trivialize. The potential shut down and today -- we got over the last time we'll get over again but I don't understand why more people don't realize the disaster is so flat. For example the last time to clean up more than 600 toxic waste sites was. That lets you one example so so how do you persuade people to apply pressure. Republicans how do you persuade people. Who might -- Tom Marino and -- moral bilateral how to persuade them. This decision making is not in the best interest at all even their strongest constituents. It's doing exactly what you've been outlining maintained Mittal. Menopause in the case of the consequences of shutdown put on the table the consequences of -- the the obligation. -- -- people Washington. -- -- not didn't -- simply that you know some extreme amount. Not just thinking straight and even irrational. Thing. He said that you know we -- -- and AM. And the obligations citizens happened since you know the -- of the country do we waste of constitutional from the government seventeen -- -- meetings with the an extra one glitch and -- single season in 1970 and I think it was a melanoma can struggle carrier Bruins -- been. And the use of personal and took him last time people should remember. That lasted two Summers ago. What you -- -- didn't have a technical loophole police so close. That -- impact on the economy was huge in the once. Example Steve you know and -- -- -- Pennsylvania company they -- very common look at this message that the threat. But not paying the bills. 202. Billion dollars so that's true that's you know peasants from from Monday. When you consider just what this sick Monday -- -- with city. Just -- just tear running down. -- it's what they care about veterans benefits Social Security work Republicans sure. -- -- economy overall I'm in BC news -- an economic community cannot listen. Work did you do some work for John McCain he's not some some -- nieces and last week. He says shut down in the last thing even if you -- it could cost the economy. Point 2% of GDP that -- hit that's no different. For just a couple weeks and it took longer. It could be ahead of phones also pointed out coming in absolute security here of that policy to -- protect and did what they can do a few days. I've seen some Democrats referred to this right wing fringe element there's -- -- I'm starting to think the daring gauge this some kind of a bizarre death wish for democracy isn't that bad are these people that bad. It's its release some ideological. The point they're making it about. And that they don't really believed that the federal government should shut down or her base somehow or. -- got invited by paying out about this action because. -- you can say you support the military and in the end in the wanna go after terror list and shut the government down because. Shut down this special forces don't get the help they need and they can't track down bad -- before they get to us. You can see -- support the economy. And it's important to discuss a reduction if you are shut the government down. It's only way we're gonna grow older continue to grow -- to have an economy that didn't work and make any comment or two you don't have a government shutdown so I. It -- is that there's a consensus in the country overwhelmingly Democrat Republican independent. The only one who thinks this is -- to this idea are quite different here. A small group of extreme. Position to do their running the show announcements and so if you or someone. The issue some. You know -- -- in the Republican Party in interest here and maybe he should tell them to them. Themselves and put put their constituent second charges of some fringe groups. So what actually happens next what what what do you do we hang up the phone where where you go to work and how do you swing and how do you try to persuade. People to the to keep this this great experiment movement. It is holding him or going to be voting yes tomorrow in hunters today and then looks like Saturday and Sunday. And when things start happening happening near you two things tomorrow might take place one as the and said that we're I think we're closer -- -- protection have a consequence. And she is that this stakes get higher and higher end. -- some members of congress from Republicans have to ask themselves. Are you are you very going to be more and more to small group of -- ideological. And extremists. Or you have millions of votes that that will keep the economy moving forward and it's not miss an all -- some more complicated than that -- Today. This do we know what is there -- -- helps them. When you when you bring something to avert the -- do you have any credit downgrade the first time in American history and -- you have consequences even when his sadness -- you know I don't think anyone can fully appreciate it. The devastation that can shut down and the -- In nutrition and -- as the recession. You know that's likely to bring the depression so I don't think that's a good idea. It doesn't. You know that doesn't seem to understand the consequences I guess. And if you take a look at northeastern Pennsylvania we we have our hands full as it is a lot of people are up against the wall in a lot of different Wei Asia and this this is something that. Really they shouldn't even have to think about the drug issue if I give Vladimir Putin to talk to Republican yeah. They're here or know what people are facing now me. The academy still having -- -- -- -- Obama and a couple weeks bring down their rate -- only way to bring it down his two. Focused on the middle class focusing on job creation it's then don't you know ideological reasons. Not to support for the government has now announced. -- and an obligation to. Remember the nation the President Bill Clinton. And we haven't exactly nations and its government strain for people. Did you pay and pay in the best -- and wants to be a deadbeat nation I don't get them. I don't get any other good luck -- with the everything that you're involved then and there's a lot riding on this United States senator Bob Casey thanks for your time thank you.