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Former NFL Player Greg Skrepenak with Webster & Nancy

Nov 5, 2013|

Former NFL Player Greg Skrepenak talks to Webster & Nancy about the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've got with as Greg -- -- -- you know Greg inside he used to love play for the Carolina -- Blair's Oakland and LA raiders thanks for being with Greg Craig. -- all right so -- win this story came out what was your first thought about that's. Bob I was straight should I know from digital locker room and we a lot of our merits are -- dirt ground. -- the F bureau Utah and there on it's hey there's much is useful around. It's usually expect all of could face they're meant to launch as a little bit better picture you can make it to that level kind of shocking. Want wedges and it was strange because I really you know I don't have the perspective obviously that you do but I I would think that. You know when it comes to that when you get to the NFL and the new guys in the door are gonna have. That rite of passage staying just like so many other organizations do whether it's a fraternity or whatever the new guys coming in the -- have to take some static from -- the tried and true veterans. And once you pass the test then you are my brother and you're accepted and and on and on and on. But this thing seemed to go beyond the pale. Yeah he didn't mess and their normal refused and outdoor negotiate -- your head a little -- club fired -- In patton's stuff like that yeah that's the right to capture and ultimately -- -- back on the field. Seoul bureau tribute to make the team and everything's going well you've earned your right of taxes you would do a -- this is really secular way too far. Well it seems like living he's had a history this -- and -- me -- -- gas he had -- but the players other ones are saying he's a funny guy only problem. Well he couldn't follow me -- allowable but you don't just know your fans remember him obviously Jonathan -- or December it's. Offended enough to walk I mean how how bad did he feel. A walk off that feat he gave up everything here -- -- to that point and quoting now a decent salary that's that I had enough. -- and dusty can you understand why he may not have said anything earlier. Oh sure absolutely especially being a repeat. Prosecute -- -- see them not hurt and so. If you go in your mind you're just trying to make thirteen registrar of cigarettes I don't know what the old -- on the field but you're struggling on the field that you were just not -- there's. And so not only give you have to deal with that. Here without deal with someone with your comment and actually the disturbing part. All of restore democracy could actually what was written talk about what -- central because that's stuff. He should have been it's remote -- thirty years ago OK but could then it's just it's just very hard. Yeah now would she think that a coach would have known what was going on. That's specifically and I think he might not -- -- every -- what he should have a pretty -- that are appearance or via the culture consumers are also -- a -- room here to disrupt the team and he should -- -- -- poachers just -- sense to them that they know something bowed out. Up from the story I heard. Martin didn't go to the coached. He didn't have the courage to say it exactly that was separate so so. That's kind of itself so -- toward a player comes deal because it's harder go to your head coach a player. By the need to rebuild their head coach so right that it -- Umar was trying to reach out so unfortunate well -- he had urged to stay open because. He just felt probably that he wanted to go to Trinidad and -- and how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The coach he radar I guess for lack of better term it is it is come into play on a daily dollar short then as that was going on here. Our Google's competitors to bring characters to be both. Muralitharan facility have a catalyst to this such. Think you know I agree with a real. You're just think she she would have had a better feel or -- because these things just don't happen overnight there's no doubt. Spirited defense faster for quite sometimes probably finish trading camp. -- our problems he's -- a -- or -- accompanied girl has had a stated fact that he has a history and that history to record rather proud bode very well look it's. Now we talk about what the coach would know what you would think some of the other players might have an illness has gone too far but like a goalie and we think -- -- -- it's hard to think of a bully when you think of guys -- -- 300 pounds. Like a -- enemy you know maybe they didn't wanna speak up because they might have been the one picked on next I don't know. There are other -- -- -- you're gonna get old Foley when he was younger so he started -- You know being bullied now returns to the boy thought -- my tickets -- depressing -- curious as to why not over our outlook of the other guys in the team. Actually came up and come up and got it go because. If that's that's going on somebody's gonna confront somebody either physically your -- relate to what normally if you warriors will permit and see what's gonna it's. Well it seems hateful comment you know what you would -- -- our position players -- police -- it before also that these guys that was -- Well. Felt that we wanted to -- for job. Mark way oh it's so -- means do we chalk it up to do this is and maybe this is not the best dramatic comedy of errors no one picked up on the fact that this was gone beyond where. This stuff normally don't no one picked up on that. Well if you want to see you probably travesty -- with -- other -- work you know you always come to the final. The best summation you'd see guys spoke -- -- -- -- -- guardian -- and you -- -- history America that say -- and we should step then it's kind of on the same failure that. Where you know there's some -- numbers history here. But no one -- to your mentor has blinders on and there are and then minutes -- and and that's it's still -- -- all -- an -- achieve them there's a lot of pressure problem. They're trying to win football games you're trying to do everything that comes along -- that's so. The other focused remember formats so I don't really wanna be -- what's what -- stuff like a good job tomorrow and Richard crowd you know because. You know mine at that particular time it doesn't take precedent but that's that's what what kills football teams and Margaret. Our first group offers are in trouble right now and it's gonna be extensive effort you can't -- -- Reporter yeah -- had their people saying they don't think you will ever play again I mean he was thrown out two other teens who wasn't me. Yeah that's some issues jedi had -- the US motive once Simon Riviera throat. So very far. And go from here he has a reputation he has some issues in college and so well. It's it's difficult to say he's never play again and -- -- you learn how many understand what you do because -- -- tomorrow and it probably doesn't think he really very very well. Then they do you think Jonathan Martin will be able to come back in play. Yeah -- didn't happen portal build a comeback reportedly wants to. You do Austrian man enough to party comes from a family that I Roger spoke disturbs our professors -- -- and you know what it. He has repeatedly not really boredom -- -- -- poll of voters trying to fit into the culture rebel football. So if you want to come back I'm sure all their opportunity for up there and I would be surprised if they're perhaps -- but for centuries and educated our young men. And number because -- just. You're not felt for him he could go do something release. The New York Times has this story that says in bullying case questions on NFL cultures so we're talking about Miami now but. From your experience. Playing because you have many this kind of fun in treatment or see anything and somewhat similar to it. I consider something of this magnitude of hope there was -- -- Belmont with climate were racial. -- they would look for imports frankly we work -- word really attacked at that time. Good -- Super Bowl a year and have been well. But it was truly a team during training camp in anger and a remote chance to them ultimately. We a couple of players -- the team. Because there were accepted and more was in the locker room and and that's what the problem to adapt a base now they they got rid -- -- thought it -- showed you there it's much more serious than your elbow and first reported. And now they have deal with the aftermath lurch. Can probably be too much for the. While and now -- just -- take caught clarify when you talk about the right of passage when you are starting off as a rookie I'd today did you ever have to pay for the dinner -- I'm hearing now out of 151000. Dollar tabs are 54000. Colored tabs. -- -- -- -- Talked about it I cannot. I don't understand what you're hot you're what appeared to gut out thirty gratitude and good humor much bigger deeper I'm sure under certain this our respects and we're about -- council but normally what happens not. I don't the raiders which -- rookie party got a real responsibility. Well the rookies so outfit for the rookie party at the end of training camps. But it would also started Tom -- -- except for how much you can afford so the first round pick they promote Specter wrote that. They respect the most of -- feud -- -- lower -- battered spirit you're gonna pure creative they're probably there would very much are very very calling the relatives. It was probably good that. Yeah you know I -- that -- pace scale dollars and that's it that's excellent I mean that the rookies -- on the legal bottom rung in the ladder -- there's also a hierarchy there and I think that's. That's everything. It's more about that -- -- The -- all of -- -- eligible veterans. Read these ball the job. You know maybe -- very American immigrants are here in the veteran guard Earl opened down or appears to serve murder and so -- -- -- -- your dinner anything else any other workplace. But -- like they're separate cases arguing their. Because -- I never seem like support I mean I've been attracting guys you're upset with some very good. But instead by a third term sir quickly extinguished yeah that is factored in people some people think it's partly and obviously one person really instrument or certain. It's some but I never releasing our report. I doubt it's going to change the the culture some -- in the locker room do you think that this and if there are any players who might take it a little far might maybe they're gonna think twice. All in all I -- -- -- -- over the years it's that you would bishop like -- -- get your readers taxes you're involved race. Do you consider optional U yeah and wondered could it be another fight. And here. Premier everything that's going on what social media world would well you know technology to waiters. You know -- -- just you don't do this stuff doing -- that's suffering more than match and then hold it come a long time ago so. The fact that it was backed out of was still going -- earlier -- -- disturbing communal and that's what kind of shopping because in this day and age. Fishermen happens but yeah hopefully if that does share some of the culture people understand what's -- for one guy might not be fodder for another and you just have to be careful. Little by block room 200 change to the point work. You know you're not bad guys that are prepared for example the most popular double lock romance according to mr. camaraderie that they share with their teammates and and that you left. Very regard what are there probably are very. Porter missed the most -- through the locker room so. Well hopefully people are more sensitive that's the issue is and can realize and take what one person's record supporting that person might not. -- while thinks should be -- this -- script that we really appreciate your insight. Our criteria temperate very too nice talking to -- -- things -- it's very interesting hearing from someone who's been there.