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Bill Courtright Mayor-elect in Scranton victory speech

Nov 5, 2013|

Democrat Bill Courtright declares victory after winning the Mayor race in Scranton.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah excuse me. As I said the primary. This is a victory for bill core right this is a victory for the city's grand. I would just like to dedicate this victory. It's my best friend Mark Wallace and Jay Sanders. True great guys. As everybody knows there's this week too many people. To mention one by one tonight. I would try excuse me I was trying. To thank you each and every one individually. At some point in time but there's a few people I do have to mention -- and please. If I -- issue. Don't be offended I'll get you sooner or later. First of all my family. My mom. My sisters Barbara my sister Charlotte my brother Bob. We've always been there -- -- My son bill. My son back into my daughter Lindsay. And everything and anything they could help us in this election. And most of all my wife you know she wasn't worrying. If she wasn't worrying I was runs only -- There's one guy that did I do have to single out and and please don't emails be offended that this man. Has literally. Walk every step of the way with me since the first time I ever ran for office -- That's -- why don't. Well like he series is -- one more block one more time. Everybody there worked at the headquarters. No one has seen names I'm afraid I'm gonna miss somebody. But the people who -- my headquarters there's no way we couldn't on this -- you you know -- York. The countless people who put up designs which is -- best. Tough job. But they did it in on him. I don't know how many thousands signed me up there and I thank each and every one news. You know you know I'm humbled that people in this city. And once again voted for meetings and have their faith and trust in me and I thank him for that. And and and not just the people that voted for me. But the people and also voted -- -- it's kind of pulled together we've got to fix this city. And yeah. What do I have to say is this is that. Mark. Plus my campaign manager called cherry tree price. Any pass. And one guy that I have to give a special special thanks to this stepped up to the march shoes. And did a fantastic job and you can ask my wife Susan do all -- -- -- out now and we could do this. I want to -- never handsome. What what people call minority communities something some people say that I and I wasn't intelligent among minority community that's why I won this election. I was in my right. What the microphone. One last thing. We got to get to work now we've got to fix this city. But in ninety we're gonna celebrate.