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Alexandra Kokura- Pittston Magisterial District winner

Nov 5, 2013|

Democrat Alexandra Kokura talks with WILK about winning the District Magistrate race in the Pittston area

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know how we're doing well how are you very good and very good and I we didn't get to hear your victory speech so can you just tell us a little bit about what she had to say you know. I can't expect eight you know it seemed humbled and and energy and try to write Gary everybody. And it on upbeat and energized and I and I'm ready to give that job. What can any voters and the public guys expect from you in this new position. How -- they can expect it to its approach aren't acceptable. A district judge I'm an apple district judge is something I can't forget on how the I didn't can and rating it's out. All right -- would you say to your opponents judge Gerard Mecca Don and all that figure. Among other hard feelings after a messy campaign like this Alexander. -- and its own -- I I feel like you know -- I'm a professional and you know the reality ancient Indian. Don't expect that the next non. All right well -- thanks so much congratulations Alexander took her a winner they're in the a district and magistrate race. Irritant to attack -- not take care.