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Shelter in place warning for Monroe Co. until 12:12pm Saturday

The PSP asks all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.  Do not go outdoors,stay away from windows.
Increased police activity as the manhunt for accused killer Eric Matthew Frein continues.

A shelter in place warning for Monroe County will be in place until 12:12pm Saturday.

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Alexandra Kokura- Pittston Magisterial District winner

Nov 5, 2013|

Democrat Alexandra Kokura talks with WILK about winning the District Magistrate race in the Pittston area

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know how we're doing well how are you very good and very good and I we didn't get to hear your victory speech so can you just tell us a little bit about what she had to say you know. I can't expect eight you know it seemed humbled and and energy and try to write Gary everybody. And it on upbeat and energized and I and I'm ready to give that job. What can any voters and the public guys expect from you in this new position. How -- they can expect it to its approach aren't acceptable. A district judge I'm an apple district judge is something I can't forget on how the I didn't can and rating it's out. All right -- would you say to your opponents judge Gerard Mecca Don and all that figure. Among other hard feelings after a messy campaign like this Alexander. -- and its own -- I I feel like you know -- I'm a professional and you know the reality ancient Indian. Don't expect that the next non. All right well -- thanks so much congratulations Alexander took her a winner they're in the a district and magistrate race. Irritant to attack -- not take care.