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Michelle Bednar discusses win for Luzerne County controller

Nov 5, 2013|

Democrat Michelle Bednar talks with WILK about her win in the election for Luzerne County controller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh congratulations regulations. I felt much. All right so obviously you've already talked to your supporters for the folks listening right now especially those in -- caddie can you tell us up. What it was you had today and then what you -- plan to do in this position. Well I am now and then and. -- -- -- -- -- And that the -- and -- were there reporting and that showed that -- -- it's lawless and I'm here for change. And that I I am I think that most of what you may get shot at paradigm completely. And that we're watching the taxpayer dollar -- that. I asked you what you will do differently than Walter Griffith had done during his terms when it comes to. And I realize the office is change a little bit is not as powerful weapon of the charters are used to be an -- form a government problem could get like -- Paying bills signing purchase orders that kind of thing is raining you're gonna do differently. You're tired anymore and the clerk tried to order yeah after the captain what what Eric. So that's where you have to make sure that the taxpayer dollars are being sent polite way. On and and that's big this table I can no later Q and I did Serbian and and I bet that expertise and the follow up true and I would like it was not an indefinite sentence finished. It. And yet make sure that there -- Yes I did -- army and or whoever you're you're writing is followed through on an apparent need something that might he not gotten it right away. Michelle they comptroller's job is sometimes called the watch dog -- count these spending. Do you consider that job to be an aggressive job a watchdog with key thing is that what you consider yourself the big. Oh yeah extra that the -- you know like that's on the Internet and -- money being spent a lightweight that you're not. That there are many had not taken money and and when it would pumping out that shouldn't be either -- and that way. There wasn't that many years ago old. That we had what became known as the resulted in an almost total breakdown. -- love county spending and an abuse. What -- what your response to what you might have learned from that -- situation and and what can you do to make sure that doesn't happen again. It may have killed your opinion would make a great time to make sure that's. And that the department only spend what they're up to -- any of that's you know they can't do but go ahead and and -- You make sure that like it it's bad credit client unit credit card straight example. That they can get in and whatever they want it can't do that no longer. How do you see your possible relationship Italian manager Bob Lawton. I'm there to quicken to get them connect I'm -- and I am I don't agree with him I will basically be -- I'm -- to the -- and saying they get I don't agree on final night. Him very well luck congratulations again Michelle bad -- on new Lucerne county comptroller. And thank you for checking in an hour talking with -- voters in the listeners tonight gridlock and I think that --