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11-3-13 Paranormal Science

Nov 19, 2013|

Features Psychic Medium Mary Barrett doing psychic readings for our callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- normal size and spread. Okay. -- Okay. Good evening everyone. Welcome back to animal science this is Joseph won't. And stands search when special guests. Carroll's team press hi -- Carolyn welcome to live thank you and I wanna poll just our listeners last week we homes were actually away from the lab -- and -- -- here. We have well kind of went away has some things to do what we're back now and down we have Mary bearing. With us this evening. Tom if we get married on the phone here. Hello -- with us. I area right here RI and welcome. Thank yeah you're welcome house hi events is also taught -- How -- -- really want enough. Busier it does and -- she's adrenaline gets. Yeah well yeah but I'm also had. Yeah. My cousin John and -- up there he was the one Emma climbing down highway that was the good samaritans that got a -- and hope the guy changed the tire and. Are you know that's. I'm sorry sorry -- -- than. And -- and I'm -- have been grab lunch I've been Oklahoma City for three weeks then I would down. And -- captain had an advantage I came home might just boot camp I Eric or. And then mom I had the right and down to a chamber later. And move my mom happier and we just got home at 2:30 this morning and -- So you can't put them one as per Alley chaotic. Yes it is I've been there I understand that. I'm I'm matter if you don't mind we're gonna get right into. Right into the calls is that okay with you. That I RE. I want a welcome mom Wendy from clarks summit when he with us. -- -- -- my -- welcome when guys don't win this pink campaign. Your forward to talk to -- -- the question. The question I just can't can't. God changes to sleep soundly like stay in the same place that never changes that's our -- and I just -- actually I will move. Baby total change from -- fire -- his family continuing at halftime yeah. I'd feel that if you not -- and start really looking around. On Q&A little bit while -- -- can't -- a marker magic and may shock. The couple. A couple of months and I'm not get sick do you need under your belt and go forward she. You know I'm getting -- February and march you will see -- -- job change and I think you have to worry LA law. -- -- Victoria and come and Soria that just don't you don't you don't mind and keep your eyes open that's what I'm hearing. Brooke thank thank. IQ I'm not. I have. I thank you so much when -- -- that I look. All right there is still there. Yeah I'm here in Arizona -- hang up on you also -- off. Not tolerate Woolley I'm always for some people call another question for you. When you don't when you read people -- I mean you know I know here fantastic effort by all means we all know that we heard before and I'll say I'm I'm very impressed. Beyond the question I have is when you briefings and elect some some -- me and say they'll get. -- flash cards in their heads and we'll see pitchers without somebody York. They sense something or some people say they'll they'll hear like a spirit come of them who know how to how do you get the information while amassing. Well it just pops in my head. And sometimes I -- he would kind of white mom somebody whispering in my head. And mom I. The important I think people -- -- on the need -- it just like I just know. Right I and I understand that it's just -- like just something just comes upon you when you're like I just know this for some reason I don't stand you know mark my co -- here's how I. I know he's had some some feelings like -- himself like to have right I mean anybody to better explain that yes. I see people and it -- actually potentially hear them sometimes but they do. C. Things happening more so than here the. Or right. -- USA and I'm sorry that we get turn and I thought I you know you can't -- -- -- idea on how you do. I don't get -- now don't you question and it's one I'm beating you want these thought Indiana. Cool river from now and I know it Europe didn't touch skin. Side -- com. I'm seeing now I knew because I'd been there myself when I was living in that area. Why is quite good -- -- and a river in new Marty helped guide the broad if I'm in world trapped. It sat down fast -- where you're -- far. Think his -- Clinton -- repeal. The Susquehanna River is about moved three miles away from my residence they give -- -- him yes. There are attracted around some right along the river yes there is. OK I think he's you know I remember talking you laugh about this and you said that I somebody came through we need to ask fishing near -- Yes I believe sell -- okay I'm. Figured there's still need that again and I remember riding. And -- well how would I hope I never remember where I can't remember the name on it but it would like. I hear the wind inside and then he had the -- didn't have a career and -- track. And personal reason that it's taking me back bare -- here or. We -- your grandfather. I hill on the side of the rare or tracks Nixon river. -- Found that wouldn't be my grandfather not used to look they're my father. Then there you get my if got a -- yes. It would benefit him long. Stayed friends since even if you think now IG now. And all know. They you don't swimming in -- -- he actually because I'm also could -- hand my arm. It a little -- out where. Scarce seat on. And you walk in and river a little fat and and he knew it's a little boy in her birth. Nothing ever been swimming in the river. It and you know you did when you're officiating. I know I know he never went in the river dolls or even just waiting until. Think -- think -- underwater he -- me a little boy in -- And he's showing me all the rest but I told -- No I did swim and a river that goes leads into the Susquehanna. But not the Susquehanna self. And while could be that maybe he's only seen the water -- in the and and the beach area and I don't content Gerri big beach area I think it seemed like it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not -- really close. OK because the place up there and it's a creek in Manhattan. Water can get and I'm getting gamble. But the wider be a small stream. Thank you know fight yes. I -- and -- Wait. There -- brand like UN -- -- can't wait over there yes now what I'm seeing right now what I'm seeing -- fight. Maybe adopt. An antidepressant bad. And you know -- campaign in the water. Think I know you're talking about a not entirely sure it's not the Susquehanna enough. Now this is not just -- Indiana. This is something else to send her. He -- I can feel my arm. Why can't I can't even rock and I can hear of the water -- don't like it's up in the mountains somewhere. OK I know you're -- You can -- you do. I'm taking a minute -- But spring broke up on five both to explain bird river. I don't know American Eric I -- I. I didn't after you get your -- All right and so I'm on some hole there. See I'm I'm getting right. It's clear. Now from water. Correct and I gave it the height in feet. -- it would literally apple and when I see you. -- -- I'm not happy about seeing right now to continue nearest and they might you're just looking down on your skin like a brown rock. For the water on dress. If you lose lots of rocks in this area yes there was and they swimming called crystal clear out. Cold water. -- that -- me it was in a -- ice cold but it was like I'm -- to -- type yes it was yes. I'm glad it okay that's the message that I am getting poor -- OK. Let's -- pretty -- so -- deadly cancer that's awesome yeah that's nice that's good that's awesome. Primary I'm kinda clicked over to Don and -- From Kingston hope you with us yes I am borrowing done gone into question for Mary. The -- yet I go on but before I get to my question I get one thing I know that creature was talking about Campbell's creek. Oh really yeah my sister's not used to take me there when I was younger but we can go swimming up higher. That he gambled everything. Some brought back neverland but anyway -- my question is when my mother died this past January. The well the day before she died and I went up to appear at the nursing homes and job. Sheet and Whitney in my two sisters and I went and when she opened her ally and they said but. It we couldn't make out her mouth was moving but we couldn't make out what she was trying to say. To -- she sings it you know I know that she -- that the engine I was just wondering if you could pick up what. She was trying to say if anything. Couldn't we couldn't make out this year you know we couldn't -- any -- she was buried. You know she had -- right congestive -- pneumonia they said and -- before she died in. You're very congested. When did you see if person -- Peggy. Because -- eaten -- human strolling in the way. Bet. Here -- and but she also one -- JK. Is -- younger sister with him are you being young and no I'm too I'm Mitt. Well I mean them smack in the middle of seven children all together. Because I'm getting a young girl. Well as Denny K. It harder than -- any infant. I'm not saying you know I'll bet you didn't miss your mom are whenever -- and it's kinda like watching -- -- sister. -- -- They're. Okay what can watch my younger sister and younger sister that a lot of us don't get along with. And she's well. She'd seen you play and trying to kill. Ons. Everybody to be out there again I don't think I NG. You're right she would like that she used to say that I want you all get along. And did we didn't. We didn't but we thought we tried photo I tried to put on front for -- A lot of times I tried to bite the bullet -- Look I can fly and I don't want to hurt that he's now. An inhaler. Here in particular round Q why is back. Oh my god are you serious speaking you know why because that's. Well we lived before I've moved on my -- I live on my own hearing getting them. I know I moved down the Wilkes-Barre area because I when I got employees. And you know but I used to live and -- that I guess what we were all from. So I'm the only move down accounting. My name's John when am. I know you aren't my guide are you serious. He thought I might be appointed general I have to aim at it then ending game. No MP. I don't know what I hear your last name. I don't buy -- India need Dr. Phil -- happening. I -- -- -- -- employees so it's not our right here in the country singer Tim McGraw. And steel. -- and I don't know I -- it up like sisters did. I would love that fight but I I went to a school for the blind good -- I went to Philadelphia. I hate what you're gonna graduate. Well. My one sister graduated in 78. And the other one graduated in eighty I believe. I -- one bit younger that we don't get along with graduated. I probably know you guys that -- did you -- the end up on bridge street. Inhale are all -- and no alive. What's it can get look I'm well we used to -- small we lived on oak. Saw how can we had to move off of air because of the mosque you know one that mine cave and everything they've -- I'll lose. Yeah I never I move that we moved down today -- either avenue. You know by the pine hills golf course and right right. I can a guy he had -- you know you guys are oh what Powell. Well I can't -- for me I'm being opt. Wow I didn't eat your lunch pillar and I hit defamation wanted to hook up I need. Well yeah because that was her home and she ended up she wanted to die in her home but well -- Might as well -- I shouldn't say too much blown out well you know our. And we alliance. I yet what are you can't pay the money out of the way my sister doesn't listen to talk radio call it. I don't -- I learned is you know wouldn't talk radio and then you should judge Christine. And now. I know now home now I have -- -- -- in a new I want -- -- with a lot of people out here I mean I do have to monitor. Some close friends and relatives up there but I did -- an older sister Mary. She was all we know like old and nine years older than me marry the one in old forge. -- if she married you know but Kashmiri McGraw and then there was my sister Kathy. And AM. I'm not sure it's an old -- if I knew the newly noon to midnight gold cup -- It's Madonna around lab I went to -- I do so mom. Yeah I noticed I I don't ever hurt by a client site. But. This may I have the main streaming back when I was going to school. When they now I mainstream the kid public school now but. Back then they didn't have that so and staying calm in your mind can now what's the best place for you to golf. Really fit it yeah. Yeah because it's tough spot -- while I learn I had a -- a lot of the things could they have a hard time with these teaching me the things. You know like I mean not did not they were good parents but. You know that they wanted to do it for me instead I mean -- and it took. Hit a nice yeah you know I have kind of hard because I'm young -- -- -- invite kinda. You can't let me show I am now yeah yeah I'm. -- -- you now and hide in a teacher in the public schools this gumption and college in stoplight and I enhanced by. You kinda wanna do it quite -- person and I understand they are not getting right right. Money well I mean I love this show I look forward to every Sunday. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell you we appreciate you listen really do. Always get all I love it I really know -- if it's meant not affect my friend from Germany listens. I wish I mean we didn't she put it on her computer she tuned in another child okay but I didn't know anybody can call from out of state that she wanted to call troubled times we know. Actually willing to -- -- want to take a break soaring Hindus are. Sprint Cup this we're gonna go to break and I'll give her the 800 -- here -- -- listened you try to call from there. Okay -- -- no way now what are easy to get it would she be able to call on that 800 number you. Saw horror which gives you a different number to call. I believe soluble numbers just in case and out. We assign all the numbers like if you didn't know if if out of state caller and you know. I never heard anybody honestly call in. Yeah well we we we we've got a couple OK but all right so all will be back pressure that's okay thank you thank you and Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab many people are haunted by back pain. Is degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- -- practically rehab -- been -- using the latest technique. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com. -- FaceBook. I. I. Welcome back paranormal science. Mary with us. I'm all right. -- knows and knowledge and also faced a -- not denying him and give the numbers and also Colin. I'm going to be 57083. Users are running mate or in the -- 1804370. And and it. On the 100 is only foreign state policy to text socket 99404. -- married during the brief we're talking -- Have you did you you know over the years and we talked to reforms like -- how young were you when you first. Started to know you have this gift. I realize I had against I didn't realize what it was. Kind of excited girl in the I get home. Feel like I was in my 31 different prominent rabbi -- -- Carol cards and I did and I blew wide open and and I didn't even need it Carol cards I mean I just started. I thought -- many -- is just fight. Some bang bang bang you came can mean big time even I was getting messages. But I just accepted that everybody had it I didn't realize that -- now. Yeah. What is the norm for me. Are usually somewhere like you didn't realize he had that just doesn't have to got to -- yes. Why it's amazing. -- -- Let me ask you -- album to feel anything about you know -- talk to stand little they may come through for me -- thing here I have to ask them. -- -- Yeah yeah. I haven't. -- -- And did it kinda quiet -- and a man in the and pass it now -- It -- not. I got. Thought one option. I cannot help would be good if not it's just I -- -- -- -- What can you like a big cat. And four feet on the ground debris out. What if they have like I'm a software. Get quite a round -- but they have scoffed -- 300 effect. I think so. Like I think it yeah okay. Com. I get high. Yes I have a bite somebody you know it'd be and in the thirties. In 1938. And I'm. Eight tell me -- said I was your -- There are what are purchased my first name is -- There yes. This guy still fight. Actually wish you guys there's going to be embarrassed. -- her father. Former -- on -- -- her own don't. Okay. Could it could be I mean -- I know. I know my grandfather's past I'm not sure. I'm -- junior Brothers announcement. Hey -- -- shot -- back. He used to balance your mother on his cool. Okay and actually listen now -- -- annoy your brother -- I think in my book. Com. Okay. So maybe it's my grandfather it is -- kind of like I'm. -- I also -- with the door half -- Match I don't know what is notable events. I'd like I caught it. -- trying to my my grandfather was big on hands and on and we had you know after passes of I was just a young child murmur. Get all the content perhaps like elephant doors and had like a straw had a blue method we still have that. And repairs to the house anyway. Your grandfather's -- to Dominic. They happened you know what are -- payments. -- why I do not. I don't. I it showing me a little girl. I can't wait for me. And bounce there. I can't opt out showing me is the heightened fight at all. -- -- They had that -- hinder but in the end that poster that people it should fit I'm OK yes. And -- -- -- wanna pick it up powder blue collar. About that. I definitely look I'm sure she's assignment and I definitely will. -- -- -- In cats and ate it and getting like there's -- Dell com. I wound their own way Arab. -- poet he opponent -- -- -- To the right amount probably no one ranking. I think they need -- and -- -- So Rosie isn't showing things washing washing over her cause. -- I think that's what he's trying to on. Tell me about. I could feel their job I mean that there is. Other job opportunities that are going to be opening not you know that she. -- here I don't fit in your ear person. -- -- It can't play here and keep and broadcast. And ready to challenge the big keep -- radio. And maybe a chance or she me. It's -- it's gonna be some type of arm AD. -- -- -- I had very I don't. Let it let me add it up armed service up there have been team and all of -- sudden. -- -- -- -- -- kind of retirement the CIA the CIA yes. We take. I'm just will -- I TV station and. They used and what they have Facebook's and they have social media they have to do LT TV that you can get on but. -- Advocate and see any minute I'm I'm talking you -- -- Yeah they're domestic Japan and -- for you ourselves. -- I'm senior its. Flights in and light colored. I want to say like a much armchair. That's what it all back import. And there's. -- -- face -- -- and you -- on some -- at top shelf. Really feel yeah. I feel like it I don't feel like it's not major like court grant and I -- but I feel like. It's come generally I remember I was one time and -- BIA my -- it was quite. 35 years of pounds each and honor what I might kind of my mom cut sympathy at channel actually. And I noted they had top. Like forum box studio and did you just a rural area and and a bit much don't share it kind of sport likes. Now. I'm off thank your shocking here talking about something I don't know but -- your mouth moment. And there's another person there with a see. The -- spend money. Well yes -- OK and I'm sorry I didn't catch your name with a female hunting guide she'd been on here before it's. Carol -- is essentially your first time with us here trying to. Defending me and this -- -- or Panama before mr. -- -- but the. I'm here not -- Okay mom I don't worry it. Time and excited to top -- Mary had decide your picture on FaceBook -- he looks -- It's common for parents. I'm getting a -- very -- lot of stuff that's gone on time and I'd be hearing a lot of opportunity now are you pretty -- can't. Yes I am I just a couple of miles away down the road ahead. The planes. I yeah I never did. I'm gonna travel coming up Peoria traveling. You know. There's a possibility this Wednesday. -- maybe with our team here that there's an opportunity coming up I can't talk about it right now -- there's a possibility. See I'm -- and there's more than just one possibility. I'm getting near can be doing a lot of traveling back and forth now let me ask you questions. Gay indicates a lot of pictures or work a camera because then yes I deal to sunny -- on lots. He hit back and seeing -- camera in your off his hand and nearer. -- -- -- -- -- I don't get -- here and challenge it kind of right. You hate beat Boris they've become bit about this that makes sense here. Kind of I have a vision and I can only -- that was the visual allow my plan what I'm going to do sometimes under a spontaneous but. -- good to be here. Yeah -- I'm proud investigation. Nike -- but. I have a history of well look -- the -- of my cast are used to live on Africa what I should say about -- solidified. The deal aren't the spirit. You what I feel with it. I -- hearing can own cure a lot of spiritual activity in the spirit that come true I also feel that. You might hear like I am saying we want our investigation. I am saying you're an investigation where. We try and take a picture and you'd have to hurry up and RJ because you feel don't. Years seeing them I'm according here -- -- you know they're there to check out here and go right for you from one side in the other match. Snapping pictures really felt that you can get. -- -- -- -- -- Interesting interesting. Drop the -- here have been able to see him ever since you've been -- That you keep things fair you always -- what's it -- what you -- -- Yeah I'm. -- actually seen them before they're there are. Hopefully interesting perception I. I'm never realized that beforehand I had. Yeah right right here where I'd say you're seeing. Spirit now now. Okay and then watch because you watch. If you don't like baseball and I have got. I picture I'd get an Oklahoma City for three weeks and -- -- -- won any -- I would bet on more of a ball in another picture of a woman aircraft. But learning at Martha -- I don't know you know are not yeah. It comes to him from gal and I took a picture of and I'm -- -- and I'm rumored to have that picture but dogs. Okay. Well that's -- usual. I'm -- maybe that's the first time an average of the picture that she adds as very you know showed up they end. It is it may -- I. It won't he play or if he's only played mark Apollo shots yes. Too much this summer. Don't like here you're any earmark laden -- here Paula and -- at every turn it around at camp. If -- on investigation. Your entry join our team and I hear that. Com. But because you. May know not not at all actually. -- I hate to do some break this up we'll go back -- we take a break we'll be written. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab many people are haunted by back pain. It's degenerative related to an accident for sports injury and the professionals and Herman chiropractic in rehab -- been -- using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com refinement FaceBook. -- may contain material released on. There's some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may have turn. Welcome back to sound science and I'll write down every week so -- -- we on the line if you -- take that. I am all right welcome Kathy welcome Carl -- Hi -- Mary what I'd like to ask you is about prepared very. If he could speak a little bit about that money correct thing would be gasoline. And I have a room all week in and I'll take care of me. And I feel very. Stable one. And I also have a brother who died from being down there and I wanted to go home. And he keeps the help for me I think who is -- for me. DC area. McCain and said I'm. I hear your spirit time. And I'm in gray hair. Guarantee about it shoulders. The -- eighth grade mustache and beard. Uncle Bernard. I'm sorry can -- -- -- there would be my uncle Brad and he's anguish. Then. I feel like he's helping jail to visit him almost how wonderful coming good -- Always just what I am hearing. And what about my brother of fortune. Did he ever come around. I get -- paying -- around the. Even. In the area how do you feel about these feel that there's more bad spirits here. -- recently and prior. -- Petty attacks played hit a I would tell you do you want Omnivision. Yeah -- and I am sure your half hour. We need and people white candles lit a thing could happen -- don't think about the -- yet. They get it once you have been there had been asked for it comes with the problems. -- Yeah I had to battle it I got ovary but it took a long time. The -- -- the kids stop thinking about the bad and the night so. I can open it therefore a lot of good to come -- for sure is going to be opened. He and you have to change -- -- if they -- OK. I -- Thank you or I think what ideal and. Com packed Archibald period. I own. She said the -- go on to boulder. Yeah I'm nom. And -- I'm. If it might be your product it's -- pretty young her purse fast. -- -- any guide eighteen going to be nineteen. To -- not a mosque complex. -- -- -- We're hoping they get behind now NBA yeah all of the street and Harry and I'll -- it -- But that's right and he shot and I climbing well. And and if that amount in Virginia. -- forty years and then they came here. I'm getting I'm getting hit ball you know I don't Buchanan have a mom. -- about and I think he's. At the pump. -- -- The ugly -- he -- the -- didn't. I play parent. Yeah it BA your right arm and I learned. And it has been me. The other side. -- -- again and they're telling me saying it in the UK into. EG EG out. And it's all okay. I had army at the foothills. You do. I had fifty. It's sea animals dogs chickens ducks turkeys. Right acknowledging the word about the -- I want to it. Additional -- of their face to walk with them. Yeah I -- -- and I don't know any better. Just saying bear ya BAR. There are no real fear. Yeah. Good mother gave it to me. -- -- Yeah I would have called. Eight. That's where the mountain I want to remind the mountain. -- a lot longer mentally and so they get -- cavity because my husband died. Our rule of -- -- play I don't know it's pretty minus thank you got me. -- some form. I'd be well all of Italy and you've got to -- what -- all NBA ball. I think it animals through much kinder then there's people here yeah. You're right. Thank -- get it right up. I challenge you know I mean I don't. Here until -- right. I'm going to be okay. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you Kathleen appreciate your call thank you thank you. I think. You got another one right on the spot the animal that's. Spot on the right out and people off anymore messages for me Mary Williams have a moment. He added -- -- and god and stop being a very good -- out there and do you. I know that I feel I knew what you were you really I can get out there and you're at but -- -- a little bit -- You're. Asked them into. You should I need time. Are you I didn't in anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're doing good -- not good news. -- -- well not by any means a great. I'm not yeah I think I had bad. No I owe a lot of my people make sure that -- I don't. If you. Did add the bad. -- -- It's important thing now. I am I think you'd feel like there's filming coming out of he dealt with the option I'd be a -- and it can be right. -- -- -- -- Ike hit three they did indeed play -- and -- -- -- what I -- quite yet I. -- So -- take an extra insurance public statement and and don't -- like that -- -- and what about being fat side. That sounds pretty good as sort of -- you cut the number I am. Which form. And which one of us up her. Character in my. You know it's another color and I have nothing stand in and I am a blonde I'm. You're actually grounds yes and thank you. You heard your first ladies and gentlemen -- canyons -- that -- I'm not an end when I was. I don't. Get caught up and that's. I was out. So. I shot ability and their father back like on our shoulder planned yes. Yeah I checked and I thought about. I mean -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's on the other sit here they're laughing them because I knew exactly how my year in a honey tell us. People will want to pull my hair something allow that here you have there. I'm safe as far as records. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why you're out there and I'm not capable of owning okay. I'll enjoy it not to keep him right you narrative is truly meant for good TV news now. So -- are you see anything for next October America and signed a multi cap on the banks too much very same thing for next October of silicone of the filming or. Feel like some type -- conference may be -- something like that. Activity. In the ballot. And I'm awfully negotiation. Thanks for being married. Couple and are you what can and you are. -- -- -- -- But that. I didn't think I -- a lot of thinking what if she may not want to think better blocking I don't get Andy. And. We appreciate that I do residents came -- -- -- are -- good listeners know that I. We do a whole lot of stuff going are now unfortunate some things that we we can't talk about -- -- irons in the fire. You know we're looking at. Putting on something for next year on -- for trying to stand contrast slowly let and we don't let that out of the bag again who just were written really come -- slowly. We'll talk with a lot of good things come on man you're kind of confirming -- -- which which we appreciate. -- That I have to be -- -- -- Arianna I can't help you god I. I feel in the chairs and here and -- can you know it may and that ain't -- permanent. Ride it out -- I -- I GB version of what you're doing right now. -- Interest thing. A staffing and if I understand. Just a quick note can you tell us who's gonna win the World Series. And I'm glad that it's a joke get it passed -- and. -- I think a lot of people say well yeah so I gave it a number of I would be your -- I'd -- that right is not true this is true. And that's about it is what I mean -- against cheer. Him. Our option no. -- and number and the number -- every -- and yeah. Right but here's the thing all -- riches and so in measured by Omar by the monetary you know. You'll fumble OK if you help people and you enrich our lives just as much as you know. If you less Irish are helping others Marianne and I just thank you for -- -- -- personal level our spiritual everything else. I really just thank your man your bully me you're rich by farce compare those on the money. -- Not a promise here are music start up. Coming and so on that's coming to a final station here at the lab tonight Larry as always a pleasure to have you can't I'm sure we'll have you on again. Hey I -- Right. Feel -- easy and get eaten at Indy and I feel like you -- front right trap. Thanks Mary we appreciate that. Thank you -- Anyone out there looking for information on the in the past us check out Ancestry.Com. He's doing investigations and needs some information going to be checking out. Again Ancestry.Com. Is a place to go especially in man you -- hold members through our FaceBook and turned a myriad of the GPA does not want to thank cal for being here thanks to hand me. This myself and Spencer and off the lab thanks Wilson.