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11-10-13 Paranormal Science

Nov 19, 2013|

Features Author Kathryn Kaye to talk about her book detailing real stories of Pennsylvania Hauntings. "True Tales of Ghostly Experiences"

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Paranormal. Science. -- -- -- -- Then -- very happy Sunday night everybody out there at this is very normal signs that I Mordechai is along with my two good friends Joseph Hough and stands there to tell you base pay welcome I don't know mark. Well you know it's it's but a crazy week for me I feel like a deer -- Well they -- driving up interstate 81 a impacted the deer. Coming northbound and gets a vehicle to present vehicle damage we -- where this. But the weird part is that nearly happened two more times within the last two days. Two occasions I had to lock up my -- who we diesel voters coming out of cornfields. Unbelievable. Well this is a big time your true heroism for Americans now. The people hunting -- -- -- so that's our condolences. May you -- -- right there hasn't learned a rut that. Yeah they are on the move so everybody please be careful in the his words on -- -- for me to this wasn't something after dark so calm there out during the day. Absolutely well a little bit of sad news for those people out there on. The scifi network. That the fans of haunted collector scifi just released that show will not be returning. To scifi that's that's Harlem to China's weary troops -- for all you people out there who enjoyed that show. We knew John's out descend on just that finally we're -- brain can -- a few weeks ago. Does seems to be the trend with a lot of networks and other officials are running about three seasons end. On the move onto something new that I know I know Brian nom -- -- cautious confront himself after he spoke to release that the staff members talking about that. Here's upset over and rightfully so amusement. We even getting notification of a phone call I think that was sits just less than a phone call for dinner and of course whose real subtle or not. I am sure yeah yeah honestly he said that someone had contacted him who. Was. No they posted something on FaceBook. And then there's the person and whatever kind of knowledge posted on FaceBook. I guess they -- -- read it. Pay -- a news release somewhere and posted on FaceBook and that's how he found out unbelievable. I tell you know some people like more than TV. Books let's try to -- and you know tonight's guest is an author she's got several books. That deal with upon things in her name is. Catherine -- and she's a paranormal fiction in a metaphysical -- and she's from some Barre Pennsylvania. And I love her background. She just got a tremendous background she's got a degree in. Psychology and child development as well as education very intelligent woman actually hand I want to get hurt when -- -- online your. Catherine are you with us. I'm yeah aren't going to be here -- if. Well thank you for joining us some paranormal science welcome Katherine apparently at how much. Now Catherine I wanna talk to you about. Your your view books series it's really a whole series of books and you you actually just kind of book. -- release was it today or yesterday today. Congratulations on -- for instance it. -- Little bit of your background you can do a lot of writing that deals with the paranormal. Growing up have you ever had any thermal experiences of your own. You can't estimate on when I was a little girl's mom very -- account and I live event. My parents have told me later on I don't really remember but they had -- that's what contents. And my father was. In college at the time -- a geologist. And he did Fred get his notepad then I'm a race and it was like this voice over on top. I don't know if he actually thought my mother was playing a joke I -- But there was a lot of pictures of life and Ford and things like that around around me when I was a little girl and then not moving forward it. -- like these kind of things tend to follow around and then the very different spot in my series it's true tales of ghostly experiences. Click -- a family I know here in Pennsylvania. And become one of the things that. The believer out of this you know out of everything from -- -- you know beyond the spectrum of -- realm of doubt whatsoever. So there was this faces that appeared in their kitchen window and I mean you could see. Everything you could see if I think you can see it's no hanky to pay the -- don't even like -- -- -- from the -- and everything. And down and don't let it be cover. The original cover up actually being redone now but the original cover about -- since that photograph. Yeah actually we're gonna put them upon our our FaceBook page. I can't think. In that first hand what an unbelievable. -- you can walk around and see that look like a hologram you concede all around this in just everything your prayers and -- Creepy but of course -- think I had. Now you've actually gone out any investigated him with some paranormal groups was that part of the research for your book. I'm right now I'm doing a lot of of interviews but I will be going out with -- they're reaching their since. On the northeast Pennsylvania and -- connecting the -- other paranormal investigation group. I don't the conduct interviews and I talked to people who have had experiences. And really that's what my book series is about it's about telling does. The real story from real people and I guess a lot of history and background here found. That's what I like not only do you tell a ghost story but her true. Experiences these are true stories of people -- Absolutely and I think that's really important today is -- And the people know about -- knocked out by doing fiction do I don't wanna get people the wrong idea but this particular series. It's based on real events these -- things that people have really experienced and in some cases. It's been frightening but I'm hoping that if I can bring these stories out there -- public. Maybe somebody else is experiencing something similar won't be quite so afraid of that they can maybe come to an understanding. -- what I'll tell you what I actually -- in value and we talked about before on this program known -- -- -- a lot of people are afraid or or sheepish if you will come forward. Because they're afraid they're going to get looked at differently or you know of course BL cast so and so forth from our community I think any -- The fact of the matter is that things like that you do need on when I don't people program. I confession promotes -- -- and it makes you feel better about and maybe they'll actually like you said come out of what their own experiences. Absolutely and that's something that I get a lot to do when I go and I interview people. I would think most people want their name changed or they want to be anonymous. And I don't respect out of court and then all of my book if you like a little after experiments and you know the person's name has been changed you know. I look at because they are worried about what her other people gonna think I think I think that they're crazy or they get the thing that they're out they're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And shouldn't be like that in today's day and age where finally add a plane what we can talk about benefits. And in the past these things for their but you know if you talked about it hate him. You're which you heard cream beer company. Right that's right and who -- that we've said before with. Into the television programming that's on NFL they're now dealing with ministers who in the paranormal and radio shows like this it is becoming. A lot more. Accessible yes for people -- to get help -- -- at the same time to reaching out for help we're before they may not have pander more openly talking about it. And I think that's really important to him because I mean how many people have experienced something. A little bit out of the ordinary and they question themselves. You know what what is going on here that I really -- that and I really -- that. I think people need to know. It's OK if you come across something that's a little bit different and it doesn't mean that it's evil it doesn't mean that is -- It's just something that we haven't come to a level of understanding yes but we're working that went. Oh absolutely absolutely. And if you know we have we have via a network sort of speak. That when we get clients who are not comfortable with things going on their house they feel like -- alone we actually have some people out there. That they can connect with and share stories in and understand each other's going through and I think it does put some people he's to have that connection with somebody else going through something like that. How -- just like you said. They don't wanna get tagged as being crazy and that you know twenty years ago for sure that's what people jump to. And a lot of the points that we deal with William we're investigators are cells. You know these are attorneys doctors. Police officers are professional people so it's it's not just you know anybody anybody can be dealing with this. But come. You know we the people that I like the most. Are those clients that says do you know before this I absolutely 100% -- not have believed in ghosts you know you can't have you know proven anything to me. But now I'm experiencing it and -- -- I'm whom we've even had cases where you know our clients were actually like helped shunned from their -- and stuff because they brought up to their pastor orange right -- priest -- and and they were shunned from that which is actually ashamed. But you know they're nowhere -- to turn in the they've come assailants and you know are you can bring like these big thing. And in the I'm probably talking emotionally to worry you're resuming conspicuous Chirac is on every -- -- -- -- payments and -- -- -- -- -- association about. People are just our friends we -- on the little community. Yeah and that's really unfortunate period especially when somebody is taking. Spiritual guidance from you know their church and a patch or whenever. And mandating that the party is you know within a negative light. That's not good because religion is supposed to be about spirituality and connections and I'm finding that comfort. And if they don't have that and that's that's really unfortunate. -- have you ever. -- can any of your research for any of the books have you dealt with any clergy from any religious institutions. No actually not something that I'm trying to get shut the door -- I give people if I reach out to people around 530 I don't wanna like totally think everybody banks. If you like if I reach out to do a lot of do you really just good so whenever I tend to get the party day -- paranormal good luck with that yeah. Right right I think. Yeah I think you know this is something I've been meaning to bring up on our program on several times. And you know we just we keep running out of room persons were talking about -- just -- throughout their tour listening audience if there is clergy out there that has. Or currently is dealing with any paranormal issues. You're somebody that I personally want to I talked to. How about some things so contact me at mark and the PPA dot net and I do want to send love to love. Get in touch with you and can talk a few things over from new religious. End of this and even an even better when we have volumes and columns stuff for more than you don't tell you who you market. -- even better if you wanna call and discuss -- and -- an important -- -- -- -- -- -- Possible by myself. But -- hear from us some very currently but you come from Colorado cracked a three broke. Other foreign car that I could've been in Arizona and -- the -- predicting up to date -- -- -- tombstone Arizona Fontana has a background without unemployment. It do you find that there's a difference between the type of haunting. From say Colorado earlier resort as compared to come into northeast Pennsylvania New York. I didn't even know that I don't want things that I have noticed here that I did not experience and kind of -- elections don't. The presence -- shadow people and kind of going back about the old saying about. Being afraid of things when I first encountered channel people you know personally did it looked kind of scary but -- After a while I've come to realize that these are well not necessarily negative energy I think it's just more about. How much energy they can bring -- to manifest. Not necessarily. Good or bad -- Entity and I thank them. Friend and I am thinking the Internet to people who might be afraid because -- first -- -- happened -- for the first time if it's kind of scary thing. Again I think where we say also on the program as you know a lot of people when they see something darker shadow. I -- call the Hollywood effect I think people because it is dark out mentally I think in the -- of life on a negative way if -- especially that's not always the case. Well let's let's let's relish shows and always to bringing out in the open that is not something evil all the time that. Absolutely. Sundance Channel creature of people whatever you call it. I've encountered personally so far they've all been very docile very willing to cooperate. I'm you know when you -- try to make contact and keep some of them are even downright friendly so they don't be afraid -- fifteen feet something like that. Our -- really ask you to hold on we often take a quick break got to stick with this will be right back. I can't. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab many people are haunted by back pain. It's degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- -- practically rehab now been trained using the latest technique. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and -- staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic news.com. -- FaceBook. Welcome back to listening to paranormal science you know I don't. -- numbers are 570830098. -- free in Pennsylvania 1804370098. Do you have any questions or comments. We're talking to Katherine. She's the author of true tales of ghostly experiences. And that's a series of books Katherine welcome back with us. There -- -- in there with us. I can't. Maybe it's okay sorry about that that's what can happen from. OK so your book it's called true tales of ghostly experiences and it's a series. Can you tell us a little bit about your first book which Obama. -- to -- -- on the is about a family found some very Pennsylvania which is where I currently -- And they're very good friend of mine actually. And downs they had great personal and I'm. Good news in empowerment they'd actually. Knocked the hole in tropical storm Lee it's a totally destroyed the house that they owned. About moving into an apartment. And there three year old child kept saying that there was you know we'll go to another child there with him. I think they're like okay what he's three and we they had discovered -- you know a tremendous flop but their home. Left their pets than anything like that -- they thought I would like an imaginary. You know imaginary friend there for -- on him Kelly started to have. Other experiences I'm wondering if the cabinet open and tried in their kitchen like all the time -- -- should not just one of them all do it at the same time in order. Whatever else and got have been talking a little bit earlier they actually had a apparition that appeared on the window. On the back of their kitchen and its -- therefore a little more than a week. And -- you know you can see just everything. I don't know if not everything. Can't. So another thinking -- or her child might be right. And after all why don't they became very comfortable with living with the spirit of the homemade started out. And being you know I'm very nervous you know what's happening here type situation but. After Y know they're McCain. And debate is like that they go to they're very friendly. -- they -- try to make contact. I'm -- after a while -- -- -- kind of you know Pakistani and their own kind of thing. And they still have activity but it -- no longer feel fear and that's what I'm really hoping to. Think forward to readers think he's I want into some then heard Ari encountered something that you understand at first. But later find out that -- doing nothing to be afraid of at all. I love that you're writing about these types of stories. Not because I think there's a lot of people out there just because of TV -- I assume just because home is haunted that it may be something bad and the majority of the cases that we ran across or just the opposite thing you know there there. People that have stayed behind for. You know all kinds of reasons you know some of more or psychological attachments to somebody -- property you know person. There's some emotional trauma war. You know maybe they were just. Killed so -- that they don't even realize they're dead but they're just people there they're not evil. And it's -- refreshing to have these kinds of stories coming out and I love. You know the families and willingness to know what you put this information out end. I think you will help a lot of people understand that so people can coexist with spirits if they want to. Yeah I end it can't the point now where they don't even really think about it too much and then they might see something they might here's something but it doesn't scare them anymore. Think about fares that are normally every day's activity if we -- say hello everybody and and that's good and that's what he would want from people to -- when they when they go to read the book good -- they are experiencing something I want them to say you know lack. I don't need to move. I don't need to run I don't need to be afraid nothing's going to hurt me. This is just you know I knew things that. I'm experiencing but it's -- You know we've run across several people who said to us you know we feel like they're part of our family. We hate to see them go by on the other hand we wanna make sure that they're not stuck here in. You know feeling to a -- has a -- for some reason but you know if you're OK we're OK with them being here. Yeah absolutely I'm with the first to book. The family there. Com and upon doing so resurgent it turned out that there was a child that was killed -- on the road -- -- 91977. On the -- I have. -- -- -- And down afterward. His mother became so distraught that she was found an internment of care facility for awhile. You should know. And after she got out she commended for the fact move to. Now her spirit is present in the house but it does not communicate -- if -- with a living people. So you can hear her calling out for her child essentially places the hallway back in -- -- like a different kind of and that he. She's won her she she -- she -- suggests he's lost in -- But the family had had been what you wanna do is separate them. Species they're looking for her child so -- tried to separate her defeat inherently wrong -- I don't I don't know if I can -- just I'm sure that I should be separate thing actually if she crosses over she barrel may find him at that point I think right now we're saying she keeps -- how firm. She's tough like and that and that continuum if you will. Looking and searching -- even really knowing she revenue she's dead she doesn't she's dead he -- rather -- right he may have crossed the -- on different planes. I'm mark you know souls into this is -- little girls almost won the mother was on the other than just never crossed paths -- -- -- in the process and that's I mean it's you know. Yeah I -- I I found very very interest thing with working film with the -- mediums and you know hours in particular Virginia central. Is they will come up with say three or four spirits to know that that Virginia would say. Would be in -- home and one of the questions I always ask is did do today. Know that the other one is there urgency. Communicate with other each other and a lot of times they do quite the other times were -- -- say no they have no idea that you're doing there and of course my second question though isn't it is how is that possible. You know the way I think a quantum physics looks at this end a lot of metaphysical people come people can die you can go to different. Planes of existence are different frequencies if you look at that the scientific way. And you can have multiple energies there including the physical all occupying the same physical space but on different levels different frequencies so. They may be. Again at the same location just not knowing each -- there. Exactly the time is different -- you know if you're -- suggest maybe. -- don't let them know how we're looking at this I think maybe you're actually not suffering term and her son may do if you get a resolution team and there are -- I can help her crossover. They show rushing meet up with him again I'm just a suggestion we can't say what to do but. I would just suggest that -- I've been very interesting way to look at it I'm I do want to mention of that how very this is definitely present in the home I like if -- could be on on different planes comes. The things that they can't all live on news is you can hear the child running through the house and get points. And be like a little shadow that goes about from one place to another. And they have children they have three children of their own and you can see from time to play it will move around -- -- we'll get misplaced. You definitely -- there. But -- your mother might be like -- -- on a different plane or a different time frequency or maybe just. Said everything was how upsetting to her toward the end Michigan can't come to terms on offense. -- -- Hey you know what I find interesting to we've we've dealt with a lot of clients -- he when there is a haunting where there's a child involved. They are actually got a lot of them very sad to see that child go and you know even if the kids interact with the child some of these. Haunting scorer so pleasant you know is it to kids become attached to -- the living becoming. In the report this emptiness in the house and gets very quiet and empty when they go. Yes I can keep them happy you know people becoming attached to I think there's this family in particular field for certain attachment to -- him. And they leave certain -- thousands specifically and that he has something to do you have. -- I know you have some native American background. Do you. See the native Americans a dessert they're much more. Connected it to the earth into ancestors them you know and most of us. Do absolutely on things as a negative to a negative or is such as part of nature. I'm I wouldn't say necessarily negative. Who was native Americans I'm I'm Cherokee by the way I am I can't really speak for everyone -- and in general speaking generally speaking. It's fun and it's become a native American perspective everything at spiritual. It's absolutely everything so -- not -- separate to have a visit from a ghost story and faster -- the jets. Another part of life. In the same respect variance. -- very and in everything in every tree every block every plan every person. Everybody has. A spirit -- native Americans tried to live within the realm of all spirits. And they believe that ancestors are around them all the time found. I think it's a little bit more of an open you can -- church through these kind of phenomenon. Currently if I'm wrong but it's it's it's because they believe that we live. On -- like that they perceive time as a straight line correct you know terror Americans. We don't -- pediatric clinics. Yeah right so they believe that basically everything you know thank you so that's your world and in the world we live and party me. Session we all share in the same plane if you will descend on different levels even though we can all interconnected so they don't look at it -- We don't usually when Sarah Palin hunting people are calling it like this and that shocks the conscience where native American pleased that everything has and so therefore it's no shock to your conscience. Yeah absolutely. That's a good way of of trying to explain it yes. Applied films of Americans believe they couldn't believe how far and it's just -- a kind of like -- And she never really died it just becomes something else that's -- And and that has a lot to do with these this spirituality it's about transformation into another. You know another being another form or whatever but it's it's the same entity. Yeah I love to connect science we've spirituality. We find this a lot a lot of very similar theories and benefit physics that we do in. Physics where. You know if physics they talk about quantum entanglement where Adams can connecting them. You know beat millions of miles apart and still maintain the same information transfer information instantly. Where we go out end. -- a psychic medium can connect with a spirit at that location. But then be home -- instantly connect with that that energy again instantly. And no it's really fascinating -- -- science is starting to merge with the metaphysical. I I agree absolutely and I think could be entire. See anything paranormal it's not that it. Something that's different it's just something that science had been explained fully yet. But it doesn't mean we're not going to get there I mean at one point we are probably gonna cost the end of the year. I just flat don't go past the point where -- all right over. -- I'm afraid if this is you know we need to explore that you know in greater need help I'd love. Whenever there is the connection between science and something that would not explained before. -- and just how much out there and you know in the past and we talked about the -- briefly earlier in the show. People could not exploit that it was against the culture it was against you know their beliefs or the way that society was. Finally coming to a point but we can't start looking at these things. Know there's a song by when my favorite bands and why if they say. Last night I -- the world was round and I think that shows. You know how. As we grow. In consciousness. And in. Intellect education we Howell. You know right now although this is all coming out in people are very open to talk about all this. You know in another hundred years this might be the norm where people are just. Zeit weekly open practice. Yes and let's hope that this is that way because I think that we are at a point now I'm human beings in general not just in one particular culture. That we can move forward. And -- we can't start to combines science and culture and history and really look at the universe for the whole new way. There's a -- so sometimes we put skeptics and our team. On purpose of them -- when we go out there we want to have a lot of different people looking at things when they happened to make sure. That we're dealing with something paranormal as compared to normal skeptics quite often come up with the best answers of why things happened. So when they do we can look at each -- one of our skeptics and her team Jim. Has seen through a little girl walk up -- set of stairs. And the thinking it was a client's kids because they had done with two kids and it would you realize a few minutes later with the kids are really kitchen here. He has stayed in these kids go upstairs. No and even though he saw this he still questions and whether that was real or maybe. Just because he knew there something going on there you know his mind created projects and it -- right yeah so it's. You know I think -- you know we're coming a long way but we still have all along we go. Young you mentioned that because I actually tried to intervene skeptics of small and I tried to get both respect and I'm in the book it was just three released today that's called spirit of the old west and have fallen on the history of tombstone and it really goes -- deep into history. And I talk a lot about a famous people like Doc Holliday -- term complicated show and Shankland. And -- -- one of the things that I've put Mary in bed. I'm interviewing people -- it occurred to me that at least. Half of them not all of them. But I think at least some of the people who claim that they -- and -- them a ghost of a famous person. -- -- -- -- either imagining it or they are trying to 600 they've they've seen and put it with a specific person who drink. And and I think that happened a lot specifically with Doc Holliday because I had people saying what we've seen an -- -- -- -- seen him and let's bring Colorado and then Griffin Georgia and -- out of all places where. Either lived or he would potentially buried in one -- -- and either Colorado -- Georgia has. Both places have a great stone claiming he's there. And people at -- they had seen him in all three places but the interesting thing about it. I like I think a lot of people I'm sure imagining it but that I -- -- exactly the same aspirations what's reported in all three locations. Dropping poker chips and things like that's that's really interest and. -- our military is doing it's just been document the fact that the mind because reform bring thinkers among we'll actually. I have the ideal -- to trick the mind in my interest Shiites and believing that we see something first is always has Weaver walked on our backyard -- You don't get no one of our kids are some I was very little party members like a -- Kenner you know people play in the yard. And when you look at you initially think you almost feel rather because it's at night not so are mindful projector like you'll swear it's a rabbit you have to really go look at a piece of paper. So it's noted that you know scientifically that our brains do that because well logical -- -- a foreign -- says hey listen have to make something logical on the subject so. We we project what -- may be. CN if you think about it -- I mean think about how much information. -- -- brain have to take in every day on everything I mean I have read a little tiny speck of anything that we can see here or experience. -- -- have to makes sense that. Simply come across something that belittling usual it seems natural that we would try to make sense of it in a wave that. You know -- friends when it's something a little bit different options I think that's what content a lot of confusion and fear and anxiety. Absolutely I agree. Catherine we have to take another breaking and ask you don't hold on everybody else stick with this as well you're listening to paranormal -- some WI OK we'll be right back and Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab many people are haunted by back pain. It's degenerative related to an accident for sports injury and the professionals and Herman terrible tragedy rehab -- been -- using the latest techniques and technology the best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com. -- FaceBook. -- -- This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may have heard. All right you're back you're listening to your normal science on WYOK. Tonight we're talking with author Catherine Cady and her book is true tales of ghostly experiences Katherine welcome back thank you can. Now I want to just let people know where they can find your book notes on Amazon and I understand is taken off around the country. Yeah they found is actually doing quite well which is some -- just really dead and down I've got a lot more lined up. On the that he can definitely get it on Amazon com's Kindle versions of all of them right now is in the 1999. So that's that's a good option for people of course they can get it in print as well. And they can always go to my web site which is www. Author Kathryn K dot com and that he. Okay YE there is another offers that have almost the same people. How happy and proud you're looking for me specifically on the DNA KYE. But yet there's some there's kick out of good -- and -- if these series that deals with how we all paranormal phenomenon. And good stories from all over the world and there's a lot more there's going to be coming out and aunt next -- we have quite a few that are going to be coming out. Think happened just so you know on our -- now on the market and I put up upon current science on FaceBook we put Iraq. True tales are commercially experience is that the book in the cover that picture you were speaking out. So we are very happy and I also know that I'm on my personal one Joakim on these books are just you know we have an out there were you know -- promoting him. They don't see a pitcher specially for music I mean especially in his. Very detailed. -- it really disappointing was that picture is that when he went. Printing for the -- came up front I think it's actually hard to see I mean it's like you can see how -- Taliban and that's actually hard to -- compared to -- were the original photograph. Really and the original photograph I mean you could feed like the eye is worth I kind of -- -- that you can actually feel like the whites of the eyes from the people and everything. And it's really hard to see that on the cover of the -- -- I'm in the process -- having -- become a redone and tried to -- light up a little bit for printing. But the photographed by then we touched at all that's the way they came out straight from the camera and. What -- me too if you look at it yeah if you look at like in junior the ice if you look just the left it's almost like a mirror image. Hello to me to see the one -- coming back to -- no so it's almost like you're looking at that face and you can kind of see. Maybe a third of the face on the left hand side facing the on the actual picture itself so I mean is is that is how looked on the window or is it just from the print. More -- it -- on the window it was -- -- -- and -- really looked like a hologram like -- -- like the cards and things and we -- our kids have probably just -- myself but yeah. I'm OK okay -- -- you could almost. C a grounder hit like if you look at different respects as you can see the depth yet and you could see like puppets who knows and his knowledge and just. Everything. And down and -- it was actually -- detail that you could actually see that there with a chip on its twentieth. And he -- it blew my mind and everybody who came to look at it was just like flower bed there's just no way to explain that. Catherine you said just last week. Two weeks it stayed there. He's almost two weeks and literally just content. And down then they'd have to carefully watch the wind up. Can't what happened was his when the -- appeared -- Obama if I can tripping along the window period and we have really no explanation for that it look like somebody had probably like bucket of water on the wind out. And until after they -- gone and those streaks -- taleo. Yeah I gotta tell you nice guy or not if the thought occurred on my window I think it put caution the first day. Afraid to to be perfectly honest I don't have -- friend would be killed it was almost like he. You know and I think it was a little bit of of apprehension just because of what it widespread. Also a fear that they might be a briefing this person's spirit and. Yeah it's really pretty amazing though that that would improve on window like that I don't really never seen anything. Look at how different I am I never experiencing my -- -- potentially what we did the -- pictures submitted to us to take a look at and I you know the really tough because it's a snapshot in time were really really tough on photos and com and he ultimately it is very hard to say would a lot of things are in the that's what I tell the people's. We're looking for a lot of detail I just don't see that -- in in your photo so like clearly definitively. Say what you have there. -- I mean this one's obviously. A human being content on the window. -- -- all the oil most don't have the doubt that this doesn't you can literally see the depth and -- and and again you know usually when they -- you can use a windows it's it's a reflection. Tightened shrimpers are -- -- passionate -- I mean it's a reflection a church where this looks like actually almost has bought the substance to it. And it really good looks 3-D in person and I'm amber title and Elena my sister and door. I'm all play motivated and there was going to be huge backyard behind outside and it's stayed their for a long time people came and went out nobody went in and out that door. Just -- people would come anyway so they're not the I would live and -- all of the weirdest thing about it is the I don't think it changed position buddy went there for a long time almost two weeks. What's it look like from the opposite side of the glass. Everything you couldn't think from the other plays opposite side of the glass can -- actually walked into the kitchen of Fayette. Yeah I really don't know -- -- talks one way or another I'm I'm now look could you improve my -- pretty amazing. Yeah that's one of the things to say I try to do and I know a lot of paranormal investigators try to -- -- I don't find a logical rational explanation. I knew without a lot people and we tried to get -- and and that is a large part of it because you can't get reflection -- can get life you can get dust particles friends you know. Think an in camera pit -- topic is it really isn't anything more than embargo or something like that. But with this there was just no way to figure it could even have been pumping somebody had painted on their way that a lot. I'm just gonna say if if it was even a normal. Imprint -- I'm not sure how you would do. Yes yes yes that was that they need -- domestic figured out. And dom UCLA. -- heard that it is really interesting and down my husband had some of the pictures -- -- says photographer. And because the pictures bedrock format and he'd he'd get there is the clearest and most detailed pictures that he possibly could. And he said he eat -- couldn't believe. That there were actually in the window like that. Yes pretty amazing. Were they ever able to find out if that you have a spirit in the house if that would have been him and who that might then. I'm actually believe that it's the child and I don't really look too much like a child. -- in the picture there even in the window but then later they had -- 1% of this this kid. And does the facial features and -- chip in the kid's soccer match what they -- from the child. Exercise. Caveat I would that was something that Italy's -- would really like a -- content -- to my one friend she said. But when she first saw him for the first time she's like -- that's that's what that was I had. Now in in your book true tales of ghostly experiences. It is sad. Generally about. -- family in Pennsylvania I know your series is going to be a lot more than that you mentioned. Having some stories in other states but is that and in particular from Pennsylvania. Yes felons from Pennsylvania -- some -- Pennsylvania yes. And that one focuses on more on and they're living with family and their experience and about what I was able to get they didn't know the history they didn't know the background that by the -- later he's and we head. Managed to dig up some of from the history in the area that supported what they found. But in and the other one then you -- just cannot -- if they're going to be old west that once focuses more on the history of the would be spared itself. Com for Biggio who was stopped. By Arab common law wife isn't Perry knows they're ready in the birdcage theaters for their defection on her. And on these five men who were -- in pinned down for committing murders friends after a robbery gone bad. You -- -- -- it might take a different perspective but see commonality between all of them in that they are -- up stories told from. You know -- experience personal history. Trying to make sure to use checked my facts -- double checked in and conduct interviews with people -- as much as possible. Can you tell us where some upcoming allocations would be what states might be involved in some your your future blogs. I'm -- sticking around northeast Pennsylvania for a quite -- hair because I live here and they really -- and I'm going to be going around doll which if there preachers who are in the same town as me. And I've been doing a lot of charity -- doing that I would really like to get involved with that any -- need to get back to the community I think is -- -- is an official. Com but we're probably going to be looking at times it's basically how can import a gun stance. And of course Gettysburg everybody's got to get it. There's going on and gives -- then they're gonna probably have quite a few books for in that area when his girlfriend on site. I don't I'm -- I'm going to be focusing on Pennsylvania and their -- how much can tell here. Right from our downtown Gettysburg to the battlefields to -- a little homestead zero miles away it seems like everybody's got something happened there. Great place. Absolutely and -- even in here and I'm very it's just it made things. How many have been there are in their DNA and her power and who knows how -- -- structures. -- I'm really looking to you can make connections with people are in the area but that doesn't mean that I won't. Except story can talk to people from wherever I'm always. -- open to listening to what people have to say and mean I have quite a few facts are. Did you box that will be coming out -- if you have written books on my computer to be perfectly -- But that doesn't mean I won't get -- I absolutely well. But let's talk about some mere fiction books -- they deal with the paranormal as well. Yes I have I children's series is called spirits seekers. And this is about age group. 54 and fifth graders let's start a paranormal investigation group. And down their -- Three books total in the and then finally and -- go around and me I'm experiencing things they've written it's a fiction novel written for children. I would -- at least ages eight but I have found that teenagers and even some adult content they enjoyed it as -- -- -- I can imagine we get bombarded with requests for -- from month. You know preteens who teenagers who just wanted to -- the case with the say they're just fascinated with this which. -- I think also shows how are Barack. Society is changing a little bit. To have that kind of interest in this. Read -- and I wanted to mention nine Kenny Perry and that are out there they. There's nothing really scary and it there's nothing in it said Tom most people would consider inappropriate attempt don't want to go and things like that plan. It was written could be child friendly. That's on Amazon as well. Yes yes he can -- an -- on Amazon or on my web site ending -- All of the book will be coming to bookstores and libraries in a very -- near future but I within six weeks perhaps. That's very we like to try to educate you know the younger listeners we have with the show when we get a lot of emails from. Not -- and high school students were working on projects and who. Having interest in this in what information and you know. What we try to get out is you know an -- into this with good intent. And you know protect yourself and don't do crazy stuff like provoking spirits or you know anything that would upset. They know anybody walking in your house we didn't know -- -- due respect is is the big key because you never know we are going to be dealing with. And you know I I just I'd like to see the younger generation going into this to approach it a lot more respectful then. Communal some some people do I know there's a lot of -- people get together and in time. You know I like to play with ouija boards throughout the cemeteries in the -- growing -- along the -- -- There can relate to trying to -- -- up to try to see something happen like quite often we get called to say you know what it's like kids playing with this or that can. Now ask him how someone faxed a child I. It's really good that you mentioned I didn't do respect because you know most cases where you're talking about you know the coast of somebody that's have to. Very intelligent type pond thing it's just like talking to anybody else they might get upset what -- here and there will be an offense that's. -- always tell people is just say -- they're like -- people without bodies beyond it when you respect -- they walked in here you know. Talk -- like you talk to anybody else but disrespectful to people about body so solid. Yes absolutely and down. It's one of the reasons why I'm I'm going to be working a lot with -- they're creatures in they actually have a program that border. On teenagers and a lot of them aren't troubled teenagers kids that had gotten themselves and paid legal trouble under our drug for that kind of thing. And what they do if they bring them on their investigations that they have to get so much charity work first hands. I can -- to -- -- that and then they teach them about the history and about respecting not only disparate Bethesda home within the building that they go and camp. And I think that that's absolutely great I think that really give those children a new perspective on life and then and defend turf of confidence that they would have had before. It's a good outreach it really is humming -- if it takes them and like you said you know it gives them shall mobile respect them. How to work with things I mean everything else in these people are perfect -- washing your life project transcripts or check out someone. Yeah I agree and I told him I'm gonna try to help them. They are interested in writing a book about their experiences I had absolutely I would help he can -- that and any and that -- not written yet. So I don't -- and they have people looking for -- Once they once -- in Britain on any proceeds go to that would go back to those kids to help and you. For you know their hotels -- period -- 1000. Even in the community something to. Trying to -- that's great I commend them for going out in in doing as well Katherine K thank you so much for joining us on the show we're out of time you've been a wonderful gas. I think you how much I really appreciate the opportunity I -- you can't -- -- thanks -- following books thank you. All right folks that's it for us for tonight nine more tries with Joseph hawks then sensor have a great night thanks Jerusalem. I.