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11-17-13 Paranormal Science

Nov 19, 2013|

Features Author John Michael Greer to discuss his book, "Monsters: An Investigator's Guide to Magical Beings" and a whole lot more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay. -- Okay. Everyone welcome to another edition of animal science my name is Joseph -- that I stand Zurich. Hello don't tell you stand out there isn't going forward to a pretty good showing this warm weather there are almost vessel off. Unseasonable it's gonna change so brightness and try and that's a man. -- -- -- we want to -- we want to welcome me. Special guest here to the science lab tonight. John-Michael agree with -- I certainly don't welcome sir welcome. To be -- thank you. We're around we have here as a guest and we're on grass and basically. But -- -- start by saying you have you have the book out here are we actually -- on the on the parent science -- -- here it's it's called mom. Monster monster we have not Smart to get my guess our moms are not a problem. We have quite a number of books. But tiger I have a -- got to be the one he'd be interested in. Yeah that's that's -- we put up so small -- monsters and down. Investigators -- into magical beings and medical treatment the so why if you would give us a little background herself job. Well perhaps -- -- what -- he gets the political with a complicated question but basically. -- from the time that I was growing up in new album the suburbs of Seattle Washington in the in the sixties and seventies. I don't see these sort of blend one dimensional Vanilla version of the world it was presented -- -- one of those days -- reality. Impossible. To buy it just it seemed to. Well I mean just kind of beyond the fact it was unbelievably boring little interest and realistic -- And so problem from very early on. I was interested in the paranormal mimic it cleaned. I got involved in very extradition to veterinary clinical studies. And here at -- At a certain point in my work started noticing some connections between. All of a fascinating stuff and I've been reading back in the day even when I was so you know a different werewolf trivia page ten and but over the learning windows do you know Greta more driven deeper more philosophical stuff. Got a little learning -- -- as a student that the term philosophy and it's been difficult some later on in my life. And that's where it apple monsters came from originally. I was still going you know there's enough connections here there's -- It's not merely of these things are paranormal being the -- explain they actually have connections to medical supply -- they have connections to local tradition that. And what is tradition I have to say about it. Interest and Anderson so I don't Lundy brochures talk about it secret societies and stuff that other. Com you yourself are involved in. Gave -- a variety of things. Are you thinking. I'm well because I was looking earlier your website yeah I was just check out there on Amazon. Beyond. So as far as the the metaphysical world -- up and they give his little background on how how you think different things interacting and what you're talking about like collect project after the people -- -- and. Okay that's coming -- -- there was some form is that the university very complicated place. End to these traction that we proceed with a critical -- is getting. Very very very very very small portion of a much more complex reality that we don't really know how it all works. And that's something really have to be kept in mind dealing with anything and explained because. -- -- has -- explains we we are not as Smart as we think we are in terms of becoming -- -- -- Com the medical tradition for the steady if there one way of thinking about exploring looking out of metaphysical world. There were others there many different ways in each of them grabbed. So you know we've at least it's some kind of sense of OK here's some part of it to yourself -- we can only hold up and they will this work in this particular way. I don't wanna say that they metric is the only way of looking at -- that's quite the contrary but it got some interesting light on some of these other things. -- what do that monstrous war. Whether that's you know what's going on all the brouhaha about secret society is now whether that's the UFO phenomenon which is -- can of warms. Oh wouldn't it. Right I mean and UFO's I mean there are so many different -- -- recent suggestions I -- -- just -- -- on some sleep. We've had a show about that you know while back and I and I usually who's who's very interesting. And I'm. I think attribution fashionably correct view. How would you release within the paranormal and and and the and the monster not monsters and the few holes like how would you feels like they were later and connect church. Okay that's the technical question I'm the first to -- -- to do Indian -- and each of these things ability to turn out of one thing. -- they're one of the reasons one of the I think it's good. Couple -- steady fuel -- in particular since 1940 but hey if it claimed that all you locals have to have a simple explanation. So you get the I'd -- extra crust you'll are part of the hard -- apologist I think he can't do anything to -- immediately Clinton must. The best picture critically. And then you get to these folks from the pseudo skeptic community think anything's that can be quite -- -- it. Had to pick it up and everything can be explained and then from we definitely be able just looking to repeat our explanations more wild police. You for that one on her there and that and everybody have their -- period. And what I think that gets lost in that picture is that it blocked a different things are seen in this kind. Extend it. There are some of them spacecraft computer articulate probably although I have to admit the evidence that that's not so the theory that I find very convincing. Not least because. Almost everything's been described -- musical phenomenon showed up in bad science fiction in the 1930s before anyone oversaw black culture. But there are many different things going on us. And they're being lumped together into this season bucket that we call the UFO phenomenon. And so comfortable with many different things that we have this one category in our culture. And that it is the category that the problem because their commitment being lumped together. But hey in the same way up monster or a home there are many different things they can create monster elections there are many different spooky considerable experience. Some of them at one explanation some of them have another. -- metric is the same way -- there are -- in the world metric there are many different kinds of practices many different countries tradition in teachings and that's probably have to do we have. Some your VP. Odd little buttons and switches there are worried or nervous system which he transformed the way we experienced the world. I'll include the unfortunate defined metric as -- your insight into coaching change in consciousness. In accordance with a well. Now if that does not sound like Harry potters CU well sure because things. But so there's that and then there there are there are many other things can each of these world and so it is okay. We have these two weeks. Overlapping -- kept. Look very very complicated reality. Every so often you can look at something -- you could say OK I'll look at this each local car you'll contact these are saying you go abduct people okay. So we have these people who have this particular recurrent kind of experience. And if we hadn't played the whole extraterrestrial -- while we set aside everything off until spoke at that category. You start to notice the new -- a lot like America experience. You know these people looked -- out of their bodies they have strange things -- then may have been something put into their bodies they were terminated. Affecting experiences and you afterwards. Com if that's going on in Siberia will your being with -- -- underpinnings are putting crystals into your body tubing returning -- -- shorter hours. Think -- so it's okay. In fact we've got one thing going on here that may have nothing to do what they're very likely -- nothing to do with the the idea of the spacecraft computer ridiculous. But it's how we'd have to be contemplative article about dramatic experience. -- -- mean that all your post traumatic of course but it -- that there's this one thing can lump in their. We can explain but looking at it in a broader perspective but also by taking it out of the -- with the got to look into. Understandable it's the same thing kind of in the paranormal feel no it was talked about the ghost experience shall. Something's just happened and you know I don't want people who was also have a hunting talent and the pitcher falls off the -- the ghost of it you know I was sure I was inferred that the quick simple answers -- -- -- -- is that meat necessarily appeal to our psyche if you will. So you know it if you can't if you could explain the -- the fan experience to our viewers so they understand what that is. But it -- -- -- -- but beyond TV set as far as I'm your -- and there's the experience where the with the crystals in the body and stuff like that. This medication and -- just a little large section of the world and I'm Derek there're traditions of shamans. And we you don't become a column by going to a week workshop OK I hate to break it to you for. Armpit you become a typically somebody in traditional society be -- -- common. Because they personable they started getting -- Weird legal and when they don't make a lot of sense and an extra having these weird visionary experiences. And there he typically what will happen if you -- lying in bed and older than you really can't move. And the -- he's beaten comes in kind of this. Q and maybe you noticed that your body is lying in the bed and you're walking away from it being carried away from it. And you wouldn't extremely different place in the mean in this desperate -- how they say it. In the underworld with the -- world -- one of the different realms. And they are you might get talked things you might get -- some mental outlook and what a song that has -- or what have you. And literally opened up her body in the point crystal had inflicted this indoor you know other things which cookie if you -- and then. All of a sudden you're awake. And it's daytime and you feel strange. And in a traditional you know put tribal society. And since that happened ever goes oh boy here we go end to a -- you can go get into seeking an experienced trauma. Cool come over and they all know so what did you expect the status today OK okay now here's how we work with this to turn you into. He'll probably capable shaman you learn how to play the drums you don't know how to do -- altitude medicine can -- things like this. You'll learn how to make a visionary states happens you can go recover pieces of people cold but it got misplaced the -- comments. And so you have this whole world of practice that -- all going to be experiences. In modern America quarter -- We are dumb about -- manic experiences we've simple must've been an -- -- an extra -- considered ridiculous. We don't AM the train shaman -- they -- can have you need to learn how to put the ground. -- -- But processors very interest -- actually. Stance can -- -- it's not a perspective we usually get it played. But I think it's one that I think is very important in this case because middle of something that is very. Very very traumatic for people who undergo it. It can be turned into a source of power source of -- sort of he lives for themselves and others. Which is actually a plot somehow unsigned but -- -- -- in the past matters of course we don't. Sometimes what we don't know we fear or can make a putter is good for our psyche so don't realize that. Citizens. Have so that's that's an example of the way that sort of looks. And it's an example of the way they said that so many paranormal things take on a much different look when you look at me in the broader. -- -- but you know it's weird stuff generally consistent. John you mentioned the shamans and the crystals need that in your body and did this happen to you at some point. No I'm not -- No I did that that doesn't happen to be one of the things that I that I've done again you can't you don't you don't used to be that you get chosen Middleton got. Don't know -- -- I've met people who who have had that experience. -- people -- people with connections to tribal cultures and also world people who've just been pretty experienced. I actually don't know fleeing tribal cultures it sounds like. A lot like native American. Yeah things that they do. I'll -- there there are quite a few native American and some people who have from examples of the discussion about a tradition to pump up the works common metric Oceanside area. Where some of the some of the tribal -- mayor. That's step toward being apologists -- -- and in -- so they kind of put the work generally do you find people doing this kind of stuff up all over Asia all over the native peoples of both north and South America you'd find very conservative in a lot of African cultures. Basically any place that people. Are still paying attention to. And I'm spooky stuff ever convince themselves that it's been this unreal because it's not -- That's not personally should say we're actually looking to speak to a shaman. On the shown interest what are taken off. I would love bashers -- timing that was -- right now are few have I don't know anybody to call -- -- -- happens against Joshua it's. Bomb you know it sounds can get back to the into the -- -- I'm not sure if you know what's before we had the UFO. Guys -- not -- -- -- -- see them until an experience I had no I'm I'm -- this with you public. On the short version knows all about seventeen years old -- -- my girlfriend from work. Came to a stop when they were just came -- or Richard Chen came to a stop sign. And next thing you know like I wake up -- -- the -- sign unlike I feel very strong he really tired I look over and I. April surname Naples are telling you know -- I mean she's passed -- how -- are some nudging her April April. April I -- it took I finally got to shake her week her and she was sleeping like him in the deep Rem sleep if you will yeah. And I'm I'm like look what the heck just happened. You know we're totally -- I couldn't tell you I mean how much how much loss undermined tons -- so many years. Mom but I do -- there comes -- time there I felt like I was you know kind of sleeping forever very hard to wake up. My mom -- was very hard to weak open herself. And I was so taken back -- I was kind of -- around. Another Q how -- just different decide what the heck happened there in Iran you know bomb bomb bomb pleased that you know that have been. Potentially an abduction -- and Jennifer bottom before we -- potentially abducted. Film what is your take -- -- you can just general got a. That's one of the technical question -- this -- there was -- -- that for a certain period. There were there were I mean you can sort of like -- -- frequently this -- have been -- I'm gonna get offices in the 1990s during the year from early two thousands. Actually was like 94. Yep that was about the middle arm but he. It could eat you always wonder about things like this because for example on. Drown or be interrupted journey. I I don't trust citizens to remember when that was published the without Kuwait. I think it was in the early 1970s and that was the Betty and Barney can Qaeda which -- one of the first examples of the missing time phenomenal. John you don't want. I can hold -- -- -- have taken very cool you hold it for dramatic thank you. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic can rehab many people are haunted by back pain. -- degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury and the professionals and -- -- -- I -- in rehab now been trained using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain with locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. You really affirming care practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com refinement FaceBook. I don't know -- Jon -- it's. Korea Palmer brings are you hear your -- before we let us didn't. Go well that's okay. Any income can't pick up pick up these two -- restrictions. So if we were talking numbers don't tell me you have got your your parent your different -- experience carts. Can't pick and they mentioned that to come back he was so I think back in the sixties they bought the Barney and Betty okay confident that I know -- -- -- usual occurrence. And each decade that followed it became more and more Coleman. Until in the ninety's in the in the first part of -- of these 2000. Did a lot of people were having experience of like got that and then it tapered off. You don't hear about a missing that's -- states. And it's really interesting to speculated on why that might happen and I know that you know. One of the things about you know quote the unexplained but very often many people think are simply unexplained we don't know why -- -- a good. If you do things like this things that he's PN and how in the whole world about the Clinton. Cease to be London I think of kind of spiritual sense. It is extremely common for spiritual medium to get you have what are we chromatic. Com physical effects. That they believe they could do on them pregnant can -- And that kind of faded out umbrella would be after New -- and you have to 19100. And things come and go in the world and you explained we don't know why. Can't ask for what happened to you when you were sitting in that film. Benefits stops when I haven't at least idea. It's really that's a popular and that's one that you know BP could possibly if it got from the possibility you want to. We don't know what -- Exactly and I was -- I don't know it's one of the arms her opinion on this if you if you can't ninety about it now. Yeah I think that's very much one of those -- we just -- -- -- And we still think. Very weird -- this for years -- and explain to myself even tell you my friend April this point and she she still unsure remembers that but. Those -- Mariah tremors on any and everywhere. And then you were suddenly waking up slowly waking up accounts and here. Absolutely. Hey Jonathan glancing over someone of your books and know what party you mentioned this -- to paranormal. The five different kinds of ghosts. So -- any entry levels is that actual. -- it's it's that good for Obama attempts to attend the phone -- very different categories there are certain things that are. Certain things that are that is certain categories you certain classes so I think that we lumped together under the word goes for example a home. That kind of thing and that this could happen in my family army has not actually happened to me both my dad was probably least superstitious person I have ever met. One called me in the state of of a fair degree of panic if he'd been sitting com. In his study in the -- which is -- on the West Coast and all of a sudden he heard his mother calling up there now -- mother that comes treatment of women -- First he heard her voice calling him by his childhood nickname. He's got apple went on that we you know what wins adorable looking around going what on earth happened. No idea walked away and come back to his steady and the phone -- it was the nursing home she had just died. The patent and extremely common and could be extremely common publishing -- the people who bring in personal experiences when I talk about monster lore. If something like that. And that kind of transitional those that's a very common tactic it seems to be different. From some of the other things like he really wanting experiences where you apparently actually have an entity in place and doing stuff. Thank you also have to. Let's see there's these days there's also the replay on it. Where it's not as good as anyone there it is still some kind of very emotionally powerful event imprint itself on the police. And keep some re playing your -- what they are suicide if you know people for over a period of 75 years. Suddenly booked up and saw a body hanging from the C wouldn't hear from rose from New York this kind of -- not a very common thing to any. They didn't seem to be anyone there it's just that there's this image is so powerfully impressed. There -- I mean that we use no reason we're residual haunting us for Austria. Yes I -- I -- and so I think you also have on things where it's pretty clear that somebody there. But it is not just the same thing over and over again it's a variety of things happening. Sometimes there's there's point two it's sometimes like you know somebody wants. Company to be discovered. Well there are of course many very famous on things where there was you know what American will. Or record amount of money you're -- something like that and to go very clearly that there is that a person who was not willing to actually like don't go away. Until such time that was dealt with -- -- -- oppose -- and you get to armed give greater -- Which are. -- dimensional theory on this one is -- great human being introduced on many different levels. And the level that -- home. That the level of the Chinese -- she -- These independent school prom a blatant little -- force that there is a week nobody -- of this force and that's the thing that I cable crews worked with for example -- Did an interview program but when your physical body dies. Second body the body of life force kind of hangs around ten. Any -- it can be seen under some conditions by by a fair amount of people. And so you get these -- -- standards you know they're completely harmless they're just kind of there. What about does demons are they considered the ghost or some other type monsters. -- leave the usual distinction to go ceased to be here and okay. The -- isn't. That big and we we have just. Start with something a lot of people have trouble with which is the idea that there are acting boss and intelligent beings in the cost most of don't have an art and physical bodies. -- the basic teaching in medical philosophy from just about ever in the world. It's something so a lot of people a couple. Partly that's because we our culture has this really intense. Human egotism that we've got to be deceptive because -- we're what it's all about you know where the men -- -- -- and whether. -- That in fact traditional pork from all around the world. Has it that human being -- Just one kind of being there are lots of others -- -- -- like -- don't. May vary in their attitude toward. Across this you know it's nontraditional B one kind if they're being up there some of them are friendly some of them are not some of them dangerous. -- simple for our unfriendly and dangerous and really really nasty in the -- demon make good short hair and you know or the kind of -- -- disembodied being that you don't want to deal with. This has never been human. -- does sound like Q warcraft simply like few the way you'd like you know him sandwiched. I can't. So. The picture that traditional or has that they're there because there are being out there that and dating to regional I didn't have to behavior. And that's the end were -- to see if a convenient label for the do you think this to calm. Certainly be universal present that went and many many people I've had experiences that suggests that something of the sort because he's actually help their. Capsule -- -- had a brief that's -- -- on our cases from you know it sure is you know I mean we really haven't dealt preventing him. Believes in general terms demonic so we generally -- only -- perceived demonic for -- -- -- still some negativity. There it's a -- -- coming -- so I mean that it's definitely out there. So settlement act and that I think it is the whole spectrum it's not just security Angel from you know leader of the -- There and and nothing in between the methods that don't wanna beat. One of the one of the medical expects to -- back in the day talks about how there or so many different kinds spiritual beings up there. Nobody had any we have and don't think all of them. You're like trying to figure all polluting things -- occur to us good luck. Exactly to what extent are talking actually -- a few days ago about -- I mean you look at -- we actually don't know everything when they just found a bone in the body. Human body it was something since you know it's a nice since medicine has become that I just -- our own -- and our own party so I can imagine what we don't know exist out there. Yeah exactly exactly. And since most people who modern world we're approaching the world with -- -- of preconceptions of -- Rigidly held dogmatic -- step toward -- can't exist. That's not a good way to look at it. Because you really come close minded ethics and you can -- the requirement to -- him. Exactly exactly not -- that -- a wanted to. Five point six years ago since Sony -- OC used to complain about giant octopus is a squeeze coming up in. Attacking this at the funeral last few years they found out that there is such creatures and the ocean there washing up onshore. Back Derrick Thomas folklore the right you know it's something I know that's not happened. Arm which actually got to -- It started -- think there's there's a -- Back in the back end and until what did fairly well into the nineteenth century there were all of these legends about this mysterious. Area man like England in the jungles of Africa we call them guerrillas now but they were just dismisses mr. stack and -- Absolutely and that's a concern and no room when your books discusses you know. How -- out there I should salmon askew and on your book you discuss about decent stuff like that computers. How on how does it go from Lola -- saying this mythical. You know square -- that Mr. Big takes down ships to something that we actually find like how does it go from -- I think it folklore just to be -- he story you know. How do you define. Well welcome to begin to begin with you have to remember that whole -- Oprah can be any. Apple corps can be absolutely anything and the question at what level of reality -- -- So we have we have deflection to try and equipped okay. Now one thing you can look at it is this possible animal that we -- know yes it is. Actually their third and and there are some really colossal squid and actually do some evidence for belief you talk about as well. Couple -- -- animal animal. We know that there were things comfortable wide range of sizes in the ocean especially where you can get -- -- if you want to practically -- you don't have to worry about the effects of gravity. Right there you need to stop and -- -- it is impossible and -- -- he -- -- possible animal. Anyone look at that -- first problem the possibility. I'm in the same way. Fumble overlooked in the in the kind of northwest where I grew up big foot. Almost certainly a living animal. There -- All those. Food what's the deal will be HM big hairy monster type things. In there Tobin of the -- to the legal basis. I mean there's a sense clutch hitting he. -- on the food on the from labels ASEAN. But and so did you think you're confusing situation we're almost upbeat. What words that are sort of broad general category four or its largest human undercover would prefer in complacent. That's probably an animal I mean babies who got you can be with with America that's what they've even got beat. Fumbled fairly good evolutionary. Connection between drug benefit because. So difficult but yet -- What -- running around East Asia until approximately recently. And you know there's no reason to think there might not be relic population in the Himalayas and then the Cascade Mountains in the endorsement. It's when you get I think they're biologically improbable. These are going all -- yeah this is probably not a physical animal. And we would have to -- probably -- I mean the most -- -- -- fairly preposterous animals have shown up I mean but when the platypus was first discovered in Australia. So -- works alone I think basically what happened is -- they just -- -- from different than a true read back to go to London of course and to lose and everything colonial state. And -- But I do think we have a couple -- on that if such a put on no way and -- -- this stuff. Got to -- a one chemicals such. And then these guys from London would look at that they you know you've had a really clever and depressed by the we you know -- -- -- put in to make an upfront I have many of -- yet we use sub deductibility. They finally got slipping one. And then the government and we're going. Exactly I mean it's to their friends -- content -- you know do we. Played very -- people -- look I don't mean to push the button -- open didn't edit a mammal but it laid an -- Examining the duct bills and some marsupial pouch and -- just actually know people want to global commercial principal perseverance. Attitude and he -- -- leave debate had a baby particles some sort of recalled how out of their exit. And then they crawled under mom's belly and their little no requirement there and they kept their lapping it up with a -- up -- their -- It's apparently unbelievably cute that Saddam was struck -- a little play in the first something because it's. Intention though there were some spare parts left over the animal got creative and -- in different. This early deficit would consult -- its. Teams. -- mr. It's wonderful to think it seems to have ten the through it used to be kind of stopped sort of content and I mean the only place in the world -- -- I want to black. I -- fast. He has some of the Sahara if anybody's listening wants to talk to and send us your questions for John it's going to be -- -- 18043700. Money. Or any three -- are -- -- Let's Colin. You can text talk 99404. And I mean dynamite to your questions are gonna notice but I'm not a problem world and that via the -- -- actually I think com. Again. You're welcome back to platypus a takeaway galvanized pulled picture of it is choosing I think it really is. -- apparently amazingly cute yeah you know it's vastly different creature -- Hit it and it came very very very big power very popular preacher. Just looking at this knowing that we know as a success and now it doesn't look on the different attributes this thing has control and imagine the possibilities out there there's no. Yeah exactly exactly thumbed through the guy. Now -- past disappointed over the settlement was biologist. Who wrote a couple of books and unknown animal one of one of unknown unknown animals one on interpret its. He argued that there are you know X number of certainly -- large animals that have not yet been tracked down. I think in various corners of the world and then taking over interpret much in the same -- probably like six different from what are unknown critters out there. There -- some swimming in the ocean we -- we're talking about them. But based on the legends infighting -- can look at people who have been going pretty good and I got twelve of the country's serpent. Right absolutely I and then I'm not. I mean I'm Obama slamming scientists out there but they're they're things that they base themselves on facts on emergency -- Lincoln you know calculated so. If they don't have some type of tangible evidence and then they don't want us so -- itself does exist if you can improve existing. Yeah well too often can't. We don't have an art if you reason won't and don't provide any mechanism for that happens would you -- if he nicked up. If the cause isn't known the effectiveness happened that is scheduled logical fallacy to pick it's it's -- -- -- Simple mind a bit of what got logic but excluded all but Connie. I use that same analogy until you never know when you sit there and -- cannot there cannot buy soda. You know if you from the Dearborn you're your alma -- -- told you that was a car you would think we're drinking from car. -- only notre torture I mean hell he's really into -- into your -- if so I increased. You get closed here's -- example of acupuncture. I mentioned that earlier but it's been in practiced in mumbled over East Asia for luckily a couple of thousand years they've -- And there's reams of double blind controlled study from going to work but -- You get -- skeptics who insist that he -- work why well because we don't know how I could. Thank you appear. So I think the fact that our I think we don't need to explain this phenomenon that would -- the phenomenon doesn't exist commuter ferries are still little quote. Right actually I agree just as we just as we can't verify I don't know if he doesn't -- my thing is you know if you can. Will he said we have double blind studies that show -- I'm myself fashion that I country noncombatants. And I'll say what is it can help me dramatically I don't know I think it cut my healing down to the console should be out for the year went back and six months so. Yeah veto if need be performed very well I know a lot of people who could help you to about it. But try telling that one of these professional skeptic and things will insisted that can't get a -- professional skills to -- OJ. If I don't it's. -- they're good to have -- -- keep everything fair and nice and level paths -- Catch it sounds are it's going to be 10437. Users and an 84 -- three -- or money -- to -- 70. Trash her in straight -- so you know in three jurors are manic. Can take a break one bathroom. Mark price here for. -- chiropractic can rehab. Many people are haunted by back -- Degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury. The professionals and Herman chiropractic in rehab -- been -- using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you German -- practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic news.com. -- FaceBook. -- can. This controversy does some listeners. Spontaneous. In like mentally and turn. -- science everyone and welcome back. During the breaks and oblivion a question for -- Yeah I did was just looking Baltimore what's in your book and you have once section in their -- hidden connections between fairy lord knew the phones we -- -- had a weird that ferries in your own. Well it's not a good have been -- nobody reads. Older literature in the approach to defeat any -- I was shocked Molly Wood into this decades ago kubert vocal passport to -- that's where he compared. -- traditional European help ferry lore -- you full phenomena and show there was almost straight across connection. Really I kid you not adopt it. And yet. People that they have this kind of problem too beautiful we succeeded that nobody pays attention to what wasn't burned in the hospital as well what's fashionable now. And so we are pumped and so. But let's let's see we have a situation where a little limb with that people can could be eight I say it shows up. Describe. So I wish. I look at you know and he had these strange hours in my flight -- can -- you play through the air. -- -- people like pixel configuration complete control weird location we have never been before and he does things you. And then I want some 500 years ago they can look at the leprechaun. For an older toward us now we say it could be a great consideration to -- -- -- There are -- and who write down can be obsession with human reproduction. And Barack Obama's gulf floor includes these stories exchanged rings true and you were stolen by the open and number often replaced with this little sort of this. Quote weird scorer and he gave me you know alienation server gets. Luxury occurred and wipe out. And so you know there's there's actually all of these connections that they were disgusted by -- pressure upon as an action they reduce -- are drawn to -- I mean how can people can't people -- -- the -- -- -- -- You -- it's also skated -- -- -- -- that was back in the day that was wanna make every paper books. Most people don't believe the -- tell you what I mean. All I do period I didn't. IE. I know somebody who grew up in quite important. And it's cool new people who'd been involved in the marked man -- and she says it's for real. I believe they have built the thing is that even makes them off the makes this thing like c'mon man this -- so crazy. It's so fascinating is that they don't speak nicely. You know categorized within a little or the postal -- it's okay. What was going on with them -- and seen the brother or UFOs showing up all the time. There -- lots of moving right from the sky there was this weird because we need shadowy -- something. The standard calling not a man. Some people even experienced -- operations and yeah ground shakes and. There was vibration simple ground -- there were strange statement contradicts there were many black prowling around the -- -- So you know all kind of these weird things leading up to. This sudden collapse so critical holiday traffic. Wish -- 102 people and they don't stop to. What was going hearts we don't know analysts don't interesting interesting -- 2000 feet up in years ago. Many many of civilization I think you know meet traditional Chinese civilization -- Romans. They actually had government departments who were designed to work film but they're they're -- -- critical we're dependent. Because video what if you have these weird omens are going month it was a warning from the company was up -- And if you -- if you -- good any music traditions you knew all of us were you might appeal to predict what was going wrong what's happening. But paying attention and we're I think we're going to. And so if you had to there was entire imperial Chinese bureaucracy could commit that collected news of unexplained phenomena from across the Chinese empire. And you instead of kind of intelligence service sort of early warning -- full of things happening in the world when -- -- the same thing. I can't imagine that. Any you know. He can imperial Chinese bureaucrat Roman -- -- would have been able -- -- people would've understood from moment. How we can ignore all -- these things going -- which her time between them like red lights and sirens going off. My especially them I mean that's technology moves on people. This -- again what we said earlier you know through technology business a lot more things. You know back in the technology wasn't there and the things that they were you know. Investigating if you will work work completely explain -- because the technology wasn't there at least now people are these that you said before that the professional lot. The commercials -- a couple of big if we have the technology that doesn't mean we're Smart and thoughtful things right exactly we have and people always and that's all. And think frankly given some because some of the masses that are going down in the hole today I think maybe we would have been a much smarter to pay attention to. You can't read as much attention as an imperial China bureaucratic. To what was going on you know when when a whole bunch of unexplained phenomena show up what does that tell you. Well apparently in the case in my off men who was saint -- there's a disaster gonna happen. And so if you know what what if you happen to be -- him for an imperial Chinese bureaucrat in the -- department of -- you might yield of six. Some political appreciable. Well I think since this happened to turned out to be abridged article the bridges and they kind of one of the bridges -- support trust determined guess what could take several hundred lives. And again you know perilous of those and you're saying it's not necessarily make you think it is simply be -- you said. The -- and early alarm finally getting an early signal when whenever maybe. So yeah it's like it's like the way it is sometimes earthquakes can be predicted by watching this technique for the component of the ground. Actually look at the look at the miners in Turkey sort of the my resume so washing brass breasts are running some strong. Yeah yeah exactly exactly you know we use wind when you're you're on old fashioned sailing ship. If you were sitting there and harper are you -- your watching the rats scurry down the ropes onto the ground can -- something called police Sunday and actually tell -- to get out of bishop did not sign on for the next twenty. People do little super rats I think that's what you're gonna -- you we have the technology we can -- -- -- -- -- -- If we just pay attention to nature I think we ought to be better off forget about the technology. I think as Edward and I don't know putting -- on the technology technology there's a lot of relief involved a lot of -- stupid things -- -- we do this technology. But it doesn't exempt us from having to pay attention married have a problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello -- full. I personally think. I too much from Vietnam -- -- -- -- tour and I will lowered and intercity in my 400 just started. Yes and no matter what might try abrasions. And a captain Richard. We -- trigger and I had a conversation what -- -- I'm sure there's like -- other -- tool I was a -- Newburgh New York 1982. And Osama would -- -- food she -- to 3 o'clock in the morning and I -- were registered to relieve myself but -- -- -- I'm not only receive your full huge -- to regional border correctly assuming you're born -- -- which army. I jumped -- the plane so I know a little bit about distance. Speculation wish for a foreigner feel sorry completely silent picture relate to -- football fields and was huge like -- mother ships. I know -- -- because I don't wanna be ridiculed. This is a document saying if you wanna check get up around Newburgh New York matter their wish you reach reporter what do police department very -- people buried. Welcome to people it might seem most. Are huge sure. Partnership. But sort of describe it as different colored windows like -- purple. Maybe your pink. And not allowed to walk over silently forward. That's Schroeder brown Nuremberg there was symmetry like -- broke the American Neuberger and hours 784 he's found gonna towards parson. I'm I'm I'm slightly familiar we -- talking about but. So -- so you physically seem less than. Oh absolutely I mean there was so -- I was on my way up there are you would open delivered. Ticket more terrible way back. Resuming additions. Am we struggle for reputable company like admission that anybody except you know my -- -- -- went. Good call at a barbershop movies how many hundreds of people maybe thousand Poland. Well that's just that -- you know I mean we we talk about all the time you know it's. Some people are fit assimilated because how long what happened to it was a more it was -- problems -- -- now he also told people at the military that you have sideways you know. Very quick tour it was clear. There was silent. And that was -- huge. Condition probably. Three football -- There was little space wasn't a problem I mean it was rule and want all right just look at it law. Blow your mind -- old confusion I spoke yesterday and well being to get picked up before on -- colonial authorities were treated do. I just put it memory and I've called on what -- shores about it but -- not very. Are we appreciate your caller didn't do it. I think if you -- sir thank you thanks for. RA from back. I'm so sorry about that we I hope nobody John there was a nationalistic Joel playing under the drop onto your -- -- -- No not a problem that you've got back -- I am now I birdied parred the first part of an area once this. In particular location I'm guessing this is one of the big triangle. We leave with all the lights are on the bottoms. That's what he said yeah he's a decent -- -- about the size three football. Because three football fields that there was what Everett was he would seen have routinely for a while I'm in the 1980 to 1990. And what specific -- mostly we've seen in Metairie and New York. -- so -- will see me how does and one of the things is one of things can make if you can't actually be ones. The first time it was seen. John do you pressuring -- breaking down we got less than a minute left here. Okay Ellen thank you don't know who -- excellent guest special guests thank you thank your -- and don't think I would socialists and we'll be back next week. For -- -- John-Michael Grier. Monsters and investigation lies to us monsters -- second announcement longer thank you ask -- Johnny wanna play website reports. Tons and really just better and ready to have people go to their favorite full service spokeswoman or online bookstore and just country in John-Michael we're. Kessel thank you for your time appreciate -- thanks listener. I.