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Nov 16, 2013|

Saturday November 16, 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Larry and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- Until you lie okay. And good morning my name is Linda Evans and I'm the president and CEO. Of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit an MRI cat and the owner of large -- enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And -- here's -- -- glorious day yeah. And that's what's going on in the world. Home we weren't event last evening yes and actually I just left -- rather tell you did you had breakfast yes things in my friend did. And show even and we went to charities and you know one of my favorite -- breakfast places and even the queen of brownies missing for miss Kathy -- she. Took two of this is two -- peanut butter brownies commentary to taste them while. In the suspicion they know who I introduced her to establish who was if she did she said she's heard of her her cakes and her. Wonderful skill which of course she has but anyway we were there last night for the November. I'm not program I guess for now though that Katherine has arranged on a monthly basis did code of businesses owned and operated by women who -- and that it was a nice turnout when you sang I would. And happy to see some people we haven't seen in awhile -- and she did a great job in her place looks wonderful yeah. Because. I think the important thing you know about that is so that it. Four of the -- -- group as we got there the idea was supposed to be that we would frequent other businesses. And just get to know what are other members do when they're physically eyeball what they've gotten -- thing. But I think that's. The thing that was really critical about this was a major decision and they -- -- made her in her business. And that had. Up until this point maybe a couple months ago then it's something that she considered necessary which was to have a storefront. And then to have people walk by and command with the cafe kind of thing. And she was serving coffees different kinds of coffees and cupcakes and brownies and things like that. And then head and I'm really nice cafe type flavor. With a low around tables and this we heard chairs and I -- thing. But it soon -- I guess. Really just becoming Mormon expense to her that was anything else and even though people love the food. People weren't showing up for her so she made a decision. To close the store in that part of that they cafe. And then make -- a place for. Protect from brides to -- command and get a look at the portfolio or anybody else for any reason who won the special cake made. And so now she works by appointment only. And that was a big business decision to make to do that. But that was the point of why we were all there because as business women as women business owners. Those of the kind of conversations and things that really make non low as an organization different now. People might just come and have always a lovely place and we went into the kitchen and had some tougher times she made. No real taste of those. And it would have been a lovely evening but more to that was her story. And how she got her some very difficult obstacles. And and ten years now she's been in business -- It was a huge change in her life to go from being. CPA. CNN and in a large. Accounting firm. Going to tax season's. And doing all of that having some physical illnesses and in -- -- -- that said. Okay I'm done living my life for everybody else I'm gonna do something I have always wanted to do when she was so encouraging. To everybody who is fair if you have a dream -- something you want to do -- just do it -- her. And what I also liked about her which you just mentioned about the business angle of but you don't necessarily get in other organizations but you do about that and not about. Is that what Kathy said spoken like the truth CPA she is is that she said if you were caught 85% of our business came from. Cakes and specialty cakes. 15% of our business came from the cafe but the 15% a business was the one that was losing money. Not the other side and and that's interesting to say and knowing that the you have to be CPA and understand that. But to know enough that if it's even that smaller amount of business that you're getting. But if it's losing enough and you can make those changes to do exactly what she did and to get rid of bad. So that now yes she still had contain quarters of cup cakes and brownies and and things that she makes. As part of what she does in her business can now she does so you know. Us special orders for those and doesn't just have them in the case like she was saying she had to fill that Casey had a look presentable. It had to look full. So the people came in didn't think that where's my selection here. And then it just to know that she did all the right things from the equipment to what she served there and which she also mentioned was. -- people had told her prior to going into business that. Me and we would love a little place to Satan and be part of a command and -- Read the paper and and and have coffee and and have meet people and it just never they just never came. The same people said they would didn't I mean I think that happens people think oh it's a great idea. And she did that did all of that and realize that it wasn't the best thing for her and then still having the storefront. He just don't walk in and now it's a little more selective with how she can spend her time with people who need her time. The show also mentioned that the 15% of her revenue being driven by every cafe. And -- France French cafe was. Actually consuming more of her yes total expense yeah. So they just made no sense it didn't and I am glad that that it. It but but the thing I think that you have to understand yes as a CPA she could see those numbers and she could interpret what that meant. But it also means that if you have a dreamer an idea. And you don't know how to do all that stuff he can still do it -- you need that kind of back -- need team I'm. And getting the right team in place can very much help. Could be an idea becomes successful. So she's done an excellent job with what she's doing and she's actually. But this is just so missy said that the majority of her princess comes from Michael one account yes I see her business is in -- in Lucerne yes. So we'll see what happens with all happened I was that it was a wonderful evening I'm glad I went. I'm glad I saw some people that I hadn't seen a long time that had been formerly members of -- And it's nice to look at them again and consumer if. How well they've done and I said said -- today it's amazing how. How good work the skills she has an art like that it wouldn't stop all of those -- flashing you know that. -- she has bad that constant. Run -- out of cakes and photographed finished in final form and the one I don't know if you side. Was because I had a clear and not impose Homer Simpson and it looked exactly like the cartoon was sitting there I mean she was spot I'm. Yes that was a grooms cake care. And it's estimated amazing her skill and that's flower pot that she has that looks like it's a real flower in -- terra cotta pot and it was a cake. If I heard skill level is unbelievable yeah and the fact that she knew she could do it and was able to realize the dream -- is. All the more powerful and I think I know that she likes the -- no experience because she believes that it is people talking about. The same thing although we're not the same businesses necessarily we all have the same issues. That we face to keep the business. I think it's interesting about who is that there were some any side conversations going and I know -- kind that you would normally have no idea and a relay network Kenya and that it just it. But just talking about contracts and do you know we had. A lawyer represented there and someone who owns a business class and you -- Yes it's true. And it's just. We have a variety of different women that come here and now provide different services sizes. I think we needed to make an effort to build us to get to be about a hundred members and a if you're out there listening and you own a business and your woman you should really get hold an -- find out. -- the alloy or -- in a business and your senior level yeah our son. You can. -- 10% of our membership can be of those. Types of people and that everybody benefits when that happens so please get a hold of us let us know your intrusive and both. It a go to the website. If I get right nobilo and EPA. Dot org I think it is. I didn't find out if wash down well we'll do it from. Club correctly then again and I think we do. Every time my six. Ever -- right. Well. What I also win but what's going and the world. I'm here or blame man -- the glowing in his cup possibly going to. -- to start on Saturday Sunday and that's what I brand -- can be great when -- yes. He is another person who. Every time they told him he couldn't do something she didn't turn. Those great. Come any chance. -- And I remember us. Okay. Well I -- the story now now so I think we will do a story this morning okay. Now now. Well. Katrina wondered. Why she never had time to take care for personal finances. She got the bills in the mail or online. And -- every intention to pay them -- busy life seemed to get in the way. What she started getting phone calls from these nasty people asking her way and -- she -- -- making payments suntrust has such a bill. She realized she needed to do something about us. Katrina was a well school's medical professional. A certified registered nurse practitioner. Could change her career when she felt this emptiness growing insider as she worked her way up the latter a large advertising agency. She was very eager to make this transition. Ever really look forward system career. She observed her mentors the physicians. Trying to handle and all and was amazed that they appeared to be able to do that. He's -- habits of not managing your personal finance. Finances seem somehow even more intolerable. Since she seemed to be the only one not doing this very well. She shared her concerns that she was look losing control of something so vital to her well being. It became obvious to her that she was not the only one. Her physician and -- level whether. If you're going to be a great medical professional. Learned to -- it as much as you can to those who are professionals and these other areas of life. She recommended Katrina look for financial planner who can help -- only get a handle on the bills to get an idea of where she was going for future. Her boss told her she too would try to do it all realized when she boxed up her for a one K plan. She was moving into territory she has so little knowledge of when she did that. She says she felt so much better about having time to spend with her husband kids and family. And this -- attention to her personal finances did not consume her with guilt anymore. -- -- called me it's a suggestion that her boss and said I decided to leave things to leave the driving TO. I asked her what it was that was the most pressing her concerns and she said. Look I know a lot about medicine and personal health and I know very little about money and personal finances. Doctor Jones suggested. I call financial professional. And she spoke very highly have you. I thank her for recognizing that I know so little about Madison and personal health -- but I certainly could help for what their money and our financial concerns. She made an appointment to commend the -- me I was so happy to feel weight lifted off our shoulders. The end. And with that we are going to take a very quick break. We'll be right back you're listening this morning to the -- in China. -- -- -- Why you. Prices which is fundraising. PR and special event business. And my name is Linda Evans and I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit and how much less than how Marion Gil Martin said. To watch out until all the gals when she spoke because she said anything anything you say and enhanced many used against us. Other -- a -- but. Yes these are spoken like a true attorney yes exactly yes -- before you -- investors something I think I might -- audience and I just -- -- saying that -- -- the other thing we talk. Oh yeah -- share. I do have to say my way found condolences and my deepest sympathies. To the family of frank rucinsky. Who passed away this week. And -- his daughter Mary is one of my employees. So and so long and difficult struggle for the family. Especially with the fact that no one seemed to have a diagnosis. For the Forman time got so. And -- and we hope everybody can marry so sweet kiss. She's wonderful sound. -- -- -- OK so you wanted to say something about. The story's -- really because it brings truth to summoning women in not allowing. Health we all as women we think that we can do everything in many cases we can't. But when it comes to being able to unload some of the things that you can afford to do you can do it. Yeah so many times people just won't they won't go back. Well I know I have a lot of clients who are. I'm from the women are part of a married couple. And the biggest problem they have is that they think that. Because this is typically in our culture they've a divested themselves of all responsibility. Relative to money. And even though they may be the primary breadwinner in the family they're -- are the ones who say they take care act. And they've allowed that to happen and then find out ten years down the road fifteen years down the road. He took chances on things that we're just ridiculous and lost money on this or followed a buddies lead on those so that. And that there's -- can make up the ten year's time. So it gets more and more difficult. When you don't when you tried him. Pass off things is somebody else that you don't that does isn't qualified to do I do this stuff. And you really have to find somebody who you who you trust. Somebody you feel very confident in the because of your ability. To be able to that. Converse with them and share your thoughts and your feelings about what it is that you're concerned about maybe you can't translate that into. MI too aggressive in my 401K portfolio. Maybe not even have that language to be able asked that question but you can say something like I'm just wondering if you know this might be a little too risky for me. If you have that feeling that sense of it that's kind of good that's the level of trust and confidence you need to have in the planning your work you have to be able to express it that way and that worry about oh I can say it's the right way but. That's what women -- to do they just stuff I think I even think about it they just ignore. I agree with facts and I was. But at the chamber of -- -- on Monday in. Tuesday am sorry was in Monroe County Monroe County it was at a place and I'd forgotten that even exist in the chateau resort I thought that was long -- -- kind. Well it's on the road out towards the entrance handsome fifteen. On the road where you would -- camelback my confidence right now yeah I know where it is and I didn't even know that it exists and I thought it was gone for years and years. But it was a really nice place it was very nice and we had a wonderful lunch. And I had a conversation with a woman who said that that next year in their programming. They wanted to talk about this very issue. That Cinderella is dead basically and you know stop. Trying to find prince charming. And take care for yourself. And so I told her about the book that I was and that was writing that's written and is now in stages of being. Edited and she said that's exactly that topic that we want talk about. So apparently there's an awareness out there are more so than I thought. That women are starting to realize they need to be taking control of their own money but I don't I don't agree with that Cinderella philosophy -- Because I don't think Cinderella was just looking for prince Chinese -- clean and cinders and hence the name Cinderella she does mean being abused by. She was a beautiful woman worked very very very hard and happen to come upon a guy with money. -- and she fit you know she had a fairy godmother who said here -- beef you know go into your your pumpkins turned into a carriage and in my own little corner no handshake anyway. Is this thing. Would Cinderella in how she found a man I still think he got to look for prince charming it's just doesn't mean he asked to be the one. Taking care you -- -- time you to be able to take care of yourself. As well there you see prince charming very ago because they re like prince charming San -- we like the guys princes charming are fine. I have -- I mean that like they think that an -- if you really look at Cinderella in its truest form. She was a hard working woman. Plus she was yeah abused yeah well abuse Biden not old by the sisters but I'm just -- Fundamentalists and that's so I just I like Cinderella I would be so -- -- my my favorites I don't just say you know location I was defending her that's fine out. But I am I good -- and I do agree with Jack as we shall we say that you need to be able to -- Do it yourself. Yes you do except to fix toilets or something that I. It's it's it's okay no fixing I love women I told you that before anybody who can do this stuff it's amazing to make you can do. If Joseph can't see I love it I'm gonna bunt in a master before the fluid master one of these -- -- because she wants her heart I know it's nice -- actually looks very easy I ON one I remember I told story last year that I had declined carrying the ending bathtub. Yeah and I went on TU 20 -- and found a handgun thank god it was awesome. I did exactly what he said. And I was I can't tell I am happy and was that I to save myself the money. I'm calling a time around and all the other John the most is so easy to pour some stuff down low you see not only do. What what that's what he said many don't ever pour that stuff down during all I because Ollie does as you -- the pipes. Why did they sell it. Because people like fueled by now I'm buying it for years south tank on saint is long afterwards then I fly you're not supposed to -- -- in if you use a plunger on your tour on your drain -- senior Tug. It also loosens and and helps without anything in there that's what this just plunge it down. Once again yeah and got up the clock and I still -- the other stuff to just a little bit I don't find anyway. If she -- short hair. That's. And that's why he's so -- and it worked right it did that it was perfect that it hasn't been problems and firm hump. Nice pants that's could be you know did you get my text today until you think about the CI ABS group fifty for more than fifty for yes -- women. And and they had an it's tonight and they -- MNBC went down. What's his name Brian Williams and curry did he reporting -- And she spoke with two older ladies who with the CIA one I think is ninety minutes 95. And then they had to current CIA. Head honchos. And then two younger girls and a -- have the photo of the three generations of women and the head of the CIA is a brand name. What's his name I don't know I might be much anyway time heat at -- curry said to him. Why is it that you have women now in your top level positions I think just five or six positions top level CIA. -- positions that are women. And and they talked about this you know I am. -- the oh I'm in Latin captured and that movie and the woman who still unnamed and a -- she was behind you India having that happened and it can't happen happened and then they were talking about that this guy said it's because women. Instinctively. Know have the intuition. That men do not have and that the ability for them to work in in the CIA. It's crucial. Because of that skill that they have that necessarily men do not. And that is part of the reason that more women. Are -- qualified but they also bring that special. In intuition into -- that guys don't have which I believe I don't I mean I know why cabinet. And -- the -- a lot of women who don't need to realize it themselves sometimes but it really is there. And I think steady is amazing fast and so hard my arms. We've come for that I just think it's great and I think it's because of the intuition was raising children. And I know how things are not quite right. Systemic I think it's so it was a really great peace and it was really nice to see. That. And the tools -- ladies who -- long retired will not still -- talk about and said you know can you tell me about this and they said no we can't go there. She said now you're not no we won't discuss it. So was amazing how he as a cook did so anyway I love -- I just like that's why I'm texting you this morning. And did you know 50% of women. Well I wonder where you were gone by now as they didn't have a Time Warner until it detects the rest of it but okay. I'm Melissa and I saw a couple weeks I meant to talk about this the last thoughts of -- genome merrily. That was done by its grand public theater at the old brick. Well I -- grand jury a picture of that yes and I'm Michael Fallon plays -- morally and it's the last day of his life actually and he's being interviewed. And it's amazing it's a one man. Play is this for real with Iowa yeah let's say yes planes again was interviewed yeah. And Tom Flannery is the writer we haven't. And Tom was there -- audience of course I'm so messenger is the executive director good that full disclosure Babs -- my best friends. And did what I took my good friend who -- money hand we went over to CNN it was absurd it was wonderful Bob told me this morning. Said it is now this year than 5000 people have seen the play and it is a wonderful way. For people of fire area to understand. What actually happened for him to win that medal of honor. At such young age and be right here and our own backyard and and what happened to him that's. And how he got -- and how surprised and delighted and -- he was to get that and why it was given to run the same one recording -- I don't know if they have it recorded piano I don't know that but it's a 48 minute play men and. It is so well worth it when they put it out but they took it to all the high schools and stuff for the kids to CNN it's a history lesson. Yeah and so well done Michael did a wonderful wonderful job. And of course Bob directs and in town Flannery Dunne the writer which is so. The -- playwright was great it's really was great Simon to say that was. That was a good time and a nice nice way to see it I I knew a little bit about it -- I had met mrs. -- and in his husband. Her son -- junior. Who was a doctor I think in Philadelphia big time when I worked at the ever museum because they were determining where his. Uniform and stuff was going to display it's now in the librarian pack still but they did talk about doing anything ever -- and that's only enough to need them and they work. They're wonderful family. South. In some very interesting and an an historic I mean it's just some believe the ball so. And I also watched. On WV I -- The documentary and John F. Kennedy a two day it was a two hour to two night program that was wonderfully done saw the stuff about. JFK is coming up now because it's the fiftieth anniversary this month of his assassination which is unbelievable. And of course yours truly missed done our dear little boy -- Sean Foley. -- -- -- was John F. Kennedy for Halloween. -- looked just like a scary. He loves Bobby and John Kennedy on us. And so he teach his friend was I don't know she was supposed to be Jackie Kennedy -- to Press Secretary your I don't know who was. Karl -- I don't know but she was next to him and and shot show you the picture after we got there because he said I said -- Everybody Tommy you're JFK I didn't see your costume so he sent -- he does. See -- -- because he's today on FaceBook and that this friend. Here right now anyway we're gonna take a really quick pick again you're listening to the Marion when south. -- -- -- -- Well good morning once again morning how are you. Kirk great discrete kind of sorry I was reading something and. OK mostly trans fat. I'm great to say they're asking. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm Larry -- and the owner of -- can enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I'm our guest experts this morning -- representing C. Veterinary referral and emergency center actually center right pat cash. Otherwise does very city. And her name is doctor Kim Helm -- Who is a critical list. Now I'd I said during her first thing we have talked about is why is -- critical list because. That's the title is under critical care and emergency. So she was just explained to explain to me before. In the human world what. Her role is vs other physicians that we know about so first of all welcome Kim. Thank you for having me good morning good morning. Can yes good morning and -- because but it. And tell us what is a critical things. So eight critical care veterinarians. Is kind of the equivalent to say human -- -- her. That we have the skills and the ability and the knowledge to treat your very sick dog -- -- And try to help them get through whatever disease anyhow whether he belongs -- -- the hearts. And we. Hopefully help. Your daughter counts. So does that happen. When. That you're talking about illnesses to -- what happens if there's accidents and they come in in an emergency. You know. I know -- that the UN. And many -- Contemporaries have talked about some. Wild and crazy things that you've seen that we can't even imagine that dog's and cat's skin Intel and that they come and list. Things. Around them and hanging in them where their mouth closer look. Do you deal with that kind of an emergency as well as such as the illnesses. So we you'll still a post trauma so save your -- -- -- gets hit by a car unfortunately her mom attacked by another animal whether it be wild or seen in the dog or -- Come as well as all the illnesses that I mansions. I mean we see everything from -- gunshot wound because it's hunting season and any mistakes the dog for enough for deer hair again. I've seen it where they had an email arrows. I'm so we deal with all that stuff -- important process critical care doctors were a little bit different than emergency doctors and lashes and thinking -- we have the extra years of -- mean and me. Keynote utilized that she tried to of course -- -- and you know get your daughter -- back home TO. Now so please we are able to see unfortunately. The very sick of the second. Help them out. So. Yeah I was just gonna say you know it -- I can't imagine. I think of things like. On television that that they equivalency and this would be something like this show ER yeah. Where and the weirdest things came through that door and everybody just. -- ran an action. And that I know that because I had my animal there and that it's a bit. -- triage. And I never understood what that word means you know what there remains -- So triage on it actually comes from from -- son. And which it is our job whether we are the credit close a nurse or doctor or one of our nursing staff. To determine. You know just how sick that patient as -- need to be immediately seen and immediately Entrust. I'm verses are you a little bit more stable and we have some time. So I am okay triage I usually means that were coming out of value -- -- in determining just how bad off or how secure our country. And how did you decide. That's that's what you wanted to do I mean because I always think anybody whether it's human medicine or veterinary medicine that. He we all you while shake your specialties and and get into -- sometimes it's it just happens you can't pick it and you -- to have so to speak. But most times if people want it to be in that. Type of medical care so to get -- your position how did you know this did this just happened or how did you choose to do that. So when I was growing up I had a little kitty cat but unfortunately -- very very -- My and I was like eight years old and I just wanted to be able to receive it. And it so that kind of made me want to become a veterinarian. And then I had a full wonderful wonderful mentor when I was in veterinary school who was a critical care doctor. The kind of took me under her wing. And it was just so great to see what she was able to do to help people to help people's animals that that was why wants to go into my special field of Madison. Was to be able to you know in Iraq with the owners why they have been fortunate you know situation with their -- but also the bigger thing is to be able to try to help. The fat. And then in your case to don't it's fine then these situations you. You almost have to have that psychiatry has done as well because of death. Begin seriously dealing with the emotion and it's it's it's unbelievable. How people. Pets and marry their owners their their moms they're dads and if you want to call them are so I know from from experience with my own dogs that this is. You love them like they become to mean they are like babies the animals to -- like babies because especially dogs could stay. -- need you for everything they have to deal. That's it's so heart wrenching to deal with the pain and suffering that went something had casket goes wrong with your path. No you're absolutely right is that a lot of the daunting task. These are our people's children and I mean I have a cast and vicious mean my cap and I would do anything tell my cat picture right. Is that not only when your veterinarian do you have to help and try to treat the -- that you also do spend a good majority of the time. You know trying to help owners as well to try to understand what's going non. Com as wells to be there for them just as much as you need to be there for the -- It's it's weird too because I -- most recently with my Phoebe. -- when I was there for actually taking my other Don a couple weeks later she has issues with her eyes. And I ran into friends of mine. Who were there with their dog and it eats its -- it's here in there and you see people you know and everybody and there are there's. Eyes are swollen and their crying in Iraq it's. The experience that you have with with human interaction and not even knowing your your pet is being cared for. It's amazing on the outside for us because there was the comradery and the understanding of the love that you had for the CN -- and you guys on the inside we're doing all the work. Had to do it to take care of them and we're out here looking and so to speak but you -- a comforting each other and it's it's and the more popular you become a you just gonna see more and more people there with the same with the same problems and yeah. Same issues in same critical situations or not but you still have that and it's. Amazing what a community. Center you guys have also become because it's so convenient as they say all the time to have. You gas facility in our backyard is wonderful but then you're going to see your friends and neighbors who are dealing with -- it's up. I don't mean this the way it sounds but there was a comfort fair to me dead in there were other people who had that same feeling waiting for their. The care their their -- now I do you think years your stuff planned Larry Page and much. You know when you do see other people going through a similar situation and there is a sense of com to -- I'm -- to share the similar experience to talk about what's going on because it's also hard a lot of times for. Those that are not in the medical field to even understand her grass and I have things to their dog or cat. So it is very nice to have you know somebody else fair that you can share similar story -- and even if you don't know them. I think a lot of people only do comments you are veterinary facility. Find that they walk out with with the front that night and have a a similar kind of story last. Including the staff which I say to you guys every month was here and when you nowadays that you just feel so taken care of by the people you first meet when you walk through the door to the doctors and and generally it's it's it's just amazing to me but I I find it. What all of you women who are here and of course we can't forget doctor. -- -- Maybe we talk about what not but you know you just what you're offering an and what names you want to camps I know you're not where you from. So I am originally from upstate New York Rochester New York OK so coming here. How did you hear about it what made you want to do this and and relocate to this area and I know you're not that far away but nonetheless. It's a change so how do decide to get -- very big change where she came Kauai. California I saw from new York and I was recently I just moved here recently two months ago from Allison Davis California which is where -- Davis thought it is right outside Sacramento. I can't help California or a lot more people are familiar San Francisco so it's about Yemeni -- on north east of San Francisco wow. Yes and what do you think. So so first triggering spit out my hand I am Aqua meeting back to the snow and the cold hands on but you know that's a bummer of a transition and learning. But you asked why keen hearing and nineteen year 'cause I I saw saw the job advertised. And they brought me out here for a week and I was here for weakening just a working dinner -- And I and it was a sunny -- everybody just works so well together that everybody at this -- do you Iraq. It's just loves -- -- do you mean it just loves treating the patients. Everybody is from me it seemed like a family yes can I I it's absolutely. Exactly what it is since I've been there for two months and calm and I get to do what I love which is to you know treat. Animals I dogs and cats but at the same time I need keen on a whole new can -- family. And I just think that we worked so coherently together on the and we get to -- we -- to do and hands and it's just been great so that is actually what attracted me. From anywhere else to come to northeast Pennsylvania was Xerox common with the family in just soft. The atmosphere and I do not apply to the working in -- that's kind of cool music yeah see you know you can't experience what goes on. And let's face it that's something you can't fake. So you could say all this but here in the middle of something for a week's stuffs happening as they say we need you another term we want. Any idiot do you see it I mean UN live minute. At that point but I have to say Kim looks like a California girl doesn't -- yes isn't. I was going to -- earlier that she not only has brains which just -- -- beauty shows this long because I was like to describe people so she has long reddish hair straight red hair very pretty thing you look Irish I don't know -- -- and to give her son there -- my outside so it's all in this beautiful Irish face -- -- hit -- long -- she looks like tell -- played. Volleyball did you I did not play volleyball and did not play basketball -- That's what she looks like that does she took a picture what it while you now -- and now he's landed soft ball. Well I'm. Are nice yeah yeah it's and it's -- any new citizens who really naive. Later wrapped meat is gorgeous woman she is -- go onto the -- see any PA down -- and look up her ex. -- and and now do look at how we're doing a -- -- I know I am new I did I did that hey this Eagles out all right okay now I c.s available at Indiana -- now yes I saw me go. But did Johnny look this is checking out. -- Did you blank. Except and so were already. Am one guys check an axle plant but I'm what we're looking forward to seeing you -- and coming on the show because as you know we get it once a month every it was someone's. Comes on and them. We're happy to have you as anything else you want to tell the folks about this wonderful place you know I don't I'll thank you guys so much for having me here for. I really really NBC has. This opportunity and I -- It's never a good thing when you have to come see. So you know -- -- -- Jim. It's a good placement. Yes we do and this is. Continued luck and welcome to I want this whole area jail. Again having grant -- access to. So we're going to meet you I'm missing beautiful last Saturday. And we'll see you next. Say please be nice since I mean I.