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Brad Mallory, PA Deputy Transportation Secretary, and Corbett

Nov 21, 2013|

Brad Mallory, PA Deputy Transportation Secretary talks to Corbett about the transportation bill.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brad Mallory the -- is very yeah deputy transportation secretary in Pennsylvania I imagine would say yes. -- and hollering is not on affirmative. Truck actually turn me down. And -- and assess you characterize the room. Currently doesn't much -- what you know I heard. Struggles that some published. This kind of revenue increase our country any which finally. So in real dollars backup some kind of an appropriate level of investment in these important assets. That they're still view. Better bridges and roads and then just services. And it's true you know this is this money doesn't fall from the sky and one way or another. It's coming from somewhere. I think it's important to understand and let. Well it's happened at the -- on January 1. There's still approach cent per gallon caption under financial stress. And I suspect most people think he's done but that is. Most of the taxation of gasoline occurs at the wholesale level and assess potential conflicts. This law doesn't it also talked but the problem for a decent amount. Into the oil companies. And will increase the action on the companies. In the amount that sounds like 09 cents. And what are. Is because. We don't know. How much of that given the competitive pressures there are committed and that's true. The more rest and -- Have been talking about this as -- -- political -- nine cents on. And then -- your players grow up and other non interest here Slater goes up up another look twice each and increasing well. Quite frankly I don't know how anybody know that because. Some history we simply have not seeing. So -- -- actually passes through in that way from your property. It's true the -- some -- -- come back through the -- you know if we could share with more certainty how much of this we would. Frankly we can't we don't know. I was really just -- in story that I read by Paul -- -- in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Talking about what the Corbett administration has said. That this measurable create 50000. New jobs. And preserve 121016. Jobs is broken down so that there's some specific. I think there -- I can give you don't go to the size and shape and let it sit there and I essentially what happens is that. I'm not -- campus and indeed about certainly between turn three and 76 cents of every gallery gets. In the private sector. You know that is almost highway construction McConnell -- constructionist -- the private sector -- low maintenance. A great -- of other activities as stopped abruptly seventy or 76%. So well this infusion com and frankly that senator didn't go well. So that means that those construction company in Pennsylvania. It's been laying people off for the last suddenly burst and that almost all of them. Will be bringing people back on but in the sentence or you can't -- improved isn't it desperately need to be repaired. So well do you restrict your weight poster it and all but certain fire actually you know whenever -- just kind of program. Including the people go well. So hit -- trap number of people. -- -- Dutch and -- creek without exclude these are real construction jobs providing. You know pretty good way action people and then. The benefits for that America. Yeah you know the benefit of the transportation project to do so through these -- to comment from. Gay new laws are passed and we literally see the push. From people like you frankly we had earlier in the show the the head of this state chamber of commerce. What is it they. Brought you guys out because usually we don't hear from you you can tell us if you're coming to -- in northeastern Pennsylvania. I imagine your goal no word throughout this -- why wasn't important enough. Put them to bring you win and the head of the chamber and what's she what's her what's the what's the point of the. The deal -- you know what he listened he says he is how competitive. In this world district. -- -- the most important days for the job. We understand how little -- and other countries. If -- Our basic fundamental infrastructure energy future. -- -- -- That's okay custom cleaners are content in no uncertain terms. And that's why -- you know it's the usual. When you have to have that chamber of commerce. And the -- that -- major unions. -- you gotta do something senseless and -- and unusual. -- and -- bizarre -- says something you know you can't. Well you know creator user fees are very -- And the dead and you know much about this so this is coming out of my pocket knows there's. -- -- congress -- and quite frankly it's -- more that is businesses that are paid more than -- it is individual's right. Because of that heavy trucks because you might guess they used because they want the peace begin work. Welcome to do that because to get -- -- able to get there from here thanks to oversimplify and it will be fair and hope that Crocker. And I can get the product and so on and so part and then being more. Competitor. Can manage to talk to him not to do that they're -- at. Camp manager. -- when governments -- problem and doesn't have the basic fundamental infrastructure of players to support them. Now some of the biggest critics are correct me if I'm wrong Brad but some of the biggest critics have actually come from within. The governor's own party a concern absolutely the conservative factions upon whom the chamber of commerce depends on upon whom the governor depends on. And upon whom really the Republican administration and senate house governor's mansion depends on is this more of an appeal. -- to moderation. Which is something that we're starting to hear about within the Republican Party because -- politics everywhere. So as mostly proud do I want to get something like that I continue to -- like. To get the nail on the head and so they're good people in society. Who are not politically bless him you know you just can't trust government. It's -- so much money and it didn't spend money on this bad and so when Lucic broke the clue revenues saw. So that we can get back to where we launch into -- blew -- -- to -- and make and that's what so -- We're willing to us just just just seen that done now. I go to I'm not one of those people are now -- just throw the dice. So the roads and -- you know literally go to certain costs. In some of the persons some abstract notion that my additional government vs somebody -- I would I know I think I'm pretty practical and out I sent. And he got a picture of what you got you know I'm not to get to -- -- carcass but. Yeah the only house. For a truly. Worried are you. And we'll do what happens if you don't touch. You end up with so you're damage to your house that's really expensive to six. And that's where we are society. -- -- this week and then this week and lack of sales. -- -- -- -- -- If we don't have a listen now it's going to be -- -- and so. Even more expensive I'm not a lot or expensive. Access later so I gotta tell you I think those guys on this board. And -- opened it -- there disparity in -- with them a lot of points -- probably do so for that matter how comforting little thunderstorm. Function of government we -- strong open court opens or we don't. -- decided to do. She -- want to find fascinating about about what's happening here obviously. If we don't fix roads if we don't fix bridges. They're gonna get worse people can get killed and that. Somebody's gonna have to step in either -- or later. How do we pay for this and at this point you now have this. Discussion this public policy where some people will never get all -- Some people will be willing to compromise and as someone who watches from northeastern Pennsylvania where we've got our share of the bridges about to collapse and roads about to open up into the abyss. I think it is interesting to see how the politics works and how down the line. Those jobs either will or will not come to fruition those roads in those bridges either willow will not. Be repaired and stabilized. And whether the political structures. Democrat Republican the two major parties. Will be able to agree for the common good so I think you're really just think should never go there and tried click I think there ought to what you -- more front. Well thank you but I think you're right to listen is this is civics lesson then we're gonna find out and touched. And continued -- -- what may surprise a little bit but I think I just think it would help. I think people like you. Can be. Demanding. I think the single best. And I think people ought to be watching that I can contribute fairly demanding -- -- -- -- say listen we -- a lot of money. And we want to stop stretched them they don't want extensions weren't -- And I. This internally. And -- and should be told to the fire here you know what are some sort of obligation. When you -- people predict into the pocket you've got to. Let's go to this sacred obligation and the government to do directing with a moderate. And we'll find out whether it happens we'll find out whether they just kept. And whether those jobs are. And then we can sit back in the a year two years three years and says it. I was telling the truth concluded brought here as well if you look at the judgments. You came to the right place when it comes to holding the feet in the firing making demands of political figures. And that's exactly what we abdicate and it's it's good to hear you. And car -- Mallory Pennsylvania. Deputy transportation secretary of -- is strange we'll talk with you again. And take them.