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11-22 The "Girl in Blue" at the JFK assassination talks with WILK

Nov 22, 2013|

Dr. Antoinette Glover, associate professor of English at the University of Scranton, was 11 years old and was perched on a pillar in Dealey Plaza in Dallas watching the Presidential motorcade and witnessed the assassination of JFK. She talked about her memories of that terrible day with Webster & Nancy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have with us doctor Internet Glover she's an associate professor of English at the University of Scranton but. Fifty years ago on that day just an eleven year old girl who wanted to see the president. Thanks for being with us. Thank thought he -- calling coming. OK Sony and I Tony you're eleven years old you lived in Dallas right tell us so why you were I'd be no intent on being there that day. I hate it and you have very troubled family she and I had been magical thinking man if I could really fly back and I couldn't get the president a look at that Neil waved at eight. That's how that would mean I knew I would go lie being new -- And no one would hurt a kid that -- evening news. It was completely irrational and Billy on the Levin and I am you know I would and most -- and we came by eight and I was about I achieve higher than everyone else I'd found their own Cardoso with Sanong pop up. Yet now I don't tell is well let people know you're -- girl in blue. And identified in photographs for years and years and he really knew your identity had just that well known only as a girl and blue. And it's interesting I was watching. This thing and then. President of that nation and one of the first things they show is very. The Martin bell video and the end of the video has me in my boot he jacket. The standing up are mad about it though -- -- it always strange to watch it isn't always. If you're watching yourself as an eleven year old little girl now okay so you get up on this pedestal because you know you got a great. Perch there are so you can see exactly what's going on. Oh yeah. It will -- It was great I got there about an hour early and I ran and really where in dealey plaza and trying to find the perfect location. And I'd I'd pick the senate -- because I had like 300 and if it is preview I could watch him. All the way and Houston and all the way down now. And down I was up there and I finally got to the pensions and he about Jack he -- over in a way. And showed -- single white bottom. And down for pan back and I would say -- I would bring you my life was gonna change. And then in turn the corner and his head exploded. In front of me right. -- we've seen near the Abraham's recruiter film us how many times today and that. And not released for I don't know probably a few years or or at least a period of time after the assassination of people don't realize. I I guess he's anchored didn't get the time realize what happened. Well definitely. Our Sunday and -- that was did you know I mean at that moment you knew would end you know what it happened. I'm from my vantage point -- second which I -- mean grey. And black the grain material coming out of the car. And and and debris are found there the crane 313. And that actually need. Show his head lecturing. And they get this today they have never put that into plan I don't think so it online. But I don't think any of their even time magazine would not in the back then and I still think they'd they just don't find it appropriate. Date yet. It -- and Gupta is flooded and he wanted the and I did and I yelled my mother oath that mine since I work in the car in the clean format. Fact knowing exactly jumped out of the trunk. Being hired compared to you know pull -- the did the attention news. Something terrible had happened if that very properly. He had jumped out of the backseat in the third analysts calling on. Positive trends of the cost car flips. Yeah if you are purely they think may be one of ten. Surviving witnesses of that deadly shot. I don't know if that's true I think that. I would very little hard count my -- people had eyes on the -- There are many people who had turned. Didn't get -- because he had already come around the corner. And there weren't that many people who think they'll be so a number of people had turned away. And then no way to actually know how many people are looking at him and I would probably put the number it more like thirty who could perhaps. Great. There -- so lost. You Dallas Texas today. Yes -- what are you doing today on this fifty year anniversary. Well. I have been trying to decide whether that the bear down toward these ceremonies they're gonna have. It is they're going to be 5000 people and really plot. And I just don't know if I want to get in the middle of that. And I will go down to the plane strike said today probably you know around the water to act in the ceremony. And difficult it can vary hard converted daily process witness can. Can't. Talk about it without crying and then. We know remember that we really who live there yeah whenever we -- talking about it so. You know I don't look forward to good people well athlete questions al-Qaeda and -- the questions and then I'll just start biting -- You know now we hear of people say there or it's been said that if you never -- dealey plaza you really don't have affirmed gras spot on the proportions and the distances that are involved. -- the pedestal the -- thing that you stood on. Where it was -- in relation to the Texas school book depository and if he had estimate how many feet away you were from the president when he was killed how many feet was that. I'm on the panel so. What are and -- the corner. You know. There limo had the slowdown in making a very sharp corner. When it -- -- may -- you -- in the pocket a -- corner. Directly -- crop of from the book the school book depository right. So I wouldn't -- right all need Jack inside corner that the car turnaround yeah. I would say I would maybe a 150. Feet. But car. When we all know Winnipeg. You when you go to the open. I am an event that it. I was the distant enough that it would not read and write all my friends at that they've got a great to me. Great round and the little girl and you hear your at this high of seeing him -- TO. And then you see that I mean so how much did this affect your life. At eleven. -- it and devastating effect so my life. I -- I was there in the bad circumstance that the begin Blanton and up front and back end the Iowa and for loading on the error -- it's so happy -- Crying he looked and looked up and wave and smile. He no I only -- -- lifted but he lied to me think impeachment idle hands and then just you know be eleven year old mind. And -- that and my life was perfect. And then. It does. Words cannot then it and that happened and trying to put simply began there. Is did you know we just can't do it the highest smoking airlines to go low as one -- I would then within ten seconds brain. So yes it is and a part of my life that I had to overcome. For fifteen years. He just. Demo and you know it's not something you can put this guy did not campaign. He didn't forget and it could be far very deep blue -- and every time you start poking at it and talking about it. It is you re live it round and all of the emotion of the day but I won't tell you that feeling tired today when -- How old boy ancient it was best friend -- Stay today so everyone knew it popping the strangers -- -- I didn't the president that I got my. And there's so beautiful and -- to -- -- are kind of -- you know president. -- hours. That would. And then tragedy and then tragedy just tragic lack. But the tragedy would the last two seconds and some other long wonderful day granny. The report. Yeah -- -- and doing business I thought I would just saying the proportion of what happened. Is that sometimes the walk. We can't pay it cost about so much that it. It feels like the whole they would try to action came just wondered right it was the last two and in fact and that led war. That's what's so shocking also to people when you look at it from mount large scale you know a split seconds could just change everything. I doctor Internet -- her she wants is to caller Tony was a professor of English at the University of Scranton also known as the girl in blue at the JFK assassination thanks for being with with us this morning. They appeared they were caught on tape yourself.