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State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe and Corbett

Nov 26, 2013|

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe talks to Corbett about a resolution Metcalfe introduced calling for the impeachment of PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane because of she would not defend the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act against a federal lawsuit.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

State representative Darrell -- thanks for call Michelle. -- right now what prompted this this Syria's decision on your part. But we looked -- a Porsche you know immediately following -- -- -- maintains. But decision to not. -- -- -- -- Attorneys that act which requires the attorney general to defend the constitutionality. I'll I'll statutes. And the many of their challenge I'm she doesn't have the discretion based and personal Internet dished out. She does not comply walked that's the main issue now apple building the constitutional duty and -- -- carried. Statutorily defined duties -- office. I'm so -- Russia sent the letter. I'm immediately calling her decision about -- reconsider. My decision to bomb now comply with the law column as Osama progressed -- she did not comply with a lot. And I. That's a draft and feature resolution. Always -- because I took that well last go last month. And now we have introduced -- bill other resolution now two run to call upon the members of the general assembly. To work out to Park City attorney -- And accountable. For the actions did not comply with the consummate a law. So the Pennsylvania general assembly does have the power. To impeach an attorney general was -- correct. That actually cracked the other out of represent there's absolutely no ability to pay attention and -- resolution. On the week. -- Stewart against the resolution be under my introduction -- it might be true resolution has been introduced and that it would move forward in the house and how should that it would go to senate. Other candidate would be any the jury for the in ascension on the chance I would hear the hear the case. And I'll make this afternoon it would have to be two thirds of the senate. Com to vote for the impeachment and then she could be removed from office -- about. Now based on my reading of reaction and true to her press conference that was well planned in advance she had stacked the deck. With supporters of our position. At the constitutional senator. And the one we think about this. My understanding is that the majority of house members and the majority is held by the Republicans and the majority of senate members the majority of course. In the senate held by Republicans. I think you might have a pretty good chance to do this what do you think. Well actually got -- think you know the first step -- to see empty term resolution. I think that the attorney general's action should an attorney general. They showed her to be willing to abuse. On the off such she -- her sister and received a promotion to become deputy deputy attorney general or twin sister. Our received 2% illiterate all of them within her administration. I've found that are out that chilling out. Earlier -- September hash for the Ethics Commission. -- to take a look at that because you might read your ethics initiative now that you have immediate -- members and that. -- being top that's actually higher content are to be. Personal assistant I'm she came and I always made a decision. Affecting -- carry permits in the state -- Pennsylvania that -- original -- it but didn't -- -- the statutory authority to do they -- dead when he -- attorney general. They should make a lot of decisions that they're very question a ball debt -- That is the very least and now and that's this position not comply -- -- -- -- act. More so the decision that is an impeachable offense I believe. Some cheap cheap and -- the Prague that could shoot what -- -- -- stand in short she won't defend if it's legal. And you know Corey has overturned it. Then she must defend it I'm should not have -- that -- him to go by. On the -- and I would encourage your listeners general look past the issue of the -- defense of marriage act I'm personally. If they were protecting our marriage between a man and a woman but when he heard they wrote it or not that's not the issue the issue is should we are attorney general. -- to decide which -- she's going to do. Depending which why she won't wanna -- says clearly initiation to spend all the water Estrada constitutionality. See I'm a perfect example of the other side of that coin because I happen to agree. With. An -- on the other side of the court and then you are but. I happen to believe that this is a very serious legal issue that must be adjudicated. Cannot believe this has to be decided in the courts. Has anybody filed any court action. Short of this introduction to impeach her. Not a not a house. On the I'm hearing the the merits of a case that. I understand the issue is there's an issue the -- used and then he accused many times to try to avoid actually are making Rowling -- to protect the people woke up. Our state nation -- but right now impeach a resolution that is the only option that we haven't legislators. I would and it's really used I'll watch and I think it was actually utilized as it was meant to be utilized on the legislative branch. The voice of the people all at once again get the most powerful branch able to rein in the abuses of the executive and the judicial branch of our government. Did you consult with Republican attorneys with regard to the the legality of the decision she made itself. I haven't actually won a car. -- -- charities within -- House Republican Caucus was instrumental. In drafting this this resolution format. Unless I talk to order -- attorney about -- about this situation. And about -- actions like I think it very clear I think when the people of Pennsylvania take time to look at the council also carried back. And they CNET the the attorney general shall defend how to -- now eight. And the -- allies on the that'd definitely be a positioning her as -- -- her opinion that a state senator trillion county. -- commercial for the senate. And an attempted to defend it hurt. I'm against my idea of -- threat of impeachment in my opening a resolution forward. Any -- mission should be good to do what's in the best interest of -- office. Well today and what's in the best interest of the common law but I just think that's that that's or the most offensive thing an effort said. Honesty to China for I had senator did defend action all of that special that production outside of compliance with a lot. And to defend them as that individual are allowed to make policy decision to turn their passengers rather than the commonwealth bottom up at the may have ruined their elected to serve. If if this resolution passes let's say that the the house most Yasser impeachment the senate vote just impeachment. Would there be any avenue far. Our as far as hearing or would she be able to defend herself and anyway. We've gotten understandably impatient process and MMM most Marshall yeah I would expect that she would file. Shoot to try and take it on the court should. -- own -- as I believe was whipped up. Home of the judges that they have been -- many years ago so I would certainly be -- -- natural course of action within today's litigious. Our society. That she has to do and I don't think the court should have reddish -- that according to constitution. On the par I don't know how much thought to advance impeachment -- the senate. To actually make a decision followed after the engage resolution passed by and oust. I'm so there they shouldn't be any court action that could start any -- -- legislature at the -- all the -- -- certainly be an attempt to utilize a court I believe. Cesar I happen to be a great fan of utilizing the courts and and I think the -- what I need to Null and what the people -- they need to know. His whether she made a decision. That is. Found -- along whether she had. Does the right to do this you believe. That she does not I don't know if she does or not and I would love to annul what the loss as -- but since it's not in the courtroom. And since you all are empowered to do what you've done I say -- Or. It's detrimental -- involve a lot shell -- appreciation at all. She -- from the constitutionality. Soledad it that it made provision and handle college first certain cases where there might be more efficient to do it. -- the opposite General Counsel. From any of the protection that would not eat better than golf or personal prerogative or opinion that the -- into this decision. Com which shall defend the prosecution now you know -- Pennsylvania. That's what the legislature has passed the competition. Direct -- to follow up on the Ossetia as defined by the legislature. And we decided that there at the attorney general shelled a fantastic no apology it's terrible policy perspective of an attorney general one man one woman. To -- final -- shelter or not. The constitutionality of iPad -- a statute -- the past. Lot of people represented their voices I'm should be defender not a person that process. To do there to do the work of the people and independent airline that they're that they're elected legislature has passed. In -- -- then after they judge and jury in deciding what Israel is not. Defensible. How swiftly well this resolution move. Well. I should be assigned to a to a committee has been introduced today the speaker of the house was I had to a committee. And then had to be. It's intriguing ought to be their responsibility and act committed. Our continued to deal with a resolution I'm not sure which -- real -- -- expecting probably do that Judiciary Committee Tom which has received some of these in the past. Well I think it's a great exercise in democracy I think that's what the people in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania look for and will be watching this with very very. Close interest state representative Darrell -- -- thanks very much for your time. Thank you YouTube happy Thanksgiving to you as well.