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Nov 30, 2013|

Saturday November 30, 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until -- lie okay. And good morning good morning how are you and his lovely Saturday. I'm wonderful Mario yeah but but but I just off. -- now. Well. -- it was hard because -- your question. On Wednesday. But. My name is Linda Evans our presidents -- -- CEO -- excuse me sir who usually bust my chops. I'm president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. And I am -- -- and then the owner of -- Camden enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event and sent. Fans -- we have to do some kudos today tone muscle actually to man lying down big time performance last week. It was really good and he's the starting quarterback for this coming Sunday. And we also AEA. Go -- exactly. We have to say. Event today as you're hearing this is not a small business. Saturday so guessing -- so you wanted to get down there and support all the local small businesses and make sure that. Do you go out there and support them -- buying things because you know the whole story is when you buy it locally stays locally and we like to support. The merchants so please remember to get out without an American Express card and go forward. Today's small business. Or anything you have to pay for a but supports the small and I I think that should be all the time because I mean big stores -- grades and that we are -- -- -- There is still -- data supported these local you know I know today just today. Picking up a couple things and I need to do to. You know I'm in charge I'm from Thanksgiving we don't know my sister Barbara student from both Christmas and Thanksgiving well and Easter for that manner. And what we -- to contribute and bring stuff and I'm always in charge of running getting on a different kind of delicious desserts and stuff. So of course I was bobbing around different places to the farmer's market today because a friend advice Elizabeth graves. Makes wonderful highs and so we ordered some pies from Elizabeth's I ran -- -- to the Montrose bakery who. They have fabulous stuff embrace these braces -- brace on the -- you say it. Orchard because they have the best Apple's and so I did all that this morning. And granted -- most to pick up part pumpkin cookies that we -- and you know Mary -- who Xeon nerves and causes behind the count because it was busy there. My son Tommy who's in from California yeah. I'm -- inform me and I was in my car and Mary is in the window like waving trying to get my attention because I wasn't looking in there at the time. Guess is you're doing you work I do not know I wasn't I wasn't even on the phone I was in the carbon I was daydreaming and figure things I had to do. And I happen to look and she's in the window waving and blowing me kisses and she's the owner of the place and and she's like Ankiel went and that is. What you need to deal and not and company have moved right down the street from -- I was and we went around the corner not in -- were walking from -- house to -- -- cash and it's just such a nice little. You know and as the well the neighborhoods lovely but it's just so neat to see that kind of business and Chris falls at who owns. That property and is ranting now having some retail stores and that's becoming a little. Little little shopping area you know it onto itself and so it's very very nice and and it's really nice to be -- support. Those people. Well why I'm excited about who you mentioned I'm not opening and is still yes. Another new store opening in downtown Scranton I think we talked about this before it Danielle Fleming yeah I wish she -- isn't isn't now this is the weekend as she's opening is grand opening. On the corner of spruce street and Wyoming avenue as she says in her. Put -- she used to be yes -- our -- -- and the older folks were known as the NASCAR fans -- candy yes yes yeah and at this place is called notes. And as such as and the smell of that dugout that's yes -- kind of find your own. Combination of notes and what you do is create your own perfume. 96 she has all the basic ingredients and she works with Hewitt doesn't consultation. And you get your own perfume planet and my understanding is that you can then have that perfume smell. Skin to soaps and other things that he would have. Made for yourself which is so important. Is unique field. But it's also important to layer those cents from this from baby into the soap today -- that the lotion -- your -- today and your -- Because it all blends and it's very caring nature all the best here that's creed I know she was doing that wonderful one attract. -- Brandon is always been her passion. The via via the science of perfume on smell I messed up. And even though she's done very well and -- very successful. In creating soaps and there for commercial use right she's now decide is this you really want us to do this one -- one for people. And maybe even franchises can be a fun thing -- that's good for her because she's always doing something just -- a great classic entrepreneur who love it. So Friday is her it's a Black Friday will be around is her big openings. Go visit Danielle of the corner of spruce Wyoming avenues in Scranton and that's the place is called note. I'm like if that's -- and my brother Timmy is in from Florida and my sister and I Joanna my two nieces Michaela and McKenzie -- twin nieces. -- until Friday and so we had breakfast with them early this morning and my favorite at a place and -- -- -- to Chinese. So that was some of Ivan now running around since early this morning saying I'm happy ass kicking up and getting everything I needed and that's good sound. Yeah but doesn't that things you have to do you have any special guests tomorrow for a Thanksgiving. -- a lot of people any strays -- we have a lot of people. We will be having I guess there's almost twenty people coming to Barbara's home. Both family and friends and people whose families don't live here and there they might be here alone -- a virus so they'll be there as well. Because that's what Thanksgiving is on. Our best -- -- says there was a post on FaceBook last night from my my friends about. I'm just that in fact that there are so many people who don't have relatives. Who don't have family who for whatever reason. How would not be invited anywhere for things. And that is something that we need to reach out to those people think about it night. Free posted that on FaceBook consent that I remember has child's. I always -- strays. They he didn't have -- how my mother. Always accommodated. Whoever was twelfth -- lazy so we just felt like I I did I felt really badly for people who were going through difficult times and they need it couldn't even afford to dinner. But at least they could come and be with us we were all there so yeah. It's important I think and it's it's one thing to be a stalemate says it's another tip to welcome people who are alone and need. To be with other people and I'm like a lot of different people I think that's what makes it down. Special guy and I love it so he and a mile around us and that's a good. And then and one thing I love that we do is we all teach your bus go round the table we all say what we're grateful thankful for you and them. That was that's a neat thing to death because she hear from everybody what they're thinking too -- to put him on the spot a little bit too especially your kids. Yes you know the kids say some of the funniest I announced I -- -- the and on his home till we be any we picked him up yesterday and Philadelphia. So he gets how good his. And I'm thankful that my puppy has a new dog -- presumption. That. If they say the -- Israel in the and yeah well noted that the latest reminds us what it does come home -- Folks it's just gonna say -- that I would I do have to shut down to our friend bill hate. Cool -- in New Bern, North Carolina -- and he listens faithfully to us every Saturday morning. And I guess he's then they come on this -- -- -- okay. Club saved me. Where every time he's going to listen to something you get points -- 90 here we remembered reading your current ads tajiks Heidi -- snow ice and you'll have you thought your hair was. Longer and then it is via then I sit -- six is still there. He thought your hair when he saw you ask the past Indiana was longer longer then the picture says. Somewhere on the -- can't -- two of us in the. Is how will probably is because that was an old took the shot and I thank -- Yeah well at least he pays attention I like it -- pays attention to detail that's good good bills thanks for noticing the and yes happy Thanksgiving and can't. You know I also to tell you that this week. We had the announcement of the new -- umbrella organization for Arab peace on the paper. For -- friendship house and the advocacy alliance called human services alliance. Alex sorry you'll be dead CEO and of course I am the chairman of the board of friendship house and hot car with -- -- is the chairman of the efficacy ally clients and we wanna give the big shout out to car because he tells me he listens to us as well yeah. He's a wonderful man and now wherever it was a wonderful time we had on Friday and Monday morning. And now we're looking forward to what's -- good things between both organizations. South. -- it's all good. And but yes that was the Monday. Well I just wanted to real story here I think news. So my. Bizarre given -- time on this 1% to. This is something that was posted and we can talk about this and the implications for us when we come back from our break. It was called loving companion gets jail term in dispute over remains this was -- tonight. Jeffrey and Marshall who's. One of the original founders will -- for Marshall Carter whoever. And -- there's specialists in an elder care as state planning time sausage he wrote this post. And it says Freddy who loves us. How I'm pronouncing that correctly OUCK. Us pays 43 in Mansfield Pennsylvania and died. In the early morning of November 22 2000. Please pick up truck crashed. She was up wearing seatbelts this passenger Monica Miller described in his obituary -- is loving companion. Was wearing. And only sustained minor injuries. And what is noteworthy and worrisome is what happened after mr. lockstep. Mr. -- and apparently not anticipated or planned for stuff. His son Cameron. Was named administrator mistakes. As is sometimes the case when there's blood family on my side heading quote loving companion. And call -- joint army dog hair. That's my -- was described by the court. Hello other side the administration these days as contentious as safe to say the least. One area of dispute pertain to the disposition of the disease passions. Somehow -- Miller can come into possession of Freddie looks ashes after his cremation. This subset cameras -- the -- who obtained a court order directing -- couldn't turn the ashes over the sheriff. So they can be divided between my change. This from soccer. Monica did turn -- over to the sheriff and it was later discovered handler and I -- I'm gonna keep the so. Revenge is from the smoke financier and but I don't be counting orphans court held Monica and contempt I mean answered six -- and and ordered her to pay 8932. Dollars in fees and costs. These rulings were recently affirmed by the Pennsylvania's superior court. For the second time. The last case illustrates why unmarried couples who are living together -- need to take steps to protect each other. In the event of the incapacity. Or deaths of one of them. The potential for later animosity and dispute is great but problems can be reduced or eliminated. Do effective. Legal planning that clarifies property interests and deals with these issues like who will control the -- remains. Pennsylvania -- gives you right to control does position -- amazed by including a provision and you well if you failed to provide directions. Then sold control generally passes yours or friends spouse if you have no surprise -- -- over -- -- things about us. The authority pass is your next of kin. Freddie looks sad case carries a message for couples the court and committed relationships there unmarried. If you suspect there's a chance of dispute over -- remains after your dad. Do everyone a favor of including instructions and you well. I'm -- -- for your take a quick break you're listening to -- and -- show and we'll be right back pizza. Saturday morning with the Korean -- and -- -- Good morning good morning Howard. I always want to say good morning may -- not remembered yeah the brown and Williams and Alina. Now I know we don't but I always think of that when I say it because he was so good -- now I think that was a great -- It was a great movie and I and I. And there's just something about Leahy says that that I don't know YE. That -- such popularity. But it just. It's panic doesn't think it was it Adam I need to wade what he did in the middle evolved from what was going on yeah. Instead they brought some levity and you know. He's just to stare I -- -- -- of the almighty god. I'm one of my favorite movies mrs. doubtfire a -- -- I know that I quoted all the time now he was great but anyway. We were so you were talking about this guy yes guy whose remains we're supposedly split between his loving hands and is. I don't really did get -- hold up those of six years six months in prison. Yeah I mean did she actually have to go to Paris -- got it in this justice system is ridiculous yeah. Yeah we have people poll. Are as corrupt as corrupt can be. And they go to jailed for little or no time right and then walking around Scranton in a halfway house and -- -- seriously. -- Many have these it was someone like this for six is that this is crazy -- is but that. Here's the bottom line you have Freddie blocks -- -- was only 43. He surely was not expecting to die and then November road entire accounting. But we never know what life holds in store for us this is from the article written by Jeffrey Marshall. In this case a little legal planning what it helped miss your -- loved one who loved ones avoided for years of litigation. Until appeals and Pennsylvania's superior court and six months since all I'm not ridiculous. Is that. Dead it's just absolutely ridiculous how wasted tax Payer money and craziness and I feel complete waste but. Let's remember something. We talked about this once before because IA and I remember seeing statistics. That within the last ten years. And northeastern Pennsylvania. More than half. Of the babies born. In this. Area these thirteen calories or whatever. Were born to parents who were not married I'm kind tight so their unmarried couples. Now you throw into the mix like this where there's a child involved. And maybe that relationship doesn't survive past a couple of years. But there's still a child down and now you've got another. Hopefully -- call -- a significant other in a relationship unmarried. All of what just happened here when mr. Lopes and Monica and the whole thing. Can be repeated thousands of times. So they could be the -- lesson here is everything should be writing. Yeah what especially people who weren't long term relationships. As they even if it's on them on and on the Barack Obama and you somewhere yes. What are -- the as witnesses as sluggish as eyewitness. Fine tune this interests and party gray and his people who would not benefit at all from the other day -- -- person yes and it's -- -- But it's also get a good thing again not just fat but. Health care directives and other guests to be -- because. In these relationships where there is no legal status of a test should be. Other person they have no rights. So you've got to -- Think maybe Barbara should talk about next time when she comes on -- -- that I did she talked about him would be the perfect Segway today if she were hitter and but we should talk to about that so yeah but I think there is because that is true because less people are getting married anyway that's right so. -- they don't have any desired to do than just staying a relationship. But it took a lot I I will tell you that I can put my current so many people say to make. That's one thing may never Montero obituary to say is -- Derek loving companion of so many years is. So on so like what he had dog -- but it's just the worst word to -- this isn't it I saw at the end of this companion -- -- so many years. From loving it feels like an idiot I can't stand in need of someone mentioned that they do do not like that and I should do and that makes sense I don't need to -- DO. No I didn't but I don't know what the word as I don't know what it is even don't have anything yet in our culture that we all agree upon -- I felt like a good thing -- Loving companion you can go -- 1520 minutes or significant others piano like any of these domestic things. But basically bottom line is -- you're not married so what's up. Yeah I'm married friends. Yeah I don't like and I admit I think up -- home where we're gonna make up the new -- and that's what it's going to be called. -- I sort of fit into that category we'll have to start looking at -- and I. Hope that people realize they need to get all of his paperwork in place fifth. -- legally recognizes. Your right to be able to. Acting on behalf of this other person in your life. Have you seen that in your business friendly people pass and needs and they are not married and this these these children because of the way it. Was not sent up or didn't know is that yeah especially sand is where you have time. Homosexual couples we have been together for thirty some years I'm. And maybe they had -- children from you know previous marriage or when I realized. And then they just will not recognize their relationship. -- And it gets really really ugly yeah court. And it's just it's unfortunate event. That's nice saves and don't presume that's there are illegal documents that will allow you to establish that relationship. And it's becoming more and more so. In our culture that we're more accepting of this in the sense that we now know that you can name. My partner. As a beneficiary. Unproven benefit programs that work. So they're now acknowledging that some time so we're we're getting somewhere in this. -- yes it is but still please know that. And you need to do something in writing health care directives will stay calm all the stuff they just. It's just needs to be done. So anyway and that was my little. Because the thing is once you do you can undo it if something happens which is the nice thing about it and she can write. Sounds you can always change your well and that's why he's changed the representatives you can always change everything -- In the meantime if you're in a relationship -- that person the right to be able to do what you want them to do. Yes so primary. Crowd funding. Now. It's really cool -- when they sent the crowd funding. Is a way. To use the Internet. Again little small amounts of money from people all over the world to fund the project. People generally would go to a bank. -- go to lending institutions some sort of private equity and say. You know -- like the -- I was gonna say isn't this yeah. It's like this that card shark tank shark tank but there are talking about. You know millions of dollars or half a million dollars or something like that and this is much smaller Fonda Cindy little they could be twenty sounds like well watch out for any type adventure yet here's an example. I'm. It's a site that really there's one in particular has called -- Alley playing the -- I'm. It started as a way to connect women consumers. -- women who make. Goods and services. There is a marketplace for sure it is selection of goods. And you heard things like Jesse. Yes well that's where you can buy himself one on one -- but this is something that. Allows you to say this is what I need in order to take my business the next snap. But I don't have the findings so maybe all of the people love their who go to Fonality. Maybe you can put in 25 dollars -- somebody can put in a thousand and you all have. Different ways of getting ownership into the person's business without the usual show me your financial statements from Obama plus. Here's the way it works. Despite the obvious link between money and grow the majority of nearly fourteen million women entrepreneurs undernourished. They're companies embraced runs. Crowd funding could be gained change for women aspirin -- is it allows people to raise small amounts of capital. From a large number of individuals. Who provide money for project a cause. Or business via online platform. It's such as. Kick starter. Indeed go go or rocket hub -- those -- three of them. The University of California Berkeley is fun after viewing EG institute for engineering leadership estimates. The size of the crowd funding market will hit three point 98 billion dollars per year. -- -- go go successful campaigns 42% are run by women. These successful women get more contributions to raise more money -- campaign than their male counterparts. Women are the power users of social media and know how to activate their social networks. Crowd this clown Alley specializes in rewards big east -- funding in which contributions are exchanged. Foreign currency for future of goods or services. Individuals or companies to lunch campaign. May compensate contributors -- -- something like a T shirt or whatever it is they're building. Kick starter Indy logo and rockets have our Brian -- crowd funding site the next wave of crowd funding site. Quite -- Are targeting munitions. For -- Kelly that group is women who want to help other women succeed. So -- goes a step beyond funding by providing additional service. Access to experts -- various industries who can help. Project creators succeed in their endeavors experts are paid for their services. Earlier this year. This woman now. Jerry Seinfeld wrote an article questioning whether crowned crowd funding can't live up to his potential for -- match for Norris. I type in women's passion. For shopping -- helping women succeed. For tying her desire for tying women's passion for shopping for helping women succeed Jackson has created. I'm very compelling company. Jackson also Hester street credits to make Carmel is success from more than twenty years she helps clients raise money has an investment banker. For the past ten years she's invested her own money as an early stage investors she's a former member of golden seeds. A network -- angels who invest in women entrepreneurs. She also co founded an accelerator women in a big moment mobile and received numerous accolades in the press. What I deserve -- niche markets do you see and how would you would have come. A great idea -- it's. So for a lot of women who think there's no other way way to get money confidence and I just went memento. There was a recent. Public offering that came out on Wall Street. And they ask the people who were the owners of the company it was hot as they raise the funds initially. And 100% came from this crowd funny wow. This really is gonna become a very very powerful way of raising funds. Easier -- she's wild and happening there's always -- I love. Right there's there's just too much going on on it that's the problem with with with. Traditional Monday. I'm borrowing its its annual -- right and with the way everything is the changes and that. And credit and everything else it's it is getting tougher. So people are finding other ways that's great it's in the -- to see how many. How do you pay them that well it depends yeah. I use it now that he did it for doing something similar be -- you mean there's a lot of -- could be getting a whole bunch of people the F all over the world yeah yeah. Anticipate and how his -- up how this crowd funding site since your cellphone. Some people you get a certain percentage of equity in the company firm however many dollars you've put him. Others you may get the goods and services. For whatever you contribute great it just depends on what they're trying to do because sometimes this crowd funding money is matching money. You know that kind of thing well if you bring in 25000. Will give me another fifty. But you've got to give us the 25 yeah so there's like a great answers yet the -- like crap. So unique and sometimes that becomes the source of that matching money. -- an idea you know has great great potential it's neat for entrepreneurs who had a -- Well we're gonna talk more that we don't have we have the fifth Saturday so we have ourselves the next does twenty minutes a will be back. In two minutes or so you're listening to the -- and mention. You're lowering inland. Good morning. And Larry can I am the owner blank can enterprises which is a fundraising. And my name's Linda Evans and and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. Again so -- yeah we're talking before about people getting together with -- families and yes I'm holidays so. Maybe it's done this holiday did you choose to be with your family may be a trade off for Thanksgiving and Christmas are free to do it. But at some point when you get together. There's an idea that in. And that it would be appropriate to have this conversation over dinner but. Fact that you are all there and you might have some time between football games -- being -- to do this. There's a growing trend among people that. Have assets. -- -- some significant -- to get together and have family meetings to talk about. The distribution. And it's not necessarily about reading the well and saying well you know you're gonna get this -- you're gonna get -- you're gonna get this. But is more of an idea of the parents. And was sometimes it referred to as the sovereign generation of people who created -- -- Then see the begins to start having a conversation. Where there's children and their grandchildren. About their values. And what's important to them and how they would like to see their legacy live on. And very often. The children. That were foreign to those summer generation. Are people that came in the world at different times. In the -- found -- well. So the youngest child the first born. May have had in a very different. Experience. Childhood. -- the last night Lauren Manning could have been reported at times when there was more money more money out as some of their lives through the due course of the three of four kids. They each had a very different. Childhood even though they all more under the same roof at some point in time. So one of the things that's very interesting is to have those -- children and three counts. The most memorable. Things they remember -- about their childhood. Because their siblings -- may have had no experience of it how -- you didn't even seem significant to them for whatever reason. It's a great way to have a conversation about something other than. You know. What new car did you try and I'm OK so you have a conversation. Then you look at the possibility. Testing the waters. And saying something like. Mom and I have the greens are dead and I have a -- even par I agree -- whoever does the sovereign generation. That's IE and going to. Do you each a check. In a certain amount of money is always going to be the same amount. From an askew. What you're doing that money. And it. It really opens of commerce he shouldn't because every one of them will have a different answer Yasser. And one of them might be I'm gonna pay down my desk. Maybe I have. School I have I have paid out Chrysler anything or -- and another one might say well I've always wanted to buy a new house are always fun to update. The bathroom upstairs or whenever. And the other one might say you know yeah I want to I knew I needed new car whenever it is. Generally speaking when you give people money without another context behind it. They do something with that the benefits himself in some way. Either helps me reduce anxiety or tension in my life or makes me feel happy by doing something one or the other. The idea behind his family meetings isn't trying to get together with the family members and say. Now let's look at this as though it was a contribution to a Family Foundation. And you all have the money and -- all given the shack and you can choose. To use it for whatever you want or you can make a contribution. To the Stanley Foundation. And if you do then what we wanted to do -- -- ask you to find it. In -- What organization. Would you want to get this money to NY. And so what happens is an annual basis as a family meeting. The children all get together and has -- peer pressure that says he better put that money into the foundation because I don't want here by your masters. Yeah it's up. Challenge if you don't do and then all of the other money gets behind that may not be companies can't get themselves. Well there was squeezed. By the -- bit. Didn't get it behind it is to start them thinking outside of themselves as being wealthy. Children and grandchildren. And to start a Family Foundation. That in some way. Represent the values of what the family's all about so -- And maybe eight they wanted to -- all the money to habitat for humanity because. They're people live. For them that was a very important thing or the sovereign generation. Realize they started life and a house that they had nothing ain't no running water they had no nothing so -- them. They can relate to people who are in that condition is saying let's give -- money to habitat for humanity or other experiences they had. That they feel they want to support in the world. And you know using this a lot in the last couple weeks all of them. Largest. Billionaires in this country have given away all of their -- to foundation. That day they still do their token amount to their kids India like Mombasa yes. And Bill Gates yet but there as some people won't do they ask them -- necessarily mean they won't don't do well but more and more it's becoming something that yes -- gain and it's a great town yes and so it's it's kind of you know I made it I've shown that it's possible to do it. We've enjoyed a wonderful life and now I wanna give it back to those same society your community. That. Allowed me have to wait and see a grown tenfold. So when you're talking about family meetings and you're talking like getting together this. So this is a good way to do it whether it's -- now -- it is it. She's -- good way to -- -- have to pull you together as a family because I don't know about you but I know when I say to my sister that I. Remember this just say I don't remember it that way -- and months and I said yes I do. This so. You know it's kind of weird when you think about it because you think how could you get totally opposite of what I'm thinking. Well it's I think -- com. What has thrown out because. One night when I was born. My grandparents. You know who lives. And -- sons and I think now I have. I'm my grandfather. Was a member of the country club and Scranton country club and -- temple. -- country club in del -- and I remembered as a small kids. That we would go -- Sundays in his in his car and every three years -- got himself as being Parker of -- that was -- thing. And we would drive down to one usually on Sundays right down iron temple and we just had a blast it was this year I'm steady against the Panthers -- kind father. We didn't know owning any differently that's just the life that we -- well yeah. You announced for dinner you went that they took goes to the show -- -- hall in Atlantic City. Once every summer we went down there and played in this wonderful indoor playground that was the most magical place. And they took his -- on the beach and we did all these things. And that's. -- -- Eight -- how wise I didn't question that I didn't know that there are people who didn't live like us it's just how was and then. As after my sister was born. There hours of time period there where there were no more kids. And so that's around the same time my grandfather started having heart attacks and the business started going down the tubes. When my brother was born -- five years after me. His the world that he came into did not have this -- country club did not have the -- temple campus so his. Growing up experiences were very different than mine but we're in the same family home. So when he says things about what he remembers as a kid I have no clue I just don't remember -- because they didn't mean anything and they. And my sister would do the same thing to say don't remember when we went to the Internet visit is also now sorry this is -- there are. And I know something else -- What is there have been hey you know I make an I don't I she's now I I now think it's it. It's just we it's still is weird because and you think you're living in a parallel universe or something -- -- -- in many ways against you what. When it came to stuff like that but yeah I but I don't think -- years ago and if that. People really got the sense of who had we talked about this before. Especially growing up where we grew weapon in good old west Scranton the best side I'm and it's got. We nobody knew who had what who didn't it wasn't really. I mean you may have gone into somebody's house in May -- wasn't the same as yours or. He didn't have the same things -- you did and you might have but it isn't that in your face about stuff it just wasn't. Whether people lived -- half a double that they rented or owned or had their own home more and lived in an apartment means. We just weren't thinking. About how much money your parents have. Never I just in it whereas the difference is now when my children were in high school and even in college that's known it's just more obvious I guess or do you and your I don't know it's. So I think it is because they think this is very easy it is so much greater between the hasn't had. Time now -- when we were growing up it was pretty much middle class America was on the same. There are variations are also wasn't a -- there also wasn't a lot of purchasing of finer things. That's sometimes -- have money or not -- gill because it's always people who don't who flaunt their little more -- here and I'm saying there's just. Didn't get didn't have to and then. Didn't happen now it's at everywhere you turn it just announced that. Got a big. So so there are so excuse if you did. You're getting back -- that whole thing yet so it's always good to think about. Clorox for all of these reasons that we talked about today from when he you're married or not today have something in writing in to understand the wishes of the you know your parents and grandparents so that everybody's on the same page because there's nothing like the death of someone that turns. Things ugly in a family. It's just it gets yucky unless it's all written and put down. And it's not unusual I don't I think it's also a nice thing for people to know. What that is and not to sit in a lawyer's office and say well here's what you have you. It's not a bad idea to understand it -- beforehand and south and that's what you're saying is part of talking about it right wedding. The children understand that this is what that the preparation these -- the preparations. And one of the things I. Think that makes a huge difference mind when you start these formal tied. Family meetings where you're working with an outside advisor. Very often. -- -- -- generation will have already gone through some intense. Estate planning stuff to make sure that their state is preserved. Primarily for tax reasons but secondarily to make sure that it passes properly to their children. And then in their absence they have also pass on their values to the children's right they don't. Just blow the money and it's all gone. But if you -- -- to create this Family Foundation which is something you can do. Very easily and everytime you get together with his family meetings you can talk about the business of the family time. Comes something that it's almost exactly it's a good thing that is a good thing. Well speaking of good things we hope you all had a wonderful. Thanksgiving and no -- beautiful. -- drain into the Christmas season here we go. And Christmas is really coming up quick disconnect did Thanksgiving is late and it's all it's all good so -- really surprised -- Yes and then yes and so keep on shopping so anyway -- have a great weekend everybody we will be back next week have a great weekend. A safe and be nice and then goodbye --