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11-24-13 Paranormal Science

Dec 6, 2013|

Joe Hawk and Stan Zurek talk about various paranormal topics.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're a normal life science. Okay yeah. -- -- Hello we want more from. Another week journal science I'm Joseph haunt me and I stands there. We want to while cameras Michelle. I -- wanna start out by Paul and Paul just in to our guests bombed our listeners. Of course our guests this postman tonight Tom talk about the strong haunting kind of unfortunate event and she couldn't make it. So I apologize everybody. But I'm an -- from the area knows pretty much about the small haunting I mean. It's wrong thing happened then 1986. In his own -- and -- smallest Pittston and I'll I'll say what those people were. Definitely a true real life horror story. I know in October 2011 the time should -- India. And -- actually from the archives and pulled so often. It's an actual mother around the port on that I see six armor calm removed colleges I was -- -- parents talking about it projects are loosens them from doing that. You know basically going over the the instance I have -- this home I mean -- real life situation that we friends -- one of the daughters and my sisters who's come on -- A portion Emerson and that happened so. Anybody has any. Comments questions suggestions and remember a thoroughly we don't -- and Austria email just talk -- -- -- are some -- some stuff he had. It's going to be 570830098. Or 10437. Users -- and I need the -- -- at 99404. Plus elementary remember the strokes are all in the -- -- news everything nasty everything from just voices. Physical. Operations right down to physical contact press and how bad it doesn't mean I mean there they had everything on news true -- haunting him and -- based in our backyard. -- -- -- You know. Within five miles of the station -- Gloria -- -- -- the station absolutely you know -- in just summoned the whole family affected by you know I mean and young children the time and of course back then these -- wasn't like I was saying it was in this quote unquote popular. As it is now the -- nothing to do. Also -- -- -- say it's something that -- everybody -- -- you're crazy you know something around you listen it's not a hockey needs you right you're absolutely right and so you know I got to give him credit for coming out and and and sharing their stories and experiences especially at that time. There's just not actually how amazing -- amazing. Unfortunate event but you know everybody's seen the on the conjuring or at least further -- From my son Jack moraine. -- -- Would you lashing investigative track in my brain that tell us an excuse to warn there are essential federal bench actually it's and -- not Jack Jack as mr. -- -- -- -- They I'm a clear they actually investigated this rural Thomson. So I mean her Amityville horror. The -- who just came out and of course the action -- -- from our residents -- software they don't come out for just your average little while hunting. This is going to be something there when they -- to look at us Armenia and -- unfortunately back in the -- to be dealt with a lot of com. Feel negative energy. So I just into markets got a lot of negative energy passion we have we have a caller on the line OK good. Hello Joseph internal science. I -- not Apatow worked at the same police that he worked down actually able to use. Gosh well all stand -- it worked believe it Topps chewing bill. Fair enough I guess I didn't know personally but I knew people that worked with the last you know we look at a guy -- That's straight up guy having. Nothing like QL. Unusual bottoming action like you don't. And then every guy not not the type of guy that would not -- -- and not to get it like that just her and hello good but I. I was surprised and -- first -- written and everybody was gone and he had been and he said he had a couldn't believe it because -- get to do himself and when it came out. It was a mating everybody like just couldn't believe I felt this guy it's so basically when they you know when he came forth whether they said he had -- relative path we choose this -- -- -- -- do anything like that we'll. Especially back and -- -- it wasn't beyond them Elsinore in America and wants to be in seems like our you know I think if you will then I mean I give credit for coming out. I think he was he -- ever -- -- rehearsal the party it's some manipulative business under the -- number I I'm not positive but they know he worked in the office. I had to -- sites say something to do you know they would account Ingersoll they had belief. But if you watch one movie when he goes to work. You can they have a little thing Obama live here in the end it's like gore recalled lakers the bubble complex for yourself -- And I also want him -- Beryl moving tops on foreigner here. You don't get under total period Andrea yeah they're from their moms in my younger days there -- secure -- all and no I'm talking with. I'd just I'd put my -- don't. -- really know about that but I guess harder and only reached there reclaiming it not pretty decent guys straight up guy. But that's good deal I guess I don't from the one dollars I know she's straight shooter and young children don't human with a since he -- to a child in her teens now so. Yes I guess something had happened really -- even like you said as a parent now I mean would you wanna put your kids through that it wasn't truly play exactly the whole ripple effect just amazing that he had a kid remake of automatic don't throw a lot of stuff till I'm sure and then. An apparent you have to really push to the American. When you figure he almost waited ten years he came around 1980 -- over ten years -- you came on 86 and this is totally happening in the home. Since 1974. CA I am not only looked at -- -- that goes buddy I believe it but I mean why would then again he would do you think. Still don't you have any shoulder -- would you do you know. Plus just -- German and us and the ripple effect is just amazing how affectionate thing now. Variety and now whoa now now that Liggett said this more now that it's actually more you know more often happens and people now what will would make this bigger reveals they did back then -- OK that I take and my. I -- her arms aren't real politic things. In that area down there I mean west Pittston Wyoming accident it doesn't surprise me this -- sound there I mean that there -- a history of life. He Indian attacks wars between scalp. Everything happened theirs was no surprise that -- would you -- activity I agree I cannot even talk you know I mean there's so much history now -- -- there. You know the mass upon massacre just say -- and people's local Petraeus never taught or even -- spoken up. I mean I'm not exactly sure where their house is to saddle area is rich with history -- death. You know. Absolutely just we have just the native American talent everything else on through there. Question another caller from all four. Just full -- I. Yeah I guess -- the problem but I did have that it was all -- -- there wasn't intentional or unconstitutional and hopes. Our special -- there's a whole page event Edgar at that time mobilize. Because I know that the world that are far well investigators were available Marilyn. Under the -- we're pretty stayed there away varied widely followed up -- these results. Are that -- a lot of psychiatric treatment that was delighted can perhaps be a dark. Well there's no vote spirits -- the ball well and decided everything is the national choir well I -- Don't miss the people of good -- well. Right I mean just I'm Sharon seminary wasn't just a national army the transit that I'm sure -- did I mean hit national news I mean it wasn't just know the -- percent. Well we'll go over their -- allies of the figured I would go with -- Al Barakaat everybody -- the house and the -- -- love -- regular bicycle we're happy about large. Big Serb recite yet people were they were up British rear of the psychiatrists. Above this we have -- the voters is polarized. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well again I didn't -- there and then you know I can't I mean there isn't how's your opinion and I respect everyone's opinion but I can live there so I can't say whether wasn't mean. I can tell you what did what people are fully -- notice I did tell his apparel this year that's no way. New cinema diet that good the bad there's not a it complaints later -- influential girl who goes before that and I couldn't have a lot of the poltergeist activity and the president went just -- type of society societal and job last. The people other goals are proprietary competitor all prepared project -- real problem. I never heard this British. Gas and it wouldn't like -- vote airwaves forever so they will just thank your -- you listen. Take care aren't -- lesser contract. I didn't notice that there's always you know yourself. People on the side but I believe nonbelievers are -- as we always had skeptics are good guys aren't. But the wrong plus year old believe you -- what you think you don't push anybody you know when -- other. National. But I'm again don't publish our listeners are probably expect something like that but hopefully we'll have her on again which Yahoo! would be great I loved actually hear from. Feel more on the run. People are actually involved. Choice figures. Familiar in though it is anything still going on or is it cleared up now. I told her I wouldn't speak of until she's on the Belgian comment. But I'm sure you know Russia will be out eventually and -- -- that -- that out but I can tell you at the time there were things that didn't happen she said you know -- more than so -- or not we'll leave that. That's the OK the listeners here. -- -- So on a couple weeks back. We had on the broadcast on in regards to -- Who bombed I'm sorry Arquette I Katherine K. Members and I we -- can -- -- -- us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A Cherokee. Native American Cherokee to the dinner reservation in Oklahoma my -- -- that -- great book that we would Osama hmm I'm via the web site. Now -- I'm determined she shouldn't phenomena should do industry I'm sorry. But beyond story. About her transaction were being haunted by ghosts and our new image appeared on the onscreen train doors there for a week or two deaths -- -- response back mom screaming I was listening time we actually I'm. And I'm speaking anybody any medicine manner shaman that may be out there. Thomas listening -- our practices. Shaman -- an innocent man type or woman for that matter. Type a holistic healing. I you're more than welcome -- call and we I was one how -- on the here and speak some -- your opinion as far as that goes as far as ancestor spirits ghosts. Mom can we do our response from her and then I just we did we request we asked her she knew shaman in it. He'd be willing to come on the air what is right and the NBA basically I'm. Also -- and saying you know. This is very difficult to give -- broad generalizations foreign and American cultures go because every tribe is different what they believe there's thousands of tribes. How are the similarities among the nation's men's American believes his uncle coasts. We answered to that there's no they're just used to seeing ghosts sparse negative for attachments and spears and translations. What comes down to is that. -- Americans believe the spirits everything has spirit. And everything that's past -- so. -- they mentioned native Americans don't due to his wanna commodities analysts say is basically point blank that they believe everything as the spirit. -- prayer rooms on somebody -- seeing ghosts in spirit and the activity around them that you know the white man if you will -- -- it is not as I used to you know. So professors why he he chose -- to -- respectfully decline. And down he believes that you know. There's there's something wrong Hersh ranger but the fact of the you know the physical body is not there the step that the spirit -- still exists this is basically a capsule that that -- around. Right what they say is the idea of a past love them family member you in the spirit of the stranger. They sister went on a physical body is so widely accepted that is not be considered paranormal so it was just normal life for them it's just their belief right. Goes dead or there fresh actually and then there is are we talking paranormal -- -- from -- -- -- -- you know but not insulted by what paranormal -- meaning just above the norm so. You know what we're not used to this hearing. Nobody paranormal Wear anything that we're used to -- -- every -- hearing that the other all the physical body only pass away your release that that's it you're done you -- there's -- there's no afterlife. If you complete the Daschle I think people believe that there's spirit hang around in this world this plane itself. Again has -- all the from police in Boston series. True it's still -- it it's their way of life it's everybody. This their religion it's the way they believe as you said some people believe there's nothing that once we die we got. Different religion some believe we're gonna go to heaven or. Now the other place how right exactly just -- you are here and I affect things got 'cause of where you go. I'll tell you there's I think in Milan from police and stuff I -- love to hear from from an American shaman. Or a guy. The medicine woman medicine man's other Russian practices that. Be great to have him on the -- 100% -- I would really love to hear from somebody within a few questions asked them and you know. Just to learn more about. Their beliefs might simply because they don't look at it SA quote unquote paranormal things so. And look at as an alternate life I'd love to have that any insight than I was just kind of the norm for them. You wonder why they say that it's like existing not a physical body the accepted this guy paranormal is it. More open to them do they see that sort of questions I have when they see someone tried passed away and indeed they believe everything has a spirit. I mean what they see anywhere in that was different assigning a pass on the delegate said that -- -- being the norm for them so therefore that's their norm. Therefore it's not Paramount and I'm just I'm with -- live with solemn and -- -- -- -- and walking out saying hello your family Iraq. -- Hi we have Bob hallmark call. We have -- on the line from Oxford and. You know are you doing here on the shelf he would take it on your show before -- -- And again -- all about hiring and I I'm -- -- -- -- and. I'm good I'm there was an article about the -- sort of the looks back in the times Tribune on October 30 2000 elevenths. -- looking at the article. See himself -- there was a couple there named. Had -- -- Abigail and Patrick were the ghosts. And Patrick had killed his wife and and intently and hung himself or something like that. What's interesting about that is that's in the book if you read Robert -- spoke about it. Smith it's well described seeing. People who look like him and his wife in the present but -- didn't click more colonial times kind of clothing. And in the article from the -- elevenths. So one of the spirits come up to Jack and sort of -- and vital Appel who did -- all your fault. So if I put it altogether if I have to speculate. It could be that can be accessed in the previous flight had been. You know -- more of the lady I don't know. Or do you wonder what the connection is why -- they attempted -- -- You know the next people who came and I have had no problems at all does there have to be some sort of -- -- come next in the state that set off activity. Well Bob as you know you know I tend to agree you know most people think that hunting ism of the location but I'm not necessarily I mean. There's always you know and involving quantum physics if you will -- I want but just listen I don't really understand this. But on the other involving quantum physicist -- is always some type of entanglement with each other. So therefore his spirit you know if you will to believe in reincarnation. -- his -- was actually involved and or even knew something as far as invesco in the corner period times. Then maybe that's just how he basically was able manifest these issues forum spears in the and then in the world in 1974 and so on. Working together in 1986 they were having -- -- -- -- Right well I mean but the the policy actions happening from 1974 to 86 before reaction spoken for. Well you know. Well also I just one immense amounts. We might mr. Knight we're taking my sister had to collect mail from album to win in west it's been just about two blocks from where they're out of us. And -- it was afternoon and my sister went to get the -- antitrust. Cellar door of the house next to them -- to be getting mail and open up by itself so I didn't. -- want to -- I'm pretty sure. So I don't want to go. Well Bob thank you for home thank you pick up. The judge is looking at some things onion and about this -- also may see some people complained about. Young nothing being seen those videos -- remember back -- they didn't heavy equipment we have today right in particular wasn't really available my car was outrageous. Are you don't keep that bond ball you're so listen you're probably likely to come up on the next part of the show so the -- silence would recommend her. Mark price here for Herman chiropractic can rehab. Many people are haunted by back pain. Degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury. The professionals and -- -- practically rehab and -- using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out our website at Herman chiropractic news.com. The fundamental FaceBook. And welcome back the science. We know -- to bring talking about the smoke some more -- them. The skin won't break mentioned John. Attacks here says. How come there that Texas how -- there was no video -- pitchers recorded. As far as assaulting girls can -- you -- I -- dress that I was back in 1986. Came as we head weren't capable obviously -- don't. -- Recorders that they did -- -- glove and document anything would be cassette player. Right and I just was very happy don't film's good break but. Don't know why are there's nothing there's nothing you could go and get a shadow -- -- mirnyi is a flash is gonna wake everything -- and right now expressing I don't Summers today so. It from which they didn't have the equipment to properly do investigation back their country. -- -- News just dumb thing I mean -- great text but you know things. So what you're saying we had you know and even then we had the Daschle cassette recorders so. His big bulky I mean anybody who -- a hundred every month when we only came in -- big things strap brownish Shasta and these candidates -- -- like you know where you'll VCR he's got a little bit people doing it but I'm just doing their equipment. But I wasn't there my -- 1020 years from now the equipment to users who need vastly different than what we have now. I increased economic zone was -- I mean -- our good friend you know -- -- hunger when he helped out I'm a Christian Israel withdrew with an instant. You know I mean I was hunting in -- -- in a dorm. Right and you know he did the best they could what they had on campus and here's college students -- -- too -- -- Sulu on Rama noodles -- water me if you wanted to. So I -- -- guys do the best they could you don't documenting everything and they used I mean they used via the tape recorder. It worked out for just a lot of good things fully LC is a pen and paper into a lot of let yet these write down everything that happened exactly wasn't -- -- to they were not recorded on our phones such like that just was unheard of 86. Throughout her. But I can I do appreciate the calls as a really do stand around you have a actually you had this is about Carbondale social Bob -- can tune in listen here. One forty mile Carbondale pay attention -- we got it. Okay it's gonna bring about the carbon don't UFO case. It's something that I was just reading recently about and they've got my attention that's what it does anybody up there in Carbondale has any knowledge -- this you welcome the give us a tough. And what a guy and it wasn't just back in 1974. Apparently some type -- UFO or something splashed into upon in a couple of kids witness something frank hit hit upon the state -- upon through. Basically all night overnight hours this -- stay -- Flashing. No dimming down lighting up different things are going out -- they tried to actually fish it out and they couldn't they just move it around the sunk deeper. What it when it first landed the police and and actually shot at this I heard I heard that actually shot -- for how -- -- -- -- -- I mean there's a lot of pros and -- -- whether something -- so when there was a poll say they know which way you look at it. Actually match appreciate something now I mean the regulations for totally different and it's totally -- there's a green light let's shoot it hit. But I I mean you know from what I understand -- I read up on a new and you are talking about I mean. The pond. The -- -- me Pryor was upon correct it was a still tons from lives in the Russell park so it sold funds from my guess. An old -- breaker from new commercial homeland is this for I mean. From what I understood there was like old bikes in there and execute its normal wanna afraid most talented Joseph eight. 66 cars in there aggressive shopping cards sold bicycles it was pure garbage pit right. I mean I know locally and -- -- I don't locally when some sense -- and -- suffer appear in view in a -- and stuff I mean. Some of the water for Pataki and -- -- the copyright is deserving American sit well -- was on this we're rolling and then let's be honest and I mean the bottom line with the so they fished out be lantern. -- -- six volt battery and there after the nine hours -- was on their summer tomorrow submerged car or nine hours in. I guess even -- guy it was so those -- glance inside this is a type Blanton he's on the rare road in doubt in the minds was a six balls. Battery operated lanterns are not real sick and batteries and they're not sealed -- her mother and -- -- there's no affect Canadian seal there was no reason to make them waterproof right. Existing state -- And that's apparently what they pulled out of the pond. When they were done nothing done checking if they actually pumped upon -- broke the dam to get all the water out to go in there to search and muck. To get up and get it out which none did they have divers I don't know that contradicts what they said they're they actually brought -- die during. From Binghamton, New York which was strange because. I don't know. Because Apollo OPEC scuba divers are based right there in -- Carbondale and they were not allowed to go -- I was missing a beat. Should women listening that that's familiar with that especially as far as the dive team goes however they called -- -- an icon dive teams now but like you said that. If there are pure strength there and only that even if they weren't base there I think juries -- closer then. Right to try to guy -- -- turned nineteen forever so I don't I can remember there was a lot of strange things that happened I mean. A truck left the area that following morning with something on the back of it. That's never been positively identified what it was that they took away covered on the back commit. There was reports anywhere in the waters who was from two feet to twenty feet large in the water glowing on the -- it's not just as usual and she left. Because it's it's not a young normal little. Little life you drop in the water not -- not fashionable -- I mean I'm not known for -- not too familiar with the but since I'm -- look at opera fan but he is outlook from -- and I really what I'd love to hear from. Let's get your readers some color -- let's -- Carbondale they're just give us a call tell us what's true what's false on this you know what you know about it. And obviously called and I know -- -- here on top of these things in my punctures to listen so if you call and having insight on this I appreciate that. I honestly wanting to. From six feet -- twenty feet why I mean from one Milan to win a sexual battery -- probably you vice to have like we see campus have Mosul. Woman who -- -- and there are actually incandescent light chopper doctors and and he gave metal sexual battery did nothing I mean. We'll send delayed actually dim -- -- brightened up ten down he was thinking if it was a lantern and a battery up relax and when -- bound to sit condemn all right he could come back up you don't trust in my saying Craig -- I think your home -- I know I'm I'm sure when you throw something underwater if he was -- it would look much bigger short what we are a reflection I guess actually. I mean that that's -- there's a lot of pros and cons this thing could very well little lantern. Par for Israel Nolan plays -- cover up by somebody who doesn't want to know something that's just that I mean an end and know what the farmer currently. In and around Carbondale lived in the second and so there was supposedly UFO. You know I've been looking for a second one and I can't find it right this is still main one they mentioned the only other thing -- farmers carbon -- apparently. There's a big foot running around up there. Thriller the white bigfoot firms are squashing guys here I mean that was even just briefly mentioned that housing units could -- It's a way when I don't know how big the hole and I want ordered all white maybe they'll final big foot. Not really think he'd be a lot a lot quicker response the woods and our our turn dark friends are brown you understand that woman that. I'll be a little skeptical that -- -- if you if you YouTube it sounds like her talk about Hamas and work mark my boss. From my other job. Actually you two didn't throw some hands on film gonna -- summit and looks. If it's fake it's a good fatal -- yet there is -- I don't know author do you -- Value Line tell you what exactly it is Bubba. -- definitely out there I think we actually have bop on the line here Bob is back then because back -- with us here I am not -- and I was I was count anybody that we get it back in this what. Okay. Yeah I actually had a euphoric wild that other copies -- it historically the group that came up from Philadelphia and investigate -- Com. I can -- clear up some of that scene happened I think live on a Friday night. And so is it drew attention and -- people maybe with the third -- but it was a -- And see what happens when there's that is pretty remiss. -- -- crowded around what people have heard about it -- about a thousand people just standing around upon. And it's all carbon that could defend themselves. And the program to maintain they wanted to get rid of the people's. Because they were afraid of like that can and number in the -- policemen way to handle it and they came up with the idea. I mean it was -- lantern. And they pulled out on that here's what it is and everybody went home and -- supposedly. And everyone was gone and they pull out the real thing now I don't know how through that in spite. And I won't say this. And I used to have this tape I can't find what they do put it at least the deputy sheriff of Palmdale was driving in the Carbondale. -- didn't -- that he wanted to take it all out. Think of any good coming towards Carbondale. And totally blue sky except for one crowds. And that cloud to throw it over the pond. -- would put that in very fishy -- him. Thought he ran -- -- he would go on the slowdown in a canoe or whatever you believe what you think. And had some sort of -- British and measurement devices and Stephanie said there was definitely. Some kind of cylindrical. Staying in the water but it was murky he really couldn't see what it would have been just determining -- from that. And you -- -- -- parents are besides the fact that there was something. That cloud above the kind of an odd feet -- the WP DR tower was less than a -- away. And yet people were having -- Trouble picking it up without static we're standing around the -- so people out there was some sort of interference coming from the object. And ten month. As far as if they didn't bring up until well after the event this would have you know many. You're not later than they just -- it and you it's not even there anymore. Let me let me ask you -- as far as -- can -- get any type of -- Radioactive. Com. Yes and android that's further and had trouble with that thinking wasn't part of a euphoric -- like -- -- and I don't I don't have made no attempt try to keep it says the deputy. Sarah for whatever it was upon -- that's had a Geiger counter some sort of device between them that was indicating that yes there was. Some sort of radiation coming up and stand down. -- if you could come to -- this. Saw the truck supposedly rumor is that it was a Jacob current landscape -- furniture -- -- clients with furniture was. Employed to -- it up at the wee hours of Monday morning. I don't know but -- end of the funniest story I've heard about this is that. When they had a press conference today announced that it was this railroad -- Our own beloved -- not a heart was there. And being a Smart Alec he's asked if this is the kind of -- that would turn underwater. And they didn't liked Clinton can't. Of course not -- -- because some were saying I mean you know you're looking at something. I understand the water we -- we're -- slight but. I mean you're talking about little six volt lantern battery and you know it -- -- are all incandescent lights probably only go maybe as three -- firewall life. Can you tell me at the tracks to twenty feet I mean that's that's. Even that's all I live nine hours under the water they. I happen to -- in fairness some -- -- that's true then the one guy. Somewhere in the ninety's assists confessed quota and hope that it was all folks in the city he did it to impress the sisters girlfriend and so on and so on. And it's during I mean it's tough. You can believe it or you cannot believe it -- -- there's evidence on both sides and I don't know what Italians. So there was also some stories a bunch almost earlier about something else may be happening up there. That's exact same time that that happened there was some talk about a Soviet missile that came down. You don't think about that. Well yes I'm bracket mentioned in the euphoric reports this. Went and they're a certain period of days -- well for the satellites and Soviet satellites that came down but it didn't match. The time and place for me fifty cents. That's weird I let -- first on a remote her downtime taken back by that but Panetta Soviet -- home and now Carbondale I just can't. There are a little there was concern because nobody did know what it -- like to -- -- little you know there was concern whether it might be something like that but. No no that's what he ruled out. What was there in military personnel or anybody there to. You know just chased people away or -- in cedar. Not officially. And there was an explanation for the divert thumb. Which I don't quite remember at this point does. That they've turned up and he would just he wanted to do it himself he was just like you guys picking you wanted to see what -- -- He knows he wanted to be there is just November he's right the -- is here in his trunk. No I mean you never know yeah I guess -- -- mean it just seems to me a little odd -- I don't -- firefighters EMTs I'm not run around with you know -- paternal care summit to be a little effort immediate turn out here is little difference in -- in the senate tanks in years you know mask you never know about you never know. Well I do remember that it made this. I think that NBC national -- -- -- -- the last story other friends you know and finally in Carbondale we got the crowd of people standing on a pond that's. The food that is far enough. So why don't -- -- a little this it is actually good thank you thought hey I thank my nutrition the coffee and -- -- glass and new Bob via. The call and I appreciate that call about pressure you know actually on that no we're gonna take a break -- bathroom. Mark price here for -- chiropractic can rehab. Many people are haunted by back pain. Degenerative related to an accident -- sports injury. The professionals and Herman -- practically rehab and -- using the latest technique. And technology best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic news.com. -- -- -- may contain material that is kind. There's some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may in turn. Welcome back to almost science and talk a little -- everything tonight I'm doing -- halting automobile Carbondale. UFO incident and and white 8% squash a terrorist stands like a big foot yet and it went way down Mike before. And down come on -- the shaman. Beliefs in non paranormal or was there just consider normal. And we will hear from you guys played a few minutes left potentially -- -- we -- -- -- -- -- this can be 570830. Germany. Or 18043700. -- Always take -- at 99404. And. Extend beyond. The website we use for. Okay beat anybody else is willing to do any research and checking up to do an investigation and they want to know who lived in the house before this family. Maybe the family's history maybe they use a psychic and wanna know who. Yeah -- live there what names he can actually correlate with with the people are seeing and hearing. -- Ancestry.Com. I believe you get a free. Thirty or 964 game Nestle enjoy some free a little try it out and see what happens and well worth it. The announcement at our first call at the -- here in the ninth PGA are investigating group using all the time. And believe me it works great. I'll play well unless you like to. Do that for myself just from my family heritage is from when I heard -- entirely easy I have my family -- done on -- really if you just put your last name in there you'd be surprised of what would tomorrow we have a common name it probably -- That's a thousand hits -- Can't force them -- properly into the church aside from how you never know no more powerful offer might showed up and they do little to search a try I try never not. On saying how they -- to take care of their paternal and maternal. Her name sore from the grandparents how how should you only use. The census. Reports she can go back to -- ten years 1940 back to see who lived -- certain measures for a certain namely that tell you what these people did for a living. Exactly what they're street -- lived out their house number their income whether they knew how to read -- -- It's it's it's an amazing amount of information. And if you keep digging you'll find out if your ancestors came over I would chip in my team over -- pitcher that ship lost they what I know -- great it's fantastic. I know I'm -- would not want her just ran her friend of mine -- when your -- on the other -- -- But he actually that was his it was his family name he found out Augustus wood was during. Tailback back from com. In the timeframe of -- forever. But I mean he went as far back is coming over -- And I totally lost to them unfavorably justice -- was named Alex stuck with me and dumb. I said that it was just amazing -- how different. He got -- grandfather machine action never seemed right as pitchers on the Internet you know I don't think it makes. I mean if I mean you're relating you put your family up there and I put my family up -- it would link them. So I would have to do all they research do you where he did it would put it right there for me. Tumbled fast and in my -- and -- start that up some announcements from Taurus if you -- -- little advertisement released pops up it does really it actually a little lethal pop up going to be more information about the person that'll give you choice when you wanna add it to your -- -- or not. It's good. That's how fast can you was it a lot their investigations they knew we use the -- Virginia -- and -- she'll come up with some names in Wheaton Corley. Those names to people and actually did live in that house or are related those people I know I know something being very well I know SI remarks were fired Jerry Kelly prior -- taking out over I don't Kelly swarm and also I mean I I swear by it's great it's it's easy it's not hard. And once you start moving around you get right in there and they needed just habit forming if you start doing your family. You gonna sit their fight to sell well that's I think going to be dictated the giants like that. It just it would definitely be that's -- vindictiveness. A very action that's stuff I haven't I should have time to do it but I guess I should. I'd be busy intersection in there at cemeteries of your interest -- that the find out who's very aware thriller. Both. Well thus far just suck carbon dale. The white he had the yourself squash what you -- hear about that. That's too much -- only heard is basically that who was once the scene up there. I wasn't sure if there was a video or anything on that I mean but just that something was seen out there. And they sound like they seen it close a towel which -- inside. Really. -- -- -- -- On YouTube by the and I'm I'm skimming and here we're talking -- There's a white sounds harsh filmed in key backyard pops up and -- the songs Kanye is about earlier. Powerful about two years ago. Just Thomas poster. Right there on YouTube and I'm. Clear and looks what a financial hands it actually like it -- isn't everything so like if it's a mask it's pretty. You know interactive mask if you will because -- grimace isn't stuff as a as a goes through. From the back yard -- and I'm Connie actual video cam core. Saw that -- and no -- -- area right above that assertion council came up. Carbondale PA in 2009. -- just happened the first I think though on the connect. I don't -- don't dissect it and that could -- a missile sites into 200820119. I don't know what they still might be several of -- -- I'm almost over we have got some because from the area. But. -- -- Pretty good system for -- forty miles from Horace grant I mean this -- -- here has you know a bunch of different. Pins if you will but quite bigfoot sightings about different -- states across already Montana going over the schedule and a flashlight is walking through the woods. It's a -- think woods has is walking through his talents can with a flashlight and he sees it. I count like in the in in the face series and so polite thank permits is just kind turns and runs so. I mean it. If somebody in a mask or -- playing games it is pretty good that it's pretty good interactive mask came as any insight on that I and I -- appreciate it cost. 1043. -- or my -- 30 romantic. But -- essentially -- -- -- -- so the -- assess question -- we have -- I think those guys I think about that. I'm not sure if I'm seeing these dates right place like June 27 2011 January 6 2010. August 3 2008. I nothing to solve a lot of big foot in Carbondale. This is weird it's really not I mean. I don't know how would Carbondale is to be out for the about. Let's set November 1 2013. The case. Hey you never know I mean again you know I guess that I don't call me and I'd be amazed if if this -- -- and I am greatly appreciated that. Com as far as -- archery deer or bigfoot -- finally call on October 2 years ago. So that. -- is just -- -- -- and -- caucuses draw from house passed and he asked us can fire station. And he told me he swore that he saw you a creature walking on two feet going from left to right from -- station across a road. I'm -- from his car just just outside -- his this tie is being sort of the high beams he said it was kind of punched or was walking on two legs. He said he had a face collect a pool -- was like it was dirty stuff enormous concerns on the -- since. Since age twelve teams in the sixteenth birthday of Austria and so you don't know what follows while he says nurse or anything like it. -- grew up there and surround personal is in the woods nothing major brought to you I've moved to find something like that he loved. To Paul -- numbers -- -- where that was set to sin -- can just said the station. Right but as far as putting shows the fire station and bring those -- the fairgrounds -- out of they're very young says it's right there across the road right at the fairgrounds in the northeast fairgrounds and I. Yeah I mean was it you know life in October and I don't know if they have something up there -- -- scrounge for food I don't know what you know. And the kids -- small stack about stories like Charlotte and drinking pose during a thing. Pledging further Grotrian thumb drive off my girlfriend then here this remarks from my car was up. Anybody who isn't -- for -- nose idea I come from some skin and eye -- like to talk to buzz -- can and then nothing surprises me up there is that they may very well be. They bigfoot recessed lights up there hey you know he's never Norris like. Anything else it's just if it throughout -- drought there. I mean we've talked before like. There -- all commuter finally -- forming your -- and found mr. Obama I mean I underneath the oh you are talking. Also the -- getting hit by car you know. Really -- -- -- you really see any -- personal and hunt bear carcasses into -- very you don't see anything -- last time I mean it's. It's its offer itself and on the English crown -- now. And if you got an animal that semi intelligent and and there's not many of them I'm sure you not to find too much remains a Fannie and that's just I mean do do during their own do day. Here is just the fact that animals is common and and also a feast off the carcass you will I mean tacking on those jealousy it's it's. It's a chain of progression we don't know exactly what happens or walk along there has been reports of big foot from -- can -- the thorn -- has been sightings up and mile lake. There's been not castings of footprints they can have been through their lives of these so people have said it had stones sticks thrown at them right I suppose it's a hot area -- It is definitely has its. It's amazing in itself I mean I would love to find it even even in the printing off a punter something's. Well well look sometimes there we will yeah -- so we'll look at that. Yes Susan Susan's back he'll get out there common ground can only -- grounds of the best to me now. But I'm -- tell you what it's. It's actually amazing if anybody's ever seen matter or or heard it or anything any -- failing -- into the story we'd love to hear from. We really what it sounds -- I keep watching this. This thing Carbondale and it looks. Funds can you say it's a mask but he's just a grimace as I mean the -- crunches the eyebrows -- known for climbing out of us pretty and I Damascus is. -- this is is pretty good but it's some it's it is on you to anyone listening to look at ups is white south watch film and and that's why I'm auction -- hasn't comments or suggestions concerns about that. It's. It's -- in just a simple enough you're just like I know what you're looking at -- -- disarmament that but yet some. It's it's interesting and even slowed down its real time and it moves quick real quick. They slowed down they do frame by frame -- -- you could see it. This is actually amazing. So I think I think a week -- -- tried for first for -- here I mean I can tell unfortunate I guess could make it. But I thought we did I think we're committed to good jobs and I really do I appreciate the call from palm and check for real so called them. And you get a few minutes and you don't just take a quick -- -- quick comment and you're welcome those empirical management amity that is felt we got me out. I think about the -- quite fast clutch. Hopefully while also understand I'm I'm gonna go home and try that that lantern thing I really am. You throw an event took a look at emerging national self reliance on our careers all -- for less okay and they can look to jailbreak the -- all normal mortal girl's screen area and it's so great asset values -- -- so important. Well thank you India music is continues its common but not Paula thank all the socialist signed the protocol ends. And now. A -- it's nine this week is Thanksgiving pregnancy come from Britain Thursday. So we Thanksgiving coming up and -- My wish all our listeners and callers embryo so they're happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving tournament so this is a -- and stands there -- sound off. From the internal science -- Good night. -- --