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12-1-13 Paranormal Science

Dec 6, 2013|

Features guest Jim Burger from Dalton Paranormal.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- normal size and stuff. Okay. Three. Almost silence from him mr. Obama and stay there or the special guests here mayor Jim Murphy -- don't parallel welcome Jim good make good evening. Pay out for British Thanksgiving is good analogy ask. -- great personal stuff to their greatness I'm -- Turkey got a guest. -- my fiance when I know you guys -- -- -- -- -- name from only in the business and I appreciate you can guess you're my short com. Looks on the stroke play -- you jump when I women exactly -- -- -- -- Jim Ball in the paranormal feel to. Well just probably a mild interest and goes -- yeah how old green. When I started yet when you started the whole home. 47. Really OK so like a child with thing you weren't anxious and slow and I was a little kid my brother. It's mostly had these abilities. Oh really and he was seeing things and he would tell us stories in there I am a little kids and on the floor mileage trust my eyes as big as -- price analysts million dollars ghost stories and stuff. Three -- -- and yeah maybe six to two years on ha ha -- all right. And I see so what those are yes yes and he does still have the ability or his account number -- He's kind of trying to push it way over the years has he any and all kinds of warnings foreign minister and in doing this and don't mess with and now as -- season goes because I've seen some stuff that I don't want you to see -- experience -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from that don't have access and yeah well I mean -- -- -- -- else I think if you only have no realism on the premise of out of respect others -- just respect I think. So are you giving you get -- you know helps us like you know. I mean there's always that negative sign that we can deal with that are we have a potential to do any. But I'm possibly again how -- it was Russian Federation get them back and I am. I'm sure you do now. So on so. What kind of -- this is did he have the time I was telling -- they see things he would see things down. Yes do says is a young boy he would see things coming he has some really hair raising stories not one point in time seeing. What you thought was our league grandparents over at our lake house. I barely tussling -- when he was a friend as early twenties and really -- This is like -- like -- lake. -- -- -- -- you and I look at each other here and he explained well roses she was there efficiently and I would embody him and he just had this weird feeling and he turned around. -- two forms standing up. On the patio up by the house which at that point time -- -- -- -- 67 feet away my job at this time he was young is in his twenties he used to and from the anomaly from the air force. And he just -- our grabs money. And there was another way to sneak out around sign and house -- will have to walk up through the area where I -- -- our grandparents. So as I cannot walk and then we're here and that's that's just one of the many things the end Kevin Thomas channel that's that's awesome just awesome talent thank you from sir first serves to. But I'm sorry so when you go interest in Vienna for how dull internal won't come to -- to -- OK well. I worked part time and still do work part time at the -- lumber building on Bruce insulin and all are cracked and my partner in this Scot McCall. And his father owns a dollar lumber business. So about five years or so golf. You know I was working on those working nights we were close in the place and everybody always handy just freaked out about going into the basement. Nobody wanted to be -- -- it sounds -- baseman turn at a casino scenes shadows here and things. So one day and none girl can -- during the day I wasn't more competitive and to represented a local paranormal group and -- remember when -- mark. And they wanted to investigate -- place. So let's discuss ensure the ones we can be there to right itself but they never came back photo he never came back so. We kicked it around and kicked it around. You know though that was at the point win to turn on the television things skyrocketing. Murder and that was just you know -- adventures those tires all that stuff. So we decided to just buy some of the basic equipment and -- to Saturday night and -- ourselves. How did that turn out -- really bad amateur. Paranormal investigation as a first did it payroll we all have our first time this art dealer yes and I mean the results of that was. Wind very questionable Levy fees that could just as easily have been my finger -- on the side of the cam -- gotcha you know this sort of thing. But we did you have ocean and I never had happened sense. A brief interaction using an EMS meter. At the fact check out kind of drill on demand and ask for something aside enough and it started beaten and beat the band and I say could just happen to stop. So could you do that again. In about fifteen seconds players started beeping again never and that meant for years and -- -- consensus not on the very first time up there have been asking. Some -- like you never know that when it's gonna happen though. It's drizzle we're going to end I wish it didn't narrative that's pure strength and we have a lot more success than to know I had. So -- tell you about that so that was like -- there was sure you're. You know beginning if you will remember your first investigation yeah Kim was me and Scott and member of the patent. And that's the one I can see this path no -- -- had no. That's something else and -- -- Africa could smell test part of a group. Had a charted an official part of a group we've had a few members changed my nephew was part of a group for awhile -- he moved to Florida after graduating college. And we got two new female members who were with us at the time. So we just went and we just you know and I guess and in a very amateur investigation. And we were blink. Had no high hopes of anything like ever coming from that well I start to build a website. And I actually started to get. People calling. Has a while we get as we gotta take this seriously threatened British people look at you for help yes and it started out really as just. A couple of guys with an Anderson goes -- and want to start drawn paranormal group sent out to the point where -- the focuses trying to help people. Right because I've had some people call me that were not overly scared -- David really you were wondering what was going on in their house -- Federer in the business. The necessary people people get all the time we get that. You know the shock value for children and no walk in the yourself from their home -- here before you know and then I mean the work I mean where you work I guess it's it's kind of it's just a scary to a when you live there and it's affecting you. Also on the night yeah okay that's I think that's our biggest things out yet sure what it is and you you know I'm not familiar with. What's going up exactly arranged appropriate for exactly. But I'm so so what will your first official cases don't -- First official case and don't turn off me now think back. -- was a house -- fact rebel front there was a friend of ours. And the house was part of the underground railroad. Talking as he's. When he first purchased a house he'd be there late at night by himself in the basement in the house you know and just doing basic carpentry and repair work on the house. And you can he work to -- should -- be there at 2 o'clock in the morning. And then he heard his boots walking across our home floor upstairs he ran upstairs and also locked up tight. So in his back downstairs is where reckoning in many years of bush walked back across. So he decided not to cause and we went in there on the Saturday night. Small house -- just into us we set the home DVR system and everything up full recorders everywhere. And honestly we didn't really have any experiences in the house the only thing that there's one room and house when you walked into the room. You immediately your skin crawl. Aren't they go to uneasy feeling you walked back out. You're fine against him to step back in -- was like it'll go like to start -- if your spine and right up to back your neck and it turned out of prior owner of the house passed away and that -- okay. So we concluded we were there from -- five hours. And we really had nothing happened to say as an uneasy feeling. And when -- -- reviewing the audio we got some. We're sounds like wherever we were in the house. The activity was taking place somewhere else -- -- on the second floor there's noises in the basement -- basement there is noises on the first floor and up on the second floor. Just randomly we heard like we heard like snapping noise and -- the sound like -- -- being tapped. It was something just weird noises she taught throughout all house. And we did wind up even though I don't and then EVP with national brown announced I'm talking in my head. We're walking up the stairs to the second floor. And as we turned the corner walk up the stairs because they're clear voice saying yes. As we got to the top of the stairs I ask guys who want to go -- every corner -- -- EVP session and the one bedroom. Well just after -- said that. For a booming voice came through -- -- take that. There was -- mean it wasn't him -- were known to people my house. So that was our first really official investigation and you know bing is the Stanley wasn't really scared especially -- bunny -- it was really cool. So that was so that was our first official investigation. And -- that's a good thing to me he was afraid -- more and more zeros is home and you don't. Caution and Guerrero was you know particularly I look at it was a good thing because she knows what -- sorry Iran never split up. We believe so and his kids are always in total denial whose kids are never really scared even when his daughters are closet door open and close a couple times just don't total denial. Actually pretty pretty good friend a little different life UW's who is an election they were only there can only in the house for less than a year. Really there but now they've still on the property that they use you must know -- Carmen villages renovate an element in our house now. So that housing -- -- and -- and we told him I said before you sell our house we wanna go back there where we may wind up back there factor was experience. Follow no idea I'm gains we'll -- morneau to Sony for years and you did four years ago to ensure that your. -- although no he's an expert all I shall not I mean there's there's so many. Clinton mourned in four years I prize still have more questions and I have answers. And not I think people realize I don't -- listen to losing German first emotional as you can in this all of the knowledge also. You -- a ton of questions always always right -- -- -- if I'm -- just it's like you know it's like OK I can explain this but then how does this happen -- what happened what happened there there's just no -- -- -- -- we were going over some meaty piece today with actually have a a mother and mother a father and a daughter. -- -- line unless investigation and she's doing her class tragic event tonight's program on our paranormal group also so we were happy to do that for. And we were going over some meaty piece today from our last case and I -- and most UEVP sound like they're right. Inside the device because as the device they're really creates very -- pay electronic voice phenomenon. -- and every now and then you get one that sounds like it's far away and muffled and distance and that's who we got down on the -- -- the second guy yelling. Three or four rooms back. And it just blew my mind numbing because he's not mean you normally you're like OK that's an EVP what the heck was that right right. It's a disembodied voice coming from somewhere else somewhere else announced far away hand and we had that a few times you know I mean we know as far as. The one location that -- remain anonymous -- allocation and it was a huge warehouse and there was no dogs or sore from a warehouse. The only loosen the BP's through several different -- we got like you don't always precise dogs barking. And there's no it was like to researchers -- wasn't you know I think that they're going to be a big dogs little dogs and Clemens has -- -- -- all -- this from outside the Samantha I mean like on top of the recorders some some very distant yes he also lives in just you know. -- -- amazing actually. -- -- docks for miles around here yeah I think he -- and I really found the most of the peas and I catch it I mean it sounds -- literally like. I think is if you were in had a recorder ready in my tenure whispering in the recorder pioneer investigators in the background. Seeing any here's something that sounds like it's part of the instrumentation on the device. And and -- -- sentence for me that's Anderson that you. Solemn. That being sent. Now you don't where we're four years later the first from the sun and what how how big is your group you know what you expand upon us -- sister and I want to stay up. -- little recorder style sores all come on now. Five full time members you know. Myself sky remember on the path. And Debbie -- went -- high school with and -- a friend of hers and they just basically started out they called the monster or these people that would go around the country and go to these different -- and -- contacted me. You know one you know can be part of thanks so immediately invited Iran because you want somebody is getting huge interest -- -- don't want somebody. Think we -- one woman who just came in from the was a passing fantasy bra she was there for a year and then she left she notified authorities only. So well paranormal investigation you're gonna get bored because. Pin number in -- that got you yeah exactly. So we got five members and a lot of times we'll go for months in most cases but here we are -- holidays are here and we're backed up three cases it. No -- question do you notice a spike ran around. October of course term Halloween do you social spiked -- -- -- -- now and then because this is. Is the time seasonal flu like an interest right exactly yeah yes. -- I was able Kamal there's still time here you think more about is there's. There it's it's all over now and then since this is that I think this promotion thing and -- -- -- -- Obama knocked it. I feel opulent just in they don't have anything these possibly can't investigate now because it's like you said that the -- -- it's somewhere in the middle of one of those are now early. That's not it is funny how you know people I mean. We can joke along know when there were a lot of interest from that but you know there's some people aren't legitimately scared yes because something's going around and there's people call you because it's like. Asking us how these guys on the going for much of the PPI -- is. Around one of the episodes we'll see is on TV in general marks talk about how we get this huge spike in people want us a -- You know when they think they're going to be intelligent -- that's that's -- thing I ask you let businesses thinking thank you try to business up here. Sure absolutely positive you know resident -- why am I -- and I -- an excellent story when it comes to somebody wanting to. Promote their business has on the business. I'm not gonna name in the business on to say it's in the Dickson city area -- they called us and and they wouldn't close are -- enough force to investigate so we pack our stuff up and laughed and told them we come back meanwhile another group shows up there. And they investigate. What they car and on video the owner of the place tampering with the evidence. I'm. -- so he was looking for ran for the place. To be I wanna have been a salute this can be a hundred business said that that's a shame because you don't insert -- intense activity there. Who's gonna believe and how exactly who's gonna put on the window than a million miles those -- buildings. Yes absolutely right needs Pakistan's credibility shot my and it's a shame because. That's the people around infirmary else I have to say that's a -- actually sorry can you just don't he don't want that I mean. If you want badly that's you've learned they're doing this for for fondue fruit -- and no one ever but yeah. I mean it's. I don't know I just that's Chandra credibility is gone back because I've had people come up to me in the dissidents say you're crazy if you know what you're doing you're wasting your time you're wasting your money. And I'm so well that's your opinion this and I feel like I'm actually helping people. Why did people commodities they were you doing this you bring your soul -- -- bulldogs then there and I am. I mean I'm not sure Liverpool rehearsals interpret like I said before I just. I have an issue -- that may sound like we're we're sitting here you know were out front don't worship and how. I mean nothing that effect you know virtual rock -- trying to help resolve people's problems and again I think -- launcher respectful. I don't see where the issue would be and and and doing -- to be out there really don't I mean I won't somebody help me. I don't smell my family if I didn't know you know I know things -- out there. If you look at the other side of -- groping other sites in -- and that's just what the few weeks ago one mark in Virginia came on one of our cases. I consider that a resolution force open the sun. -- -- I was telling the peoples and they're not only helping you. They're helping the spirits that she was able to move on -- -- so everybody's getting health care wholesaler below will discuss that and we'll do some UBP's son who document. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic can -- many people are haunted by back pain. Whose degenerative related to an accident or sports injury. The professionals -- determine their practice and rehab and trained using the latest techniques and technology the best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop -- friendly and -- staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location their -- for you. -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic is not come through refinement FaceBook. -- -- -- This controversy has some listeners are spontaneous enlightenment may in turn. All right welcome. -- -- How are -- for talking with producer Jim -- from Dalton paranormal. -- mighty machine above the key sure -- -- Virginia not a resolution you wanna you wanna continue the pattern of yes sure we did -- how soft and Nicholson. And the people in the house felt like they were having both kinds of bad luck. Announcing financially. And problems with kids with -- you know controlled substances and all that stuff I shouldn't and I can Trent Thomas and so that's just probably in the world the way the world. That's fun you occur right now. This and I don't really think you should focus on something being in your house that's giving you bad luck you know -- energy. But we did the investigation. And we had some odd occurrences. Haven't we've got an ATP tour card and investigators are in -- the wife says she don't like and they heard a woman's voice in their room. So we came back with a lot of evidence that. They have something going on there there's actually two locations on the property there's a home animal -- crafting their mobile home was actually more active. Really defend the house was that they lived in one of the GDP is ever hears from the mall Pall on my case do you want to play the Forest Service. Yeah that would be. File number five days. -- this year was being -- there. I -- I -- not yet but I know a lot of footsteps -- that you guys are now was Debian -- alone there was no man in. At that point in -- -- it was just Debian Mickey and investigating. And the first voice says wait. -- could could career against for the viewers can. Okay this cigarettes each week. Those guys -- well okay then there's a second voice there. Mail that says get out it really so they're different entity is the end there. She wants to play one more time. OK I let you hear that within their experience hereditary and yeah and when Virginia was up there. She can't hit on upon two guys named Mike. More than one guy was a friend of the owners of the property who passed away go live in Florida. He was just there to give them a message. Should pass tomorrow. The other guy's name is Mike he died in the -- harmony is very angry. She managed to settle whatever was going on with him and passed him October. And I were there for Virginians could I have to say that we're talking infrequent complex issue is -- -- you re election -- -- -- appreciate -- but. She is not there she is good run and we think we think her. I love her death she initially she makes you feel immediately comfortable. And welcomes. Hello she does ever quirks all day we all do but -- -- she's you know late -- it should -- comes around fun -- you to shut up -- you know bustling port on -- arms aren't the only entity -- -- don't -- -- links to pressure our extended does Syria have shown. She gave both barrels on -- in your -- earlier that you guys before prior to hurt you weren't very big believer in the saying it's not really in our own design and never encountered. But when I met her and she's been on two resolutions -- -- where I've -- -- she's done tree forest but shunned and onto. And that she's just amaze me with the things that she came hours. Walking into a location ice cold knowing nothing. And hitting all these things on the you know CB CD dancing cheek swab me. I'm I -- a lot of them -- harsh stand what we do Virginians care. You know jam when we don't give her anything basically OK this is the time when days are now listen to get direction exactly what she shot her way exactly. And even -- what you're saying Jim when children whose -- -- -- meat market his residence and then not go from their socialism no she's going Mark Rosenthal a lot of people who realize Virginia's New York City restaurants from selling insurance and yes he's from queens area profession that passion from New York so. -- from the area you know we give -- nothing other than here's a time replacement this year type thing. Comment mostly some highlights the most of socialism is there we were that information and our long we feel so -- take -- -- get there. Hold your within that timeframe for again we shall we Martin is residents are mormons and -- right about not. You on this -- especially amazing and you know. But we're share earlier some of the things you sit there say the skeptics who -- Washington -- National Research issues he researched that but stand an indication yes round. Which -- -- -- about a week ago with Virginia. And there's no way she kind of knows these people had -- she stand there in the studio in the house asking you know why this big brown Don keeps -- you can -- Right and the people are standing -- looking everything had to be from -- -- had died and she had mentioned that did you die die of some type of cancer tumors because she sees upside. And there's no way. There's only certain mineral research note her hot line anywhere else you would know that these people had a big brown died -- they've died of some type of lumps -- cancer. If you participate in the census there's no you don't get checked it's around our remarks here -- the spirit. This is -- she she is -- what she does she really as well as some assertion blew me away because she looked and then she goes I see in jail over your head. And she doesn't anybody close to pass away. And I did my father in law recently passed his name is Jennifer but at this time I was thinking my family friend so I didn't hit on him. And she does know it's not a relative such as you have the spirit guy his name is Joshua and I'm like fur really. Never you know she knows just because you've opened that door friends. And trying to make contact. This is there and were were I believe we all have certain -- without power to do so what I think we just ignored because -- -- you -- -- thinkers marijuana police sometimes for skeptics you know yes. But I am I know -- many of a couple of things you want you want to -- a -- BP's -- certainly yes. Well here's one this one we did a private club and like on accounting was a lakeside club. And soon we were in there and I and I was investigating up enough to man's locker room. Into our investigators were down in the bar room and they were talking about. A young girl who would actually recently. Past and a boating accident. And at the time we were talking about that. I had a millimeter with the -- feature and inaudible tone to close up temperatures intense. This there is talking there were actually using her name. And the rams turned in the loss in the temperature. And we -- deceive EP. And if you listen real close. It sounds like a young girls saying I like you. And wondered what my -- file one on one. Can guarantee you he has the Zulu of a pitch and for -- -- we can -- it near the end there you know -- -- there SF. There -- few songs play no more time for Lewis was right. -- -- -- And I and sort of brain knows that keeping our criminal possession criminal guessing yes especially -- -- -- is actually. The temperature audible tone on the meter and going crazy when they were talking about the -- -- winning higher or lower them. -- I wasn't in the room and we are concentrating on that they were just concentrating on trying to make contact it was sitting on a bar table okay. I wish I was there to actually sit and watch of those upstairs in the locker room. Sometimes a hole do you want to take the hand held there weren't doing that just kind of folks on the chromosome in reality check yes yes just a little -- -- their -- can see how we get there has. We really are sometimes too much. I wish we know which configured so there's overnight and had a camera in the right plays maritimes and then never had -- none none just not enough. It's funny because one time I'm Mark -- talk I think assists couple episodes ago that we talk about -- -- he's diagnostic. These economies like -- -- -- career in film stuff this account so we think that's pretty active Freddie says I'm like yeah because I'm looking past Timmons from one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even Jim I mean now -- investigators was. The failings at the presence around. So the setting up and and Jim saw a little girl go upstairs he -- back in the kitchen in your little girl -- -- its only kitchen with the family. Engines like. Does -- go upstairs. Feel like now to the twelfth I just saw little -- of up to similar to Tom and I if he's -- our huge scandal if Jenkins. So it was like dances and of course he has you can still skeptics everything that he doesn't get as adamantly as I know I saw bushel it was a little girl like come on come mom. Wanna go to -- with the other ones OK we have one here soon whenever you have of somebody and say your name it's a little creepy -- is so whereas it's my brother and I were -- Mifflin. And it was one of those celebrity ghost -- Felt that we pay to go on in the -- Brothers are down there and Joseph Chan met junction guy's guy he is -- serious tango to remember. Even nicer guy Bruce is an awesome guy he's genuine he has -- well we're and one of the case -- and I'm asking for. Something to. You know. Make contact with me touch my hand well what I -- was -- eighty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- though -- -- back in his chair when he got this an Egyptian daily get the headphones on. Press somethings and your name and you and they headphones go fly out of proportion here at the time of no -- -- -- -- we were the only ones in that section of form we could even hear anybody investigating anywhere near us. -- if we could hear that Wal-Mart type. -- -- -- -- Hello my -- -- as the echo behind. Hello Christian. And I -- the special interest thing that's not. They know they're paying attention -- -- blood that that pretty my my memory back to one of the cases I come home one night not helping you know now. -- -- and then after case and -- What I do as I am and -- -- false sleeping in my right here this clears day some like. Tell they don't like Philadelphia I was glad I would go a little replica picked here you wait. Now -- just like color dog are great its size especially its effort brings your fiance and my wife she's trying to listening right now meant. There's been a couple times I thought something phoning home for a short period time she probably late -- now that I -- we say enough but it's just to know that the house would feel weird for yourself and then -- go away that was a good thing to do that. But I'm -- or talk about more about that and some other BP's when we come back. Mark Kaiser permanent -- -- you can rehab many people are haunted by back pain. Whose degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- terrible tragedy rehab and -- using the latest techniques. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop -- friendly and -- staff and assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was aiming for you. -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out our website at Herman chiropractic is not come to a fundamental FaceBook. Science. Thank you know who don't -- I'll sore throat these numbers you can -- -- for -- -- 57033. Users are reminded. Or 10437. Euros remind me they chose text talk -- 99404. We we're talking the that I am on the contrary to -- Expression had stuff I'm -- got some other Toby Petersen case -- won't you take back your okay Ringo. This one I can actually talk about to be inserted the VFW post 7069 in clarks summit. That was a couple years ago they asked us to command Nash you've got a request who wants to come back over the winter. We were using thousand -- -- nine which are not really a big believer and housing around. I've seen cementing an interest in stuff happened with them how you isn't going Gettysburg. On the field stuff just 'cause there's -- -- you know electricity and stuff can be just an -- we use them both. But so my nephew was using now -- she was getting some knows what his plan Japan's closely. And he was getting them to cross for yes and separate for now we were up in the operatic. And we were asking. Age questions. For the reds to a yes or no for the -- open and close and here's what we got to be got an answer no -- that would be file number three. Are -- a child. Cross around your child is your little boy. You mean your. Carter in your twenties. Do you have by and pick up a little because they run side by enhanced it just slightly and here for a photograph people's attention yes yeah. I mean you can you can clearly hear that no one knows no one knew group normally I assure you know I was if we if we have more time. Are you a child. Cross -- your child your little boy. -- -- -- -- Carter in your twenties now. You -- I mean that's that's just implemented that they about using a dozen roses you get audio confirmation with a you can ask for better there was those kids NE TP go along with some what -- what your experience. I mean that's just damage that's. That's that's awesome that's just also chip foundation 2000 -- yes. -- -- -- a lot of people say link because the Indy pace and they'll say well why did you respond to -- I think you mentioned earlier we don't hear it no. You don't guarantee -- actually think it's an -- take. That's right and I navy. Yes. I have I think this and this is great. You know I think getting any special mention earlier -- I -- know I know attacks on this also bombed. I think in -- he said he had a couple snaps. Memory nursing homes some steps we weren't sure we got on your first investigation here now Sampson. And I know we've gotten things like that in R&R EVP seasons -- explain because -- -- clearly -- it's some snapping her fingers or. Would you like a static discharge if you setting -- the car -- creditors have tried this and -- -- -- like you know I'm an -- some type of paranormal like you know discharge electricity because it happens a lot and we got those from other groups to -- anybody -- social thing out there hasn't heard anything like battery -- -- -- -- and investigate yourself and what you hear from you guys. But I know definitely happens more times than not we can't dismiss -- -- you can explain there. I -- and in a lot of times the you know you're not hearing them when they happen. You've gone back over your audio and house and you just hear the snapping noise for the thousands -- -- it's a stunt and it's all explained I mean even handed again these diagnostic we had a couple times in Kabul are horror persons we got -- Obama. Audio recorder and I. And helps -- them. Which is also good when you can get the same EVP. On a night vision cam corder and non air corps and I've had that happen so -- -- many times it's a -- on the backs up the other ones sometimes DPP's. Better on the island on the cam -- in the news on the audio recorder. Let's -- -- I mean that's I mean it is validation throws and then young and I never gonna make anybody is a pure -- believe any of that golf course not but yeah. I tried I tried to just not deal with those people think an -- we have went about ten minutes left so let's talk about the famous -- -- round the investigation. Unfortunately I don't. Have been an easy piece Tony -- -- but I do have wealth and photographer talking about the Farnsworth house in Gettysburg. Very famous the national. That lost loved her stay there and then there was stayed there twice. Okay have we were there for a third wedding anniversary was just me in my wife who weren't there wasn't -- group investigating. And we signed up for their paranormal night. Which consisted of about forty people tramping around through the building making -- hard times -- nine isn't. You know you would never think you get any evidence of something like that -- but. I think having all those people in the building. -- spears and there has so much to feed from because I got some incredible BP's broken and I that I was able to. You know take out of you know the BS breath and get these early BP is the one I have here. I have were up in the Garrett. -- and what you're gonna hears you getting here. A girl who it was just one of the people on the paranormal night. Asking for Jeremy come play -- toys Jeremy is a kid is supposedly get hit by a white horse and buggy. In the late eighteen hundreds of initial Wells Fargo like -- any supposed to be there is there one of their biggest. You know pranksters runner on the building doing things I'll tell you look for the social -- Maria when it when this happened we're opening Garrett and Garrett permits. We were actually -- had -- a one -- I'll take one. That door apostle parish is Australia. There's chairman I'll just -- it's it's remarks on anybody's ever been there knows -- he says scrape marks on the on the actual war itself I mean I couldn't push of the enclosed. Clemson comes flying open matters I mean there's just something there so what are we went there another time -- and our group to send the place mennonite. I -- in my nephew walked up the stairs we hit the top step. In the door propped open -- kept the door from all things. Smart source as we profitable in the door opened -- fess up paranormal thinking that I just saw. That's -- exactly. Well OK so. What you're gonna hear is you're gonna hear a woman say. -- Jeremy come play were your toys. You're gonna hear a child say a little babies sleeping. And then you can hear harming. Joined in by -- -- sounds like an older male -- it really does and that we were there. And nobody did any of that and we were there should be interest that is 504. Anybody -- -- -- -- bickering like little like you know you walk. Closer to. And -- There and every night. We appreciate it. Can everybody in her chest silence never got -- cam -- and not your article so that knocking on her. Because they're that loud knocking herself was -- part of the VP your no doubt was probably is. Just saw there was like seminary people in the room -- -- was just heard some noises somebody was making in their -- and I mean that that's that's coming in that you can -- facilities and the theft. Two separate bombings now let's let's -- society. Hey -- another -- that's easy bickering like little like you know you walk. Closer to. Hand out the there and we appreciate it. Awesome they're very good you know what Tom thanks context from the wife Angie actually correct -- last time we stayed there. About four -- or six I was actually we -- in the other six was found there. Four from the team and now of course my wife and stands once we took beyond the -- are telling us about how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's where journalists going to pass just follow him down and Hellman rocked him and stuff and I remember distinctively now -- -- course. Distinctively. Than saying that these -- home and saying. Com for all of us to Islam you know he was some underage gave him and do not comprehend an incentive so that kind of just pops into what what you basically -- I'm not the last time we stayed there this room is doing in the McFarland room really yes so so they got this I mean special awesome. What was so we're down there I actually had a little -- well in the rooms they leave little toys out yes anybody who stayed there you'll find when the tour is actually suffered journey. And we said tomorrow and I had some little toy soldiers. We said the -- he went to lunch which index. Throughout now behind the -- think they're very deeply moved. Strange things happen another couple was with this they think. -- the ball real cross through our fingers over who slashes. They bring themselves Don Nelson's you're putting issues on the get beyond there was it was sold on the floor and -- came there was some Florida nowhere. And then he had the bill would mean click on the shelves next to the barely -- put on the left hand side community on the right now. Not slogans like that you guys just little simple things now I should stop. I mean the wife and I stayed there you know you know it's a pretty well on the -- on and I don't know -- lesser tournaments are suffering well bush is -- there it was you can just feel the energy you know I'm no less so in a negative way but usually they're just -- just about a car Gettysburg absolutely right and that's the thing you know. If people say over the battlefields America Europe and like all challenging manner on the battlefield battlefield beginning we mentioned a vote. Please visit want to have to label -- chronicle that is one place. That deserves label right now right the whole top Echelon they deserve to have that label and I am in my hotel rooms and -- -- -- you something parent unless the place to go via. There's -- to army was known as a gentleman's warrant that was true reason because everybody. I'm Mike today -- promotion for the most part a lot of respect you know so I'm -- -- -- they -- the same modern all night no one. And Renoir after canteen it's also for the -- for the -- without you know hurting each other so. I think there is one of the -- summed -- -- -- like little conflicts that that happened that weren't exactly that -- -- dominant and well. Those -- look for the most ripe for the most part it was Julio Jones wanted to -- you know they become. The residents and -- people laughter -- time and I can't we just a slightly multi candidate didn't battle -- night especially embattled in the middle of the day. -- and the means to those standards straight up for looking at each other I'll tell you -- forget that one time I. My brother and I am not far from his wife and fun because it's -- armor. Island on the road. And does some measly 12 o'clock at night and just just -- headlights looks like if you would look for qualms -- cross a road trailer on I went reflectors on the plus like I thought I'd be himself I look at. And -- -- -- it's not a -- thing is just something like lights like lanterns if you don't go across a road and I saw nothing else other than this very dim light comes like. -- in the trucks -- using any offense while they're just amazing and actually went off until there's like a little while the water's edge on the right side of the erosion going through. And for yourself don't you think of this they're probably going out looking further through wounded yeah I didn't lanterns and just amazing and -- -- -- you -- -- -- just as distant dislike him. Little life and just actually made and received actually amazing off. But I'm so everything else on Gettysburg. Well well. And another one in the Farnsworth house we were in the basement the basement is supposed to. Be a very active place and that man now. We were down their doing the paranormal Nye thing and there's a big wooden door. -- goes to the outside. And is set of steps that goes down to the door you've probably seen next the casino so you know what untie just your. In it was a little windy but it wasn't. Thinking real nasty and I'm standing with -- -- -- to -- to my back. And all the sudden the door just opens and slams violently through and it's not like the wind caught it in just rattled it in one don't -- don't. Slams violent -- that's the first I heard that you on the Angel -- where they tell you that a lot that don't capitalize on this one's from grown up. Still I'm scared to if you will Pesci and apparently the tour because of that shooting just left it down there and walking by and -- you know. The door slam and the guy told the selection true just -- to a prosecution got absolutely I want everybody in their -- room screen. And I understand in there and I just anonymously connect so you're like okay they're Reyes and I actually have that man -- of that you do that's file number six. Won't know -- women -- file won't can't play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As far as like in the basement stairs and you're adore your child does some interest you can understand -- ups inside that room is the other wooden -- because they can actually get a phone and I know they aren't supposed to -- are all right now. But I remember I think it was you -- to something painted across on the door thirst and -- been blessed is that what that is -- I was wondering what the cross is -- that sort of really we're there we actually start my Brothers I'm opening an when he stuck his head and then some musical grand theft. I wonder what's on the other side of the door than it has been blessed and it's not like well there's so one of the story goes on there is a woman. On their who's been a bit and then agitator. And she's on this kind of aren't over an open and storage plugged in there and apparently she's sunny image of a big burly guy in uniform with red hair and red beard. -- pushes hander returned Chester shall under no backups and orange and landed right on the back -- fashion that perform once again the -- talk about that. She was being an agitator right this just is very. Very I'm almost in -- which is very negative very very darker -- darker area so that's -- allow I don't know I think back your water heaters and pipes right the other so even. Clinton made you select hope nothing breaks now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest and now I appreciate Jim Talent thank you don't don't -- can tell she really have. Will we -- hello we have a FaceBook page. Now I'm just don't paranormal society and we have a website just don't turn on signing dot com all right then there's links to our emails right on the if anybody needs help actual -- pre show I appreciate common. -- -- used to see you next week you can write this evening -- all right thank you guys for having me thanks to listen this happened I didn't. Tonight.