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Dec 7, 2013|

Saturday December 7, 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and. It's time for Larry and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- Until -- lie okay. And the good want it shouldn't combining. Hurry today. Giddy and I guess he -- he -- it always does this amazing gift to you all going and the mosque since. We -- -- I can't control and Massa type those guys every land. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants -- the only. Financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I'm -- can -- me on I'm sorry captain enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And that is so warm out today and now. This is Wednesday -- routine for now Thursday Harrison and -- -- plus if it was Wednesday last week yeah. But as we say every week land but yeah I am but you know an insane yet so this is the last day isn't. Of the wonderful and I think tomorrow even though it's gonna -- how maybe you think it turns -- I don't know you know I think. This is that you fly and see you -- the last hurrah on the wonderful weather. But anyway here we are. Hands. Couple things couple sat outside possessed of. The Radisson on Tuesday night for. These primaries foundations. Meaning. And that the award for -- feet. Smart grids. -- Chamberlain. Award this year went to. Suzanne staples -- for Suzanne Fisher staples I'm sorry I forget -- I'm. But I ran into one of our friends there. Doctor commitment to worry when you chief. Who said she misses us terribly I know I told him. To get together so I promised her that we will take a -- and go out for dinner and then. And then I said -- you have a birthday coming up don't change she said yes. And I says it. And which one is this 85. I know I just passed that. 86 wow. So January 7 I believe it does she -- me six -- she is a remarkable thing is amazing I'm now. Amazing I know -- so I scientists say. How low and EA free. Strange and wonderful. I saw her let. So I saw her was TC EMC's gala dinner and she looked beautiful and I had a long conversation that's when I said. We need to get together so we welcome thanks I promise to really accomplish some days aha and how did you like the event that they now I think this is the first shouldn't that they've included beach. Feel an award at the annual dinner at the annual meeting -- I think that's a great idea that was genius. Because it's it's everybody. At one time so that's great yes. Well congratulations to her I do not know her but I -- accomplished -- sorry -- know Doug Peterson told -- and congratulations -- -- and -- Peterson -- you guys -- also nominated which -- -- and I -- everything. Liver cancer Bankrate. Theater and take the TC MC last night I was at upon his hand. Which I just love that place and done we had a little wrap up party for the gala with the committee members who served for the fifty annual gala for TC MC and -- let's be next year to it will be at Mohegan Sun the new. And no. As we go back and forth to look back on hand Sarin -- net and we were there in the last Monday the Monday before Thanksgiving to see it. And it's beautiful good so I'm that's going to be they concede up to 700 people enact new facility. That's good it is great there's a ballet -- pulling right up into the hotel -- And dean ballet folks are grade and then it's I didn't going to date they got a whole tour. Most of the gals site I had to leave little early but I'm in kids. It's going to be cramming it looks view the lobbies -- it's just great looking so I'm looking forward to that I think there's a whole little world. It's its own probably some zip code Sony and I'm Alina this huge news back here with I -- but it's great they do such wonderful things for -- supporter communities out there. That's good and Mike -- who's just he's just wonderful. He's very similar to an aspect of Bobby -- -- thank you think the I don't there's a quality that's very kind of its kind quality is there and I think that's a lot of as we stated before and the core values of their organization something. Really I'm sorry I missed any presentation because -- you've talked about it several times and sounds like. It was really something pretty powerful well it really was she was wonderful doing it and Maria and I'm you can see from the people who you meet dad are in those positions. That Gabe that's how they do things even even as far as the ballet service like I said I it was I was very impressed with it. South but I have to say -- my favorite ballet person in the world this -- the rest of now he's the best I signed the other day. The F. Isn't the only you would know -- co owners Elway he's good -- best guy in the world because what happens is you know about and this is going you're gonna be surprised at this. The you know everything I do that I go to at the Radisson I'm late for you now that I am always coming in late. And so I think it's a good party must always -- And so George knows me so he C he'll be down at the near the street -- come on in any gives me a special parking space. And I get -- in at the door and -- -- a wonderful it's nice 'cause it is is all you well. So it all -- it's great that he is he's terrific and I was over there because first it's Tuesday I spoke at the Radisson to a small group of lovely ladies. From the American press and the association of collegiate women are you familiar with that -- ECW. And -- Betsy bonds are Hawaiian love and asked me if I would speak a little bit to these lovely ladies. And I did. And I had a great time at all and -- American University women's. Maybe it is for us because that's Danielle has been a view that the winning a UAW now OK so I sent a wrong. Hence I wanna see that's something I would not have anything to do it now. Everything that's I don't know for a year and 83. Saying and I say that all the time so here's -- -- -- and what it might what are Hulu only speaking for about it she Toma now what is it actually called. The American University. -- now association. Of of the universe you know universe American university women is so alien is just not Paramount. Anyway I'm I don't know I caused some here. But it gets all the same thing right now thank. He said that's his name that's Reza what can be another one and now it is that I apologize scene that I I just know what to what it was about and so I Sid and Nancy sick can you speak to us a little bit about. Why do you do what you businesses and I and I said sure and I said but that's you won enough she -- a word interested in knowing and I said look. -- ten little twist to that she somehow without safe so she said. -- she similar that they said the fact that you guys are out if you gas are all. College educated and I'm going to tell you that I'm not and I'm successful in spite of it so to speak. And she said I love it and so. Like I said I -- him like three. And you know few credits away from from bad but I never really did finish. Do you circumstances from nursing school drop out bill to other things and so I always I sort of and I said this to them I sort of where it added as a badge -- in many ways because how many people my age. At the very young age of 52. Most people women and of of course -- most people deal may be not necessarily hit right here but most people do have that. -- -- and I love it who I'm Mikey he. I was doing what I was doing the dance I heard the victory dance you know what they don't have. Now -- -- -- stage of associate at the table but nonetheless it was and we had a lot of fun and they listened to and you know I told them all though. That's not. You know my bag or has -- and -- -- higher Ed with my children has -- And it's still remains I think everybody should do it but in many cases. That doesn't have to clean and you're still. -- backyard. And I I remember talking to somebody once who said they were debating as to whether they should buy their child a business. And let them run -- opposed to sending them to college there's an answer some questions I. And dad had been coming up more recently than not then. Well we know when you consider all the people that we know today. That are. Just over the top super successful people. A lot of them were in college when they started their businesses but never got a constant -- Worked with the classic works out of the garage at the basement or something and then Bill Clinton is something. So having -- college degree didn't mean anything to them because they were so self directed. Then it was just a waste of time. Exactly anyway and that's really what I believed it to be because I was telling someone this morning that the education I got as a young kid working for third national bank. And then -- being able to apply what I was learning and get paid for it. Was just as good as I is now better than I would have gotten engaged in it in as school setting even though I did get. Education and college. Credits from in banking I still it's still amazing that you -- it that that experience could could not speak. Replace and I said I would do it all over again if I had -- bad it was it was some it was neat and then Janet Wenzel was telling me about what's his name Bruce -- Who was on. Is it the more I CBS morning show I am Sunday Sunday morning I should say and he said that he draft out of the University of Pennsylvania there. Which I didn't even I watched most of hid bad but I didn't hear that part of it she said who trapped side -- -- Personal Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard yeah I mean all these people who don't know you know it's it's amazing so but you said like you said they're doing things in the garage or whenever and make. Are so self motivated and directed that day. It that's just what happens schools in the way. Right I thought it was kinda need for me to be speaking. I was rather ironic let me go. So and then -- she's like well OK if that's good look at it you know best because she's so easy going. And I said if you just bring me one of your data bowed low from us in a brand of comedy day. Nice. Now she's but that is fabulous if you haven't then it. They'd have bread and State Street in clarks summit is fabulous. Call and it dread and fabulous food -- And she did say that soon -- -- -- Monsanto I know for sure that what they're adding mayor so that's good -- So we also have to say something about some women's resource center. His having their annual Santa's -- personal fund raiser that simply this this weekend. And you can buy tickets that would allow people to go to now hair salon this year. And for ten dollars you can get her hair cut how nice so they can they do that every year -- In -- naturally speaking of the women's resource center they were making a donation a Christmas donation that I'm organization that's -- organization. To the women's resource center this year attempt. Simon thanks because there are a lot of women's groups that do that every year including the women's network luncheon will do that they -- jump. So that's all good ideas that I know. Also must say happy birthday and my associate Christopher Harris and even though you're listening on Saturday his birthday is today Thursday. And he doesn't like to have anybody know how old is the -- paranoid that. Please thirty -- would just -- there. And then we do have to say once again. -- to -- wind. And memo line. West sider. -- get worst performing again. As the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders against. My New York Jets. Still cornerback -- and -- didn't. -- and then you're out. I easier that he was my favorite thing -- had he says yeah cynical view that as a long story but Sanchez started the season. He's fair to Midland and then he got hurt in a pregame so he's out for the whole year. Then they start to somebody Els and then they've got a guy named I don't members -- Yeah I'm Dan Connor and and so man -- so really it is house last thing -- -- but anyway they took them out. Last summer anyway because he was so -- they stink -- -- this year they Syria are awful awful awful. Awful so that's what I say they need otherwise I'd cornerback don't think they do I'd like to see man we're going to win this week in Yemen out there over my said. Sorry -- As a kid did. Now what could last time he is he's doing great doing great he's doing really well -- so proud of them. Well and of course that was what we talked about to vote westside and being the best side. So anyway we're gonna take a really quick break here listening this morning -- yes -- -- -- -- To -- human -- would be right back and it's Saturday morning -- little Korean land now. -- -- Morning everyone good morning -- And mr. Jeff side over there and he's coming and sounds so I gotta say I had him I can't -- morning's. I'm married caddie I'm the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR special event business. And my name is Linda Evans and I and president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. And it. I have two things that can go back to back care plans. About women doctors women's physicians. From an outcome wanna you know turn them in the end but. When you look at. The the new classes that are coming in. To these medical school more than 40% of them sometimes over 50% are women and so. In the future we will have a lot more women -- -- right. This -- a very interesting story in the Philadelphia Inquirer. About some things that we're going on. I'm pay scales and the differences and we've talked about this in general. About how women make 76 cents on every dollar that men make that this one was kind of really in your face. This was and a woman named Alan guest on who was an inquirer staff writer who wrote this story about. A doctor called show. -- ski and may be mispronouncing mess that all of these. Names are in here so I have to believe that. There's probably a lawsuit involved and so it's okay to mention these names I don't know why but. So by -- recalls her salary negotiations. To become chief of surgery. At Penn presbyterian medical center in 1998. A male colleagues seeking the same position. And Pennsylvania hospital told her quote you shouldn't even look at it for less than 325. -- And they were talking 200 intend to make. She found the paperwork. Then she found the paperwork for the presbyterian chief who preceded her. He was making -- 125000. Dollars a year more than me. When their respective job offers came her male colleague at Pennsylvania. Got a 150000. Dollars more. -- he was furious and also inexperienced and negotiating. It took -- number crunching to show how she would miss. Two million dollars or the time of the proposed salary. So after an expert gave her -- pep talk she bluntly put the numbers tour bus. Quote none of this I feel stuffed and quote. And then she said there was a 92 cause they were just staring at each other. Eventually she says she got a significant race but not enough to bring her in line with her male peers. I ski now associate executive director of the American border surgery in Philadelphia is one of many female doctors. Whose seasons and disarm themselves reflected in a recent study in the journal of the AMA. The study observed salary differences for our group of 247. Women and 553. Man. All physician researchers. Who had won grants from the National Institutes of Health. Women surveyed made an average of 167000. While men got 200000. A difference of 32000. Overall. With controls in place for specialty academic crank leadership positions publications research time. The women still made 121000 dollars less than men each year. More women are medicine now than ever but they still face myriad challenges including paying. They struggle to balance work and family with heavy schedules. An unprecedented hours promotions are competitive and Intel yet more time for work resurgent and networking. Women make up 48% of medical students with their numbers dwindle as they rise up the ranks of academic medicine. Naturally. Women make up 35%. I'm sorry nationally. Women make up 35% of medical faculty overall and only 13% of department chairs and DEX. Only 13%. At 105. Women about 18%. Isolated city department shares. Out of 28 shares. Philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine employs five female department chairs out of twenty. While four of 21 shares listed on Drexel site are women. There are three women 128 shares of Jefferson and temple has one. Since. This is this is incredible that it's just incredible to me that this is how this. But anyway. See this woman who is there's there is say and American medical women's association. And the woman who is the current president notes that medicine began with men and the promotion requirements have been molded by their experiences. -- much easier to be both a man and a physician than it is to be a woman and a physician. Says the president who's a neurologist and thanks very -- we talk about this all the time. How the pressure's still on women to be mothers wives and daughters as well as being. Position. And don't have as much of that pressure to do all those things. She says this woman Daisuke called the new study awesome and then -- highlight the wage discrepancy cannot be explained away by women's choices. In specialty. Location or work hours. Until this paper it was really just so soft every wage discrepancy had an explanation they could defendants. Stephanie booty vice chair of emergency medicine at Penn. And head of its focus program to advance women's health says even those who make it to leadership. Often lighten their load briefly by cutting hours for researching last and then they often hide those choices. After her first two sons were born in quick succession of police took a radical step in 1992 and -- hours. I just found it incredibly difficult to do working about sixty hours a week and manage them and my home life in that era there was. It was a really big deal that nobody I knew was doing that. What goes on on talk about this but it's interesting to me at the that is exactly the reason why. I want specialize in working with women physicians. Because I think the need is so strong for somebody anybody to take something off their place. That -- don't that they can free up -- -- anybody by via. But yes and that's so crucial to their survival and with this kind of money. That there making. There is they don't understand how to manage some money. Even though there is a huge difference here and what they lose because they're not being paid with their peers are paying being paid. They still have a huge amount of money that they may now. Course of a lifetime -- and they very rarely have enough to show for it. Great shape pre retirement so many women -- -- women physicians. Reach retirement without sufficient assets to be able to maintain a lifestyle. And they also seems to me like where this has to change is that the and in the medical school won't laugh at the -- schools medical school level in the ending instructors. Yeah because it's based it's very there and they understand that they're gonna teach. These women. How do you and what you do to get to where you need to day Montel because they're hearing it from men and doctor Jerry Tracy told me years ago. When they were starting to TC MC program. That he strongly believed. That they should include in the curriculum. Information about personal financial planning. And also business planning. Because there's so many physicians walk out right with a job right now they don't know what they're supposed to do when did they break off -- go on their own. My may not ever anymore -- given the way medicines going. But they have no idea what to do with the debt. With some of the salaries when they when they start because they have for so many of them. Their parents were not physicians and their parents from middle class people. Who had a job that works a 65 my they saved everything they did was they did but they don't understand. The difference now their children are earning. At any point in time sometimes. 246. Times what their parents may -- so their parents can't share that information with them. They don't understand this so they need to seek some good advice from the get go and I think that. Then we that we went discuss that's who we spoke about a long time McDowell are many weeks ago. About women who try to do at all who won't let go of areas of their lives that drives them crazy that if they got summoned to help them once they could let go of that and put their faith fair. And let someone else pick up. That burden and they can focus on the other stuff and and it is true what what they say and I told -- that woman years and on the junior league who was some -- wasn't. A commissioner in dauphin county ain't she spoke at 1 -- -- I am in Cambodia eyes that we went to a Harrisburg. And she said to me she said you wanted to run for and this was she didn't mean -- -- -- on a minute she said she wanna run for elected office and when. And once you get there hire yourself a wife because. Really -- because and that that I -- it doesn't mean it that way but somebody to help PO in most cases it was a wife. Or is a wife. To help you with the things that why is necessarily can do yeah and do deal. So I am I agree with that -- accepts. What they do need to look at that we know so many women who wired. Doctors. And so that the and that is a struggle and 'cause look at our lives and we're not doctors yeah. Mean it's the same thing and but then they've got all the you know that the lives of so many patients that there worrying about trying to care for intrigue. And that's got to be overwhelming because it's just one more person who needs something from me up. And that's not something that stays at the hospital that's right you take it home make it absolutely there's no doubt about it. The flip side to this. Was another article that I found -- fascinating. I'm CNN money and doctors who are driven to bankruptcy. -- -- The flip side of that. Because they don't they don't have any knowledge on what I'm doing. And so they tend to go with what their friends say him very much a part of that mentality well. So I'm so it goes to see this person so I'm gonna do this or there isn't a deal on the table sounds exciting I think I'm gonna participate -- lose everything. But it's a series in the side businesses that. Here's oncologist doctor Dennis Morgan had a profitable solo practice in Connecticut for years revenues began to fall he said. When reimbursements for treatment and drugs on colleges started shrinking. He may cut backs but he began having trouble me expenses and his business dead crew. Critical theme of chemotherapy drug and medical supplies providers. Eventually cut me off. In June 2011 his practice in the medically underserved area. Filed for bankruptcy as hundreds of chemotherapy patients at the time. For the next two years his role became that of a captain of a sinking ship. Managing the allocation of lifeboats. Until rescue arrived he said. He re directed patients and other doctors and area hospitals early last year he stopped practicing medicine. And primary care doctors face similar challenges. A solo practitioner in an underserved areas of the Broward County Florida whose patience -- mostly on Medicare or lacked insurance. File for bankruptcy as the economy worsened in the wake of the recession fewer patients could afford to command cash payments and reimbursements dropped. To come up with money to keep the practice going she took a second job -- hospital. Still hurt debt ballooned she fell behind and state tax payments. Two years ago Florida tax officials. Showed up at her door is shut that clinic downs she quickly calls. This person -- and he was able to file an emergency bankruptcy for her online -- officials were still waiting room. He gave them the magic can. This summer and they left without closing the clinic she eventually help the doctor restructure her dad and the clinic is still open. But this is very sad idea this is what we're dealing left. I don't know how much stronger medicine can go on the way it is and I'm sure those. Doctors women we know and then positions are having the same missions. Yes -- there we are not good. But you have problems come talk to make -- have to go my -- when I condemn them when -- is there. I was gonna take a really fast break fast in one minute but we'll be right back you're listening to people are human -- It's Saturday morning a little Korean -- now. -- -- Morning good morning how are you say fine just Jim dandy good it. Well we have our guest expert here with us this morning mr. -- died representing me ERA one source realty. -- has been with those first few times now. And loves us and yes kind of and love him have to say probably we love him to yes we just because he. Thanks I don't but anyway if you think I'm thinking that he says heads. We might have talked this morning about the local market because. I sensed Jeff that I noticed over the weekend there was an article in our paper. About the fact that and it just seems that the market in general in this country has picked up dramatically but not so much here. And I'm not sure Hawaii. But that's I think and like to talk about I mean is there some reason why you want for here. Well well first of all I mean I've I've brought in sums from year end numbers are first by just one decision. Tom this is our last show for the holidays or want to wish you both happy holiday before we get the day. Let's say thank you and dom and -- you -- regards as well -- amendment gun nuts and cameramen. Tom but but when I ran the numbers I I think that you know and these are this is the greater Scranton board of realtors. We're not doing that -- I mean now I mean if you look at it if you look at like the numbers across the board of course and number one is that thumb but properties have sold. Com and were up 7%. And when we have -- pending listings that's another 10% that's out there on the pipe that's going to be coming and Tom. Well we're starting to -- is active listings com and new listings there there are mediating but when it depends on what price point you get into. And I think they do know elaborate I'm not a little bit. But mom and an across the board we're seeing. Positives were regency positives and negatives were resisting negatives -- gonna sell price. Celebrate median sale prices I'm 125. -- the average sales price is around 149 goes basically have -- I'm very little change indeed -- the sales price once again it went from like 115 to 125. But if you look at it ever so -- 250000 dollars last year and this year so prices this. That's laughter that's but I I didn't -- the article was sent them that the prices were flat. And then we saw it across the board in the rest of the country they were going up. So. I think that's what concerned me because I thought the last time we talked about. What was going on in our area. It was all very positive good news and and we think 3% 5% increase men in pricing. So I'm just curious to know what why didn't go back to flat. Tom you know what -- a year Jeff it you know on -- didn't. The time the year yes but I think our market really is this different than what they're talking about nationally I don't think that we had that huge. Decrease in huge increase and we know we were really kind of flat -- -- -- -- -- we didn't we lost value column and and we were starting to climb into that. I'm heavy -- where everyone was over pricing their houses and everything was going fast. -- furious five. So I think that's why we didn't have an impact as much that's when the numbers are out there. Does one thing and I know I have put in an email I don't know if -- sides plan. I remember the last time -- he was here he it was I think late summer and she was talking about it. How hot the market was for lake front property. That just couldn't keep an inventory it was is going so fast. Is that still true the. Not really and I think once again we get down to the seasonal part of Canada that -- have to know when you when you're when your marketing -- property in the summer you wanna say pool wage in the winter you wanna save thermal heat fire my life. -- so calm so I think that's part of it com. There were a lot of property transactions today in the newspaper and a -- -- -- So the closings are happening -- -- it's that time of the year he apple have to have. Close by the first stand and so we I was. That the push in the last month I mean even this year vs last year. -- -- -- -- numbers here for you today okay is on its double -- so you've you've basically increased you know 10% at the end of the year in the last two or three months of the year. Tom verses during -- you were up -- 43 or 4%. Com. But but I if but the one thing interest and I think that that moment talk about lake fronts and different things like that I think the one interesting thing is to talk about the price. What people are behind. -- because even across the board we look at some you know for -- 7%. Is it it's not 7% across the board. Arms are kind of looked at what Michael though though the ones who are shining and the ones who really are are getting left behind. And Tom the big market that's hottest is you know red round -- 162200000. Dollar. Com price point and I mean that this -- the Seoul prices occur on the Scranton board are 30% higher than what we did last year. Well that's good. Yeah and it's it's it's just a question of you know that's that's unfamiliar look -- the statistics and that's that's wonderful but even if you ask a question why it does that happen why is that happening. And you know and that's that's really something that. We don't know the answer to a com. But if you look at the once again the statistics an average competent. Median income in. I'm like -- county's 45000 then if you look at a debt ratio on a long what can they afford to pay in the mortgage underneath 89009. So I think they're the media in the regular person who's out there are and they're starting to -- Yeah and that's that it -- group of winners being right here. Yes I'm fine. And then the over 400000. Dollar the market they're tough he -- -- and yeah I mean and Tom it's it that upper upper hand you know 500 and above. They're really hard to categorize because it's just you can't put them in. And a -- you can't put them in an envelope and bring everyone else. But I'm -- to feel 40500. There are hurting third. There are sold on -- down in sales -- must 40% cash on their ending. And 10% pending and either arm and the -- -- are -- and the inventories up so often so displaying demands an -- to 180. Price pair -- point -- -- -- you know it's it's very. Pliable but when you get into this that Tom sellers are really hurting for in that price point. Com. Let's look side -- that is half of the foreclosures. Foreclosure. Foreclosure reserved you know that's one thing in a market arm I mean that leadership class with Tom a number of brokers and -- -- across the country. And the majority of them have been saying in this class in the starting back in the summer is that there's no more foreclosure market. And they're -- foreclosure market has basically gone away. And we still were very robust but boy you're starting to see now is with that market you're starting to see less inventory. And Honda inventory now is is dropping Tom. The com number of sales is flat and we've got a ton -- -- so you're not gonna have that same inventory. Tom I think that the investors came in and depleted depleted what a lot of what was out there. On the banking industry has shaken things up and starting to get things on track. Com and they're still. Short sale issues and whatnot so you still have distressed properties out there but that I think that. Worst finally coming out of the wearer. Other people were you know two years ago or a year and a half ago in terms of the foreclosures. How are we seeing. Numbers based on not it. Appraisal numbers are we doing OK there are they coming off and on price are faced down what do we do -- any idea with and it's. The appraisals gonna go with you know. Do you almost hand in hand with what you're doing for the sales price so you know again you're looking at the appraisals on him to speak to the price the value of the house. So if something's on 425000. Dollar store and I -- appraise -- for 150 -- their their mind I mean appraisals are coming and. Ominously just the values in general that we use to DC. Our home was worth so much more a few years and now and with all the changes with the mortgage industry in action everything went down I think sort of rising a little bit more damage are we seeing Matt. Yeah and once again I think they're rising with the other 4%. Angry I -- -- to your -- gonna rise without -- we're not seeing an -- -- forcing anything actually you know with an appraisal it's an appraisal will be up slightly. But the problem -- you run into. And in this market still in the were covering it is that. They were hit so hard when the banking industry crashed that there are so so tentative about giving over valuing -- property so you'll I don't. That's the but I want to tell you a couple of years back I you I sold the house the appraised value was 151000 dollars less than they were paying for it and because it was a cash deal. And it was yeah what are they were able to squeak throw other than an hour and a big not cashed but a big lump sum payment down payment. The only way I -- these people -- in so wait a minute eat your tell me this house is worth 151000 dollars or less. The one I'm already agreed to pay and they still in hand with. Still some of them tiny so that could've killed the deal if that was a mortgage because if you don't you can just doesn't appraise and -- beard you're really not into position. There and and you know that this thing about. I think the trend that I've really seen in the what I've really noticed we talked about days on market are the jays are marketers are truly started to decrease. And that's because the banking industry is really have kind of loosened up a little bit. Calm -- my chisel and a power arms -- by the end of the year by an com. Deet deet is the fact that. So many deals are delayed. Delayed delayed because of different things like the appraisals that you're talking about and -- a one sheet of paper that the bank doesn't have calmed considerably. I I can't remember an incident there now. Almost two decades in real -- being involved and -- state that so many. Deals are delayed. I mean sometimes delayed. Weeks. In after the settlement data's is. Before the close. Never mind that's I mean you have a settlement day ready to go their commitment and then -- it's blown really that's happening a lot all the time so why now. It's it's just it is that makes every realtor very nervous Anderson and Gary and could you imagine planning to move well yeah Barack Obama and that's what I mean because you have to. To be the ones adult. The customer -- client Obama just got. And they've brought they put so much red tape and when they really tightened up the restrictions -- banking industries. That it can take -- -- count her not having one Cigna insurer. War our one initial or at the last minute you need -- -- a physical copy of the do you verses like arm and a copy of the deed. So there's really I mean all those things thrown into the equation into the mix -- for really well really make it tough. But but by and large we would look at our numbers comment at the array and we look at the numbers across the board were consistent with what we did last year were a little bit and we incredible your roster right. Millions Iron Man that bombs. We're still par without were sold a little bit about that and again I think that the health of the market get -- once we get into. Don't from a hole it is in our market is actually positive I think most of the news is really really positive. Well that's good I'm glad to clarify that because it was a outlook into good. What the weather and well and you know what sometimes the stuff you read you can always go by either so biased I -- -- India and end and I do think that for whatever reason we always hang tough here. Even in this region can both get through they didn't know down times and go up with the -- and that it it just always happens -- And I think things are better all the way around with everybody okay. KM one month ago I'd like to do give a shout out to the arm -- business and professional association. Every year they do they -- coats for kids program benefits has started. We'd basically have banned -- member of our sponsor for them for this is our second nearest we just started it. Com so arm I think they do with a thousand -- a year for underprivileged. Kids. Tom plus a new and gently use and John Sears Canada I don't know how nice your office you could just muffle our office arm you can call you can contact the arm in BP. EPA at non. The Abington stop org or you can not check us out on our FaceBook page here I wanted and. -- -- -- This match -- that -- so. -- Palin at Christmas -- here we are you gonna have to help him than I miss my guess I would want to know how this course. Right up Mike Allen left so yeah. Okay well yes again thank you thank you both so much happening on your holiday as so many homes and done make people happy and we'll see next year. I get a check and -- -- yeah -- know maybe they have a wonderful home weekends get your Christmas trees up and everything you need to do enjoy your Christmas parties and other funds. And we'll see you next week. So -- we'll see in pregnant BankAmerica thanks so be safe yeah he send a guy I.