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Lackawanna County Controller Gary Dibileo and Corbett

Dec 11, 2013|

Lackawanna County Controller Gary Dibileo talks to Corbett about a grant to the Victor Alfieri Scociety in Scranton approved by the Lackawanna County Commissioners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that carried the Bill -- is normal one. And thanks for calling a shell Gary. What are you a -- -- soul do you find yourself in the dilemma now there. Well. I think a little bit Steve and I just wanted to save -- that I am a member of the material required. And I have been for a long time and I'm not an officer. I mean I did not know the county what is. Are offering good morning until yesterday east commissioner meeting of -- Which Nintendo controller. And I did not looked in on net. -- Can't remember a particular district or a jury club typically go there once a month. I took the monthly luncheon is -- do with -- told functions. I don't they had to spaghetti so Bruce. Each year we didn't attend most but it did not believe women are members -- The end you know -- only because I believe that's the way it all we -- then. I can try and -- -- you try to get they are who are remodeling note that first. All of the club I told during the second and third floor. Place. And many members are senior citizens may have a hard time which the stairs. And that's the reason why I think they're moving it down cares also. And I do understand the concerns don't cook. Like wanna contact pierce. And if I'm not sure if this decision involves media -- county controller. But I will look into. If they do believe that the members. You know what would we want them before the club do they want the money yes but I do believe that the members want to do what's right speeds. The end if that money is not allowable. I think we will be the first to say that they would not accept it. -- In the memory do agree about public money being funneled to private clubs. You know -- the public can't walk in the air. Which I'm not at any time they'd like. I'm you know that there -- you know could become an issue with public money. Slept but there you have it. So the taxpayers would be subsidizing. The building of a bar in a private social club. That some people called exclusionary because you have to be if I'm not mistaken. Either married to someone on the Italian heritage are of Italian heritage -- is that right. Yeah I believe so. My father's Italian -- my mother's Irish but I believe I could be a voting member because my father's Italian and and that can get in the way it's always been like -- literally years since 1911. I'm looking website itself -- the society currently headed by Joseph DN owner continues to function went over 500 members. All of Italian descent or married to Italian women so if you're my Irish descent. You're not allowed to be a member of the club either. You can be social member board but I think you have a nonvoting member. -- the way I think it's always been. OK show are so actually the club not only discriminates against women. The club discriminates against other ethnic groups other than those of Italian descent. It could be that way yeah do you do you do you agree without. All I wouldn't in today's day and age and are really no I don't. I I think it should be any idiot can include -- situation. Everywhere. You know not only. You know -- there's tertiary club good but they're pretty much anywhere states. So -- so if you're if you're African American if you're black you can't become a member if you're Julia can't become a member. It it's usually get worse is that about Garrett. Yeah. But says I'm looking into. This situation. And it. I believe the members of the club all -- they would you know gladly accept money. If it's not the right thing to do -- I couldn't it be the first distasteful. So. Are gonna look into it whether -- not quite -- sent controller and decreasing in the matter I am not certain. Confident within weeks ago. When you find out if it's legal to use public money taxpayer dollars to subsidize. A club that discriminates. The way you're knowledge -- your club discriminate. Yeah I have a lot of meetings scheduled for Friday afternoon with. My attorney. My gut controllers solicitor on another matter -- -- I will make it deployed to discuss this. -- -- And I can report back to you want it. Would you would you consider resigning from the -- Well I I wouldn't want to comment and right now I've done but I I I will look into this further into we could talk above postings it's another time. OK I appreciate you call on the show I appreciate your candor and and I appreciate your willingness third. As an elected official to look into these questions because obviously it is the 21 century where are talking about a cash strapped county. And we're talking about liberty and justice for all which is actually. Something that the club but. Strive to do which they've had to adjust to American ways and there's no more American way then liberty and justice wrong. That's exactly right and I believe all the members. In this club she's aware exactly that way. I hope so when I hope we're going to be able to achieve some sense of progress here again it Flacco wanna -- -- controller Garrett to Billy -- thank you for your --