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Webster and Nancy Interview Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray

Dec 13, 2013|

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray on the Anniversary of the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and His Involvement with the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow is a one year anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting there's an organization called mayors against illegal guns and on their website here mayors against illegal guns dot org. Says they are national bipartisan coalition of mayors are working to make America's communities safer. By keeping illegal guns at a dangerous hands. And the mayor of Lancaster joins us a member of the group -- Rick gray joins us this morning morning mr. mayor. What. They do it thanks for being with us and then of course so we want to mention we did mention that anniversary in in the an in this situation. This horrible situation we -- a situation where mother had actually. Purchased these guns that her son and use or not saying that in this case. You know down on illegal guns -- -- gun violence on everyone's mind to enhance its and you know we we have not our problem many cities do do we especially have won in wilkes-barre as well right now where we've had a lot of gun violence. Rob let's say tell us a little bit about say your organization I know you guys have been really trying to pass and background checks. Well we've been working -- -- -- state wanted to. Try to get reasonable world guard regulations. We want to make sure that we don't think Frazier look. Second Amendment Rights of both people who use guns lawfully. When you have heard here and we want to take every step we can turn to try to keep -- -- here it's. So people would use a -- lawfully. Earlier and comes over you. We're involved so we have over 200 -- are aware of potential where you are members. We're currently involved in house -- term term which would require. Universal -- I'm sure it's beautiful apartment so also longer arms. A long guns would be you know just a very sound like what you would think I'm sure our target rifles. But also -- -- and you're considered assault weapons early you don't need to do a background charcoal apartment so. And that's overrated. Look at that is not a an additional. Law would look at their crew Leo -- enforcement's tools to forcibly. Our laws prohibiting -- Columns of blood blood from possessing far firms -- purchasing our arms we're doing the same thing on the national level. On the Democrats for what what -- sure yeah. You know we agreed to work with social monitored truly close to leave your. The ability to -- -- -- for all of our current church on the national level so again that's helped our word focus right now. I saw it AM resent our report that was I think it was just released. Yesterday. That talked about in an investigation into online gun sellers. And you were coalition not claims and says that that investigation finds hundreds of high volume private sellers. And according to your organization undermining the public safety by transferring tens of thousands of firearms every year over the Internet. Without conducting those background checks. It's true wouldn't avoid you know quote. -- -- people who are built was very guns that are used illegally purchased -- through Internet sales for the governor also got a legitimate fire so far through work. The other guys. Unfortunately there's even one word sort themselves -- regardless of -- you if you wanna go through the war. The background -- pretty you don't wanna get proven background track. Well you can imagine who doesn't wanna go through with our cruncher. We recognize just practice. Every step we can't be concerned pro level but it's there it's not gonna solve this problem usually are all open issues. There's drugs there's patterns there's domestic borrowings. Where guns will we use -- -- for illegally. Ours is just trying to take steps to make sure as much as possible. But people who obviously should not possess firearms don't give them a -- a good example you can be on the do not for our list. In the United States. And still purchase assault weapons. Doesn't pay your program manager for foreign government -- foreign. But it doesn't say you're from far and far -- but it doesn't provide them parliament at least. It's like -- just typical to deal with. Right now the NRA. Very quite formidable opponent has found many sure they did neo -- gun control at some people have been trying to push for. I'm pat are they fighting you guys on this a background check thing. But generally yes -- a year old. Unfortunately there are pro. How long do bracelet charm and all water whose -- me your -- tell -- -- -- right. -- on these issues. Unfortunately they've taken more than the position that. And he had turned to look further regulate food distribution of forums Lamar how martyr. Oh there's a step in the wrong direction. Not -- so fortunate because Supreme Court I was similar to previous wife from paternity. The Supreme Court. Has ruled that individuals have a constitutional. Right accordingly -- sort of a moment because thus far. We're not trying to take out a way that we're doing our best start to a stranger -- -- typical. Exercise -- rights or were trying to do was provide reasonable regulation of borrowers. -- you you know I've heard you mention doing the leader and that this is here anniversary is certainly hope quote. Yesterday morning Padres starter wolf going to Harrisburg. -- to a funeral of an eighteen year old girl. It was a great end to order a diversity council woman who would shut down in the city's streets in Harrisburg got caught in the crossfire between its. But his alleged friend of hers and some other people. And she ended up -- -- high school graduate. Eighteen years old. Fourteen commissar approach -- -- this year. Fifty it was watching Larry. How much it is truly need brilliant how much ritual we tolerate now. Whenever there's it a high profile incident of gun violence sandy hook -- the best example I guess in the in the room. -- past year. You know there's always great hue and cry about guns and there's always the the renewed controversy about gun control and registration and so forth but as Nancy mentioned NRA pushing back. Politicians make speeches and and then after a two weeks is sort of we had Steve the American public has the ADD sort of that syndrome images they seem to slide onto the next issue. Of the day -- do you think is that it's a fight that can be one mean isn't insurmountable as it too much pressure from the NRA from politicians who were supported by your support the NRA do you think you their recent any meaningful gun control that we can actually expect to see happen. We're gonna use the word or phrase gun control because of -- pols but her parents we don't call through registration of all forums. Oh we don't know who are now we don't think it's necessarily need a -- reasonable approaches that we could take. And we've told people for example. Universal are growing insurance. Well the polls what we've done nationwide I -- console going to -- a vast majority of people are -- -- apparent. Including the NRA members including gun owners. Most gun owners sort. And I just knew it was so I have a lot of forums for the good. But Lancaster harm target shoot skeet shoot or are far oral history so production. Most of them notable probable with a background checks. It can be done relatively easy Trey -- some court today. Why someone would oppose that is beyond -- yes. On the public I haven't the polls have shown that people do support background checks. Does I mean that's the numbers that I see you know using anything different. Knowing very you know what's up in the -- ninety percentile where most closely this sort of supported. Why would senator -- get out front of the issue -- a state like Pennsylvania. Where we have many gun owners of the stronger and our right. Senator -- gets out in front of it with Joseph mentioned -- West Virginia and wants to do it nationally. He's certainly recognizes what factors to what his constituents thank you feel about all this issue -- Annually and you touched on and we don't have a lot of time you touched on and no one now website I'm not even in the images because I don't wanna act. El -- do a free commercials for them but. I and they literally and our aid kind of clearing house plays were these private sellers -- and they completely circumvent any kind of law that an actual. Seller would have to go through. That's strike is very often in response store proposals -- arguments great that we don't need new laws we just need to enforce the laws we there. Many of the things so we wrote commander reinforcement techniques were not very prohibit anybody from foreign regarding the current -- not further evidence. What we're saying -- let's check. Let's make sure that the law as currently written is African force but -- were -- for we recognize -- -- -- This is a small thing we recognized the fact that there's -- won't solve all problems. What would keep credit eighteen year old girl from Harrisburg for big shop -- we get in this study itself so warm could. Help. Inconvenient -- that -- I'm Lancaster mayor Rick great thanks for being with us so we appreciate your time this morning. Thank you very much and stay warm up and okay.