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12-8-13 Paranormal Science

Dec 13, 2013|

Features special guest WILK's Karel Zubris talking about her experiences growing up in a funeral home and Psychic Medium Michelle Gallagher calling in.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- normal science okay. And yeah. -- Okay. And good evening everybody welcome to another Sunday night of thermal science I'm -- guy is I'm here wrist and search. And we have a special guest in the thermal science lab tonight WAOK is very own -- numerous hi Carol hello guys. Thanks for coming in my pleasure. You know I got to throw some mom some props up there to the PA turnpike commission tonight I drive down the turnpike from clarks summit. To the Pittston township exit. And he's accounted I think five trucks sit there warmed up Phil hello Anderson ready to solve the descendants ready to go great job guys. So hopefully the storms gonna miss Sosa looks like a lot of wind east but I -- there -- sewn into the school kid or some moisture coming our way Kenya and yap. Well we have uninteresting topic tonight and I wanted to talk a little bit about funeral homes well -- investigating with with the PP eight. We we talked to a lot of people and there's this big stigma that goes along with funeral homes that and you know we're kinda creepy and people believe that there haunted because of all the bodies that go through there. And you know I remember my first experience -- with the funeral home I don't think I was a teenager you know I was. You know probably preteen maybe 101112 years old panda family member of course died in you know my mom took -- me to go to the funeral. And into the viewing. -- it was just a very odd experience seeing. The open casket the body laying there and done. Yeah always stayed in my mind a little while after that put you don't have the new wasn't you know. Destructive for -- anything like that do bother me but he used his rear and a guest tonight. And my my first encounter with -- someone who died was actually a neighbor who had been out done shoveling snow and I had a heart attack in into. For me it was very profound experience because. It I had seen him just earlier that day in and when I saw him after -- passed away. They hit it just felt different it felt like an empty shell and infamy in my head I'm like well I think. There is actually living spirit in somebody you know I knew it was great and quite profound forming. But a stand how well you what was your first experience under their grandparents for. My grandfather I was very young and I can barely remember it now now -- remember mark my grandmother. And my grandfather's funeral within. They've made an impact -- you -- -- young didn't I don't think I was a teenager at the time. Very young in the first funeral and you don't know how to handle -- you've never seen it before. And you know it's just your parents for you -- -- -- that's what you're supposed to do we get to see the initiation his family. Somebody you're young you loved and cared for -- another don't ya think sitting in the -- -- feels you know. Strange now when you were younger someone had said you stand now. We know we're on to a funeral home and -- creepy okay. Yes definitely would creep me out why is that it is day even I still. Personally myself. A dead body doesn't bother me. I mean I've been involved in this -- -- dead bodies and move -- -- you know done things with so -- that it's the casket. For some reason in my head it's the finals nation of closing that casket and -- -- on the receiving again. That's -- -- -- -- phobia the fear of those who have died coffin Khartoum mom here those who died if you feared a cup until you guys. -- -- -- -- Now Carol you I think have had the most experience with those. Growing up I guess living in a funeral home until the day I got married that's all right let's. Most people that can't claim that experience I guess in life but I am sure there are there are people out there but not too many. Now is this somewhere that you were born into you were born in can read into the -- -- there no. My parents when they were married my father right after World War II got his license he went to mortar school in Philadelphia and he bought a home in -- site and he started his business he was in business for over fifty years. I four sisters so that's we we were custom growing up as a child. I mean going up as far as I remember a casket was in my home and it doesn't a folding chairs I found you know everyone has -- 125 folding chairs and there in their home and day long living room. Which was the funeral parlor a mean it was a customer I mean they renovated a house it was an old beer garden back in the twenties. And my father remodeled it. And -- the funeral home resonated a small fear. You had your audience you had your chairs you had your staging area for floral arrangements. And the my parents just wanted to provide the best possible kind of final performance for the person who put -- in their life you know with the final viewing the wake. So when you walked in there it's sort of we might hit you with a little bit of show business to really was so I'm sure he would have. Get me this way he -- this kind of work but that's my father into itemized. The funeral director tall lean always in the suit very professional my mother was like the wizard of eyes behind the curtain making all the magic cap and -- -- she talented. And just growing up in that. Environments I mean. If the phone -- green which I'll have to -- Hawaii you know because you know we can't take all information down. The newspaper and we can have a computer -- my thought I have to write everything down UP two Ares. Back then remember to funerals and dealings while I was -- dealings for two to three days. The morning prayers today it's like a hit ransom could have a drive through window they won it I think there was no evidence so they killed -- But this was a long process it was the morning and I mean. And we I got used to that -- M media and you learn to be a more eight compassionate person understanding. When you're seeing people at the site of death scene that. Dead body at six or seven years old remember in my hand saying. Hi this is okay you know we lived there in week eight there we played there we prayed there. The dead body was. Right next to our kitchen and I mean the funeral parlor and we would just. The treated as if it was just a part of our family and people come into the home they were shocked we cheered. Crying in the sounding emotional after -- my parents were. They didn't have a psychology degree that they had the common sense to -- how to calm these people down on my father would have this smelling salts for the -- com. And the first like day was mourning in the second day of the dealing was more. Other rejoice where my parents would be up almost till 2 o'clock in the morning. With people can -- memories and I know there was lake. Freaking out let's have a couple high balls and poppy seed and not roll any claim a little bit of a party and I mean they really -- give a 100% so. Of trying to make these people feel at ease to say humanly possibly can't and back in the day was that you know. People like we're living and that they would he's older people as very usual to have younger people carried away. On one or two -- does this mean -- small child my mother would makeup. I was -- sat she had. To make she's seamstress but she -- to -- close to address the child had passed away and we had another person who are committed suicide and had to be closed casket. And as insistent about personal wanna be -- mr. pat. This honestly wanted -- my father would allow it to happen because -- -- put their final wishes war now your mom was also involved with those who work there right she was a beautician -- she would make sure. Thank you -- -- possible vast. I'm not too educated we have with funeral home and he had fun. At DOD and tonight when the family goes -- is that the casket remain open he remains open and just. So they are you mentioned having -- dinner in a dorm right next door that's something you guys just your your sister's going to close. He has certain viewing hours seen over the two to four and then I would give my father Eric -- and the family time to eat dinner piled up like a two over break. Pressed to go in the pure part of history now things -- and lead to allow smoking in her home how that I know. You know like and don't clean up the ashtrays in vacuum make sure the flowers are presented you wanna make people look at this. I ciskei humanly possible. -- sometimes the deceased. -- make up and get all messed up derby lipstick but the hair and being put -- -- -- moved around they would have a week signed the have to adjust them. There their face and how. They looked you just want everything to look at is as presentable as possible. Because these people want to always remember these people this is to your first impression is your last impressionist -- -- -- friends the last impression there but usually at night. When I was younger to the casket would be remain open and -- it was request to Padilla a score she had -- flowers on top kill. I'm going back in my mind you remembering you know what my dad and -- It's crayons and the flowers so many flowers so many flowers unbelievable less well on -- -- people saint lieu of flowers. Donation we -- flowers all over the house it was great we really sometimes didn't know what to do is come back every flowers present and -- and everybody was recognized for that. We. Try as it was a small funeral home we try to accommodate as many people as we possibly can but with cars and and making sure that everyone that walks through that door was treated with respect and dignity and and each and every one was comfort from whatever their request was. Yeah Carol you going back to us. When you grew up when you know. How does it bring friends home for first time. -- was entries as one of the question -- -- eight -- -- hit my -- boyfriend home all that was a good one -- that we usually would freak people out but I remember it was six or seven years old I remember I was in like I went to Catholic school. And my father was very -- governor church so -- I have friends come over after school they say so and so died and they would -- play over our house and backyard in my mother was saying. Bring your friends and to see with this. This was like to -- a race like he said that fear it could compete to see with the -- person was like in the house so -- come in and -- be afraid. Agreement with sickle -- look at -- and to say a little prayer and walk away. And she looks like deep set fear from then you know walking into the fuel -- some people say they can kind of walking and they don't know what what what to say they don't know what to Wear. So icons were a little freaked out they -- in and they -- you know dance with the camera has a body of the school offerings and see that you know that. It probably isn't what we're gonna do in the seventies we have to gains in the entertainment I can we -- the -- team in the neighborhood to come over and just see what was going on. And my girlfriends look like -- to a kind of flowers they learned it was interesting state for a few minutes and we believe in the curiosity was gone after that. After usually the funeral all I'm with the funeral was over. The flowers are we remain in the house the body has been pretty take into cemetery. And usually cleaning up enough humor parlay and I always have that's strong smell the flowers even after they're gone. Sometimes 23 days or a walk and how soon after school -- Marcus at. -- -- seven funeral -- because now with there's nothing in the funeral on Iraq and I'm like can you smell what can smell it. And then my arms out here and my arms start street I'm like hold this is one of those movie and -- hey that's happening so only to walk away and do that there -- a couple of occasions. Like you said in dating I would meet -- -- -- -- -- forty live wild at the funeral home to see your sleeping with the -- I think we have that never bothered me because. They can protect me. So I felt always -- -- -- blessed enough presence that no one would ever bother us I just felt as all the clergy who walked through -- door and all the religious. Aspects that went through my house I thought we were blessed are angels there I really don't. Yeah I can imagine there be too many people trying to break into the room no no I think it would be kind of afraid no he's really never had -- -- -- -- Mischief Night or. Something like that by Halloween tour brand and bring the door and -- get occasional toilet paper or otherwise and that. We really didn't have any -- treat treat Harrison we have around the back door but he was so confused. We are one of the first people in the neighborhood to have a -- at our back -- my father was. Very innovative in getting that done to -- -- key parts on their write it down but it was easier to have the the casket rolled down military services in my backyard it was really cool. For military service as they were leaving the by the -- -- seriously and can see a pageantry. To CDF. This service gone you know to to respect for those of its soldiers out with -- there were a departing to back the house from the moment they left to right the cemetery was that was amazing was a friendly nice. All right Carol we're gonna ask you to. Hang around with us for a few minutes we get -- and quick break and we'll be right back talking a little bit more. About funeral homes and we'll get into the paranormal Bennett stick with us stick with us. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab many people are haunted by back -- It's degenerative related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- -- practically rehab now been trained using the latest technique. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that is. Opinion for you -- chiropractic even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com. -- -- -- can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may -- All right we're back with the journal science. If you have a question or comment you wanna talk about funeral homes certainly paranormal not been taunted. Call when it from anywhere at 570 ED 30098. Toll free NPA at 180437. 0098. And tonight we're talking with Carroll's U -- she's right here from WYOK. And to whom she grew up in a funeral home. Now Carol we were talking a little bit about a growing up there in in you had mentioned one experience. About smelling flowers -- -- in the room while. You know there's no doings going on the -- flowers there and that does I guess -- a little bit into the paranormal rounds did you have any thoughts on. Maybe what that was. It's just maybe the spirit was just thanking us for you know it just taking good care of them and their family. It just well just like I said they -- is coming hands just I'm my arms just breeze one and with their my mother said there's no one here and I medical check up for myself and so are you sure are you sure. A couple I guess when I was younger too I mean in the milled in IE you know -- after a long funeral home. Other viewing my dad ran downstairs he says gee here's some thing in perhaps you know he heard odd -- your first reaction is you know just something go wrong. And that's where like Kono. -- -- stay or should we stay upstairs what's going on but usually checked out it was fine. Who knows what -- currents could end. You know sometimes -- a light flashed off a non we say oh it's them to make a joke about it. So things like that indeed did camp and counterfeit it was particularly at the house responded but. I'm sure someone was making us aware that they were there. Yeah I'm pretty one of the big questions that the people come up with -- then these are talking about haunted houses. With us and funeral homes in particular they'll say oh while funeral home that place is going to be haunted you know there's so many bodies that go through their board. You know my question is why you wouldn't be I can understand that if if a person dies and they have this -- may be they could com. And -- can be present at two run viewing like sort of -- final. If you move there in their life your final contact maybe with people before they they crossover point. I mean from living in a funeral home so long. You don't have anything remarkable you can say while this place is really -- because of all the bodies have gone through there. No I don't say anything -- I just think it was just a very peaceful place if like he says there is any kind of spirits that. One it soon and make that their presence known. They did with me like a -- the flowers for major hassle light blinking off course some odd occurrence or. Sometimes in your phone gorgeous ring like mourners twice and if there would be no one on the other end that's kind of Matheny tell. There there were some you know I explained the -- unexplainable occurrences that didn't happen within the forty years that I was living there aren't. Please say -- funeral home was remodeled bar. If we it was an old Barcelona and the talking 1920s I would think someone from the bar might wanna come back and -- -- hang around the place. Let's digital somebody to be -- -- years ago -- yeah you know we can find that that with the bars restaurants when none -- you have we know. Owners or regular visitors and and that was a police they love to go to. We found during investigations is that. You know some of those patrons were owners light to go back and hang out there are showing you what's going on here -- a place of comfort. Your car and that's what Atlanta -- -- -- -- -- you -- I would think even if body came into a funeral home and there is going to be if you wing there. And the person was present to see the people taking care of their body and how wages and your mom was involved with maybe like make up their mind and -- putting the person together to be as presentable as possible. If that was me I would want to thank chuck person for what they were doing so I can see why maybe they wanted to say you know hey I'm here for more. You know maybe you're someone resolve issues that they just want to let the personal to me. You know I need to get -- -- I'm here I'm still here and you're there reaching out trying to just let somebody know during their time but. After the body leaves IE you know I personally don't see why the spirit would hang around a funeral home they have no attachment there. -- mean you guys agree staggering entry to send. Yeah I I'm curious if there there have been any other permit teams out there who have. Investigators funeral homes call in let us know. If you found any evidence and if so did he come back to the you know the the people that were coming in another place or was connected to the property. You know again I'm I'm. How much more inclined to think. That. Funeral home. Would have a hunting because of the history of the place with the family room or. You know what you said -- it was a -- before it may be new owners of Bora or patrons of the -- just love the place and then that would draw them. There -- reminds me of the case we actually did down in not downtown Scranton. There was. A sort of -- homes. That were remodeled on the property over former. Funeral home and I believe the main funeral home was. A big building on one side of the street and across the street. Is this is going back you know hundred some years now it was a carriage barn. Where they would keep a couple of horses but some carriages and oftentimes time the bodies before they were ready to be presented in the home. We're -- -- ago holding facility there. And the several residents of this -- home reporting activity and we went down there and out. Further use of us are you mean you we -- Virginia central or Johnson president psychic medium -- the PP eight. -- what she felt was that it at an old. Employee of the funeral home. The sort of stuck around and was going from now -- our -- apartment to apartment because it used to be just one big building. So again and it didn't you just because it was a funeral home. That there's -- -- going on there this was a place that used to be this man's place of employment and very attached to the property according to Virginia. You know we had another. K so we didn't wilkes-barre I'll bring this up. Tom do we actually did a contest here a few years ago I think this was back in 2011 we did contest here WLK. And these folks won the contest it was a home. A beautiful Victorian home down in wilkes-barre that they were going to turn into a bed and breakfast I don't know if they ever did or not quite. We went down there and -- skated we had a Nancy came in came to the investigation with us. And we -- through beautiful investigation there that night and we had a psychic medium name Michelle Jones with a stand him Michelle actually picked up on what she felt was a little girl and her mother. And at this location. Anything was it was a former funeral home. So we didn't really know what to expect there are you know going by the stigma funeral homes have a lot of activity. You know was are going to be some greater amount of activities in other places we don't we're not in there really wasn't for the most part it was really quite. There were some psychic impressions picked up like you're so -- Michelle Jones to pick up this. This mother and her daughter. But she traced it back to. Prior homeowners who are even going before the funeral home so again. You know it is sort of -- dispels the myth that -- funeral homes are haunted just because of the type of occupation and that is there. -- -- -- -- I just don't -- what are listeners know we're gonna start a new segment here on paranormal science. If people listen to the morning news with an instinct in Webster and they know you do Carroll on the street on the street and we're gonna do little Carroll on the street for paranormal science and -- gonna go out and interview. The listeners -- interviews some people on the street and get her opinion on the a broad a range of different type of paranormal topics in. Holistic healing and psychics and you name it anything and everything. And we wanna hear what people think out there with dirt with her opinion is hearing not coming in 2014. You know do people believe in ghosts don't they. And you had a chance over the past week too well and talk to a few people about funeral homes and what you find out. -- too few people and once again that's what's again the stigma of walking into a funeral home in facing. A family that's an increase and then for the first time seeing someone in that coffin in the casket it's shocking it's a revelation. -- home. And death. Sometimes we're forced her children with us send my one friend her earnings when she pressed her a little plane -- he's ten years old. And there are -- Anthony Larry you know -- respect for she's trying to explain to him what's going on. And on the innocence of children you know whoever it is. You know at this point they're all watching him and he's trying to make the connection why is this person laying in the casket. And while she's turning her hands -- little -- reaching over to the deceased -- shaking their hand -- tell you excuse me excuse me excuse me. And it was just it was so cute it's kind of like broke up to sadness to show moment of Blake. So it's such sweetness and earlier estimates child just to know what that is like an Angel and maybe that was the way it's -- reaching out to the families say OK it's OK yeah. That's great and then another person I talked to today east Tony that his first experience going into funeral home touched on DL in his. Of course to us. -- the deceased as it was at a grandmother to say good buying back then and he's really didn't wanna do it. But he did it anyway -- just dismembered feeling the body to seal who won't escape him. So but it is a challenge -- to learn to get over that still people are still treated us today. And nearly really shouldn't be completed its closure Selene say goodbye so he's touched and it's okay. I did I took care people like that for many years that I'm out there and it's just a great way of ultimate respect for and he has to say goodbye. You know there's so many different ways that people grief to immediate everybody doesn't have to be breaking down into tears left you know. Some people I've seen joke around in -- and lift the spirits of everybody in the room and you know some people to break down. -- I I noticed myself going out to different places that. And there's been around -- different ways of people do. Celebrate delightful person at a viewing and -- the one I had mentioned earlier the very first night I went to. Was a polish type of viewing and that maybe you can expand on on this a little bit more -- -- that was very different than. You know say like a traditional Italian type of both. -- viewing. And do you did you notice like your body. A person's background I guess sore or -- -- they've come from may be. That they they do. React different -- act differently at that. Few things like you know did the big Irish. Thing is that the home. Do you celebrate you know you -- him one last string Canadiens celebrate anyway it's a very uplifting. Ceremony put what are your thoughts on that. All -- that back then when I was growing up -- people deceased and maybe. Just say a few words about a person today there's a video. Testimonials. Speeches. -- Olympics ceremonies and that's than it was just. I'm very very solemn and he was very religious seeping into the funeral home you kneel down his speech respect to -- -- you -- -- He dressed up to the tees today people just ran in and out as fast as they possibly can't. People need to see. You know express -- sympathy it. Motions are greatly greatly or receives from people need to -- that closure they want to. To hear how could this person -- -- -- animal on the afterlife it's part of the healing process. I know what helped me a lot what my mother die too and we had to -- from. Our funeral home and that was one of the most hardest and typical things like every dead but it. I got to say goodbye to her in her home and it was a good way to say goodbye it was it was tongue apparently you know people coming in and I'm just saying good -- to my mother that way was it -- Was truly truly -- a nice testimony to calm her hard work that she had dedicated to my father. -- for keeping alive for ninety years my father is an amazing person he's ninety years old plumber he's cheated death and many many ways he's. He's had so many operations and surgeries and he's still out there. He's justifying every on there is -- -- -- there -- cell. I don't he's cheating death belittle that I don't know he slipped a little formaldehyde in -- -- trying to keep himself from parent but I. -- John is out there are so he didn't. Well if you're listen in you know god bless you and Don -- keep doing what you're doing. Normally jump back to viewers -- Tiny school and you know your friends bringing them over to the house. What we're -- I know you set for the most part you know the friends came over they were there are OK with if there was ever. You know the other side where you had people saying always suit you they're creepy girl that lives in the funeral homered and does not have. Happen can't they set a couple times only who you listen nephew of a home movie look at that dad isn't inviting your house I think yes there is my commander and -- -- I said there's nothing to be afraid of -- -- -- -- train those Israeli kids are usually asked him over our call up you know back in the dating have car. Call waiting -- -- -- and -- tonight hang deeply jokes like that but. Boy oh boy I had just. I think people were just a little bit more respect that they were more respectable -- I'm thinking back and an arts today. I think is the fear I think you're my father -- over six feet tall so I could continue trying to mess with him as well. But yet it was kinda creepy you know people would say that I got over it. Yeah because you know we find talking with our -- mediums I think that's one of the largest ones if -- I think now it's actually becoming kind of cool for her someone can't say -- have disabilities but. You know going back even ten years -- -- fifteen years while she brought that up you know you certainly we're going to be. Mean no single well and torment and and kids can be pretty tough. They sure can -- canned. And -- there are a lot of kids about her door to Hewlett varied the look the line and sometimes. My sister and I had to I three sisters so we have like three you know and three decades of like generations going through to deal with teenagers and -- was I mean back back when I was at home growing up. Families used to everyone used to comment my sisters and I would have kind of the responsibility. To take care of the younger children we had a basement. Because people would spend time there hanging debris just come and leave states and the whole evening there they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Smoking in the house the -- To catching up with people that me out there was that the social media go back and forth to this is a time for people to gather socialize. And grieve and talk about this person's life support where we actually had I have. Police stepped up -- -- in front of our house on monitoring traffic people coming in and out. I'm certain that security but I mean at least you know my body step extra helpers helping with -- His fiancee for traffic coming in an hour and it was a busy it was really busy but this was the big social event deaf people come to the funeral home. To see you know every one and talk about this person and paid their respects. And then the next day the funeral all of course you know all the cars -- -- -- people lining up every went to cemetery once again you know what we have to contact the city police to help us. You know couldn't help the -- with a procession because it was a large. And you know -- it is due to things -- my head in and we're gonna take a short break here and a second but I wanna get to this when we come back. Disaster we often deal with energy imprints of its people listening watch any of the shows -- heroes like a residual haunting -- -- energy -- And I think there's two major major types of energy -- -- can be left at a funeral home. And we're gonna talk about that a little bit when we get back so stick with this will be back in a few minutes. And mark price here. -- chiropractic can rehab. Many people are haunted by back pain. Degenerative related to an accident for sports injury. The professionals and Herman -- practically rehab -- been -- using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Thank you for your German -- practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out our website at Herman chiropractic news.com. -- FaceBook. We're back thanks for tuning in you're listening to paranormal science on W -- case. And we're speaking with carols and verse from WYOK. And -- she grew up in a funeral home and we're we're trying to get a little feel for a funeral homes is -- a bad stigma or do they actually hold on things and Carol right before the break and mention there's too. Types of energies that IE I feel would be left I'm ready funeral home in the in the in the paranormal feel that we all -- often talk about. Imprints and possible residual haunting is based on traumatic imprints and emotional imprints. And people who are sensitive to a certain type of energy I think can also go into a room or a -- -- and pick up on a certain type of energy if if -- -- think they can sort of feel that. Well I would think at a funeral home you're gonna house on a whole lot of love going on there because apparently people do com. 22. You know be with their family and to grieve together and -- really it's that. A lot about love even though it's a negative thing that they have to go through there's a lot of love there but on the other hand I would also I also think that. Others -- so much Tom's suffering. I and the feeling of -- that that's a lot of negative energy that would also -- imprinted in the location. So I I know you mentioned before you actually I pray Darren I think that's fantastic because I can who's sort of counteract -- the negative in his spare -- Do you yourself your -- we have you had any reports of anybody who's even sensitive. Say walking into particular area and -- who -- -- such negativity here or was it more you know while this really feels like. Oh yeah definitely. Walking into the room mutation of the of people have said that they actually felt you know movement there's the receiving line to walk in there and they have. I need not resonate with at face with a lot of negative energy or. A feeling of coldness that that they walked into -- air conditioning on small PL but did they say it was just so cold and hearing now. He had to that I. Think I can almost snowballing mean you have all this negative emotion going on -- and you know someone's loved one dies and you go to the viewing end. You know you're feeling bad before we know you get there and you're picking up this negative energy and you know it adds to yours and yours it adds to -- in sort of snowball effect so -- compounds into yes. Well there's did somebody that I wanna get too as well she's. Prior guests of the show psyche comedian. Michelle. She spent on the show couple times in fact I think in the past and I want to get to solemn. -- -- I guess thoughts coming from a psychic medium aren't going into funeral home in whether. You know they were picking up on spirits or even the person who had died would they be there. So. You know let's. So would Michelle has to say it and come get her thoughts Michelle Gallagher welcome to the show. -- -- Felt like say an extravagant you know I love well you know we talk about subjects like this because of the paranormal phenomenon how work. I don't think people can relate how every single thing is on his right. I've known funeral homes to be portals. Half -- the heat energy in there is very fleeting very transient it's moving all of the time it's. I don't agree with you more I think it's -- Not really haunted by one particular person I think unless it's attached to the property can now enjoy the location and failing itself. Now if you were listening -- just just before. I picked up there. I'm. You know I I see where there's a potential for a huge. Emotional. Imprint of really a negative emotional. Energy just because everybody's grieving at that time added is that something when you walk into a funeral home you sort of get hit right in the chest and say wow you know this is this is Ross. Absolutely and it's more people all related and it is these dead and are you related yeah absolutely I -- can understand. Now I don't know if there's any funeral home out there anywhere. It's there might be but I just aren't you know I'm not aware of it but others like Carroll was saying they used to pray a -- in the home what's. What would you recommend for a funeral home in the areas where they would have all these people coming in to -- Definitely Paris and then you know and it. Not of any particular face some kind of clearing ritual law you know which. Can be done in and you learn none of wave which is age or. And third -- with the door -- -- holy water after every. You know on the ticket but definitely clearing out the opening the windows and doors -- -- you know depending on what kinds of the -- that it was the -- actually doing some. Kind of the energy cleaning because he's -- he's headed all collect. And I think that there's a lot of churches that do practice stuff like that care how he thought oh good young and growing up there have you found your family had done anything like that. Oh definitely since the priest would come the morning of the funeral and we have to. That's the service right before and I mean release was of religion was a very big part of our our family and our service and our our home and my father worked directly with the church to make sure that. That was brought into that he definitely the blessings I. That's my son I've never dealt with so much clergy in my whole life in an NSA -- coming to our door you know so I was. Everyone isn't the protocol was always handles. Properly. Now. Now Michelle have you ever gone into the feeling somewhere and hazard area say holy cow there's a guy who's laying in the casket at. Absolutely probably every single one that they've been to in the pathfinder pictures in my life. Don't just see who would be perfect and -- kind -- feed there. The person who just -- to bring them could be banned. And other family members as well that's happened a month ago. Annually they've done they have a funeral again this creek and I know I'm expecting to see everybody there you know. So again very transient energy utilities energy that's been announced so late I -- -- -- funeral homes to be such as significant. Portal. Not Florida. -- stagnant on increased. Now is it kind of lalique. I guess people think of it. A person would return to their viewing to kind of see what people had to say about them in and get some final thoughts is that more they would be there at the. I'm just look at case by case basis I've you know everything going different. A lot of times they don't know they don't really -- prevent. And they're still in shock. And they are still being forced to witness flake. Hey Bob any violation of this is actually happening your country make. Kind of saying turn. He and you're just to really come to terms proof. What had happened like these and how it happened like suicide. Or an overdose -- this -- -- -- by the way sort of repercussions of how the family members are reacting to your choices. Kind of special. Now when you go into the funeral home I know you said that. Most of time you feel that if there is a haunting there's more connected. To the home -- the building rather than the bodies there but do we UC spirit in new separate you two would be there are four. -- the -- I mean obviously if you're seeing you know gentleman who looks like someone in the casket that's that's with down what Tom GPL if you see say a woman then over in another corner. They can you tell if it would be. A relative of that person you know on the spirit side or connected to the house or is that something you can have to start asking more questions of some of that particular spirit. And depending on where the family members are gathered if there's someone there and spirit they belong to that side of the family. -- that I had the situation where walked into a home and I can't do little kids running around and they didn't hound. You know modern day -- or -- parent -- I figured that they were just. Opportunistic and organic in the neighborhood strengths -- price. And now you're quite often almost every medium that I've talked to said that you know spirit recognizes that they may -- communicate. You know with like -- in your case you they would be drawn Tora jail and they might just show up -- just to try to talk. Absolutely. Absolutely. Will click here if I have a message delivered four of the family member. Which involved awkward. I was gonna ask that if if CEOs of the recently departed to the viewing was four. I was there and spirit have they approached you and said that I needed to pass this message along him and if so well how do you react to that I'm not sure I'd be able to approach somebody right there. I won't I won't react to it because for me my boundaries and the medium aren't living -- -- I need not spirits very. Actually if they just have to weigh. For a meeting. You know they have -- hope they have no -- they have no idea what's going on in which everything is still very emotional -- And that's actually did happen to me. A bit of a spirit approach me and what it should be very. Eric and that he would desperately need to wish -- display of his experience and and what was going on around and turned there was the baseball cap on top of the and he wanted to -- -- to anyone it's. You know his mother to nobody very Canada back now to form is already. A black. Violence a lot of -- heard David are all so yeah I would think he had approaches me. You know I'm not asking to be -- over. -- I won't I'll just kind of observe. Now I'm surgery and a comment. I just. When I was taking care of I think the deceased in the house doing whatever I needed to -- before the viewing took place I would always. I I was have a feeling that they were there with me watching me watching every move I made. If we had to do something there was always someone in our homes the body was never left -- was a Tony for our Mitchell. Nature that every one invest -- -- was in the home at the all time list there's the Darren had a -- run because. I'm talking this is like twenty years ago where he didn't have a cell phone you had still have to depend on your Stanley did get things done. For the funeral -- I always felt that there that presence was there I always had a very very strong feeling as -- almost like pulling feeling that would like polio so. Again that was pretty strong that's I'm sure enough. I am a person who is just. The deceased it's the person who's guarding the body it's just scared is guarding the the energy of the bodies are scared to. You know the -- ones that are bringing. The country and like the triage team. I -- actually would love. Q perhaps study. Actually go home or playing the funeral home because captain guy. Has done so in in learning -- -- -- ecology of commentary. You know I would love to see it's a different level. The interaction -- irritated there's there's jobs there's dozens of the whole thing really to talk about that for hours but I would actually love dysfunctional homes and and and I don't think war and in the transient kind of energy and and see how it goes on. Michelle -- above. When that person dies that they're hanging around the funeral home that there's they're guides come to. Felt impressed with that being -- spirit guide or would that be a family member that would help. -- -- -- -- -- Especially at the very emotional and very it's. That I can -- people if you have power and their family members show up and they run away from them. So then the bigger guns have been called in this spirit Qaeda or Angel. Can help to help him move along with. Are those that just refuse to cross over. But they're dead or are afraid because of their. Eight for whatever. Reason you know that there are afraid of because of whatever they did in their life that they are going to be. -- phone -- burned if they go until late in front factor of reasons. Don't think that this is a question for Carol we're kind of talking about this -- -- a little bit. -- your dad had just. That's sort of a unique experience one time and and and this was a question I had coming in tonight so I wanna ask you. You know why were on the air here quite. And I imagine this goes through like almost any funeral home what have there been weird experiences that your your dad -- had -- -- The bodies you know during though the processing prior to -- the new wings yet. Getting ready for -- -- viewing the wage and the -- -- a long time ago is very young I said my mother always tests. Cleaning in the house and she's very regimented and I think that that's the way we learn and it -- I was we're always are and we are very close family were always together trying to make everything. Sample from my father was putting the strain on the body and the body started it it it moved in and rise just a little bit and he drops the -- and he got all nervous because he really thought that the it came alive and he Kirstie and he's shocked to be very much to hear what hence the company was he he was he was shocked she was shot did -- -- for us. Throw it out and I did see him coming process did not go he went RI confronting it happened it was a bizarre circumstance we inequality and others have undertaken a common do some damage control. That it was one of the most strangest things I've never occurred and he said I really really -- it's coming back from the dead and -- you know we were like. -- -- -- -- really took care of it and let's say that everything turned out fine and we thank goodness we have enough time to prepare and had. CEO viewing take place without the Stanley knowing and that's a way literally to handle the situation but when things like that happen. The thing here and you ten years old you're like yeah look I think the what'd he say and -- zombie movie sticks in the back your money tonight there are some funny stories doing another we have but a back door people. I -- that is in this does like I can greening and if people are coming in. And we to interest is -- front entrance -- was clearly marked to walk into the how she -- in The Knesset and then some of humor on the back door and they insisted on opening and didn't this backdoor. And they pushed so hard that they close the caskets set during the mr. is that like a hundred people -- house well I heard every screaming and carrying on and that that was a big folk pop a week of course to care that that was just human Arab fed -- 5% of things that happen not in an overnight perhaps. Unexplainable I could send me your phone call. All of a strange noise at night I'm sure yes it sure we checked it all out but. I think all of the spears -- pasta or door were all very very happy and very safe and they're keeping me safe I believed to today for all the respect and dignity that we provide to them. So Michelle that leaves me no leads me back to you I wanted to ask. What do spirit. Possibly be attached to a position may be on their person or. Their bodies themselves that would bring them into a funeral home prior to viewing were they they stay with your body sort of just as a bystander. Or are they drawn to. Hey if you -- because their family members are there. Police said the body. They're attacked in the body gets scared to death but it's -- if -- -- -- and -- and they want the body can stay with the body. And they they sometimes have a very hard time accepting that the -- no longer functional. That was out why he's. No there or be activity. The cemetery as well sudden offer was down almost -- B. Hanging around the cemetery but if you didn't want except your death and you -- back to your body. Well. -- know defend the carried a whole other ball park this cemetery is. Lying grieving. Energy -- the only person -- needed people who territory. Protecting. The energies that are there and not a lot of talk in fact I don't think I think there's a lot of leaping over. Over energies that are -- they don't know how to get to begin the other energies would be stuck. But once the body in the family became really get it back up. -- All Michelle Michelle Gallagher thanks so much for calling and we're out of time purely -- thank you thank you know this is Terrmel science the ten days.