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Dec 21, 2013|

Saturday December 21, 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and -- Just don't you only do. -- -- Until -- lie okay. Aaron. Good morning everybody I'm -- can enjoy listening to. But I'm not really show along with my lovely. Lovely co host name is -- and then use them. Yeah day. Q wasn't beautiful tennis. And is it the snow and the ice is met. They feel it's like the wizard of fines. Okay and it's so pretty and it's sunny and it's -- turn around Manny today it's nice we are too because we're talking about Thursday could hurt anything on Thursday -- -- shot and I'm hearing a suns this candidate. And anyway only knows what it's gonna be like Saturday morning but kind Nelson merely warm warm and rainy but who cares smoke added that NATO. Take that means my name is Linda Evans I'm president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and I Lori Kaplan the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. So what's been happening in the world of because he's going to be so much so when I'm within the last week. -- Parties and events. And things in Scranton. PM well so tell us. -- I don't know because. I really -- haven't done that much my well parties CS like private parties intend board parties and stuff show. -- friend who always says that we needed to many restaurants whoever they are I was going to say we ask you know I'm the only thing is we have I am out every single night this week with friends are. Whatever celebrating yeah NN celebratory. Fashion. And so it comes after eight hits I forget what I did Monday but I don't know I don't we where I'm sure. You know we are preparing the invitations -- mayor -- to acquire rights -- Inaugural parties have to Scranton cultural center which will be -- Monday the sixth of January. Feel lots of fun and -- Carney is downstairs. Starts at some seven to ten. -- -- a fifty dollar ticket it is not it is a business casual type. The party is not a black -- Endesa deal now it's not bill. Wanted to do the party. In a much more laid back fashion boom and have people be able to -- afford it move. And be comfortable on what they have on again it is business casual a lot of people becoming. After work its -- seven to ten at the Scranton cultural center picture perfect will be playing. And does it's going to be a lovely lovely. Event so that's in the planning stage is now itself. Monday was a little crazy run around tanks and of course Tuesday night you end. Patrick -- in Napoli and -- and sure my shot and had dinner and Russell's. -- that was very nice haven't been there and a little bit so that was nice to be there we saw Russell greenhouse senior yes Russell -- -- -- -- kitchen -- junior was behind the bar for awhile and I can't manage. So it was good to see them. I like that place I like to be there the atmosphere isn't really nice even if you just go when later in the evening it's that the bar. When you he hit the bar or you have to drink or whenever it's just a nice place everybody kinda goes there. So it's nice because you do get to see a lot of people. Claimed he had won us this sentence could place -- a sunshine with a salad on his plate and calling saying shyness downtown family. There's a whole new take on fast food -- yeah. Well he's studying because of course he went back to school and yesterday which was Wednesday because he has one more exam. On Friday boom which will be done for by the time -- you hear that's. And then I will pick them up on Friday to come home for the holiday calmly Guillen almost a month really -- 10 yeah. Okay. -- time -- anytime he comes home you Wear it again tonight just weren't actually on Thursday so he flies into New York City tonight. And he will come back to Scranton to our house. On Sunday because he's staying with friends from college then in New York for a couple nights since it's nothing like New York in the at Christmas time right well there's nothing like it but I won't go. Feel like I ain't business it's. It bothers me because there are so many people that I know and you cannot do. If you navigate you can't -- -- if you drive in the city forget it he just cannot find. I keep our hands on which day you go when it's better to go during the day and all I'm clearly not -- that. But I I like get a -- time here and it's you know it's really nice between Christmas and New -- yes. The craziness of Christmas is yeah people and more relaxed again and I itself but yes so he'll be there in the midst of craziness -- Three nights. Look good. Can't and then last night I met a couple friends at parking Angelos have you ever been. Point here it's fine. You know -- -- now Woodson green ridge is on market street behind. I'm down the street from the Marlins and setback could be before you get to the bridge. Going towards north main avenue. There's a little restaurant set back called heart scans allow us and the gentleman. We met last night Angelo any cooks all of -- on this as he is what everything is from scratch and delicious and that was why it was my first time we went and -- instead Peterson and Elaine shepherd and nature. -- had Arab Elaine had been there before but we had night and it was wonderful very very. Classic Italian and I loved it was great. The with Oliver Mayer's friends say oh that's right Christmas celebration as his blue shutters. Right remember we toes -- -- did talk about. -- -- -- -- -- So it's a crazy time but it's fun he passed it I love this -- I absolutely is crazy as it gets its busy as it gets and as. Cold in the you know direction all the directions of getting to -- I love the craziness of the the adrenaline rush I guess from the constant. -- then I love it. Because seats in May were glad your life. All that I Baddeley sixty. But it is my life that -- was so like the world catches up to you for the month -- -- now it's like my life on steroids. OK which is the my life in general like that most people but. I she was with Joseph Colombo yesterday and I and I was looking at my calendar and he's like that is not your case your schedule for this week said yes it is he said. I would shoot myself. And I am I -- it's just what the that's always clean I know -- Here's your run and it is so many things I get it I was up late today though alone I was around -- IED. -- crisis at the lake. Everything OK hang around town now. No time problems with the heater and the water all over the floor. My skin layer in the mix and no and those snowplow person. -- have plowed the snow right into the top of the steps so you can't get down this I. I was out this -- gamers know because they're cleaning lady was up there today instead you should know this stuff I said yeah I think we should how do you think most of my time yet -- -- melted while we're gone tomorrow. I mean definitely I did damage will meet -- feet. Oh boy so you know they saw -- I know I can be sending because you're always browse -- is out. I'm -- -- south I was trying to get past few hurdles but anyway here we are so. -- I'm an amazing record as having been anywhere of -- -- this week except that we did go to Brussels on Tuesday night. And yesterday was the women's network -- at Christmas luncheon yeah and I can't go now at CM Hilton this is the first one of this -- -- for next. Two months -- was the speaker Jane I'm honest and who I -- so in love and she spoke on being one of the founding. Members of the women's now. Work -- which are twenty years old this year really yes and she and Kathy fassel who started it. Came -- because they deal went to the board of directors that the chamber they approved it and it's been going strong ever sent including. Jane says that she's a self proclaimed pack -- as she pulled out her file from twenty years ago. With the stuff that they were coming up with the names should she reported names of this did I am. I'm the the -- opened up everything that they were pondering which should be confident and she was able to tell us show us flyers that were sentiment it was very very interesting. And she said some of the topics that they felt -- relevant are still relevant to women -- obviously twenty years later. Now than it was a very nice lunch there and nicely tendon in decent you know Mari said. It's hard to get people. In the months you know the month of December because of every -- else -- obligations and an I had three things that day I was supposed to go to but because parliamentarian I share it. And because James was speaking I wanted to make sure I was there. For that because the plaque on historical society also had their Christmas. Crunch and dust celebration yesterday at the same time. And -- so it was very nice and so a lot of good people and the nice thing is they always have -- These things to bring for the women's resource center toiletries and things for kids or whatever our monetary donations and so that they really. Really got a lot of nice things and someone was there representing me. Women's resource center. I hope and I don't remember her name I've never no matter before the tenth and I'm not sure but nice nice attendance and nice. I know a lot of stuff for them to take back which was nice. I say nice on my. I'm hearing it -- So who found where will you -- floor but I -- news. On the radio and you know I don't know my sisters. -- yeah okay let's turn Canada to yours guess when we'll be back. I ran -- -- I come -- can still be like -- we'll find an hour and down an hour back. How hot okay. -- -- Americans paying more an idea I know why because it's ever watch that Farmers Insurance here. When they say almost 20. And again then led them that the guy who's going to break into our house says have a script. Yes exactly that's why we got to you know we don't wanna let anyone know. Powell but anyway. See -- there and pat and I happened just watch some show. I think it was Monday night. Car sometime this week and it was called the queen of Versailles. I'm not Riverside. But it was a story of a woman who we find out is from Binghamton New Jersey Binghamton, New York originally. And I could tell much listening to a species sound like she had a New York State accent a flood very flat I can't thank. And I thought well -- -- she looks like she's from their but the whole story was in Florida. -- she apparently is married to a man is less famous -- And the story was about the two of them he is he's what's called the timeshare kings. And all he did was build these properties and build -- massive amounts of properties and real staying. In Florida around Disney. And what have these. Massive operations. Of people who would you -- you fly down to come and see our story and listened for an hour you know will pay for your trip and free get free tickets Disneyland thing. The guy -- was worried. Hundreds of millions of dollars from just this effort of selling these one week time shares BM. And he said that it is targeted market was always the people who we're making 5060000. Here and he would get them. To sign on the dotted line for something before they walked away every single time. So because of all this in 2007 he decided he was going to build the world's biggest house. I I didn't do that so it's 96 foul yes clear fiasco. It's a monstrosity. Is that the wife. Was high and some shall I can show is queen of Versailles now is that what it is -- I saw my IRA account and I should they took you around it wasn't even added to shell of the house write us at that time right. And I and you could spend 25 million dollars worth of Italian marble. Was sitting all boxed in some. Baseman section. Evidence and it just went on and on nine and at one point obviously the 2008. Thing crashes whole empire because people didn't have the maintenance staff stuff for awhile right -- object at someone you know it's just supposing you know I -- amazing this is so outrageous I had no idea hundreds that's -- I don't know announcement and when he minivan Canada and then gone through 24000. Square foot. It's okay to 96 -- I feel sorry for you I may make the marriage better than all that space to be a low. He's in a different -- child had his own -- and I now it's Colin Murray wanted to take your real quick break you missing this morning to Larry lynch out. It's Saturday morning a little Korean -- and -- -- Good morning. Good morning how -- you two -- I'm wonderful thank you -- and I'm not gonna ask whether or not you're ready for Christmas because. I am not and I don't cancer would be a flat out negative. Yeah I so we get past that. I have a question for you when. I'm sorry we -- let everybody know my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit and I'm -- can the -- if I -- enterprises. Which is a fundraising PR and special event business. OK okay. And I think people know who we are trying to I think they do what you -- the -- go ahead as planned now for. Before I get into the story I want to ask you question that. Some people ask me because they think I'm supposed to answer a certain way given what I do. But do you have a budget do you work with any budgets for Christmas gifts now. Have you ever done now. Now -- neither have I. But -- up a lot of people you know with the vacation club never vacation cousin Chris -- gloves they have all that. Pretty much measured out and that's all they will spend and they figure out you know who needs one and I love those people I'm really -- it's fine but I don't. I know that I always. Spend a certain amount of money at Christmas I know the ballpark of what it is yes. And so it doesn't bother me because I just I know that's what I always spend every year. But every once in awhile people say you know well how do you know when you when do you stop giving and where's the line -- you say. These are not people on -- beginning Christmas gifts to any more -- kind. Family how far do you go in the family and that kind of thing. Well there was an article in here from my favorite site learns best dot com. Ten gift giving questions everyone wants an answer. The first one was. As everyone in the family gets older I'd love to -- gifts and do something that gives us more time together like a family trip -- -- bring this up. I think that's in the ninety. Yeah mentioned what you have in mind as soon as this idea hits you say something like wouldn't it be great if next year we did this instead. And offered as an open ended question. To plant -- seed and see if there's a -- activity among others. Ideally you'll have brought it up before the holidays. And you can follow up. On the idea throughout the year and keep the ball rolling. And that's fine as long as you -- have don't have a family where. They start shopping in July. Like my mother who -- is all year for the Christmas she starts the day after Christmas and I and I end because that's Smart really. Because while it isn't. Taxed with bad burden at the end of the year trying to get everybody in. -- she doesn't buy things stand but she is she sees something throughout the years she puts it away for Christmas. You see when I see things throughout the year their -- from me. And I keep them. -- -- beyond that is true or I don't -- every week I forget that I thought yeah and then you forget you put it. Look at the -- -- you solely those -- right in Pennsylvania and doesn't work because I can't focus on behind me there and kind of -- do. New reason for me I can't handle left Larry it's up. Second question I get the same gift from a relative every year and it's not cut something I actually enjoy what should I do. Answers suggests starting a new tradition. And the clear about the changes in direction. For example you might suggest a bake off instead of presence. -- -- I would go over you also could try. Dropping subtle hints about your wish list to this family member ahead of time like. I I've got a closet full sweaters in the nice to get had this year. And if you get the same gift anyway just smile and be thankful and my friends and I've always given gifts to each other's kids and now -- they're older I'd like to stop and -- I broached this. It's natural for traditions -- traditions to evolve. But it's nice to get everybody on board had time. So whenever you are dealing with a change in tradition it's best to talk to everyone involved as soon as possible to explain why you wind. Why why make a change. Good approaches to say something like. It's getting to be too much for all of us to get gifts for each other why don't we drug names this year are just -- again together instead. -- and your family did that. Everybody picks us. My name and then that says. -- -- -- -- -- I think now we don't we that we. -- used to do a bye -- grab bag between all the kids and that's sort of has stopped. I'm so I just usually get four and TV guide children and I am my godmother until. And it just seems to be easier 'cause. There's just too many kids after a while -- just there's just too many things and they really don't need it. Nobody needs anything can now -- no -- we we don't do that you can we used to like I said we used to do the grab bag and it's -- a little too crazy. So now I just remember as a kid when weak on Christmas Day that was my mother's side of the family that. We always celebrate anyway. And Christmas Eve was my father's side of the family time there or not that many of them my father was one of two. So there are four of us as grandchildren and that meant that you know we can handle that one. But going to my mom's house she was one of five. And one of her Brothers had six kids. -- looks. It was absolute pandemonium when we went over there -- a Christmas Day. Because there are so many kids and then the one of my relatives decided that he or she would become Santa. And go out on the porch and bang on the door with them a big red bag filled with gifts can't come in any event and -- includes everybody and leave and then everybody got one gift. From Santa. Which was a collective of all the parents and everybody else and grandparents who gave money and we got a gift so I was pretty call plaza better and that's good way to handle it. -- a lot of my friends have had babies recently do I have to get tips but the truth. No no no. Just because your friends are having children doesn't mean that you're obligated to get their kids presence. But one good thing to keep in mind if you wanna stay involved with friends who are entering this phase of their lives. Engaging with their kids is not a bad thing. We have so many holiday parties who attend this year do we have to buy gifts for each and every host. You're resisting making a quick visit you don't really need to bring something generally the hostess gifts. The threshold for giving gift giving starts when someone cooks -- a meal. If that's the case bring a bottle of wine. Some nonperishable suites a centerpiece part of -- you don't have to go all out that the -- is nice. A friend -- donation on my behalf to a nonprofit that doesn't support my values and while that's how best friend really knowing. OK what do I say. First thank your -- for the guest -- and ask if you could ever separate private conversation about the donation and then broached the subject gently by saying. I love that you're thinking about ways to help other people but there's actually and other organizations. That I like to contribute to. You don't have to turn the talk until big political skirmishes. Just tell your friend that it's about fulfilling the five behind the gift and the best way possible. And that you'd be more comfortable putting me in donation towards a different nonprofit. And then lastly -- wanna make some handmade gifts this year but I don't know if the recipients would appreciate. What you should do this. Execution really does matter you're doing yourself gift. Shouldn't just be a last minute cheap alternatives to do something that you genuinely think the first animal like or appreciate so who can. Her mouth whenever okay. And that you really want to invest the time in making. If you're unsure test the waters of that first pass some leading questions to help you figure out if daylight crafty items. -- Mostly people just one million invested time and care in your gas. But you're not just handing out cookie cutter presence because it's easier for you. There I think those people who. And -- They can. It's there's nothing better I think in getting something in and nice dish that you can keep that they've made that you know always like some. Person who loves who you love their lasagna and you get one you get a nice baking dish you get. But that kind of stuff is great because a Leon you can freeze you can take it out music like a candy your cookies people who can do those kind of things. I think there's far better than like crafty type things because -- crafty type things are very. Person the stink and you know I mean yeah I know average person may not like it but most people like a cookie your key endeared lasagna or something I learned that jar of -- is famous -- some man that's great they're great gifts. I like the one minutes FedEx still all right Mel -- drama with -- -- have -- say now let's keep it. Grandma found out that she can put so many 'cause he's in one box and -- prefer certain amount and the daughter isn't. Listening to this assailant sounds great Obama -- What era on the house. And her Christmas tree is covered with a cozy. And that her child shows up with a cozy -- it cause it's it's amended something that you put over you know to keep something warm. 00 yeah yeah attendance so yeah now. Now in walks the grandchild and -- faceless competitors covered up from head to focus knows is that grant. -- -- Love it though those are not the kind of gives you want me you -- -- -- -- I think the year and I think people who are gift and it. And it's -- upon but women that. Some people who are gifted and in making certain things that they know you like. It would be a great gift to have something like that again tonight I would love to get after them then there are people who make things sent. Our foods. That I -- Well hunt and so uses so I think you know these people like Gator can needed in distinct -- and I think it says it's a nice thing. Because I think for the most part. Everybody guests throughout the year what they want when they need it and they don't necessarily need that to be given to them by somebody else but I think if you know the person wound up he -- -- a -- I will never give a gift someone. That I wouldn't wanna keep myself and it's sometimes I do keep an afterthought but. Okay I'm not you know I say no thanks no seriously I wouldn't I just am very picky about stuff like that people always say. You're so picky I don't -- by he picking up gifts for and I think it's for means there's a million things he knows the best gift I'm like when people give this to me I. Always saying hi I'm my daddy if I feel like they know me as I can't tell you how many people have given me Dunkin' Donuts. Thank you call -- highs today. As for how many times daylight at a Dunkin' Donuts for a nice take him like three sometimes and it's like yeah. The best thing and you don't think that like I don't know that people think I'm likening it -- as something what. I sleep it's like I love it you know how many Dunkin' Donuts gift cards you're gonna get now not. Yeah I'm just goes to Casey I'll think about being in the mail you wouldn't and yes about oh I know. Or -- people who know you get your name announcing your hair done -- I -- I -- because there's nothing better than I have to when you walked in India sent home this one I have a gift certificate in -- is great and you know and you're now would now here. While at the end of the the service Tony and I and a good one too is that when you know if there's a certain story that people like to shop felt like I think of -- -- yeah I so love to get a gift card from absolutely any of those then you can everybody does that -- -- everybody so Garland do it. Yeah. And I ran through -- and thank the and I do want to say to nothing these people listen on the time but. I'm thinking man I am tired apartment ten GD PW and done more for. Helped draft this year in I always do what they're supposed to do in the fire department you know my thing with firemen they're like America's true heroes. And I just so I just -- -- -- big thanks to those guys and gals because there there are great friends and we need to remember them. Yes OK duly noted yes and being nice when you see in them. But there's nothing worse than someone who gets so frustrated because the garbage truck is you know the sanitation guys are picking up and like -- now. It'll be over in a minute you know they're doing their job. Through it. You know my grandfather used to work in it for the city a long long long time and on my mom's mom my man's -- years ago for -- a short period of time. And then. I think when you know that. When. You know there's like this that it's on fox saw. Just think about it. Think about those people out there doing math and death wish him a Merry Christmas. -- -- a cup of coffee or something if you see that's -- what I do. I get some little zip lock bags and put some cookies on my Christmas cookies and again I hate it. Since. Above the bags and left the bathroom. The big yellow containers and in recycling brings an end CN and so when they go there and I I love to watch the main thing. Hi Alexis -- it is -- we should think about what as a model because everybody there. Just not always thought about something. Do it anyway we're gonna take a really quick break -- listening this morning to the Marion and shell and Saturday morning -- little Korean DeLeon and -- in the good morning. Good morning. How are you. Couldn't be better when really yes. It's good but we have grows with us today we have. Rooms is rose Ambon. Who is C finally dancing queen rose yeah I wish I could you not edit add about them. I'm sure she's heard that. Yes she is a hospital administrator. For it to be. Veterinary referral and emergency center DA Tyson right. I suspend their eight months and them she came from a company called CPG international. -- would recognizes them as C. Production and manufacturing place on is that -- pays back. Do you think -- okay -- north south thrown Keyser avenue Scranton. And she. Went to northern Michigan university for her bachelor's degree in econ. And CIA asked. Accounting -- accounting and computer automation systems. Sorry. Accounting. Sorry. And she got a master's degree from Pepperdine University. Which I said how did one comes Scranton Pennsylvania. Being on the beach in California just how did you study -- Seriously think that some believe that affect colleges. And is so below may ask us if it's a beautiful place just driving around throwing you to serve. In the canyons and -- it is it is a. Beautiful place but the picture wasn't quite that luxurious okay. I was never really -- time I was getting masters. You know timeless. -- there was a lot of spare time my mom for the beaches but it certainly is a beautiful campus and what we doing fulltime while you were going to come forward. Worked for a company called Harris Corp. Thomas started him their costs deferments and then kind of progressed through. A senior financial analyst. And then came to a point where I decided to move back to the midwest because that's where I'm from originally. -- and find out with a company -- Newell Rubbermaid. And then. Professor few other companies and pomp always knew I wanted to be I am an animal lover -- yeah I real diehard animal lover. Com and is was introduced to be -- EC. When I had a German shepherd that had -- swallowed a couple of rocks and needed surgery. So gosh that's I became familiar with the hospital and met doctor Donald. -- have another experienced or with the same dog and then. Got to find my corporate career that you know it's kind of a little bit of a burn intern type of career. And wanted to make a change and -- -- this position and he got very excited and -- this kind of history yeah. Yeah near there and actually wrote a nice it -- I was just going to -- it -- Who Nicole. Is always speaking so highly of you -- your skill what you've brought to the center and hospital and how important that role. It is and continues to be and and will growl I'm under your leadership. But it's great to hear that and it's nothing makes me happier than being able to take my skill set because I do have a lot of that business experience. And to now work with DR UC com which is a growing business and you know there's a lot as you know growing pains and you need to insure your grain at the right pace and investing generate things. So it's just wonderful to be able to be in -- environments and to be able to bring a skill set that's needed -- I'm very happy because Reza we we talk. Focus a lot on the shelf is that professional women cool. I'm very busy in their lives and -- the profession they chose such as doesn't like someone like him -- -- the things that day. Don't have time to focus on because they're doing their job there's -- called being a surgeon. It instead having the right person in that area for them to feel. You know I know that ended it is taking care of so many of them tried to do would doll and they just can't do it and so she we've talked about this -- -- recover last conversation for the last time Nicole was signed. Well we said that and she had said that. Having you in that role now. She knows now that she doesn't have anything because you know your meetings and your -- keeping an -- in tune to what's going on but that she's that confident she has. For you to do and be in that position which was well -- needed and are very much needed and you well deserve from -- we hear. So do you feel. That you're skill coming from other in it it regardless of where you come from a -- because she had not had the -- I'm hospital background. The animal hospital background but coming in with everything you have it was it just as easy going into any the other ones as it was going there. Absolutely calm. And he even though my degrees and account meanwhile the roles I've held at that larger companies have an act and I have been financed focused. My roles have been such that you have to do you have your arms around every segment of the business in order to -- inserts working correctly so. So he asks Tom it's it's kind of it's a great marriage and she's out. -- she's very talented surgeon she's a very astute business are so mom. Because I never worked for small business before so I really you know that was a little bit of a new experience but Tom. She definitely. She definitely has a very great job at Bernie -- in building that hospital. And I'm sure Rosie noticed the cost cutting measures you could make and I'm sure you because she's said this that you look at something and think oh man could this be changed and I know what to do with fish and if you're not. Someone like you with that mindset. You're thinking oh -- this is great I have increased and then you say well all this can change I mean. That's so important to be able to do that because it then becomes a cost saving measure for. -- absolutely and unity -- again going back to the background I come from I've been through a lot about so I've been able to come in and see certain things. And say wow that's that looks hi we can make a change here. And make things operate more smoother more efficiently. -- so yeah do you find yourself becoming. -- attached to cut to the animals like how often do you get to have interaction with the with all of the animals that command there. You know that's that's. That's a great question and I do. Grown into the hospital and I love being able to see them sit down and just kind of talk to them and you know kind of aid to help their stayed B is good is it can unity -- you know what they're going through. You know there's there's a lot of people there are a lot of great things -- command that that cost a lot of great endings there are some that are not so great so. You know that's been a little bit of -- common experience for -- in common and you know I I'm I handle it but you know I just focus on. All the great things that come on -- south but yeah I do actually love. From Seattle last -- and -- -- to go back and columns doing my bones. And have a venue MRI that he. Any man that must have been exciting to for that to happen why you're there chat with doctor Bo what's the deal makes negotiates after EAC -- a bogey and love them. That was actually one of my first big projects when I started LA is purchasing match MRI. It is a human MRI it's not you don't meet any it's not dumbing down animal and I. And I have now actually have a very personal attachment to it because I've had a dog that's at a time. Moms I have seen firsthand what they can do. And it's been. I'm you know great addition to this area and a Pennsylvania and I don't reaches outside of Pennsylvania. So dogs with you know any kind of spinal problems hero neurological problems it's com. It's. It's a wonderful tool for our north neurologist I have and I'm very proud that very thing. That's you can just how many animals are you pet parents -- I have sex yeah. Now when I started Vieira and Vieri C I had four and we're talking. Did you adopt two and a timely did. I haven't I needed to the kid who you back home. So my challenge is to pace myself and I have ten but he isn't -- -- -- to come because we can't give you many apple and hook ups for many I'm. Acres of land that you can have your anywhere animal sanctuary out there at the more and you know he can invest and have all these strays that you could take pound boy and -- wonderful that would be nice if I won the lottery I know exactly when I weeks. So many of us would do that they what I say kind of go in an open the doors DM of those so. Shelters and say come on a -- yeah -- still lives. Has so -- so forecast surf waves -- this forecast for dogs and two cats you know two German shepherd -- forecasts. -- Ali for a half OK now. How both the German shepherd who had the issues deceased she still OK she actually I'm yeah she's good outcomes. You know that. The MI RA Tom -- you know before the samurai it was thought that she -- disease called degenerative mile apathy which is a very very very bad disease. Thomas Jackson has a herniated disk and the joke is when I found that out that I'm the first honor they've ever seen I was so excited about turner. But you know vs what is the other could have banned them so she still had you know anti -- try to manage that hopefully she will never need surgery. By Tom yes she's doing very loss I had today get along with the forecast. But beyond the one shepherd. His name is -- kind he -- he she thinks it's his job to manage those cats and allow where they can only make out how. Comments so funny he's quite a character and how did they do with that and I think they probably tell him. Get out of my way it's kind of a mixed bag actually then -- at the most recent kitten that I've gotten. She's so is surprise -- -- she's the one that seems to have be. The wherewithal to kind of stand up to Hammond decides she's gonna go in the elsewhere every kid wants to go to -- -- I love it -- Don't you love that day is finally attitudes cats have us and they just stimulate get lost. Because you know I find rose in May -- it's true with TO. I finance the smaller the dog the more fierce they aren't the bigger the dog they think their lap dogs. Because they definitely -- I hope they they on the coach and I got to figure out where else to send you home. You know but they also have their. Think they do have their fierce fight -- Yeah I know but I still think just it just seems like I have this mind the last signed -- Is the most aloof like -- group it's not her name -- -- -- in the back colleague Greta Garbo that's Monty and the amount. And she's like a cat she is more cat tendencies feline tendencies and she does -- it's bizarre -- Can't -- funny yes but their case she's just fierce at times and she's this tiny little things. Well I think unlike anything new that you wanted to tell us that's going on -- The wreck coming up for any any news that people may want to know about it. I am I would say I'm the one thing I would like to. Emphasize -- -- Iraq then I'm not sure a lot of people really understand and I think it's pretty important is. The Iraq is I mean we're very well very well known as an emergency hospital broken 24/7 365. But we also have com. -- -- a large part America's combat hospitals function are these referral services so we have. Two internal medicine specialists we have -- compact cardiologists that comes and we have doctor Yates who is our neurologist. Which that's pretty. Com that's not seem very often so we're very happy to have that service and then we have the two surgeons. Tom so just like you would go to a doctor -- general practitioner who -- something that's. More complicated he -- he would refer you to a specialist we have all of those services. Solve this time and their finance you know that that's not as well as an understood and we also too critical care special race. Com. And that's part of our business is not as well and not as well understood is the emergency part whom we saw so. Please if you -- -- -- -- veterinarians and there is an issue with the dog you can ask them to refer you go a cat I'm sorry pet I should say very. Go to and not just grab birds they're just -- and everything so now. Another cute little things. -- anyway yeah he should do that because it's right here in our own backyard as we say we are blessed to have some roast thank you for joining us today grows. -- about who is the hospital administrator. And he -- EC in -- on the -- the -- of -- -- Jim -- as everyone knows -- that's. So thank you Lynn thanks everybody have a wonderful -- Merry Christmas everybody Merry Christmas to enjoy his please and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks for listening he's safe.