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Jan 4, 2014|

Saturday January 4, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And good morning good morning Harry. How are you know I'm fun being happy new year everybody they -- you happy happier to thank you. This is doing thanks signing. Well I know I had a couple people are very well with Jeff Peterson and her husband John. -- referred little get together and New Year's Eve so was the for a bus was very nice. And -- and we got our car and about twenty minutes to twelve and went downtown. To watch the fireworks but the location we ran. Was not the greatest because they moved it so we saw little yeah they moved them where they weren't as they used to be on the top of I'm with the car. And the -- of the parking my time high and above fund Lugar's and they moved it a couple of years now but we were able to see from where we -- but. So weak it wasn't a perfect shop -- -- so it was very nice well that's kind. Did you make any New Year's resolution I did. -- -- -- Well I'm hoping to their very simple there are one is stupid and so it's not a new resolution one -- continue with my spinning which had been doing very. I'm just like religious except for this past month it was a crazy time but in addition to that I'm going to read more. And go to the movies more. Because if you don't do either of those and I like both and I never make the times I'm going to make the time. What do you wanna read more well I just got -- any kind of book but I like. Like information -- like novels so if I do like novels some novels if they even if I can learn something. I'm not like. Highlights like self help kind of things I like to know more students -- more psychological. Type things. But I got -- and for Christmas spoke. And again another book and I can't think of the name but I have to look at it I'm. Tell you the next time because I forget what to put the name aspect I'm done by -- had given me down -- -- said I would love itself. But I'm still finishing my book that's part of the Panama of these give and take then I'm still trying to. So I have to do more of that OK so that's my that's -- and how about you. I have none none right now because -- married or make them. I just saw what I -- best they can -- you'll break them worried because it's just looks to really get something else I have to do. I'm really that committed to it. And I don't do it. I just think the people make New Year's election. Like this commercial from AT&T. The little boy says he -- Because you have to make your New Year's revolutions revolution. I. Because that took so I'm not planning and any revolutions. And I didn't make any resolutions. -- very -- you know they are. Why did so I can't pass that -- I commend you for doing that because I know you have been really very. Religious about. Making sure that you go to your spin class. I'm doing that on a regular basis yes and that's a good thing I mean if if anything may the best work out in 45 minutes to an hour that you can do for everything south. I like in and believe me I can feel. The difference that I'd spend it shoddy at best even the last two months because with my uncle and my cousin staying with me that month of November was a little. But I did get there and -- you know decent amount of time but not like I'm used to mean I'm using a 45 times a week can. And damage spend so I can feel that I need to get back so. It's good and my knee hurts less when I exercise then when I'm not. So you just feel better all the way around well I definitely have to do some. -- along the lines of I'm taking care of my physical health because. Come taxes 101001 excuses for why I can't do it. -- but I think in the last year I did relatively nothing. And so this year I decided that. I'm -- and then get myself enrolled in something -- time I would like to do yoga class. But everytime I go. To. Web sites to find out locally. What's going on in my classes. They're all the wrong times farther advanced classes tonight I know I can't do yeah so if it's frustrating. But I will find something actually bought some dvds. You cannot you do and Arizona is what I get my tree down this weekend and I had the space again I'm gonna give back into doing my yoga. And that's just something about them. I -- she's over diet because that's. Too restrictive. But someone AV differently now and we didn't pick something I guess rain it's the only time I do does this feels better to do something and -- it's like you said. When you do it you feel better yes that's what I really. They want I wanna feel better I guess I'm I I think that if you. Exercise. That changes everything about what you -- -- can just -- it just makes you feel better no matter what you eat or don't need it just feels better that you've done something physical. And it helps every part of your body. I notice your hair is getting longer you is that one of your new things -- and -- your hair grow my own. Now -- look again she is sick I am but that's because. Our friend Fran. Yes it is time and you do not wants to do something new and I'm supposed to go this afternoon but I don't know if they will be open Pollyanna she says do you think you can handle six weeks -- -- -- He says. RA did get to had to shine and scream and must. So today is the day and I knew I just hope he can come and for those -- you because this is you can't see. -- and does have is does she have very short hair and it's no longer much -- -- Jeff yes louder longer CEO Jeff likes it. Same. So let's say you can't go wrong if a pretty face thanks itself. And anything anything else. Well I think another thing I find interesting I have to say is we'll probably be on the wrong show thanks -- -- now we know -- They showed some us. But I I was thrilled that the Eagles right now we -- -- is really great and I. I think he'll be wonderful if they can make other way to Super Bowl I don't know if I -- well. But I think it's great and that was an exciting weekend of games there are some of the best I've seen no one time. And of course my nephew is. Timothy Gilbert -- It is very involved in Penn State sports. So he was I'm very surprised she wrote him a very nice Twitter thing yesterday about tweet. About. Coach O'Brien leaving and going into the Houston is that. Announced so well. Well I am they have got -- was touched it's still none -- family hasn't said anything he hasn't stood in front of a bunch of piano while leaving but I think. All the inside people now that he's made the trips back and forests and they offers been made and yeah. So he gets you think that's a big risk because of course you can be fired. As a head coach shimmer of the big due to the owners and light good dislike or whatever you're doing. Whereas college G he was pretty much set for life pretty if he pleaded you know did when he was usually at the end of the precedent set by Paterno earlier in general mini series -- engineers have been right -- bus at 10 PM. But I think that is -- thing is he came from. An NFL team. He came from the time -- that so he's doing he knows that he knows a level playing you know what goes on that end. It was the right thing at the right time for him to go to Penn State front. I don't I just thank and she's. It's an -- -- -- and then this is a great opportunity for him again the question becomes well who they replace some math camp Mike Munchak left so I think. That would be nice if he can't play the other one and I forget his name -- hours something like that who has routers. The rest Cisco -- the other -- NFL coach over how hard he was also. Well that I can go to the NFL Xian underneath yes they just fired. So he -- he may be coming back to Penn State because he was. A coach -- -- never knows so. That would be fine it is those guys seem -- be just fine by her -- they well because as Thames said in his tweet. Now Brian set up so that no matter who comes and things are going to be great -- guess you know so there we are. That's what happened this. Week I guess yeah I. Well my timing is gone back to us. Counts while he's leaving today. Planet Jeff. Claimed he -- from where we are praying. Yet now from JFK to San Francisco so he was in for two weeks little over two weeks so footnote two weeks today. So he's done he's happy to go home he said. And done this that he made a wonderful dinner for us last night that he's Burgundy. Time it was great women -- -- nice little get together last night at the house it was very nice. Well we had some wonderful lobster tails on what's on Tuesday night. Yeah Patrick. And Patrick could. We had two bottles of though comparing your own over given to us as. Wedding guests come home. And we burned up one for something I forget about. Stuff that. He has kept his eyes on another run for the first time my champagne it. And so he said should I put it in the -- their refrigerators so we can have it's nice -- Yeah sure and you did now -- Hello -- little about it though as the boy I forgot that it was in there and by the time you want to open it at midnight he said. He does sleep -- -- drink. Champagne now on the line awake. So we didn't do a social -- there comes a well -- your recent. To believe me when I heard so I was New Year's -- And I. And. And -- -- coming. I know I don't mind that I was being respectful of your. What -- you were just doing that's why wasn't talking. -- the storm is coming so they say to scare factor and all of these -- -- I was on my bed and then. What are we supposed to get a couple inches. I don't know six scientists I think. And -- now you can always remember who tells you most of the time how many inches you're going to get. Remember how can a one -- there's a link after that we students yet. Never did -- does so the weathermen are mostly male weathermen yes they are. Yes they aren't sure I was wrong costs OK now I'm teasing anti. They seem to be the big thing everybody seems to be about those. Right on the money yeah would see what happens -- things right and he had telco. And so what's going on the world I have two events. What's coming up at the end cultural center. We have the menu coming up next Monday night that wegmans will be there and they always AJ fish and ski -- C. Com. Executive chef this is dawn and I think he's coming and he always has a nice presentation and of course. Jeff they am ERA folks always show up and forced him to see there are a lot of fun because. They give a sample they show you how to do whatever it is and it's nice little -- night and AJ does a good job and why isn't that is the thirteenth. Within a week is Monday nights are always money now that's good. And then Super Bowl will be coming up so -- so to be made reservations that they -- the establishment EnerNOC. Half I made reservations yet have we been able to make president I know it's -- standing I I believe we're not there we can go to your house can't win. Yes. Yes he can turn so Patrick can ask every time justice for your knowledge every time we're together Patrick. We're saying so when do you admire coming up to lake and I -- my standard line is. Super Bowl will be there for super north and that he's in July when he says yes you know it's not what a but it is very stirred because she won't come up and during the summer I well. Yeah yeah yeah. It's take a really quick break. This morning you're listening to the -- -- happy new year it's Saturday morning -- little Korean -- and now. -- -- -- and saying good morning. -- Well I couldn't be better I do here is here it's in new yes I am doing good yes I'm not just Chris Penn. I funds. Stuff outside 1012 miners look Lyn Evans and and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants worth -- only. Financial planning firm and clarks summit. I'm Laurie can -- I'm the owner of -- can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And we have something that you would like to read -- else I always you know my. Favorite I just love to have to go back to these things. The all I really needed to now I learned in kindergarten column by -- follow them I'd follow them I think it is so important to. Look at that and what better time of the year then to start the year. If you remember this simple things that he tells us to which I absolutely love. So here Dallas. I really needed to know about how to live in what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the -- of the graduate school mountain but there in the sand -- on Sunday school. These are the things I've learned to share everything play fair don't hit people put things back we found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things that aren't viewers say you're sorry when you heard someone wash your hands before you eat. Flash. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. Live a balanced life learn son and thinks sun and dry son and paints sign and saying. And danced some and play and work hard some every day. Take a nap every afternoon. When you go out into the world watch out for traffic hold hands and stick together and be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the styrofoam cups. The roots go down and the plant goes up and no one really knows how or why but we are all like that. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the styrofoam cup they all died and so do we. And then remember Dick and Jane books and the first word you learned the biggest word -- -- look. Everything you needed to know. Is -- is they're somewhere the golden rule and love and basic sanitation. And ecology and politics and equality and same living. Take any of those items and extrapolated into a sophisticated adult term. And apply to your family life for your work life for your government for the world in which holds true. And clean it holds true are clean and farm. Think of what a better world that would be if we all the whole world had cookies and milk about 3 o'clock every afternoon. And then laid down on our blank he's frank -- Where have all governments had a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess. And it is true no matter how old you are that we go out into this world it's better to hold hands and stick together and happy -- year. Very nice I love about Harry thanks for nothing you. It's so true and is let's see cookies. At three and cold Malkin I -- happy that I think about what I -- kindergarten really Carol but it was just such a treat I love it. I think kindergarten all just want yeah but I mean it's a casino is the structure of it that -- -- that you knew the -- have a nap in the afternoon. And you knew that you were gonna get a treat time. Things and you knew he had to say thank you when you knew you had to pick up your man put it back. And you knew all of those things and really when he's with what I love about this -- is so true. But those values as basic as they may seem still apply to us no matter how old if we do it right. No matter how old we are well yeah and who doesn't except if your little kid you don't wanna see it's so funny because when you're little. You -- they make you take naps when you're older you wish someone would tell you to take a nap right at sixty. Mostly I -- why why why you fight back. Well how good do you think we're a little kids says the drag is dead because you don't wanna go to nano now now -- like. Like I at an event. Only bands that he's okay and you said I know so you know island. How you approach life I guess when you're a little like that this is so much to do NCAA experience. He's going to sleep is an annoyance yeah but not now when now now now I mean good news hours -- Do you do you get a lot -- do you use sleep pretty well right I do with a little assistance really from pump -- Yeah I I like I don't I love it. Yeah I'm one of those people who really because most times I do you know my. Ice teas that they drink I drink iced tea all day. And -- I don't drink coffee in the morning but I could probably drink a pot of coffee before I go to bed and sleep right through the night because I do. With caffeine every it just doesn't affect me that way. I just hit the hello I'm design time. Well it's good against time that I -- now do I have I have another. Vicious. While we won't get into the only -- is a family show after -- yeah. Think we can guess I can't what are you talking about today well several things but there was one article that I thought really appeal to me. And it will appeal to YouTube. Five reasons women get better with me just hope baby after. (%expletive) are they aren't they are lipstick -- -- mine wind mirror every get it every in my bathroom on a daily -- and well being used to be different than these. But this article was written to women of a certain age. But I love it. Number one. We have smarter relationships. Smarter -- -- dry your life you pick up on patterns and with time begin to know what to expect so for example. If you have a few decades worth of dating experience. You're likely to choose more appropriate partners because you pick up. A negative qualities more quickly. And perhaps you'll also have the opportunity. To end relationships earlier and before you get to invested because you know from experience. Where this type of relationship escalade. Perhaps you've been through a failed marriage for true. I am seeing women move from marries one or 22 successful subsequent marriages. Because they've learned what works and what does not. Okay. I'm I'm thinking of this in relation to. The what I am done for the last week which is essentially been editing. The first pass and it of the book that I got back from the editor and so I was reading the whole book over from beginning to end. And it was reminding me of some of the things that says statistically. About the relationships. With women that women over the age of fifty. Generally if they divorce. After their fifteen years old there's a very very high probability like more than 60%. That she did say she will find. I'm more suitable partner within two years of that marriage. How divorce. So most people think that the number one reason why they stay in. Really bad marriages is the fear of loneliness the fear of being alone but the reality is that her family now happens. Second thing is you know your body and how to -- and you and I have talked about this a lot. Now let's face after having taken yourself and your own unique and special body and countless shopping trips from more than a couple of decades. You know what looks good and you and what doesn't he stop trying to -- that type of gloves that just doesn't work freely he even though you won it when it's on Iraq. You know it ends up sitting in your closet unused just as well as you know what type of items will be your go to items on most days. Shopping trips are quicker and less confusing you most likely identify diseases that you vests and the types issues they'll allow you walk Tuesday comfortably. Says so it is so true -- as the years. You know it I guess you realize that the better off you'll be happy because -- I look at the stuff from my closet -- Every. -- twice a year when you change from the winter clothes -- closed I look at things that I just been putting back yes closet. Because everything's I love but I never Wear again and that's when the hers ten disaster actually and that's what I did this past year did you do that yes I have -- a ton of stuff and cleaned and put everything where it needed today. Yes got his hand in the end of October. That's I didn't -- -- and I just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clothes that are good for women to go on interviews. Yes remember did dress for success is at its perfect team. That's a good one. OK number three -- smaller and better group of friends. As we age we we have friends have done mentor lines. The reliable friend -- tuned CU we may wish you well those who drain you and compete with you have been moved out. A Smart woman realized that their time is precious. And they can't be too generous with -- they also get that there may not be immense benefit to being part of an exclusive click. And they are open to being friends with others who may be much younger -- much older. Women thrive when they have mentors and role models conversely they thrive from being -- necessary mentor to younger women. Camera for you know how to really relax. You know at this point was likely help you relax and what's intended to make your relaxed but doesn't never has and never wells. Perhaps a couple of CNN magazine. We're chocolate chip cookies and -- now CNN and now. Yeah maybe you're literal and figurative capital -- time while a brisk walk in a -- sure may make your friend's day. Yes Clemens starts you know it makes them tick and what makes some talk. -- that's a good one and number five anxiety just decreases. Yes this is true as women get older they so worried about the most important things like relationships and their children. But they're more likely to let the little things go. They've learned that worrying is a waste. It doesn't stop bad things from happening because good bad things will inevitably happen whether anticipated with anxiety or not. I plan and more I am so this list I'm just getting started -- would love to hear from women of all ages what is done better. For you as you've grown older. I'm not an and you stroke has been all -- youth is wasted on the Louisiana. It really isn't so many ways -- but I guess you have to get to where we are today from having. If -- experience of part of the process the -- and now but it really is true but when people say would you go back only if I knew what I knew today exactly. Exactly yeah I had the confidence of my -- the skills. If I had that really I don't care mocks CNN fan I don't care just like eighty now shouldn't -- -- people who need moxie. No they really don't think now there's especially what -- the women with -- are better off. I think in my niece. -- twice trimmed their twenties. And found some of them have had some down to. Boxing that's what -- -- to -- -- could do this -- in life just goes along very fine for the time. Because they don't let the little nonsense bothers them -- and you have to be able to speak up and be confident that's. That's a big thing that I used to I had about lipstick it was called moxie until I was pink was meant to -- color it's fabulous to see how this makes me think of it took. But I mean yeah I just can't really helps them. Because he can learn that in some women are blessed. I'm learning -- unlike younger than. Some of us I I kind of had a little bit -- -- a long time BO well and I even believe them but I know I am very I know he's. But I have a friend who. He lives he grew up in Chile south Philly. Where you have a lot of them. Tougher people my home. And she's learned as a child. To rely on herself. I -- and she. Has carried that with her all through her life and it's good and it's now all of that she's starting to realize that. The anxiety that she carries went there is worthless. Because she's got enough moxie to get -- through whatever she's been through and has been intense yeah. I don't agree necessarily which we can't really talk about now because we're gonna break in a minute but. I I I find myself being more anxious as I can also really about stings that I know I have no control over. But -- I'm anxious about it so yeah weird stuff so that but that's just me. I cost I get -- I'm more claustrophobic and I you know weird stuff but -- I will take a really quick break you're listening this morning to Delorean -- -- it's Saturday morning little Korean land now. -- -- Good morning you're listening to the Mari human -- -- cabinet and I'm the owner of my -- enterprises such as a fundraising. PI a special event business and I'm Lyn Evans and I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. And again happy new year to everybody and Jeff happy new year TO we're. Starting the year with facts sponsor one of our wonderful experts mr. Jeff I whose feet. Marketing director for ERA one source realty who once again so we thank you for your idea. Sponsorship and -- happy to have you back Jeff. And we're talking about 2014. And EA EA EA games -- stunning change and even I heard that things so many things are going up this year including the prices of homes which is. Yeah hey and that just means -- step has gone up so absolutely anyway what's going on here. Happy new year to -- of the banks say immune from. Thompson needs wanted to -- -- -- today and talked a little bit about the predictions for 2020. -- our 2014. Tom. So -- like you settlers have great news is that everyone is saying that we're going up to pump prices across the board this is nationally nationally. Com and locally and it percentage is -- -- -- what they're saying between 36% now that's -- -- -- new mom most from Thursday you know there's always a -- but for the most part. Thanks in that range I'm so I actually pulled up a couple of major. Real estate experts and kind of put different points out and wrote a couple points that they're saying is is a par the the growth. I'm completely Keppinger excuse me Tom -- estimated 3.3 5% growth. And according to bare statistics -- buyers are going to be at the highest level since the -- 2000. The bomb being hit which is what -- zone Mason which is amazing -- It's and 3.5 million mile under another very positive things 3.5 million people. Have come back from being underwater on their homes so all of these people who were. Losing losing at there's some hope at the end of the tunnel for them. And calm this -- sales have increased but it's still not a sales seller's market bottom it. Third. Sellers have better positioning but it's still Firestone have a lot of leverage -- comes into the market itself. Com and the rates are still good really good there -- right at their rate certain there rates are still good com. And they are going to be Tom going up. Slightly. Slight limp slightly still a low considerably -- exactly considering excuse me where we've managed exactly in the past in 2000 like right now you can get more news for a four and a half percent. And -- 2014. And in the beginning the first quarter of the same four point eight. 'cause there was climbs towards five and that and that wall you know that's that's pretty substantial vote. It's workable -- you know between four point 54 tornado site doesn't go out five and above. Okay REALTOR.com. And run things they estimated 56% growth. Tom. And what they're saying is distressed properties are gonna drop 125%. And that's huge because. Com it's gonna mean. Price values of your homes program to be higher than I can get undercut by someone in your community who has. On the bank owned home that will sell for him you know. Ten cents on the dial -- yeah. On a dollar show so that again as positive for. What's going on -- fourteen. Tom. -- REALTOR.com National Association of Realtors. 6% and of course. Tomorrow's going to be cheerleader but I -- well they're gonna look on the higher side but. -- was some things they're saying is. -- did what they found in their surveys is this virus -- -- -- now they feel that the inventories the -- but that but that. It did the inventory is decreasing but they still don't have that same urgency as they did in 2013. Which means that. I transaction will take longer. Does it take longer for someone to have your home on the market hands. Actually had a contract in and go through a whole contract period bombs. Do they know why it is so that they stayed the -- well well there's a couple of reasons. And I was just imagine NASCAR had good com. Financing -- and we basically your -- you're like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's there's new -- financing guidelines coming out my kind of touched on that last time I was here com and also bombed. The and I am I I said before. I I've. -- the real estate business Tom for almost two decades and I've never seen as many transactions. Delayed. Etc. yeah ourselves because the banks. He uses it in our office we had about fifteen people that we found the week before. The round the first. Trying like heck to get. So they -- demand by the end of the year and whatnot and some of them some of them that happened -- -- -- -- I don't have. Generally the paperwork through what is that the paperwork needs that they can't get paid to -- what what ends up happening is for example if there is an arm. I have one that was armed in. There was. Loan that was soon I'm underwriting from -- and it should have van Don. -- prior to the closing. And the day before the closing it still haven't gone through underwriting. So a lot of it is kind they get BP to get the commitment letter they had I don't think. They they had all the information that they need to but at the last minute. There resist bathroom when we need to -- sentenced pact under it and there's certain moments are from scratch. Incidents and and that that's just one example there several others were bad call one last minute document -- They don't have a hard copy of the deed or you know different things along those lines. So and so sometimes it's not just the bank its way to the bank needs to get their information from. But it can be delayed as well so they're they're the ones you blame but they have to rely and other sources. To get the and the information for them as well so it's not just said the bank. And it's they're such as as lax as he used to be where where you can. You know facts exactly over now everything's -- every T is Preston every guy is done -- you know very very much south -- I think it would also have our own money magazine they -- -- 6% increased. And that the -- Russian -- third third thought processes that. Tom you're gonna have less people renting and leasing and you had in the past so if someone is basically if you're selling your buying. You're not going to sell a home. And go released on the property if it's a second home have been someone who's downsizing and -- I think there was a trend from -- over the past couple years to -- To see what happened with the market and one month and now what they're estimating is that a lot of these people who sat out of the market Tom are going to be -- So. That is there are their brawl on the similar concept armed but all of those together and team or if you think about it that that's all positive now. There there are some. There are some issues I can come into play that could deter the armed. Deter that growth and -- there's a nonpartisan think tank -- And they basically think that the current political situation is going to affect the market. -- gotten people in Washington can't get along etc. and there are some there's legislation out there that would help. -- the real estate market. Bomb. And they just don't think it's gonna happen they think that. The polish politicians are probably either slow or dragged deep. Com. Do you do growth predicted growth. -- one of the things they were talking about the hope it never happens. -- is. Who did it with the the current budget problem we have in Washington. There are some people introduce the possibility. That the second home mortgage deduction might be eliminated so. Okay and and that's something because for the first home your primary residence one has always been like. Sacrosanct to can't touch that -- But they're now looking just for other ways to be able to raise funds. So one of the things that they're throwing out there is -- possibility can't deduct interest on the mortgage and the second home. Or home equity. -- into whatever it is. And at and I'm hoping that in that doesn't happen because that would be really traumatic to this market. Right and and you know what that that's exactly words what this organization the same team that status is frightening and the second home market as we discussed before. Is already. -- struggling struggling that's part of the market that Nokia is struggling so. Anything to deter. Carmody did anything that -- grown blocker or throw around since about the whole process not not Lehman's -- -- the fact that that would be something that would really be. Can daughter sort -- unfair to people who were out there who made that commitment. Exactly that's what I say release should be grandfathered -- if nothing else I can't really honest people did that. We cannot expectation that it made it affordable to do you divide that sure. So now I just I hope that's on those things that doesn't -- and they talk about and they never take action on. Don't know if -- and around. Everyday and I only get as good as I was before and I yeah I mean and it didn't happen because. Is deadlock hopefully that they're deadlocked on that behalf deadlocked on basically around so I would be. How about it Jeff -- the inventory that we have been in our region -- -- counties in which ERA is Preston how. What I -- you what did they Ain TN TC is healthy DC it. And more or less than last year what do you think we everything looks like. Even keel from last year alone can't there's not a lot of movement up or down. Tom. It was a good year in general ending 2013. We haven't I haven't been you know and we am going to be currently under so things still seems about their budget. I'm generally work even with where we're we're last year. On the border across the board armed it's often come last time I checked it was about 5% up I'll come from. So so yeah I mean that and that's good through the greater Scranton Jerry mesh chamber asked if I'm. -- -- on board Orioles are united right now. If you look in our pocono area which is once again a lot of us have believed for second homes second homes. -- primarily 85% of our business is coming out of there -- short sales. I'll play my -- Yeah you can't so if you bought us didn't we -- talking a building equity and off him across the board com. There there will be your growth and equity common in these communities but as it is now I mean are the top are the associate broker there. Mom who does a kind of business you just -- five million dollars a year. She Tom. She said 85 to 90% of everything she gets is short sales and the rest of her agents that work there on the policy with a smile so so that's -- that's. But that's and one office as the rest of us are all seeing that you know incremental growth -- it's not going to be anything huge we don't thank -- 100% growth this is not. Is better than it's -- be better. Absolutely anything on the upside is that Netanyahu you look at South Florida isn't as an example third time they still are losing property value. I mean after confronted him. Com and Islam itself. Miami Dade -- -- they've they're down two. To 3%. Still no -- yeah. Well yeah it was much worse than that so at least there slightly better than they were -- None of them are slightly it was a huge all the investors they came down there was on the carpet bag yourself. The winds that came down there with cash to finance houses -- -- very -- -- a fire yeah okay. But it I thought says that that had -- kind of a peak. And that it's now is more stable than why so here's your. About you're talking bounty that no single county in South Florida they're talking about how I -- by and -- and in Florida -- sure -- -- there -- far better -- -- around. Because I heard that two -- I mean there was just a big story on it. People -- I admit it is recovering but it is. Not where Wallace and I think you look at that particular counted on to focus on from South Florida -- Com that's where they aren't built a lot of the highrise -- time and one not so that still has not recover it. Company a construction and I was just gonna mention new construction it's it's still. That that when we're so lighting and okay. We have some you know there's there's some new construction that's that's landed some townhouses and whatnot. I'm in -- -- an area problem and we have new community and and now and Scranton. That sold out really quickly and they were all new construction. Com. So it seems like that's when you have. For you here -- This -- serious and I. -- -- -- Sam Zell and I can sell -- don't let anybody I didn't. Yeah in anyway hiring well when you leave you this morning so I'm Geoff again do your -- -- joining us. -- having fun out there in this. And I'm happy and healthy new year. Sweetness in the meantime -- -- men's. Nice I don't think I.