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Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett discusses extreme cold temps in NEPA

Jan 7, 2014|

Pa. Governor Tom Corbett talks with WILK's Webster & Nancy about the polar vortex that is hitting NEPA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us -- tell Corbin -- governor Mario you've. All. Here is local but you know I think -- -- -- shown how tough we -- here weather is pretty well. -- -- so I -- what would you like to tell the people of northeastern Pennsylvania here right I know that's we know people would think we're dealing with people with frozen pipes and now telling them to be prepared by bringing their emergency -- in the car with make -- travel. -- -- end you know we -- some time the team and the director team that couldn't do it and and I play better advisory yesterday wanna -- regardless -- frozen -- still used blowtorch and he's hair dryers on the types. Mexican -- -- players when listening to remind people. And -- people bring generators inside to graduate they have power. Incidents where you -- inside the graduation you know that you can't or won't try to go throughout the entire house in California and when needed when generated from the outside and -- -- well look at this point in time. City people to be safe out there -- guide I have to go outside -- -- Cover your face assistant school and it gives people -- -- not a consumer experience frustrated. Find. Perhaps than. The long pattern thereafter. And yes. Just depends -- -- -- in -- including no northeast PA TP. The recommendations of state county and local loan authorities say about that. You know we have some power outages across stated I think I at 4 AM this morning about a mighty 400. -- the very companies are getting you know -- even reducing their number I think what happened then great -- maybe even listen and at this point in time. Four hours more to get through this since. -- the -- -- -- the weather forecast would be encrypted by Saturday. Wow yeah I didn't I noticed so my driving in this morning it seemed like a lot fewer people or on the road so like you said I think they are tires were frozen in and -- the your husband. A lot of the schools across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania closed right didn't look important and I don't I don't want everybody to try to conserve electricity -- peak hours. How concerned are pretty high demand this just could think about it this with a summary anywhere -- your 405 degrees -- he commands electricity. Same thing that happened and also conserve your electricity a little good to reduce peak hours. It doesn't seem to be in any problems out there by -- so we've got to conserve now when he has the ability to do that's. What will you be doing on these next 24 hours. Well. And will be going back out to bring them with the governor Chris and assessment sometime yesterday you -- late last night and got -- now be going back out there for awhile -- just -- closely monitoring missile way the system in Pennsylvania works is the city trying to tell the counties that they needed counties come up and tell us what they needed. Have been under no one minute you can really couldn't tell he's -- -- -- I think Haskins for at this point I'm ready. I can't assist. The New York State they've had to close because they hit a demo coming off the lakers had been treated smelled so they. But -- sort of meant they had no -- -- luckily we haven't had that moment it's just been called. -- great grades are able governor Tom Corbett thanks for checking in with us and I'm sure will be talking with you if the need arises we'll hopefully we'll get through this then they get to those warm temperatures quick. That is absolutely everybody have a safe and happy new year.