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Elvis Presley Jr and Corbett

Jan 8, 2014|

Elvis Presley Jr. talks to Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Really you well. Should know as you are trying to do my honor to. Man I'm really glad we made the connection we were worried. We want ought to be able to hook would you know how we talked to are we talked to -- man and he played a little -- for those. And he must he must make contact with you out there what are you -- their religious. To try and there aren't you mister just didn't do interviews all morning and so forth. And I have an -- on stocks. This is a great opportunity on your father's birthday. How do you live do you have been 79 years -- -- you're about 52 years -- -- tell us a little bit about how you found out about your day. Which -- major right about that. And I have been to insure -- over three decades now work thirty years and so Porsche I'm an actress and the showgirl. She came it was somebody actually on the yellow we saw a blue -- age yeah and that's -- they maps they you know they had their -- Let's see here you know without some parties and so forth action is and that's from the girls will be decked out and and next thing you know. Dellucci got pregnant she told her manager which was -- on the -- And John -- told. Mr. Elway also producer of why -- Wallace. And turn turner turner when he -- Parker church overseers manager and told him that they have trouble at W -- you know obviously. I had. You know world. Got -- and unfortunately do about it I'm not -- first thought was actually have an abortion but then that -- to -- There have been decided to do is hush up the secret -- colonel Parker did that slows down they get them he was an -- in -- a circus and so all. And Holland and the Netherlands and know what he did you see how it found that a beautiful couple. But trouble with the servers and I have done the adoption made -- -- 21 years later. I was strategically wrong. And then persuaded through our ticket legally. And you know persons there not been working without. You know top management. The great masters that work group are cruel -- well. And thus more power lips look Rashid manager still under way more narrowly passed away. And I got me into the big show so for the mr. Bobby Morse -- what was overseers and musical conductor in 1969. That the international hotel. I actually work. Media a week it'll -- big shows and just go back in the eighties and into the ninety's and so forth than -- -- touring all over the world direction to another major show host and the support. -- personally just. How this where you were you able to to reconnect with your birth mom were you able to reconnect with your with your urine your natural mother also. I was saying like didn't so -- didn't pursue it and then later on it was too -- -- -- -- way. From just answered it and in the early ninety's. And so -- you know I regret that moment I'm not doing well. But -- now 52 years of -- come you don't do shows and soap and Abdullah. 34 albums are released years. And I got to new problems that were going to be releasing. Pretty soon sorry that your play you are actually just a fluke I mean it's it's. It's it's it's and that it's -- humor -- which are which -- like there's a lot of skeptics out there which is great. And well one of the reasons people don't normally do because a lot of credit record condemnation travel well will players. Don't know you know concerts consolation. Well done it records. You know a lot more novelty definitely helps. 'cause husband he has the wrestling is -- Acknowledged that you are who you say you are. Which you know they never. Did never will because I was born out of shell Malaysia I was born out of wedlock action the National Assembly action and so -- hold its outlook. Talk shows many different talk show a little much Jenny Jones many years you'll support all these illegitimate. Children superstars and you know we sat down in the green room talk about this isn't so ports and actually I try to take a lot of winners never seek denigrate for -- state never well. Never too. Yeah I'm very happy doing well welcome to one. -- tell us -- -- try new corruption and just what is your family and I'd do that many years ago there -- no results and and today I really don't hear about anymore just they got their own lunch and I got mine and I'm not the cheating on -- stokes the junior. Well you know where there was only one G a rock and what he's accomplished this year but not to take its place nobody can overtake just placed by sing some -- songs. And and you must contribute in my don't show. -- certain -- you treat them like. I think the fact that they have not comment here you. Is is pretty interesting in another shelf because you're you're onstage -- your recording your write songs you're performing guerrilla front. About who you are and if they wanted to take issue I think they could take big time they shoot the fact that they haven't done that. That should to credit no don't you think. Well I just have to go actually and judgment -- -- -- thirteen pages intellectual adjustment of more than one childish but our children. Brother -- sister so. You know this year nudity at more than -- -- and it was so intellectual and judgment. So I'm tires -- father signed by himself signed by the judge signed by his girlfriend and signed by his right hand them the so and I worked with a lot of different people. That war -- semi rural little songwriters torch forward who wrote eighteen which song. For movies so -- -- Ukraine who wrote one of the big chip shot and Weizman who wrote took seven -- And so forth -- -- -- it and industry and have looked at top management and there are certain do touched so our control. There and but walker to show us from our you know sixteen -- sort of -- two or three can spend it doesn't matter for a week or what we do. -- could do. Used some old love your dad's songs do you have to obtain any kind of special permission for the. Sure well the recordings are done Connors Shia and others. Royalties and I have to be very. And also will be you know songwriter and be our publicists the publications. So. -- you know there's a debate to a new report some of his music. Sure one when did you actually change your name to Elvis Aaron Presley June. Which -- -- back ninety degrees there what I have to do it with the federal how well you know well it. Fortune not pitch in and take a procedure from there -- as well as affidavits from all the different people who work -- Well a senior looked up -- -- among claims should and and everything else. So you've had an opportunity too good to connect with some of my your father's friends some of his coworkers. And that and do they by and large except few guys who you say you are. -- absolutely touched a lot of personally I'm not trying to impersonate him so I don't Wear his dark costumes and then and then -- a mockery -- under my original material stuff -- sitting here so the total sentence -- what we setting it up. -- -- I do that's French not a junior once told me what I met him back before queen's. How many years ago when he played before -- illustrious. And 25 or thirty years -- -- any symptoms as you know. The people America publishing Utah desert inn hotel and casino. You are coming -- decision because your father and percent percent at the time she still salute you -- know me know people coming up we just you know -- coalition ridiculous Frank Sinatra -- -- says it's a little turn him. They wouldn't see me at all stand up yeah. So. That's great seat but dugout steps to limit and and then you know what -- a lot of skeptics such great shape and my book now after so here I love. People told -- -- brought my book. I -- over 300 celebrity's. There are mentioning that are going to be in my book everything from what Rashid to approach you manager who took over to turn Parker -- Object Gordon who -- torture actually there was a manager once already well. Super thin and also read our workforce and opened up four flights don't show and I opened up the bill -- in 1980 -- -- night so Reno Nevada. I guess -- should go backstage and you know also represents its and I opened up in place -- and groups like the pollsters didn't spots. I'm -- recently reached -- haley's comets are. You know -- to -- the usual. Our lecture together as well and so forth so okay so every so it was going to be a lot of stories in there and a lot of brought. PLO. Even potatoes about you know the people who were promising to mature enough action. And and then consider my side. So. We -- interest sync project if everybody watches CNN I think they can go to the web site it's a very powerful web site it's called. Erin Presley junior dot com air what to -- city Darwin -- junior dot com. She can't guard will be able since you brought -- -- footage of a concert so I've done major concerts around the world like Japan. We -- that a Japanese concert the first here was considered an eighteen nights. The second city district and -- -- recently in 23 -- action and don't you policy job footage from television interviews and and programs and radio programs and so forth so. We're really looking forward to well you know reaching out to public order skeptic or not -- can go to C and I -- done well in -- they want. Not my lies in those three weeks. In concert. Really appreciate you having me on your show. You got one of the great destruction in the world slim down. A -- which you know play some more. Actually believe you're -- got my attention Elvis because I'm a major skeptic I'm I'm a longtime investigative hell raiser but in talking with Tommy bell in in talking with you now I absolutely believe that you've got something -- I'm interested in hearing you're your music. Hopefully one day you'll perform here in northeastern Pennsylvania. Because this is this is old time rock and roll contrary. And Elvis lives in the hearts and minds of many people in this sort of hard pressed -- at this is where the Cold War zone a dog for a lot of years. And we we sort of stick together. One last question before before we don't do do you carry your dad's legacy do you have something hair in the so I do did you feel that you connect with from your father. Which what I -- -- truth -- on the left they. And tell us probably everything that I I have a lot of that she doesn't got immediately -- -- whoever -- the troll and then and then do they such. You know we travel. Our little world sometimes your -- city and you wondered to yourself how can -- get here you know and when you look at that is amazing to watch. Doing some very unique -- and see what -- portions a lot of people's -- how terrible. These are trying to -- still such a big they want a war. She sang gospel sing country he sent a rock and Roche can -- -- -- center and Spanish Italian why in German. English which how many other entertainers in this world can do about it. There's only one. It has done all options and you know -- the -- are you always been the biggest in the world Tucker I'm not here -- -- -- sit somebody had to take its place. -- -- -- An initial support tomorrow stage of Porsche club tomorrow won't be getting the -- -- -- -- -- comes -- and so fortunate in my presentation. I'll tell you why you you can't -- and you got you got friends in northeastern Pennsylvania. -- circuits are good good chance for a for us to continue to connection. Happy birthday Elvis presently senior and thanks for talk and what does Elvis Bradley junior we'll talk again. She talked about your number one I care.