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Karel on the Street Scariest Movies Segment Three

Jan 9, 2014|

WILK's Karel Zubris asks people in NEPA what movies they think are the scariest.

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- street talking Halloween. With the scariest movie you ever -- was. -- -- And -- all of that it while the scariest part of the movie is when he pops up out of the drain. I -- -- -- -- kids are taking a shower and he tries to grab them. Always scared me about showers and hit it. He really dreams. Come back anytime. You bring your friends. Probably Texas chainsaw massacre the original. But I remember being scared out of my -- just because it's realistic. -- -- Did you have nightmares and came home. I did running for my life and then waking up in the middle of the night multiple times but this just to see such -- -- nicely and -- you. Actually my father's the one who asked me go with them because he has a horror movie freak. So and I guess they take after him in that aspect. Halloween was always scary when. And I can tell you I I really try to shy away from them that you actually scared me. I don't have one don't I hate -- why is that because I'm a mother and I went through three children in costumes.