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Karel on the Street Election 2013 Segment One

Jan 9, 2014|

WILK'S Karel Zubris discusses the General Election with people in NEPA.

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Carol on the street we are talking Election Day you go to every year. Absolutely if you don't vote you don't have a right to bitch about it -- ever consider running for office -- boys. Has a PowerPoint. The way to count against government set -- they've screwed up the country so bad it's I'm almost debating if they can fix it even if I did run now. I'm not deal with the people who could. -- my consideration to be running in the opposite direction for the office. If I knew I had a good. Basis. Help everybody fix things and maybe do you have any skeletons in the closet if you plan -- for office all I have -- that's why would never run for office because -- be voted out within a month they would be Vuitton me out of there. Some people say that people vote for people that they'd like to have a beer with is that true for you. Is. Some you know I want somebody that's on top of their game not it's not the set and a bar drink and bears oh my they'll pass on now what is the most annoying thing about Election Day effectively close the bars down. Yes if you're mayor would you change that world probably not. Paint this it's -- house TU mistreat.