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Karel on the Street Remembering the JFK Assassination Segment Three

Jan 9, 2014|

WILK's Karel Zubris talks with people in NEPA about the 50 year anniversary of the Assassination of JFK.

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

President Kennedy shot today don't. -- now with the Kennedy jumped up and grabbed mr. candidate. He -- all know the motorcade sped on we have just learned no other ever the father Huber. One of the two priests called into the room has administered the last sacrament of the church. To president Kennedy. Just. Six year old on the street asking you where were you when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was on my way to work hard work filtered Carbondale it was a -- job I was heartbroken. Of what happened it's really kind of a strange feeling but it's it's something that a statement -- -- -- I didn't. And remember that exact moment like it was yesterday. I was working on the streets and Madison avenue in new York city of people who rule out on the street. Screaming and yelling in -- -- what's going on line and then they said that he was shock and so that you know the next few days coming. The words. Glued to the TV. Is an understatement. The crowds here today. Divorce. I remember watching funeral and television -- -- the course and see yet. Think how they -- oversaw the right here this course or something I'll always remember. Really was from the boy communities. And sentences right today is who was fifteen years ago. Do I believe the Warren commission was right there are those digital community there's a lot of skepticism sold sold us pulled around and -- figure -- way to get all their resolve this figure released toward their papers report commissioned papers in the American ecology classes we had a true motion. Respected. Forensic pathologists. And he spoke for one hour without hesitation that it was impossible. It can disciplined person actually gave it stated he chose diagrams he talked about the weapons and I'm convinced he's. This is Carroll on the street I entity while can't.