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Karel on the Street Remembering the Assassination of JFK Segment Two

Jan 9, 2014|

WILK's Karel Zubris talks with people in NEPA about the 50 year anniversary of the Assassination of JFK.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen. We have a -- sort of ball over the violence. We hope that this is unconfirmed thought we have to stop it. The president of the roster that continent who didn't. Or an assassination. This is Carroll on the street asking you where were you when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Television and medical school. And I walked into one of my colleagues rooms. We said there's. And I am and I'm still stunned I was in trade school. Down in Williamsport -- and we were in the classroom. And the announcement came over the PA system like everybody else here and chat but I was surprised that there was one guy who. It was from the navy and I -- Was supposing that since that was his commander in chief that he would have been. Upset over then he'd sit a question he says so that you must beat Democrat. It's it's any sense something like that with him being a former navy. Act as a senior and then I -- it Coughlin and -- -- -- coming at lunch hour and they loudspeaker. Head. An announcer on -- saying they had that jet that how did you react to that you -- your classmates. I think in the end everybody sort of feel sad because he was the first president. That we really have to an interest that and it was just a shame to see that happen. Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald -- president yeah -- a lot of conspiracy theories -- I I think he was just a lone gunman just. Someone would discontent by my father was a little -- tomb marine. Any fun in the Pacific and some vicious battles and he kept saying right from the very very beginning so there's no way. That guy -- shot precedent in a moving vehicle with the Russian made bolt action rifle. Impossible. This is Carroll on the street I entity like county.