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Karel on the Street- Talking Christmas Trees in NEPA Segment Two

Jan 9, 2014|

WILK's Karel Zubris is on the street in NEPA talking about real and fake Christmas trees, and what your preferences are.

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    Mon, 11 May 2015



Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Heat it's -- on the street and we're talking Christmas treaties what kind to -- you -- -- fresh clergy like evo. We usually get a dog was -- and we love to take a ride to the tree farms to get it may make a whole day out of that. A ticket added them back then then came on -- man. We love about decorating. Everything. Are you handle on the window kinda gal -- you can hear yourself with Clark Griswold from -- vacation. Mind you now -- -- one time I arrived. Playing in the light green is on Tibet now I reason why did CNN cannot -- the man down who -- to chop the treaty. That would -- mean I don't trust my wife or my daughter with an -- what would you like for Christmas. Yeah -- news -- wait days. I'm happy and yeah yeah in 1966 and then deal I want yes no you naughty or nice this year. I was OK this is Carol house who. Street news.