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Major Delays I-81 South for Emergency Bridge Repair

 The right lane of Interstate 81 South is being closed at Exit 164 (Nanticoke) for emergency bridge repairs.  Major delays are expected in the area and motorists should consider alternate routes.
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11-11-13 Buddy Rumchik- What, am I lyin?

Jan 10, 2014|

Buddy's take on the week in the news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- can get the last week when you're just nominate at least two video clips. And after years and think that you like -- -- to keep -- mind get me if you like your doctor EG did not get champion but. People's respect a lot of crap and everybody there was an article about. Him being on the planet thanks -- obamacare itself that it had been thinking. You know meant to last week he -- to speak again he's. What he's wise you can keep it -- and -- have -- that. Video that -- what -- what they did you living in his 2010 NEC. Nadal. Now. Button now in the mountain now and I'm Daryn that -- Not that I know you don't see that and now. I'm not that well that's completely true and what Lisa you can -- -- bandages -- a lot that's pretty good record and they do. I'll be reminded me of when they're pregnant I am -- maybe they did this beach people senators don't intend yellow -- I think he thinks yield their. Last -- gonna -- anybody in Montevideo out of bed -- -- a lot of what I remember and the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right yeah -- three county employees in the same club they don't check out the trees then yeah. All of bigger that revenue sign out front to welcome that is not a good -- -- I don't have went out. News went to remain CO WY a game we will be right back ever worked remarkably sponsors.