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11-11-13 Buddy Rumchik- What, am I lyin?

Jan 10, 2014|

Buddy's take on the week in the news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- can get the last week when you're just nominate at least two video clips. And after years and think that you like -- -- to keep -- mind get me if you like your doctor EG did not get champion but. People's respect a lot of crap and everybody there was an article about. Him being on the planet thanks -- obamacare itself that it had been thinking. You know meant to last week he -- to speak again he's. What he's wise you can keep it -- and -- have -- that. Video that -- what -- what they did you living in his 2010 NEC. Nadal. Now. Button now in the mountain now and I'm Daryn that -- Not that I know you don't see that and now. I'm not that well that's completely true and what Lisa you can -- -- bandages -- a lot that's pretty good record and they do. I'll be reminded me of when they're pregnant I am -- maybe they did this beach people senators don't intend yellow -- I think he thinks yield their. Last -- gonna -- anybody in Montevideo out of bed -- -- a lot of what I remember and the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right yeah -- three county employees in the same club they don't check out the trees then yeah. All of bigger that revenue sign out front to welcome that is not a good -- -- I don't have went out. News went to remain CO WY a game we will be right back ever worked remarkably sponsors.