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12-16-13 Buddy Rumchik- What, am I lyin?

Jan 10, 2014|

Buddy's take on the week in the news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anybody object as -- nostalgic look back -- the last week has -- -- -- entirely in sign language. Anna Nelson Mandela memorial last week at first we got the -- those little berm I hit -- -- Well Castro. With -- bush I'm Michelle Obama when they have I got the greatest Scandinavia are renowned that was an hour now I'm not a big know that the Mandela ship date last week. Would that sign language interpreter that everybody was ever there. Dollar round like you know what -- was -- but that we were -- Hollywood I was standing there when there. Around that is like what's up with that and the guy says that sorry I was having an angelic vision and I would rate that drink now. Paul won't pay then never mind. And MSNBC -- the right box they'll blame the lap it CN. And -- -- starter Aaron he's that he thinks the interpreter were trying to tell Obama to lay down a bunt. Luckily a woman in the last week for allegedly stealing thirty -- from volunteer fire department we're humans and targeted checkbook. Not been as saying again if your fraternal organizations that kind of run -- growth and you're not making sure tragedy to all signatures -- that -- And that not be ripped down. -- -- great -- summer and I'm going to travel every race is. I was in an imaginary bow and arrow almost every Kennedy showed that his body. Total of about zero tolerance gaping you know that's why I think that's where some dim bulb who somehow managed to get a superintendent certificate makes the situation. Strip and about common sense rip -- No reason that not taking into account FS and the kid. Into school administrators EYE a manual give him anywhere that this way Manuel -- It's do whatever they do blog here and I'm not responsible really -- and they have what happened with the can't Beth made this band that imaginary ball on. No it's not like -- an imaginary superintendent. In my line. News clips to remain CEO WY. On the right back after one of our -- yeah.